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This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material and descriptions of explicit sex. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are fragments from the depths of my Apperceptive Mass and have no basis in fact.

I was having great erotic dream, young again petting at the drive-in with a cheer leader from my high school. Funny how dreams are you can accomplish the most impossible conquests that you missed when you were young.

She was jacking me off and I was getting hard as young jack rabbit in heat. Then she had me flat on my back and a clock radio buzzer went off…oh Judas …let me finish this dream…I hit the snooze bar keeping my eyes shut…trying to get back to my place in the dream…

It seemed hopeless…the cheerleader my dreams had slipped away.

“Penetration, Penetration!” a voice called.


Someone was jacking me off still …was I still dreaming? I opened my sleepy eyes when I felt my prick being engulfed warm wet slippery tunnel.

“PENETRATION!” Earlene wailed as she slipped up and down on my rampant member with increasing enthusiasm. “ Hi sleepy head, guess your Viagra worked huh?”

I reached up and grabbed both her boobs and milked her little nipples until they hardened.

“Your better than my alarm clock, baby “ I told her as I pulled her down to my chest inviting those jiggling titties to graze on my bare skin.

“You woke me up talking in your sleep and I decided to see if that blue pill you took at 2 am was working yet” Earlene explained. “ You were getting so hard that I didn’t want to waste it.”

“ What’s this Penetration stuff?” I questioned again.

“What do you think it is, Robbie?” “Duhh.” she said as pulled up into an kadıköy escort upright position again riding me like a kid on a pogo stick. Earlene’s pussy juice was oozing down my cock and heating up the spongy head of my pink invader. I grabbed her milk white thighs and buttocks with both hands pulling her up and down burying the plum of my prick deeper with each thrust.

I must have hit her G-spot because Earlene’s pussy began to squeeze tightly on my cock and I couldn’t hold my load much longer….” Are you going to …..?” Her face contorted in passion and answered the question with a passion loaded moan.

I had no more questions because felt my hot shot of cum raising like lava and spraying into her Cock- sucking cunt. The gush from dick head was the trigger that she was waiting for, as she felt eruption, she came moaning with a crescendo to a banshee wail…… ending in “Oh…baby…Love!”

“Once is not enough! “ Earlene announced as climbed off me and began cleaning my still rampant cock with her nasty slippery tongue. “ I going to give you something special this morning baby” she continued reaching over for the sex lube and jamming a glob of the slick stuff up my unsuspecting butt hole.

“Roll over on your side Robbie, so I can suck your pecker as I’m finger fucking your hiney hole” she instructed. Sucking on my cock enthusiastically Earlene pushed one and then two fingers into my widened butt trumpet in an attempt to erect my waning pecker , however my bladder was full and I had to pee. “ I gotta go baby!” I announced as I wiggled out her sensual sex trap and headed toward the toilet. Wrapping her arms around me, she pulled me back down on our bed.

“Damn it! üsküdar escort let me make a pit stop first Hot Stuff. “ I pleaded as my bladder demanded its morning relief.

“What if you can’t get your hard-on back again?” she queried with disappointment in her tone. “I ‘m sure you will find a way to resurrect Spikey from the dead when I get back.” I encouraged as I left to drain the lizard.

Returning to the bed I found Earlene laying on her left side with her buttocks facing me. She was snapping her fanny cheeks with a little black leather cat-o-nine tails. Pouting as she looked over her shoulder Earlene explained, “ I’ve been really bad girl and I need to be punished.” “ Robbie, whip my naughty butt baby! ” As I climbed on the bed she positioned her self face down over a pile of pillows displaying her ample bottom to me. I took the black leather whip and snapped it once , twice, and trice on her waiting white tush. She squirmed and whimpered.” Honey whip my bottom, Oh honey love, it hurts so good!”

I pulled her reddened creamy white buns apart observing her wrinkled anal orifice as it squirmed and winked at me as I snapped the black leather on her butt. Hmm…Interesting.

Earlene was really enjoying the little tattoo that I was beating on her squirming bottom. Her nasty asshole’s relaxing and quenching was offering a naughty invitation for exploration. I dipped the braided leather handle into the jar of sex grease on the table beside the bed. Spreading her cheeks again I gently pushed the whip handle into Earlene’s dark tunnel. As her bum widened to accept the leather invader, I began to work the black whip handle in and out slowly letting her bottom savor every little bump as they massaged her clenching tuzla escort anal ring.

“ Oh Baby, fuck my nasty bottom! ” Earlene encouraged as she reached between her legs and began to rub her Kitty Clitty as she called it. The Viagra iron was returning to my pecker. The one eyed monster was definitely getting interested in the hiney hole drilling that the whip was giving Earlene’s greasy rosebud. “Are you ready for something bigger and better?” I asked pulling on a condom and coating it with a liberal amount of KY jelly. “Fuck me , Fuck me, And Fuck My Bottom!” Earlene agreed with growing excitement.

I positioned Spikey against her slightly gaping nether hole and said “ Baby, just relax and push back a little. I’ll do everything.” Earlene squealed as I began to push, probe, and finally enter her tight hole. She began to moan and massage her clit harder as her anus slowly opened and accepted my hardening cock. “Oh you’re so big in my bottom.” She observed slowly pushing back to get Spikey as far up her as she could. “Oh Robbie , go slow baby.” As I began a slow thrust in and out, Earlene met each penetration with a return movement. “ Harder, Harder, Fuck me harder Spikey! “ Earlene chanted as I began drilling her ever wider gaping tailpipe harder , faster and deeper.

“ How’s that for penetration?” I said as plunged my piston into bottom of her anal cylinder with a lusty thrust. Her ass hole answered the question as it tightened down on my cock like a milking machine. Deep down in my in the lower plumbing of my crown jewels, a hidden load pearly baby gravy found it’s way to mouth of my latex sheathed love sword. “ Oh Baby-Love!” I gasped coming a second time…much to my surprise and pleasure.

“Perfect Penetration!” Earlene exclaimed as she rolled over to catch her breath…………… …………………..Judas Chrisman …! ………………………………. Does that woman ever Know How to Melt my Butter!


Whether you liked it or not, please let me Know ….feedback is what makes starving writers Grow…..the instant gratification of a your Vote turns writers on! ….Stroke me..!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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