She Wasn’t Safe

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In the year of 1884 the area we lived in was still very dangerous. Not so much from Indians as much as gangs of outlaws. I was headed east to buy cattle for our ranch and likely would be gone several months. Our one hand could take care of the ranch and he was an old hard man with no fear in him. My wife of 5 years was much more in tune with the times. She knew living out 30 miles from town with the dangers of the area it just wasn’t safe for her to be there with out me.

So we rode the 8 miles to Mort’s Store. Mort is an old guy who owns the general store in our area. He has an Indian girl who lives with him and serves as the store’s whore. Mary and my wife are about the same age. But that is the end of comparing them, Mary is just a bit cubby with small breasts and a comfortable rear and belly. I wouldn’t call Mary pretty, but she is cute and very willing to enjoy sex with all comers. Even worse Mort brags about how much he fucks the young woman. And she just grins and nods.

Madison is most everything Mary is not. Her breasts are good sized, her waist small, and like Mary’s ass very comfortable but without quite so much width. And Madison is a beautiful woman. Madison and Mary are good friends and the girls were off to one side talking when I cornered Mort about what I wanted.

“Mort I need to go east to buy cattle and I will be gone maybe 3 or 4 months and maybe longer. Buck doesn’t want to have to look out for the ranch and her both. So I need somewhere else to leave her for that time. She could help around the store and I will pay for her keep.”

“Shore Brandt you can leave her here and I will put her to work. You know she could make me lot of money if I can put her on her back like Mary does?”

“I bet you are right Mort, but I doubt she will go for that type work.”

“I figured that might be the way of it. But if I can talk her into it? Can I whore her out?”

“You have at it Mort, You get her tits out and they’ll come miles and miles to just see them.”

“I’d sure like to get my pecker up in her little belly a few times.”

“You get a few drinks in her Mort, and you might get that done.”

“So she likes a taste now and then?”

“Once in a while Mort once in while.”

I had to laugh knowing Mort was going to try to make my wife into the store whore and maybe he would have more luck than I thought. Madison liked sex a lot.

I kissed my wife and left her to visit with Mary to have her mind off my leaving. I camped that night almost 40 miles east. After I had eaten I dug in my saddle bags and took my hand guns out. I don’t wear them Hd Porno around home. I always have my rifle near but I put the guns up when I married Madison.

My wife is Mrs. Brantley Davidson. I am David Brandt and have been where we live for the past 5 years. But down south in New Mexico and Arizona Brantley Davidson is a known name. Known as a very bad man. I have tried hard to leave that life behind me.

But carrying the amount of money I was I decided I might need the guns. I rode clear back into Illinois before I found exactly what I was looking for. And then I needed hands to move a herd the size that I had bought. I had been gone three months and we were just ready to try to drive them home I had hired 12 men, 7, I hoped to keep on the ranch and 5 who likely would return home. We were looking a maybe at least 2 months to get home more likely 3. So I was going to be gone six.

In western Nebraska we ran into herd cutters and a would be Marshal who told me that several brands had been altered so he was cutting my herd by nearly half. I had quit wearing my guns after buying the cattle even though I was still carrying a bit of cash. I reached back and strapped them on again as the cutters looked over my herd.

A salty young man I had hired eased over next to me and whispered to me.

“Unless you are real good with those, you better let me handle this? That is Webber Duncan And he is the real deal here abouts. I will talk him down if I can and maybe we can get out with just a few loss.”

“I will give him a chance but only one and he doesn’t cut even one head.”

I had over a thousand head in my herd. They rode back over to us.

“Well we are cutting about 600 out that we feel are altered and we are doing it now.”

“You aren’t cutting even one head out. Not one so ride back to town and have a drink or die here now.”

“Listen, you don’t know who you are dealing with Mister you touch those fancy guns of yours you’ll be the one who dies here now.”

“Pull that pistol you tin horn SOB and we will see who dies here in the grass.”

He pulled and I shot him right under his left eye.

“Now pick that piece of shit up and ride out of here.”

“My God who the fuck are you and with the left hand gun too.”

“I have never shot off this horse and wasn’t sure if he’d like it when the round went over his ears so I shot by him on the left side where he sat.”

We circled the herd and got them moving. Two weeks later we moved the herd out onto my range. The cabin was still there but looked like it had been on fire. Türkçe Altyazılı Porno Buck came from somewhere under cover.

“You had trouble?”

“Nothin I couldn’t handle Boss. They tried to move us out but they didn’t like my shootin.”

“You kill any of them?”

“No but I burned a couple of em and they left outa here.”

We spread them out in our grass and I told the boys to move into the bunk house and make themselves at home. I turned my horse and headed for Mort’s Store. I rode up to the store tied my horse out front and went up the steps. Mary sat just inside at the first table with two young men. I didn’t know either of them. Her breasts were bare and one of them was playing with her nipples. Then I heard him ask.

“Where’s the other girl, Maddy was it?”

“She gone now month maybe.”

“She was great fuckin. You fuck her Johnny?”

“Ya I fucked her several times, she was maybe near as good as you Mary.”

I walked on up to the bar where Mort stood. He looked at everything but me.

“She ain’t here Brandt.”

“So what happened Mort.”

“Well you are the one who told me she liked the drink.”

“Ya, I did.”

“And you are the one who told me if I got her drunk she gets horny and she might let me fuck her?”

“Ya, guess I did say that.”

“Well I got her drunk, we got her clothes off that beautiful body and I fucked her. She woke up the next morning nude in my bed. I felt sorry for her she was so upset. But since she had all ready done what she had done I talked her into fucking me again. And then when a couple of the boys came to see Mary, I ask her to go upstairs with them and she did.”

“So you got her to whore for you?”

“Well I was fucking her every day and it just seemed kind of natural that she’d do it for others too. She whored for me over four months, Then some really bad boys came in and fucked her. They were here 4 or 5 days and had her upstairs most of the time. When they left they took her with them. I tried to talk them out of it but they just took her.”

“Where Mort, where did they take her?”

“You don’t want to know Brandt, They are really bad. She is their whore now. They made that plain and said I needed to tell you if you did come back for her.”

“And who told you that Mort? Who warned me off?”

“It was the McKane gang Brandt, Jessie and four others.”

“So it wasn’t Big Jake himself?”

“No not Jake, but you know he backs what ever his little brother wants.”

“Maybe not this time Mort, Jake is a friend, you know Brazzers where they are Mort?”

“Mary does she rides over there and fucks for them now and then.”

“Then you send her over there Mort, have her tell Jake that my wife is there and I would like her back and ask if he will have her returned. Have her tell him Davie ask nice and if he could have her back in a month I will be very pleased.”

“Who the fuck do you think you are Brandt? That fucking little brother of his if very fond of her and he ain’t gonna give her up. Said he was going to put his Brand on her.”

My gun came out of nowhere and the end was half way up his nose.

“I am not happy with you Mort, but it is partly my fault so I want to blow your head off, but I am not going to. Jake will know who’s wife his brother has and he will know if I come after her I will kill them all and I don’t want to have to do that. Jessie is a hot headed punk kid and I am giving him a month to get Madison out of his head. So I don’t need to kill him. Jake will be pleased.”

I rode back to the ranch and we settled in. Nine of the boys stayed and 3 headed back home. The boys liked the ranch and we began to enlarge the bunk house. I waited 6 weeks before I rode back to Mort’s store. I tied up out front and went in. I fully expected my wife to be setting inside. She wasn’t out at the tables. I walked to the bar. Mort looked up.

“Oh, sorry she is upstairs, a couple boys came in and Mary was busy so I sent her up with them.”

I waited an hour before the two young men came down laughing. They left. It was another twenty before my wife came slowly down the stairs. She looked bad. Dark eyes and she had lost weight. Her head was down and she would not look at me.

“Go home Davie, I am where I belong now. I am a worthless whore worse than poor Mary.”

Without moving my eyes from Mort, I spoke to Mary.

“Go saddle her horse and one for you, we are going home.”

I saw Mort moving his hands behind the bar.

“You Son of a Bitch Mort if you raise that shot gun I will shoot you in your lying mouth. I am Brantley Davidson and I will kill you. And if I ever hear a word about who I am I will come back for you.”

Mort’s hands shot up and his eyes got very big.

“Holy Fuck Mr. Brandt no wonder Jake sent the Mrs. back to you.”

“Jake and I are friends Mort, his brother and I are not and I may need to kill him someday. He is very hard on horses and women and I see he has been hard on mine. He tends to brand them both with a hot iron. I hope before he did mine his brother stopped him or he is a dead man.”

The girls and I rode home. Mary cooks for us. If she wants and when she wants she goes to the bunk house for fun. My wife was a mess. And it took time to get her well. One she did she will sometimes go with Mary down to the bunk house and the boys are VERY happy.

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