Siblings with Benefits Ch. 03

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I sat outside on Mark’s balcony smoking a cigarette and enjoying the beautiful August night. Despite the heat of the day it had cooled down quite a bit and there was a nice breeze. I stretched my long legs out and rested my ankles on the railing. Taking a long drag I let it out slowly savoring the taste. Smoking was the one indulgence I allowed myself and even at that I had cut down to less than a half a pack a day at this point it was more of a guilty pleasure than a need. I sighed contentedly and burrowed deeper into the chair wrapping Mark’s red silk robe around myself.

I felt like a cat in the sun. Satisfied and content in every way. It was amazing what a great night’s sleep and a day could make, and what a day it had been! Although I had slept over nine hours before Mark woke me up, after two orgasms and that amazing shower I slept right up until the alarm went off at noon. After rolling around in bed for a little while longer hunger finally forced me to get up. His fridge was full of healthy food and protein shakes so I settled for yogurt and a banana; I was already looking forward to eating like shit at the restaurant later.

After taking a few minutes to unpack I called the folks house and after getting no answer called moms cell. As always mom was thrilled to hear from me, I usually called at least twice a week but hadn’t in a few days because I knew she would read the tone of my voice. I was sounding pretty good now however I wanted to surprise her so rather than tell her I was in town simply asked what she was up to.

I’m glad I did, as she told me they were in New Hampshire for a day trip. If I had told her I was here she would have made dad drive her right back. She told me they were coming back early tonight so I figured I would surprise her tomorrow. It was like pulling teeth to get dad to do anything these days and I didn’t want to interrupt. We made small talk and she asked about Laura, I started to say something lame but she read through it and asked if it was over. I told her it was but enjoy her day I would call her tomorrow and we could talk about it.

That made her happy. Mom still loved the “girl stuff” as she called it, and I enjoyed making her feel a part of my life as there were years that I all but pushed her out of it. Before she hung up mom asked if I had heard from Mark. I told her I talked to him last night and she asked me to get him to call she hadn’t heard from him in weeks and hadn’t seen him since he took her out for mother’s day a couple of months ago. I told her I would get him to call and hung up before it turned into drama.

Seeing I now had no afternoon plans I figured I would swing by and see Mark’s new office. Afraid of losing him to a large firm in New York the head of Mark’s firm made him partner last year at the age of thirty six. The promotion came with a much bigger office, the Lexus, and because the firm had bought four units when the Promenade opened Mark didn’t even pay rent only condo fees. Not bad for a street rat as Mark was fond of saying.

Not that there weren’t a few people I wanted to catch up with, but I was here for an entire week and wanted it to just be family the first couple of days, hell another night with Mark and I would be all but reborn. If the way he treated me this morning was any indication my little brother must have really missed me.

Thinking of Mark I put on a simple white sundress and pulled my hair back in a pony tail. Mark was constantly surrounded by either gorgeous women around his age or hot little barely legal’s and because of that he had a weak spot for plain old cute which I could still be well as cute as someone with a full sleeve tattoo of Medusa could be anyway. Just as Mark could play both pretty professional, and hot bad ass, I could pull off queen of the night as well as girl next door especially when I pulled out my ultimate weapon and Mark’s total weakness; the pout.

I went into Mark’s home office and grabbed the keys to the Lexus that were hanging on a hook. Before leaving I looked around. Mark was a neat freak and nothing was out of place making me want to mess it up on him but I would be nice for now anyways. I walked over to his desk and looked at the framed picture of the two of us that had been taken after he had graduated Suffolk law at a party held by several of the wealthier parents. It was another of the many humbling memories being home brought back.

The picture itself was wonderful, Mark was wearing a black suit and I was in a beautiful red dress. I had just given him a big hug, and my boyfriend Tommy had called out to us for a picture. We were cheek to cheek and smiling happily. Part of me always thought what a pretty couple we would have made. That thought however was always marred by the fact that with us that close and at that age you could really see our resemblance as brother and sister.

The tough part of the picture was at the time I was in my last month of a ninety day inpatient rehab and needed special mofos porno permission to attend my brother’s graduation. Not only that but I had absolutely nothing left of my own and Tommy bought me the dress that day. Poor Tommy, he was better than I deserved. We had dated off and on for years having met at a party back when he was also doing a lot of drugs. Tommy had straightened out and kept waiting for me to do the same.

Over the years I had stolen from him, cheated on him, and one terrible time he had been beaten badly by a drug dealer named Carson who I owed money to. Despite all that Tommy never gave up on me. He came to see me every day in rehab, and asked me to move in with him when I got out. I took him up on that offer. Three months later he proposed to me. Three months after that…

I stopped myself there. As my therapist keeps telling me living in the past will never help the present. I sighed also thinking of the Rod Stewart song “Every Picture tells a story.” Well if that were true then the picture on the other side of Mark’s desk told the story of his own heartbreak; it was of him with Samantha and had been taken on cruise about a year or so ago.

Mark had won a big case that had taken months to settle and his firm sent him on the cruise to Bermuda as a bonus. He had taken along “Sammy” as he called her. In the picture Mark was shirtless leaning against the railing, Samantha was leaning into him and his arms were around her waist. Mark was smiling and I have never seen him look so happy, and as far as Sammy went she was beaming, all but glowing. Looking at her she hadn’t even seemed my brother’s type.

Samantha was attractive, with olive skin long dark curly hair and hazel eyes, but was nowhere near as hot as most of my brother’s girls. She was even a bit on the curvy side but she had something that appealed to him; innocence. Ironically it was that innocence that attracted Mark to make her a pet. He was going to corrupt her, his own personal 120 days of Sodom. In the end Samantha had turned the tables showing my brother that not only could he be loved but love as well.

Knowing Mark he kept the picture here as a reminder of what he had done. How he had broken not only her heart by sending her away, but his own as well. I shook my head it was time to go. Last night was great, the morning even better, and still ahead; an entire week of letting my little brother spoil me. I would not succumb to the recent melancholy that I had come here to escape. Just before I left I stared at the framed poster hung over Marks desk; it was the 11th Satanic Principal;

“When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask them to stop. If they do not stop, destroy them.” Words to live by I thought as I closed the door.

My brother was surprised to see me and the first thing out of his mouth was how much he liked my dress. His office was nothing short of amazing a testament to the fact my brother never finished second at anything. One wall was a series of glass cases that were full of karate trophy’s as well as academic awards from both PC and Suffolk. I had brought him an ice coffee and a sandwich, and as I sat across from him at his enormous mahogany desk –the one with another Decosta original hanging behind it- I couldn’t help but think that he had earned every bit of this, just in what I put him through, never mind dealing with his own demons.

I told him the folks weren’t around and I was probably just going to head back to his place but wanted to stop by and see his office. Mark told me to hold that thought and getting up walked away calling someone on his cell phone. Sitting there I could tell by the tone of his voice that not only was he speaking to a woman but one that he wanted something from. Those suspicions were confirmed when, I heard him promise dinner next Friday night. Hanging up the phone Mark came back smiling and reaching into his wallet took out a business card and handed it to me.

“Spadyssey,” I asked my eyes lighting up. “Are you kidding?”

“Nope, better get moving you have a two thirty appointment with Fiona for a massage, then a manicure, pedicure.” He shrugged. “The works.”

“You are the best Mark really!” I gave him a huge hug.

“Yeah well I heard you had a hot date tonight you should look your best.”

“This place is the best.” I told him.

“I know I send all my girls there.” I rolled my eyes. Mark spent a fortune on his little playthings.

“Well I guess I’m off then.” I told him. I was smiling so hard my cheeks hurt. I think I felt giddy I hadn’t been pampered like this since… well maybe since the last time I came up here. Looking to make sure his door was closed Mark took my face in his hands and gave me a long lingering kiss that if he kept it up any longer was either going to make my legs weak or cause me to hop on his desk. Breaking it off he gave me a soft smile;

“Go enjoy my sister, you deserve it.”

Enjoy moms girl porno it was an understatement. I was so relaxed when I left I thought I was going to need a cab to get home. However I did force myself to stop in a boutique and pick up a couple of things for later to show Mark my appreciation. When I did get home, I took my dress off and all but passed out in his bed for another couple of hours.

Mark came home at six, an eight hour Saturday at the office, and we went to the Blue Grotto earlier than we had planned getting there at seven thirty. Dinner was wonderful; it’s not like we talked much last night so tonight we talked about everything from work, to the Red sox and all things in between. I noticed he was staying away from the subject of Laura, which I appreciated, in turn I did not bring up whatever was going on with the folks.

I have to say as I sat across the table from him; it occurred to me that it was definitely better when he came to visit in Chicago. Twice I caught myself going to take his hand and I would have loved to rub my soft foot along his leg under the table. It’s not like we were public figures but Mark does know a lot of people, and you have to understand Rhode Island is a very small State.

I could tell by the way he looked at me that Mark felt the same way. I do not lack confidence in anyway, but have to say my brother has always made me feel sexy. Knowing he loved the color on me, I was wearing a teal dress which matched the polish on my fingers and toes, and the curl had come back to my hair which I was wearing down. At one point he looked at me and told me;

“You look beautiful Megan.” I all but blushed. When we were together like this it made me feel as if we were kids again. After all doesn’t every woman have romantic dinners with their brother? We took our time having desert and coffee, just what a couple of people with problems sleeping need; sugar and caffeine, and didn’t get back until almost eleven. I had slept about 12 hours since last night and the eight or so Mark had gotten was a couple of day’s worth by his standards so neither of us were tired.

When we entered his apartment I told him I didn’t feel like going to bed and was going to change. Mark said he’d meet me in the parlor he was going to check his e-mails. I rolled my eyes, and told him he had worked enough. I made him sit at the dining room table and going into the bedroom took off the dress. I was wearing a skimpy red and black lace bra with matching thong, over which I put on the white short sleeved blouse and plaid schoolgirl mini skirt I had bought. I left my feet bare and slipped one of his black ties around my neck. My little brother had been very good to me today; it was time to reward him.

When I came back to the dining room Mark was typing away on his blackberry. I cleared my throat so he knew I was there.

“I’ll be done in a sec Meg.” He said without turning.

“May I come sit with you sir?” I asked softly.

At that Mark turned his head and seeing me his eyes widened. I strolled over and stood next to him.

“And why is my master working so late tonight?” As I spoke I lightly ran my fingers through his thick black hair, while removing the phone from his hand and tossing it onto the table.

“Do you have something better in mind?” He asked.

I hopped up on the table sliding over so I was directly in front of him.

“My master was very good to his little girl today.” I told him putting my head down and looking up at him through my long lashes. “I just wanted to say thank you.”

Mark was beside himself. Few and far between are the times that I play cute and demure.

“That is if you’ll let me.” I pouted “Will you please let me sir?”

“Oh yeah,” He whispered, his eyes already glued to my bare feet with their bright toe nails which I had placed on his thighs.

“My Master is to kind.” Placing my right foot directly on his cock I began to rub it back and forth he was already hard.

“If it would please my Master I would love to show him how soft my feet are.” I gave him another pout. “After all, you do pay to keep them that way.”

“Please do.”

I leaned over, unzipped his pants and reaching in pulled his cock out. Leaning back I placed my bare feet on either side of it and began slowly jerking him off.

“Oh, that looks good.” He breathed

When I got to the top I wrapped my toes around the head and squeezed. Mark moaned and I could feel my toes becoming slick. I rubbed the soles of my feet across the top getting them wet then began jerking him off again.

“Ooooh that big cock looks so good, all wet like that.” I cooed. I then lifted my foot putting my toes to his lips.

“Would my Master like a taste?”

Mark parted his lips, and I pushed my toes into his mouth. As his tongue swirled around them I let out a moan as my own juices started to flow. I took my feet away and slid off the table to my knees, momsbangteens porno and taking his dripping cock into my mouth began bobbing my head in a slow steady rhythm. I was using just my mouth, my hands reaching up to unbutton his shirt. I lightly pinched both his nipples as I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock getting a moan out of him. I stopped and stood up.

“If it pleases my Master his little girl would like to dance for him.”

I extended my hand, and pulled him up as he stood I angled the chair away from the table but close enough so I could still use it and sat him back down. He was still fully dressed with his cock standing at full attention in his lap. I walked away a few steps and pressed play on the CD player.

As Nickel Back’s “I know who you are.” Blasted through the living room I began swaying my hips and running my hands up my thighs lifting my skirt to give a peek at my thong. I strutted over directly in front of him and putting my hands on his shoulders shimmied all the down and back up again. I turned, and straddling him bent slightly gyrating my ass in his face then leaned back sitting on his lap and grinding into his bare cock knowing he could feel how wet I was even through the thong. As I did I unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall slightly off my shoulders.

Taking his cue Mark slid the blouse off, but when he reached around and tried to cup my tits I slapped his hands away.

“Be a good boy.”

Standing back up I shimmied again lolling my head back to let my hair swish across his bare chest. I kicked up and spun around, my leg going over his head so I was facing him again. I reached back and unhooking my bra let it drop then sitting on his lap shook my tits back in forth in his face letting my nipples brush across his lips, and putting the tie around his neck. When he put his tongue out I leaned back away from him, holding myself up with the tie against him, and continued to grind my hips into his cock. I stood up and turning my back to him shimmied out of the skirt kicking it to the side, and getting between his legs shook my ass in his face.

I turned back to face him once again straddling him and leaned over, this time placing my right tit in his mouth, he flicked his tongue across my nipple ring before eagerly sucking it into his mouth, I reached down and sliding my thong to the side with one hand guided him to my pussy with the other and letting myself go impaled myself on his cock. Mark let out a groan of pleasure. Rather than moving up and down I rotated my hips in a circular motion. Mark wrapped his arms around my waist and switched to my left nipple

As the song wound down I began bouncing up and down his hard cock. I wasn’t moving a lot just a few inches at a time to tease and he moaned around my nipple. Putting my arms around his neck I began to ride him harder speeding up with the beat of the music. Suddenly an unwanted memory flashed into my head.

I was in the dark back room of Club Fantasies strung out on coke, riding a guy in his forties, a hundred dollar bill stuffed into each side of my g string which was pulled aside. His business partner who had paid for the fuck was outside the door, awaiting his turn. I pushed the image away as fast as it had come and standing up turned around and sat back on my brother’s cock sliding it in from behind. I leaned back into him and lifting my legs off the floor braced my feet on the table and began to push myself up and down.

Mark reached his right hand around grabbing my nipple, his left thumb finding my clit. I leaned back further and turned my head our lips met and we moaned into each other’s mouths as I went up and down and side to side driving his enormous prick into my eager pussy. I began playing with my left nipple my other hand behind Mark’s head grabbing a handful of his hair and holding his mouth to mine.

I broke the kiss asking;

“Is my Master happy with his little girl?”

“Oh very.” He managed to get out in between moans as I began thrusting him further in and out.

“Happy enough to let her cum on his beautiful cock?”

“I’d love it.” He whispered pressing harder with his thumb while pinching my nipple.

“Oh, thank you sir!” I exclaimed and pinching my other nipple drove my pussy down hard on his cock and came long, hard and of course loud. With each spasm that went through me I cried out and twitched my hips into him getting some noises from him as well.

“Is my Master ready to give me my reward?” I asked. “Or shall I play some more?”

“Your Master wishes to cum.” Mark answered. “And quickly, before I lose patience.”

“Of course Master!” I dropped my legs to the floor and leaning forward grabbed the edge of the table. I began lifting myself on and off of his huge cock pulling almost the entire length out with each stroke and wiggling my hips on the way down. I started slow but gained speed until after a minute I was doing it so hard our flesh was slapping together and I could hear my pussy making wet sucking sounds around his cock.

“Oh yeah, just like that!” He exclaimed.

“Yeah? Is your little girl pleasing you Master?” I asked as I rode him even harder. “Is your dirty little fucking whore giving you what you need?”

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