Same Time Next Year Ch. 05

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Big Dicks

The phone rang. “Hi, Sue, it’s Rick. I’m working in your area. Can I stop by?”

“Um, um, ah, sure, Rick. Come on by,” Sue extending an invitation. Sue panicked immediately. She was still attracted to Rick. He was comfortable although he could be a real bastard at times. She hopped in the shower, lathered herself up with shower gel and put her hair in a pony tail. She threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, nothing too provocative.

Rick was over in what seemed like minutes. He must have been around the corner. When the bell rang, Rick stood outside looking as handsome as ever, standing in front of her with a pair of shorts on, a t-shirt and ragged from working outside. Sue let him in.

“Hey, baby, let me hop in the shower, okay.”

“Sure, Rick, there are clean towels on the rack. I’ll pour us a glass of wine.”

“Thanks honey and by the way you look beautiful.”

“Thanks, Rick, go ahead and take your shower.”

Sue poured them a glass of wine. She chugged a glass before Rick got out of the shower. She was too nervous to deal with all sancak escort this.

Rick walked out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around him, with his muscular chest and legs exposed. He looked good.

“Here’s a glass of …..” and as Sue started to finish her sentence, Rick’s towel dropped and he was now wearing a huge hard-on.

Sue bent down as her long soft hair brushed against Rick’s hard-on. She bumped her head on the doorway.


Then, with her sensuous mouth, she put his hard cock into her mouth sucking furiously on the head of his dick. With her hand and long, manicured fingers, she massaged the shaft of his cock with her hand up and down as she swirled her tongue around and around on his cock’s head. With his large long cock still in her mouth, she massaged his long legs in back trickling her long finger nails up and down his legs.

As her moaned in unison, she pulled his hard buttocks into her mouth, swallowing his cock further into her mouth almost suffocating sarıyer escort from his thickness. Gagging silently, she knew he was ready to cum. As her burst into her mouth, she pulled out and he squirted his hot cum all over her voluptuous breasts.

She picked up the towel and cleaned herself off as she lay on her stomach in her king-sized bed and he massaged her shoulders. As he worked his way down the shallowness of her back, he massaged her arms working his way down to her tight ass trying to probe her as she turned around.

He spread her legs and she opened them more so his tongue could penetrate her wet, dripping pussy waiting for the moment to cum. He spread the lips of her labia’s, dipping his long tongue into her awaiting, hot pussy.

She moaned, and then she screamed. As he probed his tongue into the depth of her pussy, he licked the g-spot sending her into ecstasy.

She pushed him away but he was relentless.

“I’m not going to stop till you scream again.”

“Is that sefaköy escort a threat or a promise,” she asked.

He put her legs up into the air spreading them as wide as they would go, fucking her with his tongue as deep as he could go.

She was delirious, never feeling such a strong oral fucking. She was in pain from the pleasure as he went deeper and deeper, pressing her buttocks into him tonguing her so deeply that her was feeling almost as much pleasure from her hot pulsating pussy.

She screamed as he began kissing her for silence, ready to mount her again.

“Happy?” He was grinning ear to ear.

That was the best orgasm she had ever had.

He climbed on top of her for repayment.

Her pussy was tired, worn out but she succumbed without a struggle.

As his hard cock entered her, she came again and it didn’t take long for him to cum again.

“Nice seeing you, again!”


Bumping her head rather hard, Sue picked up Rick’s towel and told him he forgot something.

Rick took the towel angrily, went back into the bathroom and put on his shorts.

“Here’s your class of wine. Let’s go sit outside on the patio. It’s a beautiful, hot evening,” implied Sue.

Sue wasn’t ready to get involved with Rick again, not with Randy in the picture. She had to figure life out first.

“I’ll get some cheese and crackers, Rick. Meet you outside,” Sue beckoned.

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