Sports Bar Pickup Ch. 01

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This story is a work of fiction (mostly) and involves sexual acts between two women. If this offends you or is illegal, please stop reading now.

Written by a dirty woman named Valerie, you can reach me through the link below with positive comments.

This was the hard part, I had just walked through the door of the local sports bar, I had never been there before so I would have to make a selection on where to sit pretty quickly as I didn’t want to stand in the doorway gaping at the place like a simpleton. My decision would be important as I would most likely spend my entire evening in the seat I selected. As I attempted to scan the entire bar in one glance without breaking stride I noticed the sign for the bathrooms against the far wall. Perfect, walk through the whole bar, size it up, and pick a location when I returned from the bathroom.

As I checked myself out in the bathroom mirror I was happy with what I saw, it was a good day for me as far as my looks. I had just gotten my haircut a week before, and with a weeks worth of practice I had gotten my smooth dark hair flowing just the way I liked it. The outfit I had chosen fit well, my ass and hips looked nice while making my small b cup breasts appear a little larger than they really were. I have always been an athlete, and while I don’t have any fat on my body, my legs are very muscular and it is usually hard to find pants that fit well without making me look fat. I returned to the bar and grabbed a seat up near the front door, and thanks to being so happy with my appearance I was feeling confident.

Confident, now that was a shock. I don’t usually go to bars by myself so I was a bit apprehensive about this solo voyage but I could not bear sitting home alone one more night. I had just moved to New York City about 3 weeks prior and my hopes of meeting cool people to make friends with at work were sadly dashed on my first day when everyone I met was significantly older and/or very nerdy. Just one of the job hazards of being an accountant I guess.

It was a Friday night, and there was no way I was going to sit home again, so very nervously I got dressed and walked around the corner to a popular sports bar on second avenue on the upper east side in the hopes of making friends.

The only people at the bar when I walked in were some pretty shady looking older guys, so I decided aksaray escort to grab a seat closer to the front of the bar where there were a group of empty stools. I found myself drinking quickly, I guess to occupy my time since there was no one to talk to, and I was pretty buzzed after 3 beers in 20 minutes. That was when I noticed a blond woman of about my age walk into the bar. She was about my height, 5’8″, except maybe 30 pounds heavier. Not fat, but definitely on the chubby side with lovely large breasts. Her hair was cut pretty short in a cute bob that came about half way down her ears.

We made eye contact and I gave her a quick smile, she gave me a brief nervous smile back and walked immediately to the small tables that were directly behind my back as I sat at the bar. Her jeans and t-shirt made me think she was a laid back person and I made a mental note to attempt to make friends with her later if an opportunity presented itself. She looked vaguely familiar.

About 20 minutes later I glanced around to look at her and see if she was still alone, in which case I would start up a conversation with her. When I turned to see her, she was staring at me. It took her a few seconds to realize I was looking at her and she immediately snapped from her trance and appeared to be on the verge of giving herself whiplash she turned her head so quickly. I decided to approach; perhaps I looked familiar to her too.

“I noticed you looking at me; do you know me from somewhere?” I asked as I walked up to the small round table. Her face quickly turned 7 shades of red as she was clearly embarrassed about something.

“Umm, no…. I was just uhh.. kind of staring into space and daydreaming. I am sorry if I freaked you out.”

I quickly protested and assured her I was not freaked out at all, just thought she looked a little familiar and was wondering if she thought the same thing.

“So are you waiting for someone? Do you mind if I sit for a drink, uh, I am new to town and here by myself.” I informed her.

She told me she would love some company and that she too lived around the corner and had just come out for a drink because her roommate had some company over and she didn’t want to intrude on their evening.

I found out her name was Kim as she introduced herself and we quickly and comfortably fell into great conversation. I was surprised just how well we got along, spanning topics from politics to movies and sex. The alcohol was definitely started to play a major role as our conversations were getting racier and racier. We would both laugh hysterically each time we made a raunchy comment. As the night wore on they got raunchier and raunchier as we engaged in an unspoken impromptu competition to outdo each other.

I am not a lesbian and I definitely intend to get married and raise a family and move to a house with a white picket fence and a porch. But I am attracted to women and have had a number of sexual encounters with other women including one borderline “relationship” with a roommate in college. So a couple of times during the evening I had wondered if Kim was into women at all, but there was no way I was going to make the first move for fear of sending one of my new neighbors running away. That was not the introduction to NYC I was looking for. So despite the fact that a few of our more racy sex convo’s had me a little excited and feeling flirty, I had no intentions of making a move on Kim.

We carried on laughing and having a great time as the hours and the drinks kept flowing by so quickly neither of us noticed just how many had passed.

The first time I looked at my watch I saw it was nearly 2a.m. I still needed to do a lot of shopping for my new and empty apartment so I regretfully told Kim I would need to get going shortly.

“One more beer” she pleaded and I happily conceded.

“I am really glad you were staring into space in my direction” I started

“Otherwise I may not have come over here and had such a great time tonight with my newest friend.”

Her face reddened slightly as she stammered “Well I have a slight confession to make..”

I immediately knew I was going to hear something she would not be saying if it weren’t for how much alcohol we had consumed. I looked her right in the eyes and cocked an eyebrow up. “Yes?”

“I .. I umm.. I was kind of staring at your body… I mean, you have an amazing body.. and your face… you are really beautiful..”

I just held her gaze. My mind started racing as did my heartbeat. I was now 99 percent sure that Kim was into girls and from how embarrassed she was and the way she was gushing, I was now nearly certain I could have this cute girl tonight. I started to get wet at the thought.

Kim misunderstood my silence as these thoughts were going through my head and immediate grabbed her bag and jacket and started to get up from the table.

“Oh my God, what a drunken idiot I am. I am so sorry, you think I am a freak” she mumbled as she hurriedly and sloppily tried to contain her stuff and simultaneously stand.

I grabbed her by both shoulders and sat her back down and brought my face closer to hers.

Holding her eyes with mine I deliberately and slowly said

“I don’t think you’re a freak. As a matter of fact I couldn’t be happier about what you just said. I like being appreciated.”

I put extra emphasis on the last statement and practically spelled out Appreciated as I had said it so slowly.

I watched a grin slowly rise from her lips as she held my gaze and said;

“hmm, how much do you like being… APPRECIATED?” She had mimicked my emphasis on the last word.

I mentally thanked whoever was responsible for inventing alcoholic drinks and bars, for they were mostly responsible for me getting laid that night. A fact I was then certain of.

Feeling extremely bold I decided to slam dunk our raunchy conversation competition and said;

“I hope you don’t mind getting fucked on the floor, because I don’t have any furniture in my apartment yet.”

I regretted saying that immediately as I suspected that in the heat of the moment I had gone way too far with that comment. A split second later my fears were allayed as she responded;

“You can fuck me wherever you want, but I have a bed in my apartment… that will keep your knees from getting too bruised up.”

My panties were instantly awash in the single most exciting comment I had ever heard in my life. Kim clearly did not want to lose the raunchy conversation competition but I wasn’t quite ready to concede.

“Hmm, I can fuck you wherever I want you say? How about your ass?”

Kim laughed out loud. “Alright, lets get out of here right away before I stain the seat. Damn Tara you are getting me so wet!”

That was nice to hear and I told her how wet my panties were at the moment.

We immediately left for her apartment which was less than a block away.

On the walk over I remembered her roommate had a guest and I asked;

“Isn’t your roommate on a date right now?”

The look I got from Kim let me know that I was in for a really good night.

To Be Continued…..

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