Spa Adventure Pt. 01

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Another tale of the many sexual adventures with my sexy Cougar/ BBW Girlfriend Beth and I.

Ch. 1

Several years ago, I had been trying to talk my girlfriend Beth into going with me to one of the local Asian spa/bath houses so we could get an erotic couple’s massage with a happy ending and table shower. I was inspired for us to try it, after having watched a scene like this in a famous 70s porn movie.

Actually, it was Beth that introduced me to porn movies. Not my Grandma (see my other stories My Loving Grandma pt.1 and pt. 2) It happened at the very beginning of our relationship. I remember that day so very well. The day I helped her move out after her divorce came through. Beth had planned it all along, on me moving her special box and having an “accident” with it. But that’s a story for another time.

Her favorite porn movies are from the 70’s and 80’s. Especially if they somewhat have a story. I have a good-sized library of xxx video tapes and DVD’s at home now. If we both liked the movie. She has a copy at her place as well. At the start of our relationship we used to have phone sex. Over time when one of the cable channels would show one of the spft porn movies we’d watch the same time we had phone sex. Since cell phones have gotten more powerful and the addition of video calling. Now we do video sex calls instead.

Since we love to watch pornos when we’re together. I figured for my plan to work; I began on occasion to play a porno that featured a massage parlor scene. I also streamed all kinds of Japanese lesbian massage videos. She wasn’t crazy about them, but if they got me hard and I got her off, she’d sort of watch them. Including the movie that was my inspiration.

You can say it was my way of trying to plant the idea in her head. For both of us to try something new sexually.

Personally, I’ve been going to various Asian spas/bath houses in our city for beylikdüzü escort a very long time. Even before Beth and I got together. I learned about them while I was surfing some porn sites at home one evening. One of the sites I was looking at had a banner across the top that said “Read local reviews about escorts and Asian spas in your city for free.”

I clicked on the banner and It took me to the website. When the website opened it was very, very basic in its lay out. As I read thru it; the website was run by a local escort. She had started the website in order to create a place where escorts and clients could freely post and share information about what was available in our city and others. I did my usual forensic work on the site to make sure it wasn’t a trap setup by law enforcement. Turns out it wasn’t.

The website did indeed have all sorts of useful information on it. There were ads posted by some of the local escorts. They contained a small bio about them, what services they offered, if they had any “specials” too.

It contained a section where clients could post their experiences with the escort. Whether it was good or bad. Whom were really awesome an those that where awful. Even had a section for Q she gave me a 90-minute session instead of the usual 60-minute I paid for. I ended up getting double of everything that session. Plus, she let me cum three times instead of two! She gave me a double rim / blow job, titty fuck, got to ram my cock in her pussy and asshole twice. When I came, I blew one load down her throat from the first blowjob. The second load was a pearl necklace. That was after pounding her pussy the second time. The final one she let me come in her ass with my rubber covered cock. I made sure she also came too not only by fucking her but by eating her out, fingering her pussy and clit.

After beyoğlu escort all that hot and sweaty, sucking and fucking, during the table shower at the end, I asked her the big question.

“You still offer couples massages?”

“Yes we do.”

“Great. Turns out my girlfriend wants to cum and get a massage too. Can you be here that night?”

She happily replied, “For my number one customer I be here. I give you my cell phone. You call or text me and I be here.”

“Thank you very much. I must apologize for my bad manners after all this time. My name is Eddie.” I replied.

“I’m Cindy. Nice to meet you Eddie.”

“Nice to meet you Cindy.”

“Just wondering Cindy. Do you have couples come in for massages?”

“Only one couple one time. Rest of time just guys.”

“What about women?”

“Only one. Long time ago.”

After the table shower, we headed back to the couple’s room where she dried me off. As I was getting dressed, I realized I had only brought my standard tip and she saw the look on my face.

“No problem Eddie. I have fun! You my number one customer.” Cindy told me and accepted the tip.

As we walked back to the front Cindy again said.

“You call or text me before you two cum, okay? I be here. I promise I take good care of your girlfriend. Make her very relaxed and happy for you Eddie.”

“Thanks again Cindy. We’ll be here next Thursday at the same time I always show up. Is that okay?”

“Yes! For my number one customer. Don’t forget to call. I be here.”

“I will.”

We exchanged cell numbers. I gave her one of my “burner” numbers for safety reasons. I certainly didn’t want her to have my real cell number. Just in case her phone fell in the “wrong hands or eyes.”

We hugged, I grabbed her ass one last time and we said goodbye. She unlocked the door and opened bizimkent escort it. I quickly walked to my car, got in it, started it up and drove home.

Everything was all set.

Ch. 2

It turned out my birthday fell on a Thursday that year. So, Beth and I put in our vacation requests at work to take that Thursday and Friday off so we could have a nice four-day weekend together. That’s why we would be able to see Cindy Thursday night.

Beth and I met that following Saturday night after my visit with Cindy for our usual weekend romp.

“What did you find out? Any spa, bath house, massage parlor or whatever they’re called that has what you were looking for?” Beth asked me.

“Actually, I did.” I answered her.

“Where is it? Is it close by? It’s not in a bad area of town? Is it nice?” Beth asked me in rapid fire succession. I could tell she was nervous about the whole thing. Honestly, I was afraid she was going to chicken out.

I reached over grabbed my tablet off the coffee table and showed her the website for the spa.

“It’s on the southwest side of town in a decent area. It’s a 40-minute drive if we take the toll way.” I showed her the spas location on the map online and pulled up the street in front of it.

“Here are the pictures of the rooms.” I pulled up the website, clicked on the gallery of pictures of the couple’s room and showed her.

“The couples room looks very cozy and comfy.” She took her time looking over the website and the other pictures of the place. The good thing was the website didn’t have pictures of the ladies that worked there. Not even one of Cindy.

“It says here they close at 9pm.”

“I called them. They actually close at 11pm every day.” I replied

“You called them already? Did you have to make a reservation? What did they sound like?”

“Yes. I called them to ask if they closed at 9pm. The Asian lady that answered the phone told me they close at 11pm. I asked if I needed to make a reservation and the lady said no reservation needed. Just walk in anytime. Plus, they see their last client 30 minutes before closing. I also asked her if they did couples massages just to make sure. She said yes. They see couples all the time.” Of course, I made up that last part.

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