Serendipity 06: The Wild Year

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Female Ejaculation

VI. The Wild Year

With both Janey and Lauren scheduled to graduate and receive their degrees the first week in June, we’d been giving consideration to what our lives should look like with the girls no longer at the University. Our conclusion: Since we already lived like one family, perhaps we should consolidate our lives even more than they already are, sell our current homes, and get a place with plenty of room for the four of us, plus any visitors who might happen along. We had just closed on a huge four-bedroom condominium in the city, but before we moved into our new home, we decided that we would take a two-week vacation to someplace out West — as a graduation present for the girls, but also, a special present for all four of us.

We found a spectacular house perched on a low mountainside amidst the spectacular scenery outside of Taos, New Mexico. It was listed online, and we rented it from the owner for two full weeks. I’ll spare you the details of the trip. It was a trip. We flew to Denver, changed for a flight to Albuquerque, and rented a car. The drive up to Taos is beautiful. We drove to Santa Fe, then took the old High Road to Taos the rest of the way, stopping often just to appreciate the magnificence of northern New Mexico.

We stopped at the rental agent’s office in Taos to pick up the keys and get detailed directions to the house. We also went by a supermarket, a bakery, and a wine shop to pick up some initial supplies for our stay, then followed a series of steadily-narrowing roads north and east of town until at last we got our first view of our vacation home. Even more spectacular than we were expecting. We went in and began exploring.

A great room with a huge river rock fireplace and chimney; lots of contemporary sofas, love seats, and ottomans that could be arranged any way we wanted them; and almost an entire wall of windows with a spectacular (there’s that word again) view over the valley. A huge open kitchen, straight out of a design book; a large laundry room; and a small, functional toilet off the entryway. One corner of the house had a spacious room that had a fireplace, comfy chairs, and a sizeable book collection, including a lot of large illustrated books on animals and on the Southwest. And the WiFi was good throughout the whole place.

But the feature we were most interested in was the bedrooms. There were two that would qualify as “master” bedrooms — huge in-and-of themselves, each with a king bed, walk-in closet, and its own bathroom. One bathroom had a long counter and mirrors, a partially enclosed toilet stall, and a large built-in bathtub. The other room had a large Jacuzzi tub outside the bathroom area, and no bathtub inside, but instead had a large shower area, perhaps 4 ft. by 7 ft., which was separated from the rest of the room by just a shower curtain. I think all of us briefly got lost in our thoughts of how we could make the best use of these magnificent — and, let’s face it — very sexy rooms.


We took good advantage of all the area had to offer. We went rafting in the Rio Grande Gorge and we went rock climbing. Well, not actually rock climbing, but hiking along steep, rock-strewn trails. We visited several of the pueblos and went crazy buying ceramic pots. We enjoyed strolling the many fine galleries in the town of Taos and lazing away afternoons sipping sangria and local wines at restaurant tables along the Plaza, sometimes staying longer for a late lunch or for dinner at one of the many fine restaurants. We visited the Ranchos de Taos and the picturesque mission church, famous from the Georgia O’Keefe paintings. We even drove back south and had dinner at the restaurant at Rancho de Chimayo.

But we also spent a lot of ‘quality’ time inside our fantastic vacation home as well.

One thing we started doing during that vacation was watching porn videos, together. I don’t know exactly how it got started. For Janey and me, it was one night when we had just showered and gotten ready for bed — meaning gotten ready for sex — and I came back from the bathroom to find Janey sitting propped up against the bed headboard with her laptop computer. I was a bit surprised, since we all had kind of agreed that this would be a holiday free from the annoying distractions of the outside world.

I asked, “Whatcha doin’, Pun’kin?” as I sat up beside her in bed.

She looked up and turned and surprised me with, “Dad, does it turn you on to watch people fucking?” She went on, “I just got this urge to see what other people do. You and I are free to do whatever we want, so I thought it’d be a good idea to see what other people do in bed — or anyplace else, for that matter. Wouldn’t wanna miss out on anything, would we, Daddy?”

She had already Googled “free adult videos” and clicked on some of the links that came up. She was on a site called “,” or something like that. It seemed to be all video recordings that ‘regular people’ had made and submitted. A lot of couples, home settings, sometimes apparently amatör porno in a motel room. I guess when people go to a motel, they are removed somewhat from the usual inhibitions and feel free to be a bit more “adventurous.”

Most were average, normal looking, some more attractive than others, a few real studs and beauties. But one thing that struck me. Even if the people were not particularly attractive — homely, even — it was still hot watching them do things to each other.

Sometimes it was three or four people, sometimes simply straightforward couple-fucking, sometimes more creative formations. Some were of larger groups of people (I learned that these videos were of a category called “swingers”). In these, it was usually a group of people — from 4 or 5 up into the 20s — with the video photographer moving around the group and around the house or swimming pool. In these cases, there would be people fucking, sucking, varieties of two-on-one. But also talking, smoking, drinking, welcoming new arrivals. Some remained partly-dressed, and some remained fully clothed for the entire videos.

We landed on one video that could have been like us, a middle-aged man and a late-teens girl who might have been his daughter, or not. They didn’t do anything exceptional, just the usual, and we didn’t “learn anything new.” But it was informative in a different way — it showed us a picture of what Janey and I might look like when we’re having sex. Which we proceeded to do.

Well, you’ve probably guessed that Janey quickly shared this discovery with Lauren, and in no time, Lauren and her dad began finding their own favorite kinds of porn. Then we began to share our discoveries and started watching together. But four people huddled around a laptop computer on the dining table is not an arrangement that’s particularly conducive to sexual stimulation, so the next time Paul was in town, he picked up an HDMI cable and we connected the laptop to the 55-inch flat screen TV in their bedroom. And so began this new element in our relationships.

One genre of pornography that caught our attentions is what’s called “watersports,” or sometimes, “golden showers” — basically, people peeing on each other. On each others’ chests and bodies, often on their faces and hair, sometimes in pussies or on cocks, sometimes in the other person’s ass, and curiously, sometimes on feet. Often the people being pissed on would open their mouths to catch the pee and then let it run out, or sometimes they would swallow it.

The usual version of these was one woman, usually on her knees, with three or four guys standing and pissing on her (although we saw one where there must have been a dozen guys). Sometimes there were other women who joined in pissing on the ‘star.’ Sometimes it was two girls being peed on. Mostly, these girls and women were average looking, or maybe a bit pretty. But in some cases the women were absolutely stunning. Some of the women looked like they were reluctant — either had gotten misled into this situation, or else needed the money. Some looked like they were tolerating it — it wouldn’t be their first choice, but it was bearable. Some, especially the younger performers, acted like it was just good plain fun, laughing and rubbing and kissing each other, trying to share the piss in their mouths. And some looked like they were truly savoring it — like being bathed in another person’s urine was giving them serious pleasure.

Some appeared homemade — just a couple playing around, experimenting, with the girl doing it just to please her guy and to see how “bad” she could be.

What about guys? There were some, though far fewer, where it was women pissing on guys. Usually just one guy, sometimes multiple women peeing on the same guy, one of them sitting on his face peeing into his mouth while the other one showered him elsewhere. Most of the guys in these videos looked skanky — skinny, tattoos, piercings, often shaved heads, and generally had the look of guys doing this for drug money.

But one video got our attention. It was two couples, everybody about the same age — mid-20s or so — and it was obviously homemade. They were all good looking, but in a normal way — no studs, no fashion models, but attractive. It started with the two women kneeling side by side in a large jacuzzi tub, smiling, giggling, feeling oh-so-naughty, and obviously excited by what was about to happen. Meanwhile the men were figuring out what to do with the camera, finally deciding that the best shots would be if one of them held it.

Then the one with the camera turned and got the two women’s faces — eager to start, excited, and a little apprehensive — and then got the other guy as he stepped up and leaned into the side of the huge bathtub. Then, after a little pause and some joking and teasing all the way around, the first guy finally managed a little stream, which he was able to direct onto his girl’s tits. Then the cameraman shot down to show his own starting trickle, also onto his girl’s tits. Then anal porno both the men apparently relaxed enough that they were able to send steady streams of piss onto their girls — tits, then bellies, then directing their sprays to cover every inch of the girls’ faces.

Then they turned and directed their streams onto the other guy’s gal, the girls turning toward the new sources of piss, turning back and forth and opening their mouths to be sure to get every bit. Then they guys returned their aims to their own girls, until they seemed to have nothing left.

Wow! This was something new to us. While most of the other pissing vids we’d watched had gotten us excited, they didn’t ‘turn us on.’ What I mean is, watching other people do dirty stuff to each other is exciting to see, but it didn’t leave us with the feeling that, “Yeah, I’d like to join in the action — I’d like to do that, too.” Well, this one did. While most of the other vids showed professional porn actors, or freaks, or were just unattractive people, this one showed relatable couples kind of like us, doing dirty things that we could imagine doing.

Back to the video. The drenched women in the tub then turned to each other and grabbed each other’s heads and mashed their mouths together, tonguing each other and tasting whatever piss was still in the other’s mouth. So hot!

Time to switch. The guys apparently found a high shelf or ledge were they could position their camera to get a good angle downward onto most of the jacuzzi. Then the girls stood up and the two men lay down in the tub, lying beside each other in opposite directions, and their partners stood over them, feet on either side of each guy. It took a little longer for the women to let loose, but when they did, the piss came in torrents. Both men were drowned from cock and balls to hair. Then one of the women — the red-head — said, “Stop.” She grasped the other woman by the waist and turned her around and had her stand over the first guy, while the red-head moved to stand over the other man. Then they both resumed, this time drowning the other’s partner. When they were finally pissed out, each woman squatted over the man they were just pissing on — apparently the other woman’s partner — and rubbed their wet pussies into the men’s mouths, which the men eagerly lapped at. End of video.

It left us all sort of holding our breaths. But the effect was obvious. Then Lauren said, “That was hot!” No one disagreed with her.

Since it was Lauren who made the first comment, it was Paul who asked the question all of us were thinking. “Hot enough that you’d like to try it?”

Lauren kind of backed down. “Well … if it’s something that Janey might… . Do you think you guys would be OK with us … peeing on you?”

Janey, of course was the first to pick up the ball. “Hell, yes! And so would Daddy.”

So now I knew — so would I. And I knew that this was something we might — we’re going to — do. Soon.


The next day, we all ‘went into training.’ First, we drove into the town to buy some things for dinner — ingredients for a Caesar salad, fresh strawberries, and a rotisserie chicken from the grocery-deli — and several gallon jugs of iced tea. Oh, and we also went to Target and bought three machine-washable throw rugs.

Then we had an early dinner of chicken Caesar salads (no anchovies!), fresh strawberries and cream — and lots of iced tea.

After a few hours — and more iced tea — we dispersed to our respective bedrooms. In a few minutes, we all went — completely naked — to the bathroom off Paul and Lauren’s room, the one that didn’t have a bathtub but had the 4 x 7 ft. walk-in shower. All day, when we knew we were really going to do this, everyone was a little nervous. No one was afraid of getting hurt — it was only pee. But doing this as act of ‘pre-meditated’ organized sex was taking things to a level we’d not gone to before. So our entry into the shower was a little hesitant.

Nevertheless, we had committed. How were we going to do this? Ladies first? Or gentlemen? Would you believe that we flipped a coin? I called, and we lost, so we spread out one of our new throw rugs on the shower floor and Paul and I got on our knees, side by side, and looked at our soon-to-be Golden Goddesses.

Janey, as usual, the boldest, stepped up about even with my chest, leaned back a little and thrust her pelvis forward toward me and strained a little bit. I gazed into the pink folds of my daughter’s pussy, but it was not happening. She tried again, but still no luck. I put a hand on one of her hips and told her to stop trying and just wait for it to come. Then Lauren had the brilliant Phi Beta Kappa insight to turn on the water faucet, and that tried-and-true method got Janey in the mood and she began to produce a little stream that squirted out in a disorganized spray before turning into a stream that she was able to direct, first onto my chest, and down my body.

The feeling was — well, it was strange anal breakers porno — and wonderful. It was like a shower, all right, but like no other shower I’d ever experienced. It was warm, it was wet — and it was squirting out of my baby’s pussy. It felt so-o-o-o good, and I wanted it on every part of my body.

Now Lauren and Paul got into the swing of things at the sound of Janey’s piss and watching it splash over me.

I stooped down a bit and she aimed upward and her pee hit my mouth, and then it was all over my face. Paul had no intention of being a chicken, so he copied my actions. And the weird thing was — it was really exciting! It didn’t smell bad — possibly because of our mild diet today and the liquid being mostly iced tea. But the warmth was incredible. In thinking about it, perhaps it’s because the pee is the exact temperature of our beautiful girls’ bodies.

And seeing the golden stream come out of Lauren’s pussy was a turn-on in itself. I would have paid to see that. And Paul? What Paul? I didn’t care about Paul.

When the girls had exhausted their resources, Paul and I got up, and we all took a break. Part of the break included a few more glasses of iced tea — the girls were apparently somewhat parched after the excitement of the first session, and Paul and I needed to freshen the tastes in our mouths.

Then we returned to the shower and Janey and Lauren took our places on the rugs. This time, Paul and I positioned ourselves in front of the other’s girl — Paul opposite Janey, and I in front of Lauren. They were more giggly than we were. (Okay, Paul and I weren’t giggly at all.) And they thought it was kind of hot that we were switching partners for this. Wow! Getting showered by the other one’s dad? Even hotter!

“Okay, boys, show us what ya’ got.”

Like the girls, we both had a little ‘performance anxiety,’ but with the assistance of the running water trick again, the flows started. I went straight for Lauren’s long nipples, spraying back and forth like a fireman. She lifted each tit to make sure that it got maximum exposure, then leaned back so I could aim my stream at her little strip of pubic hair, and at the clit that was beneath it.

She tried to catch the pee that was running down her belly and scoop it into her pussy. The excitement of watching that move almost caused me to clench up. Not wanting to run out before I finished the job, I raised my prick and directed my stream — still strong — up Lauren’s neck, then to her chin, and finally to her lips. She kept them closed, I guess ’til she got used to things, then opened her mouth — tentatively, at first — and allowed my piss to go into her mouth. She kept her mouth open — actually, just let her jaw go slack — so that when it was full the excess just trickled out and down her front.

And then I began ‘petering out.’ When Lauren saw this, she leaned forward and took my deflating prick into her mouth and eagerly, then lovingly, ran her tongue around the head and even gave a few sucks to get any drops that might be lingering.

As we finished, we both pulled our attention away from our own play to see what our partners were doing. Paul was hosing Janey with a monumental stream of piss, but what was amazing was Janey. She was madly rubbing it everywhere on her body, sticking her face directly into the stream, shaking her head back and forth, bending down so her soft brown hair was getting soaked.

But the thing that really put it over the top was that all through this, she was moaning. It was like she was in another world where she had turned into a total piss whore. Lauren watched, almost mesmerized by the performance.

Paul stopped, because he wasn’t sure if Janey was going to be OK. He got his answer when she grabbed him high on the thighs and forced him to turn around. Then she took her hands and spread his butt cheeks so far it must have hurt him, then buried her mouth in the crack and devoured his asshole, licking up and down, trying to bury her tongue inside, pulling back to catch her breath, and then diving in and starting all over again. We didn’t know what was happening, but it was hot as hell!

But not like what happened next. When she apparently decided that there was nothing more to extract from Paul’s asshole, she lay down flat on the drenched rug on the shower floor and demanded, “Piss on me! Everyone, piss on me, you fuckers! NOW, DAMNIT!!”

Lauren seemed best to understand what had come over Janey and stepped in to straddle her, while Paul and I stood on either side and did our best to comply with Janey’s demand. As soon as our piss started hitting her, she began moaning again, rubbing it over her body, squirming, rolling her head back and forth on the rug. Something caught her eye, and she grabbed a shampoo bottle that we’d knocked onto the shower floor and shoved it up her cunt.

While we continued to piss on her, she jammed the shampoo bottle in and out frantically, moaning and thrashing about all the time, until finally she just exploded. A scream, “AAHHHH, FUUUCKKK” from the back of her throat, her pelvis convulsing up and down half a dozen times, jerking her neck and head back so hard that Lauren kneeled down and put her hand under Janey’s head so she didn’t injure herself on the shower floor.

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