Priya’s Lesbian Adventures Pt. 01

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THE TALES OF PRIYA, a lesbian paranormal fantasy.

Part 1: Awakening the Slut Within

This is a story of an 18-year-old half-Warshari, half-Witch, who starts waking up to her life. Her name is Priya. She is 5’7″ 135 pounds, 34C-28-34. She is fit and works out every day. Her urges have always been towards girls even though she tried dating a guy, but she felt awkward, and it didn’t work out. Her best friend of two years is Bell, who has secretly wanted to have sex with her since they met. Arabella or Bell as she is known is a Scinlase Witch. We drop in on the two of them in Bell’s house, drinking and talking. They are home alone…

“God, in the Mall, the Food Court, you always go over to the Japanese Susiko and chat to the servers. You are friendly with them. You come back to me with a variety of awesome Japanese food. Then there are the markets we go to on Sundays every two weeks at Alstonville. You go to the Polish lady and chat with her, then to German stall selling bratwurst buy food there and go over to the Italian stall where you chat away like a Nonna about stuff and buy salami, cheese, and other meats. How, could I not see what is going on Priya?” Bell raises her beer and takes a swig. She flicks stray strands of her long brown hair off her face. I look at her and notice just how beautiful her mouth is. God, why do I think about that?

“I thought you were off doing your thing, Bell!”

“Silly you, I was watching. I was amazed. Then when we would go to Harbortown, you would have no issues chatting up shop assistants in Spanish or Russian. You always thought I was off shopping. I saw you. We Scinlase Witches have highly sensitive ears. I could hear you from quite a distance. Our hearing is so much more than humans.”

I am so confused right now that I think I might just pass out. “Wait a minute, did you just say you are a Witch?”

She puts down her beer and stares at me with diabolical eyes. “Yes. Time to wise up, Priya.”

“Okay then, prove you are a Witch. I need serious proof, bitch.” I can’t believe I am talking like a trooper.

“Witch. Get it right.”

Bell is wearing a fluffy purple robe with a red flannel shirt underneath. She pulls the cord and lets the robe drop to the ground. She starts unbuttoning her shirt, slowly but deliberately.

“Bell, what the fuck?”


The shirt drops down. She is not wearing a bra. Her breasts are perfect. Nice and round with sharp pink nipples that stick out begging for a mouth to play with them. She has a pierced belly button and a flat, toned stomach. She wears tiny black panties. I gasp. She is like a fucking model. She turns around, the muscles are clearly defined on her perfect skin. I see a strong back, long brown hair, and a cute round ass. I feel my skin flush.

“Bell, what …”

“Come closer. You don’t see any tattoos on me, do you?”

“Um, no, not at all.”

I move closer to her. I smell lavender and lilac. Her long brown hair cascades down her back.

“Touch my back.”

I touch her skin with three of my fingers. My fingers dance over her shoulder and up to her neck. She hums. An electric pulse scorches through my hand, up to my arm, into my body like a jolt of raw electricity. My core aches with desire. My nipples harden. I have this massive desire to take Bell, to kiss her all over. My head is spinning and not from alcohol. I suck in the air just to stay alive. My whole body is searing heat.

Bell steps away from me. The heat is lowered. I feel tears forming in my eyes and sweat on my brow. I feel so emotional. So raw. I wipe the tears away and use the back of my hand to swish at the sweat. I look at Bell’s back, and from her ass, all the way up to her neck is a large insect looking thing. Holy shit, is that a bee? It is truly beautiful. It is purple, black, red and has golden eyes. My heart is beating so fast I feel I am going to faint. How did that happen?

“It’s beautiful Bell. Oh, my. How come it wasn’t there before?”

“Only a Witch can see the truth in our bodies. If you were human, you would only see skin. This is my totem. The Purple Zoba Bee. I was drawn to it after the Trials. Wisdom, Fertility, Production, Beauty, and Pride. You can see this, you are a Witch! You will get one too when you enter the Trials.”

I look down at my right hand. A blue and yellow butterfly. More to the point, an absolutely amazing blue and yellow butterfly tattoo are on the back of my hand ending at my wrist appears.

I gasp. Holy shit!

“Bell, um, wanna check this out,” I say.

Bell’s eyes bore into my arm. She looks at me with intensity. Bell steps forward and takes my hand. I feel her skin on my skin, and it feels amazing. It sends shockwaves through my body. I look into her eyes, and she drops her face and my hand and moves away.

“That is not supposed to happen. What is going on with you, Priya? I felt such a force that shot through my body. I think I am going to pass out from a mixture of passion and pain. Your touch rocks me.”

She görükle escort moves quickly and kisses my lips. I instantly kiss back. Our passion is intense, our mouths grinding into each other like we are starved cats. She pulls away

“Nothing like I have ever felt before. Fuck me, Priya, you are a force of nature.”

I am panting. I want more.

Bell runs a finger down my face. “The tattoo must have fired up the Witch in you. The electricity between us is off the charts.”

Her words rip into me, and I nearly die. I gasp. My mind is a mixture of a thousand thoughts crashing into each other and trying to surface out of the mire. I felt like I was going to tear her body apart with passion. I have touched Bell’s skin many, many times before and nothing shot up my arm or charged with electricity or made my nipples harden or made my pussy soaking wet!

I love Bell as a friend, but now thoughts are roaring through me with wild abandon. I admire her body, her smile, her long brown hair, and her gorgeous green eyes. She is perky, bright, and alive with life and, that has taught me to forget the days without friends or anyone else caring for me. I love how she talks, how she works things out. I love how she always thinks of me. How she protects me. I feel myself tremble at the crazy thoughts of being with Bell more intimately.

This is not happening. This is nuts. Am I a lesbian? Am I bisexual?

Maybe I am overthinking this.

What is happening to me?

I manage to talk. “I am at a loss to talk Bell. I am so confused. I feel I am walking on thin ice. Two years ago we met, you sat next to me, you talked to me, we found common ground. I felt so attracted to you, not just sexually but everything. Well, I have to admit your smell was intoxicating like nothing I had ever smelled before. It was overwhelming for a person who was used to running away from problems. Running away from my feelings. I was so into you. But …”

“But what Priya? Are you saying we should not have met?”

I nod. I crunch up my hands into fists. “What was this meeting all about? I mean, let’s face it, where did you come from?”

“My mom was transferred to Chicago. It’s that simple.”

“Something inside me is telling me you were meant to meet me. You meant to be my friend. These feelings inside me are strong.”

Bell put her hands on the kitchen bench and pushes around her unfinished beer. She picks it up and finishes it.

“Honestly, and I hope you understand this, I was told to protect you, to get to know you, to make sure you are safe. I feel I have gone beyond that Priya. I am your friend. My mother wanted safety. This whole thing is bigger than what you are saying,” she replies.

“Protect me! It was a setup, then. I knew it!”

“Hey, you have no idea what is going on, for real. You just have no idea.”

“Yes I do, you are like a spy. Shit, do I really know you, Arabella? Do I really know who I am?”

I feel the rise of bile in my throat, the sweat forming on the inside of my hands, and my heart clanging against my rib cage like a jackhammer. Panic attack. I really thought I had conquered them. It is a monster creeping up on me, ready to tear my soul to shreds. I start shaking.

I know my words cut into her because she recoils and moves away to the microwave to check on the food we should have eaten earlier. Her back is to me, and I can feel her hurt, her pain, and her disappointment. This is not the first time I can feel what others feel. My heart dips, my words should not have come out of my mouth, but they did. I want to reach out and touch her, hug her and god forbid, kiss her. What am I talking about?

Oh god, I am slipping away. I try to grab the kitchen bench but fail. I spin around and collapse on the kitchen floor. Blackness greets me.

Bell shakes me. I feel that. My heartbeat is normal. I have sweat on my brow. I open my eyes and look around. I am on the kitchen floor with a pillow under my head.

“Hey, thought I lost you.”

“No, just had a panic attack. At least you don’t die with them. I got overwhelmed, sorry.”

“Don’t be.”

The aftermath of the Dean break up has rocked me. Bell has been my friend for two years. She has been there for me. Why was I with a guy that treated me like a lightbulb? Switch on, switch off. I was supposed to react to how he wanted me to, how he expected me to. How can any relationship survive that shit? This night is doing my head in.

The silence between us is deafening.

I try to say something but cannot, my throat is stuck.

Bell gets up from me and turns around. I hear her crying. I stand up and move behind her. Her head is down, and she is wiping the tears away.

“Are you okay?”

She turns to me, and her green eyes lock into my dark orbs. “I love you, Priya Gomez. You are such an amazing person, you have so much strength that just blows me away.”

“I do? Hell, I don’t even know what’s going on right now.”

She eskort bayan moves over to the vodka, and pours herself a long shot, hits it back into her mouth, slams the glass down on the counter with emotion. She wipes away her tears. Her green eyes look at me with care and concern. I need to respond, so I move closer to her and lean on the counter.

I feel the need to unload.

“Bell, I cannot understand that you just entered my life to protect me. I feel useless. WHO AM I? Am I a pawn in a big ass game of chess, but I have no control over my moves. You enter my life and … you fit. You fit with me. Oh, shit, I am full of it. Do I know what I am saying? This is so fucked it is beyond fucked.” I turn and move into the dining room dark except for the streetlight lightly creeping into the room.

I stand to stare out the large dining room window, seeing the shadows of the streetlights fall on the neighbor’s car. My arms are closed around me, my breasts crushed together, making me feel uncomfortable because the bra I wore today was one of my old ones that the wire sticks out and pricks into my skin. I really do not care about any feelings.

I can feel Bell come up to me.

“Priya it doesn’t have to be like this,” she whispers. Her words are lyrical, dancing at me, making me feel more vulnerable.

“Damn it Bell. You knew all sorts of shit. You met me. Was it real? Is this really happening?”

I can smell her lavender and lilac, and it drives me crazy. I want her to hug me, to kiss me to overwhelm me. This is not what I should be thinking. I crush the idea.

I can feel her move closer. So close that I want her touch.

“Yes. So real, that I am trembling to reignite the electricity you created.”

Bell’s words are not helpful. I move closer to the window. I see across the street that one house has a sharp spotlight lighting up the long driveway. I am not convinced. I feel so many conflicting emotions that I know I am in a washing machine, going round and round. Bell moves to my side, and I can feel her eyes on me. I turn to her with nervous energy. When I talk, my words are fast, jumbled, and open.

“That’s bullshit because you have had so many moments, god, even intimate moments when we have had sleepovers to open yourself to me, to tell me about this Witch world and the whole other crazy shit. You could have told me that Dean was a fuckwit and supported me, but no, you just gave me so many platitudes, so many excuses that I just did my shit. Does that make sense to you?”

Bell looks at me with pain in her eyes. “This has all happened for a reason. I couldn’t just say, hey, guess what, I am a witch and a lesbian. In fact, all witches are lesbians.”

What? Did I get the last part?

“Sorry. I lost you. All witches are lesbians?”

She sighs. “It’s complicated, I guess. All-female witches are bisexual. Some choose not to have a male witch in their life. So, yes, they are lesbians. Our society is structured so that you are aligned to another male witch whether you want to or not. If you choose no, not interested, then that is fine. It’s a rule that is thousands and thousands of years old.”

“Oh, so that means I am a lesbian?”

“You have grown up in such a different situation. You may have feelings for girls; you may have feelings for guys. I don’t know. You tell me.”

“Um, I have thought about what kissing a girl would be like. And …”

“And what?”

“What lying naked with another girl would feel like.”

“It’s magical. Truly.” Bell smiles at me. I can feel her genuine honesty creep to the surface.

I could not have anticipated the fast movement of Bell and her lips. She grabs me, turns me around, and kisses me. Her lips are wanting, testing me to go further. My head is telling me to push this to the limit. I put my hand on her left breast and tweak her nipple. She moans.

“More,” she whispers. I stop kissing her and look into her pools of green. I see the lust in her eyes. Wow, her kiss is something I want 5 million times over. What am I thinking?


She smiles at me. Her right-hand grabs my neck gently, and her left-hand curls around playing with my black hair. God, that feels good. She pushes the hair out of my face. She looks directly at me, and I shiver. I have never been in this situation in my life, but it feels so right. Bell kisses me slowly. I kiss back. Nothing crazy. So soft, so enticing and so full of passion. We probe and test our tongues on each other. It is electric. I feel dizzy. My body is humming with need. Bell pushes her tongue into my mouth with such a demand need that it shocks me and excites me at the same time. I respond by biting her bottom lip, and she bites my top lip. This tongue play has gotten me so wet that I am thinking of just getting rid of my panties. She stops and kisses my nose and forehead.

“Do you want to take this further? I understand if you don’t.”

Oh, fuck, yes. I put my shaking hand on her chest, just above altıparmak escort her left breast. “Can I kiss you?”

Bell smiles at me. She opens up her mouth ever so slightly. It is sexy. “Please do.”

My heart is hammering. My desire is overwhelming me. I lean in and brush my lips on Bell’s lips. I move my lips to the left and right, getting the feel of her. I push harder and part my mouth. She meets me with a smack that sends shockwaves roaring through my body. I grab her neck and pull her to me. We kiss like life is going to end in a few minutes. Bell spins me around and laughs. We kiss again playfully tasting each other. She lets out a cheeky moan that I taste. “Priya, let’s go upstairs.”

I step back, and our eyes lock. I nod. I feel I am lost in Bell.

“Are you okay with that?”

I feel the time has stopped. Her question is huge. Defining. I like girls. I fucking do. Simple as that. I don’t want to stop this feeling that is raging in my belly. “Yes,” I reply.

Bell slips out of her panties. I gasp at how perfect and muscular her body is.

“You are gorgeous Bell.”

“Why thank you.” Her hands run over her breasts. Her nipples are sticking up at an angle. She has a bare pussy, and that is so insane in my brain. It looks fucking hot. Seeing another girl with a bare pussy is a turn on. I have seen porn chicks with no hair but seeing it in real life makes me hotter than a volcano. She is radiant. She puts her index finger on her pussy and slides it up and down. A loud moan escapes her. She slides up to me and places her finger into my mouth.

It’s tangy, sweet, and fucking like the nectar of the gods. My own pussy throbs for her touch. I suck her finger and twirl my tongue around it. She pulls out gently.

“Clothes off now.” Her words are demanding and full of wanton need.

I smile. “Is that a challenge or an order?”

Bell smiles and starts taking off my clothes. “Neither. This is what I want.”

She takes off my robe. She sheds everything I have. My bra is off in seconds, my panties are rolled down, and Bell runs her hands all over my body. Oh, god, I love her hands on me. I stand before her. It is strange but so erotic that I cannot reason with myself. She kisses my neck. I crumble. This is not happening. Do I want this? Oh, I fucking want this more than anything in the world.

I step back and feel so sexy. I touch my breasts and tweak my nipples.

“Bell, make love to me.”

“We have all night, my sweet.”

I am delirious at her comment. Bell is watching me with large eyes. She is smiling at me. My whole soul, my whole body goes weak. She takes my right hand, and we interlock hands. Her touch is like nuclear fusion.

“Let’s go.”

She takes me to the stairs and hops up two steps and wiggles her tight ass at me. I so overwhelmed with lust. I slap her right butt cheek.

She lets out a moan. “More.”

I slap her again. She thrusts her ass at me. I have to taste her.

I grab her butt and place my face directly into her pussy. I lick like I am a mad person, lapping my tongue up and down, occasionally flicking her clit. Bell responds by opening her legs up and groans.

“Oh, god, do not stop. I am going to cum, baby.”

I slap her ass while I am licking. My tongue circles her tight asshole. She begins to roar.

“Oh, Priya, fuckkkkk, fuuuckkkkk, I’m coming…!”

I grab her belly and steady her. She trembles all over.

“Oh yessssssssssssssssss, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk.”

I bite her right butt cheek, and she collapses on the stairs and turns around. She runs her hand down her body and stops just above her pussy lips. I see her glowing liquid shining in the night light. She rubs her pussy and tastes her juices. “Fuck Priya you destroyed me like a pro.”

I smile. I move to her and stand above her. She smiles at me and grabs my hips and pulls my body towards her face. I see what she is doing, and I move to her and open my legs up and place my pussy on her mouth. Instantly she starts assaulting my labia, then probing my insides, licking and flicking her tongue in circular motions. She flicks fast and slow every now and then she slides her tongue over my clit. I dig my hands into the carpet on the stairs.

“Oh, Jesus, Bell. Faster. Go Faster!” I yell. I feel I am a bitch in heat, completely lost in the avenue of the pussy queens all-devouring my soul with intense fucking. Bell picks up her pace and digs her nails into my ass. God, it’s is so fucking amazing. She slaps my right butt and the pleasure-pain rockets through my body.

“Uggg, I am so fucking close…shiiiiit!”

I suddenly feel two fingers enter me while her tongue flicks like a speed demon. I am rising. Rising high. I feel the pull of the high velocity of the mountain air.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck…I’m cuuuuuuuming!”

I begin to shatter, shake, rock, and tremble with wild lust. My climax shatters me, and I fall forward with Bell still lapping at my pussy. She snakes her way out and holds me. Tears are coursing down my face, and I roll to my side. Bell is there holding me and purring into my ear. “Shhh, just ride the waves baby.” I watch her lips kiss my hips.

I giggle. “We need a bed. I want round two.”

“My little vixen wants more, huh,” Bell replies.

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