She Likes to Use Her Mouth

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Jason had an assignment for school. He had to write a paper but he had to do research the old fashioned way. He had to go to the library and look up the information in an actual book. It seemed like a waste of time, and it was. But it all worked out for him. Better than he would’ve thought.

He was a high school senior nearing graduation. Although he played on the basketball team, he wasn’t the best player or anything. But he was somewhat tall and in great shape. Jason wasn’t some dumb jock. Just a normal guy, generally, and considered to be relatively hunky by the girls at his school.

As he was heading through the public library, a place he hadn’t been in years, he saw Kelsi Hammond. She went to his school, but she was mostly in the Honors classes. The way the classes were grouped, the Honor students rarely had any classes that weren’t filled with a bunch of other Honor students. This had the effect that they rarely socialized with the rest of the students outside of school either.

Most of them weren’t nerds or even that socially awkward. They just were separated from the rest of kids and were often shy. That’s how it was for Kelsi. Jason saw her working in the library that afternoon. He knew who she was and maybe had talked to her once or twice. Andrew, one of the other guys on the basketball team had apparently made out with her before, Jason had heard.

Looking at her now Jason was thinking, even though she dresses and acts very conservative, she’s kinda hot. She was wearing a light blue sweater over a white shirt tucked into a darker blue plaid skirt. The outfit was almost a little 1950’s retro, but not overly so. Her curly, dirty blonde hair was pulled back with a hairband. The hair faded into her palish skin. She didn’t need any make-up and didn’t wear any. She had soft body, still with baby fat. This all gave her a very wholesome image.

She was the kind of girl a guy might overlook at first. Jason had. But when you aren’t overlooking her, you’ll start to notice her features. Full fat lips and full fat tits. The lips are just a slightly more pink version of her skin color, and one could only imagine that the same could be said for her nipples. Big fat, slightly puffy and pink nipples. That’s what Jason was thinking as he was headed toward her.

“Hey Kelsi.”

“Hi Jason.”

“You work here right? Do you think you can help me out with something?”

“Sure. What do you need?”

He explained the project and she helped him find the books he needed. She had to get back to work and he had to get to his homework. But as they parted, he was thinking that he needed to get to know Kelsi Hammond a little better.

On his way out he saw a couple buddies from the basketball team coming in, among them was Andrew. They had the same assignment. Jason stopped to talk with them.

“Look who’s getting a jump on things.” said Andrew.

“Ha. Yeah, got my books and heading out.” said Jason.

Looking at Andrew he added, “Your girlfriend helped me out.”

Andrew look at him quizzically.

“Kelsi Hammond,” continued Jason.

“Oh. Rigghhhht. I probably should avoid her. I doubt she’s all that happy with me,” Andrew said.

“Whatever went on between you two?” Jason asked

“Nothing really. Just hung out a couple times. Then I started dating Christina.”

“Just hung out?”

“Her dad works with mine and there was a company party at the lake. She was actually looking pretty good in her swimsuit. Anyway, eventually I talked her into going off on a walk with me into a wooded area. And we made out a little. I met up with her a couple times after that but I had been gunning for Christina.”

“Ah. Nice. Well I’d better get going. Have fun.” Jason said as he walked away.


It was only a few days later that Jason was returning his library books. He made it a point to go inside and see if he could find Kelsi.

“Hey Kelsi. Thanks for the help the other day. I just returned the books.”

“Oh. Great. You’re welcome.” She didn’t quite know what to say. She was still a little nervous around him.

He didn’t quite know what to say either. They didn’t really run in the same circles or have the same interests, he figured. Sheesh, how did Andrew get with her, he thought.


Over the next several days, he made sure to seek her out to chat with her a bit in the halls at school in between classes. Eventually, they were friendly enough and comfortable around each other that it wasn’t strange for Jason to be hanging out with her on her porch one Sunday night.

After some chatting a couch on the porch, Kelsi didn’t seem to object when Jason moved in a little closer and started to kiss here. Over the next half hour or so, it was like this. Just kissing. Talking very little. He finally brushed his hand across the side of her breast. Just to test. She took in a deeper breath.

“I talked to Andrew about you,” he said.

“About me? What about me?” She sounded a little nervous.

“Did you two go out?” he asked.

“Only a couple times. bostancı escort They weren’t really dates, I guess. He came over and we talked. Like this.”

“Just like this?” He smiled then kissed her again.

His hand returning to her breast, this time leaving it there. Rubbing her softly. Teasing with the back of his finger tips. Then he pulled away and continued with his sly, knowing expression.

“Something like this.” She replied.

“Yeah?” He whispered. Speaking between kisses. “He might’ve mentioned I little about it to me.”

“Did you like him?” He asked after more kissing. More light fondling. Her hand had found his thigh.

“He was nice.” She said honestly.

“Why didn’t anything ever develop between you two?

“I don’t know. He ended up with Christina Milton. I guess he liked her. We weren’t serious or anything. We just…talked.”

“Like this…” He said, kissing her neck right behind her ear.

“Yeah,” she breathed.

“Did he touch you like this?” He squeezed her boob lightly.

“Yeah,” barely audibly.

“Did you touch him?”

“A little.”

“Show me.”

Her hand moved up from his thigh and gripped the outline of his cock through his pants, stroking him up and down. It was his turn to take a deep breath. His hand in turn traveled from her breast down to her hip. Rubbing her thigh with his fingernails. And then he touched the crotch of her pants. Their kisses were very passionate by now and they were breathing heavy.

His hand started to move up from pant covered pussy to under her shirt. Feeling the soft skin of her stomach where it meets the band of her jeans. And then up further. She put her hand on his to stop him.

“My parents are inside.” She spoke.

“It’s dark. They won’t see.” He whispered, pleadingly as his hand moved on with little resistance until he held her lacy bra covered orb in his hand. She let it go on, her hand still on his for a minute.

Then she pulled his hand away.

“Really we can’t, Jason.”

He pulled his pulled his hand out of her shirt and they continued to kiss for a few more minutes. When they heard the door start to open, they straightened up and moved away from each other.

“Kelsi, it’s time to come in.” Her father had poked his head out the door.

“Ok. I’ll be there in a second. I’m going to say goodbye to Jason.”

After Mr. Hammond went back inside, she walked Jason to the steps. And they kissed again. Just a pecks on the lips.

“We should hang out again.” He said.

“Sure. That would be cool.”


The next day Jason texted Kelsi after school.

Jason: “are you working today?”

Kelsi: “not today.”

Jason: “want to do something?”

Kelsi: “like what?”

Jason: “I don’t know. my parents aren’t home from work yet. you could come over and we could hang out if you want.”

Kelsi: “I’d like to but I have homework to do.”

Jason: “can you do it later tonight?”

Kelsi: “I guess I could.”

Jason: “great. i can come walk with you.”

Kelsi: “okay. i’ll see you then.”

As they approached his house, Jason brought up their mutual acquaintance.

“Andrew told me your dads work together.”

“I guess so.”

“He said they have a company party at the lake.”

“Yes. Every summer. It’s sort of cool. Lots of good food. There’s games for kids. Stuff like that. I like to go swimming.”

“Does Andrew go?” Even though he knew that he had.

“I only remember him being at the last one. He was swimming with me.”

“Oh, yeah, I think he mentioned that.”

By this time they were in the house and sitting on the couch. Jason leaned into kiss her neck. Then whispered into her ear, “You know what I heard?”

Kelsi tensed, both from wondering just what he had heard as well as the excitement of being with Jason again.

“What did you hear?” Her voice trembled slightly.

“I heard that you looked pretty good in your swimsuit.”

They started to kiss. This time, his hand wasted no time to find her sweater covered breast. So soft, so large.

“I heard that you did more than just swim with Andrew.”

Then he continued to kiss her.

“I heard you took a walk into the woods.”

He kissed her again. He could tell she was getting really excited. She kissed him hungerly and she breathed heavily. Her hand found his thigh.

“What did you do in the woods?”

“There was alcohol at the party. Andrew manage to smuggle some away.”

“Oh, did he get you drunk and take advantage of you?”

“We didn’t get drunk.”

“But he took advantage of you?” He smirked.

“No. We were just talking and having fun.”

“Nothing happened?”

“Why are you asking about this?”

“Something happened?”

“This is embarrassing.”

“Why are you embarrassed?”

“I don’t know. Ok, we made out a little.”

“And did you touch him, like you showed me the other night?” He pulled her hand onto his bulge and she began to stroke him.

“Sort büyükçekmece escort of. A little bit. Then he opened his zipper and he put my hand on him.” Jason opened his pants and Kelsi instinctively grabbed his cock.

“You gave him a handjob?” Both their passions were escalating quickly.

“I guess so…yeah…mmmm.” She moaned as they kissed.

“It seems like he worked fast”

“Well, I don’t do that all the time. It was my first time. We were having fun and he was cute…oh…mmmm…and he was nice to me…”

Jason kissing her and fondling her boobs had aroused her already. But it seemed like she was actually getting off on talking about her and Andrew as she jacked Jason off.

And Jason was definitely about to get off. “I’m going to cum,” he breathed heavily.

With one hand she continued to stroke him and with the other hand she cupped above the head of his cock to catch the spurting semen.

She took most of the shots on her hands, avoiding a huge mess. But she did get a little on her clothes. She rushed to the bathroom to clean herself off. When she returned she snuggled into him with her head on his chest.

“I don’t do that sort of thing all the time, you know.”

“I know. I don’t think you’re like that.”

“Ok. Good.”

Over the next couple weeks, when she didn’t have to work after school, they’d meet at Jason’s house and she’d end up giving him a handjob. But she worked most days so that only ended up being 3 or 4 times.


The following weekend, Kelsi’s parents were going out for the evening. Of course she invited Jason over. They watched some tv, but then Jason wanted to hear more about Kelsi’s exploits.

“Who else have you dated, besides Andrew?”

“No one very seriously. I went to homecoming with David Linderman. We actually went out on a few dates. But then he moved away.”

“Ah. I didn’t really know him very well. He was mostly in your classes.”

“Yeah, sometimes we would get together with some of our friends from school. I think he liked me and wanted me to be his girlfriend. He was kind of shy about it though. I was too.”

“Would it have become serious if he didn’t move away?”

“Maybe. We were starting to hang out a little more.”

“Hang out like we do?”

“I guess so.” She blushed. He moved closer to her and his face inches from her, they looked into each others eyes briefly before he moved in the rest of the way for a kiss.

After some serious making out he asked, “Did you have sex with him?”

“No…I’m still a virgin.”

“So…you just did the things that we do?” She hesitated for minute while they continued to kiss, then said shyly, “Well…we used to do a little more.” She continued to stroke him as his squeezed and rub her delicious orbs. They were both breathing heavy.

“What’s a little more?” He finally managed. Still jacking him off, she kissed his cheek. Then whispered near his ear, “I would use my mouth on him.”

She felt his cock twitch in her hand. He was already rock hard but now he started to buck his hips and fuck her hand as she stroked him. With one hand on her breast, the other that was wrapped around her waist moved up to the back of her head. He didn’t need to give her more than the faintest guidance as she went down to his lap and immediately took him into her warm, moist, soft mouth.

“Oh my God, Kelsi. That feels amazing. I’m not going to last long.”

“mmmmm” she moaned around his dick as her head continued to bob up and down on him. With his hand in her curly hair, he could barely speak, “I’m going to cum.”

“mmmmm” she moaned again as she swallowed shot after shot. Jason lay limp for several seconds. His cock deflating as she cleaned him with her mouth.

Finally, she sat up and looked to see him in complete contentment. He began to open his eyes and see the look on her face. She was happy to have given him so much pleasure.

She let herself fall against him. Her head nestled at his chest and neck. He sighed, “Kelsi…thank you.”

“It’s okay. I liked it. I liked doing it for you.”

“You did THAT for David Linderman?”

She chuckled slightly, “Yes. He liked it.”

“Of course he liked it. I just can’t see it. He was kind of geeky.”

“He was nice. We had gone to the movies with a group of friends once but he and I were mostly together. We talked and hit it off. Then he took me to dinner, just me and him. He borrowed his parents car and we drove around and talked after. He was really nice to me the whole time. Then we found ourselves at a park where no one was around.

“David pulled over and we talked for a bit and this was the first time we could be alone and…talk.”

“I like the way you…talk…when we’re alone.”

“Ha. Well, I had…talked…with Andrew before this. But I don’t think David had ever been in that sort of one on one conversation before. We were both really nervous.”

“Did you…talk…to Andrew with your mouth?”

“Of çekmeköy escort course. How else can you talk if not with your mouth?”

“You know what I mean.”

“I know. I’m just kidding. But, no, I didn’t…talk…to Andrew with my mouth. I probably would have though. He was nice to me. But we were only together a couple times.”

“So how did your nervous conversation with David go?”

“It was fine. It was good.”

“What all did you do?

“Why do you want to know?”

“I don’t know. I’m curious I guess? I actually like to hear you talk about it.”

“Well, he played with me under my shirt. And I rubbed him through his pants. I think he came in his pants. I didn’t know what to do and I don’t think he did either. It was a little awkward. We were able to be alone together a couple more times but not TOO alone.

“Once, though, he was less shy than he normally was. He took it out and I used my hand on him…like I do with you…and like it did with Andrew.”

Jason’s cock was starting to come back to life. He reached down and between her legs and began to rub her over her pants. “Did you make him cum?”

“Yeah. We were…talking…and he had taken off my shirt and bra. He was playing with my boobs and I was playing with him down there.” Jason was getting excited. He had never seen her topless before. He’d pushed her shirt up and seen her boobs and played with them. But never totally topless. Even though she hadn’t meant it this way, Jason took her story as a cue to take off her shirt and bra.

Then he leaned in to kiss. Her young, fat, naked mounds mashed into his chest. His hand trailed down into her pants and felt her tight wet pussy. It was really turning her on as his fingers worked their way between her folds. Rubbing her and teasing her. She threw her head back and sucked air in and out through her ‘O’ shaped mouth.

“And you made him cum?” Rubbing her more forcefully.

“Yes…ohhhh…yeah…he came all over my boobs…and my hand…ohhhhh…”

She was close and Jason kept working her. She squeezed him tightly and started bucking against his hand.


Her orgasm soaked her pants and his hand.

It was her turn to lay limp and in complete contentment. He began to play with her exposed breast. She was a beautiful sight. Her innocent teen face, so angelic and her gorgeous tits, so often hidden under conservative clothing. Jason, leaned down to suck on them. “David Linderman got to cum all over these amazing boobs.”

“It just sort of happened. He was nice to me.”

She sighed, “I like when boys are nice to me.”


Jason went to see her at the library. He wandered to the area of the stacks where he had seen her putting books away before. He could see here through a couple aisles talking to someone. He got close enough to hear but decided not to alert them to his presence.

“So where all have you applied, Kelsi?”

“Well, I’ve applied to several smaller liberal arts colleges mostly out of State.”

“Oh, don’t want to go to the local school? You know I teach literature there.”

“I don’t have anything against the school. It’s well respected and all. I just think it would be better for me to get away and have some experiences on my own.”

“I can definitely understand that. But you can still have some wonderful experiences here. I’d love to have you visit the campus and let me show you around.”

“Maybe. That actually sounds nice Mr.,…”

“Huxley…mostly people call me Professor Huxley.”

“I might just take you up on the offer Professor Huxley. I should probably get back to work now though.”

“Of course, of course. Sorry. Well, anytime you want that tour, come to the English department and ask for me. I’m usually there during the day. If I’m not having a class, I’m either in my office, or out reading and enjoying the grounds.”

“How pleasant that sounds.”

“Well, nice to meet you Kelsi.”

“You too Professor Huxley.”

Jason started toward them as the professor walked his way. He was propably in his early 30’s and handsome. Jason felt a little jealous. First, he hadn’t really thought about Kelsi going away to college. He himself was staying in town to go to the same College where the young professor taught. But secondly, he was a little jealous that this professor was taking an interest in his hidden gem. However, he was honest enough with himself that he actually got a little excited about it. Maybe a lot excited.

“Who was that?” Jason asked without implying any hint of his jealousy.

“Oh he’s a patron here. He was looking for some books and we just started talking. He’s a professor at the local college. He was nice.”

He was close to her now. Close enough to smell the young, virgin’s skin. “I’m nice,” he said, his mouth inches from her ear.

“mmm. You ARE nice.”

“I know how you…talk…with…boys that are nice.”

She looked up into his eyes and whispered, “Oh Jason. He’s older. He’s a nice MAN. I’m sure he’s not interested in…talking…with me like that.”

He wasn’t quite sure how to respond to her. On the one hand, he didn’t want to tell her what he knew to be true. The good professor would love nothing more than to “talk” to her EXACTLY like that. He wasn’t sure he wanted to place that seed of thought in her mind though, if he hand’t already. On the other hand, the prospect did excite him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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