Switched and Bewitched

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“The story goes that a pair of witches, a witch and a warlock actually, were burned on the site of the old Denny house back in the 1600s. They were found fornicating on the altar of the church, condemned, convicted and consumed by hell’s fire.” David never tired of telling folks about the local legends, especially near Halloween.

He continued, “Their spirits live on and it is said that Christian and Patricia can be seen copulating in that same house. Been vacant a long time due to the strange goings on that happen there.”

Deb, one of the couples on the ghost tour raised her hand for a question and was quickly acknowledged by Dave, the tour leader. “So, the house is empty? No one in it?”

“Yes, ma’am, a few folks have tried to stay there, but none last long. They work on fixing it up during the day, but night is when the spirits rise. Some say they invite you to join them in their ‘conjugal activities ‘. I’ve never had the urge, nor the guts to find out myself.” Dave answered and moved the group along. “Our next and final stop will be the Skinner Ale House. It has spirits of all kinds, but I prefer those you can purchase by the pint.”

Deb turned to John as they held hands and walked on with the group. Her eyes had a decidedly devilish glint which he always appreciated. “I have an idea” she began. John also appreciated her ideas. “Let’s have a drink and head back there to see if we can find those spirits. Who were they? Christian and Patricia? Unless you’re scared.”

John chuckled, “Not at all scared. I figure you will hold me tight and if they chase us, I can outrun you.”

“Real nice. I was thinking that if the house is empty, it’s a shame that the ghosts are the only ones getting some action there. But if you’re going to leave me to the evil spirits….” Her voice trailed off and John could see her lips in a pout in the moonlight that was shining down.

John leaned in for a kiss and offered “of course I wouldn’t abandon you. I’ll meet you in the bar, I think I’ll grab the blanket from the car. In case it’s dusty in that old house. Wouldn’t want that cute bottom of yours to get dirty.”

Patricia gazed out the window as the group moved away from the house. “There they go, spreading those vicious lies about us. I’ve half a mind to make an appearance at the next one and set them straight.”

“Well, we were burned here, that part is correct. And we were fornicating. I think of all mortal actions I miss that the most. You had the most delicious arse, Patricia.” Christian moved near the pale image in the window. “But you are right. They make us appear evil. Not the loving couple we were, just conveniently blamed for all that went wrong in the town.” He looked down At Patricia and looked longingly at the curves that showed through her shroud in the moonlight. “That was a different time. Just thinking about having relations was a sin, let alone expressing them.”

The drink had made Deb even friskier and feeling a bit more daring as they walked back to the Denny house in the moonlight. The trees still had some leaves that rustled in the breeze. It was still a bit warm for October, but the blanket would come in handy for other reasons. “John, you think we can show the spirits a few things? This couple sounds like they are a bit horny. I think it might be kind of hot to feel like we’re being watched. How about you, John? Game to be watched?”

“Not sure about being watched, but if it gets you hot, ‘Hell yes!” John quickened his pace to the old, dark house in the distance and grabbed a handful of Deb’s firm ass as they approached the drive.

“Someone’s coming to the house!” Patricia called out. “I’ll bet it’s some of those awful people calling us witches.”

“Now, Patricia, let’s see what they bring. But it might be fun to have some sport with them, and perhaps set the record straight. Let’s observe a little before we make our presence known.” Christian would soon be rewarded for his patience.

The old door gave way on the second try and creaked eerily open. The moonlight aimed in through several windows into the larger of several rooms on the first floor. John moved slowly across the wooden floor boards, making sure it was sound. “Okay, come on in, the place seems sound. And deserted.” He spread the blanket in a corner of the room that was away from the door and in the shaft of light.

Deb approached, walking a bit faster than John. If the floor could hold John, it certainly could hold her. She moved to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a long wet kiss on him and coyly whispered “Let’s make out and see where we go from there.”

Patricia and Christian Kurtköy Escort watched the couple embrace and kiss. Christian especially felt the fire rekindle as he watched them tumble to the floor and begin to revel and dishevel. Hands disappeared beneath clothes and breathing became louder and heavier. The woman’s hand emerged and began to rub the man between his legs, a noticeable bulge forming beneath his pants. The man moved his hand to her bosum and fumbled with the buttons of her blouse. They remained joined at the mouth enjoying each other deeply.

Patricia watched closely, remembering the feel of the touch of Christians’ rough hand on her own breast, kneeling it, rolling the nipple in his fingers. It gave her an idea. “Christian, do you think you have the strength to inhabit these mortals? I have the desire to again taste of earthly lust.”

She and Christian had possessed other living people in the past, but usually for short periods or for a lesson. It took much of their energy and left them as weak entities for months. But this might be well worth the expenditure of their ectoplasmic forces.

“I do, fair Patricia, but let us wait until they are in a weakened, susceptible state. Besides, I wish to observe how they couple in these times.” He made his comments without taking his eyes off the two bodies writhing on the blanket before them.

John undid Debs’ blouse and found her breast. Her nipple was erect and felt hard as his finger played with it. Debs’ hand had undone his pants and had released his hardening cock which grew beneath his shorts. John moaned slightly as she traced a finger along the underside. “You game to suck it, Deb? You know I love that mouth of yours. Then maybe you’d like me to return the favor.”

Christian and Patricia watched closely as Deb responded to John’s question by sitting up and removing first her top, and then her bra. Naked from the waist up, several tattoos were revealed. A small flight of doves on one shoulder and a curly design that just peeked above the waistband of her shorts from behind. John rose slowly and removed his shirt and as he stood his shorts fell to the ground having been loosened by Deb. His hands went to the waistband of his underwear, but Deb reached up first and began to lower them.

“Let me unwrap it, John. After all, it is my present. Want me to suck it? Like me to lick it? Hmmm? Tell me what to do with it, honey.” Deb cooed softly and looked up at John as she unleashed his stiffening cock from the last of his clothing. Patricia inched forward. Focused on John and especially on his cock. “I’ve not seen one like that, Christian. The end, it is so round and, and it is large!”

Christian was fascinated more by the tattoos on Deb. “What manner of woman has ink drawings on her? I only knew of sailors who would come into port with such artwork on them. Is she a woman of the sea, perhaps? And her breasts, they are magnificent in the moonlight, but are they going to couple? It appears she is going to devour him!” Deb grasped Johns’ hard dick with her hand and cupped his balls with the other. A tender kiss on the tip and gave slow licks down the shaft. She paused, returned to the head and slid John into her mouth and began to slowly remove him only to slide her mouth back down on him.

The two specters watched the action before them. It filled them both with a desire they had not experienced in a long time. Perhaps too long. Patricia spoke first. “That looks like incredible fun. It gives me an idea.”

Christian could not take his eyes from the pair as Deb continued to provide oral attention to John. “Mmm – and what might that idea be? I certainly am enjoying this one. We never coupled as that. Is that what you are thinking?”

“No, but I agree. But my idea would involve a change. What say you to taking the woman and I the man?” Patricia watched Christian, but could see no visible response. “If you like that idea, we need to act quickly. They appear close to being at their most susceptible. I think he is about to climax. That will lower his resistance significantly.” John watched Deb work harder and faster on his cock. It glistened in the pale light as her mouth closed around it and she bobbed up and down. He felt the coming release swell, rising from deep within him. “Oh, yeah girl. You suck it so well. Almost there, let me see you take the whole load. Going to cum a gallon for you, babe.” He reached down and placed his hand behind her head holding it as he let her bring him to the edge. “Yes, Patricia, let’s do that. ‘Twill be interesting to see how the woman feels. It seems the time is nigh.”

As John Pendik Escort began to spasm, Deb opened her mouth to receive the offering. John stroked himself as a long rope of cum erupted, spilling across Her mouth and pink tongue, followed by another. Neither noticed a most swirling around them as the spirits moved to join with them.

As the mist swirled, John finished and sank to the floor. Deb leaned forward, her face covered with his offering but she fell across his torso in a stupor. The couple remained as a mingle of flesh as the two spirits changed to a mortal form. Slowly the two figures rose in the moonlight. “The woman spoke first. “Patricia, did you make the change? Are you there?”

The man arose, naked and shook his head and then his arms. He rubbed his eyes and reached toward the woman. “I did. It feels both good and odd to be in a physical form. This body seems so heavy.” Then he laughed. “I think I should call you Chris. Christian just doesn’t seem appropriate given your current state.” He reached out and cupped the woman’s breast, holding it, covering it with his hand.

“Your touch feels good, Patricia. It has been so long. But yes, Chris will do. I believe I shall call you Pat.” She, he, Chris chuckled. “I also believe I should remove the slacks from this body. Shall we continue what they have begun?”

“By all means.” Pat sat back and watched as Chris rose before him and undid the fastenings on the jeans. She slid them down and stepped out of them and spun around. “What manner of under garments are those? They barely cover, and leave your arse exposed.” He gazed appreciatively at the body in the thong that moved before him. “Not that I disapprove, I just do not see their purpose. I certainly have not seen them before.”

“Don’t you find them exciting? Perhaps you should remove them.” Chris moved closer to Pat. “Or are you afraid to fully assume the man’s role? You wish that I assume it for you?” Pat reached out and grasped a handful of Chris’ dark hair and drew his face closer to between her legs.

“I admit, it does take a moment to adjust to not only our new bodies, but the new role as well. You seem to have adjusted faster than I. Perhaps it is because I have just spent myself. But yes, I think I shall remove them and see what you must offer for our mutual pleasure. Chris reached and tugged the panties lower, dropping them to her ankles. He stared at the shaved space where her legs joined. The pink lips of her pussy were lightly visible and looked inviting. “It appears you are bald. I’ve not seen a woman without a hairy quim if she is of age to mate. I must say, it is appealing.”

“I assure you it is of the age to be enjoyed. But it is oddly smooth.” Chris ran his own hand – or rather her hand – across her lower abdomen. “It is such smooth skin. And the puss beneath is well moistened. Care to see? And perhaps taste?” Chris moved a finger to separate the lips and dipped it into the wet slit, rubbing it firmly before Pats’ gaze.

Pat came to his knees and grasped Chris around the waist and then by her naked ass, pulling her forward. “It appears my lips are at your lips. Let’s see how well they join and fit.” His mouth opened slightly and covered the opening where Chris had had her finger. Pats’ tongue emerged and tasted her sex, tentatively at first, but with more vigor as Chris began to respond with both motions and soft moans. As he licked and explored with his tongue, he moved one hand to between her legs.

“I wondered how this would be, but you taste and feel incredible. This body may have just shot its’ load, but I feel it stirring again. Perhaps I can cause you to cum and partake of your flesh with this fine cock.” Pat inserted a finger into Chris and thrust it in and out as his tongue licked where it entered. The digit and tongue seemed to fight for control. It was a fight that Chris encouraged.

“Continue what you are doing. Your tongue on my sex has a wonderful effect. Eat fully to satisfy your appetite. Had I known it would feel this way, I would have enjoyed these nether treats centuries before!” Chris pressed her pussy harder into Pats’ face and spread her legs more to allow full access.

A second finger slid into the hot wet hole before Pat. The fingers and tongue became a blur. Chris held Pats’ head close into her crotch, moving in unison with the strokes and tugs. A sensation of warmth began to spread from within, moving outward, becoming more and more urgent. A squeal of delight came from her lips as she pressed him in harder, running her fingers through his hair.

As Chris began to cum, she uncoupled and slid to the blanket Maltepe Escort writhing as the waves of orgasm crashed over her. Pat covered Chris’ wet slit with his hand applying pressure. The continued touch extended the sensation and Chris crossed her legs tightly trapping his hand as she moaned to finish.

“I take it that satisfied you? It appears that it served to awaken me again.” Pat remained on his knees with Chris gasping before him. Both could see his cock stiffening in the moonlight, seeming to move up higher with each heartbeat. “I must say it is a strange feeling to have this appendage growing before me. It creates an urge which begs to be met. I now know why men approach sex with such urgency.” Pat was learning more in her new role than she had imagined. Chris too was learning.

“Then by all means, we must satisfy that urge. You did indeed satisfy me, but I certainly can accommodate more. Perhaps I can provide a sheath for that growing cock.” With that Chris rolled to her side and over onto her belly. She raised her bare ass and came to her knees, presenting a delightful target for Pat.

“I see the rest of the design upon your back. That tattoo is certainly an attractive vision on your skin. But not as attractive as that pink slit where I plan to lodge this pole.” Pat moved behind Chris and teased the opening with the tip of his cock. “Interesting how my member requires no skin to be pulled back, but is ready to proceed at all times.” The dark pink, nearly purple tip parted the swollen, wet lips of Chris’ pussy. As he watched, the shaft moved in and he both felt and saw the folds close around him, grasping his manhood tightly.

“Oh, that fills me well.” Chris commented. She flexed her muscles and felt herself grasp the hard shaft tighter, feeling it rub delightfully as Pat attempted to withdraw. Again he moved in closer to go in deeply. “Yes, that is the way, hold my hips and press in again. I want to be your slut again, use that hole as you will. Fuck me, Patricia. Fuck me as we did so long ago.”

The roles had reversed, man was woman, woman was man, each in a different body but joined together as one but pleasure rose above it all. It was now about how it felt and how to please each other, not who had which part or role. The dance continued. Chris bent down and moved in rhythm with Pat pumping in deeply, withdrawing and sliding in again. Both were on the edge of cumming again. It was a sensation that they both wanted to end and to continue. The mental aspect of the joining was heightened and brought to conclusion through the physical friction of the body parts rubbing together. Together they began to achieve their separate orgasms, each so powerful it seemed to urge the other on. Chris’ pussy seemed to roll up and down the shaft of Pats’ cock, the muscles clenching and releasing him as he jerked and spewed forth his hot liquid. Their union was one of firm flesh and wetness, with more liquid pouring in with each spasm.

One or both gave out a breathy sigh of contentment as they collapsed onto the blanket and the floor. The two lay so still that if someone had come into the house they may have feared a double homicide. A light mist began to form above the bodies in the shaft of moonlight that still lit the room. The mist grew larger and slowly moved off to another part of the house.

“Deb? You okay?” John lightly shook Debs’ naked form, bringing her back to consciousness. “I guess we passed out after… well, from the look of things, after a great session. I know you never sucked me better. Not sure what happened after that, though.”

Deb stretched and faced John. “I know. It must have been good, I’m leaking cum like you must have filled me completely. And it still tingles like you pounded me hard.” She leaned up and kissed John. “Hope you don’t mind the sex breath, babe. Mmm, you taste a bit like me. Did you lick my slit? Hope I didn’t miss that.”

“No worries on the breath, honey. I must have eaten you, but I’m still a little foggy. I think I passed out. Maybe loss of blood filling up that monster for you.”

As Deb and John exchanged banter and kisses in the vacant house the two spirits observed from a distance. “I don’t know about you, but I am so weakened by that activity that I may not recover fully by next All Hallows’ Eve.” Patricia whispered. “But it certainly was worth every bit.

“Agreed.” Christian added. “I believe the tour groups will be safe to say what they will about us for a while. But perchance we should find the altar they say we desecrated. For the next time.” As Deb and John cleaned up and replaced their clothes, a light mist moved along the stairs which led to the closed upper bedrooms. A cloud moved across the moon completely darkening the old vacant house. The door let out a creak of protest both as it opened to let the couple leave and as they closed it to return it to a state of abandoned solitude.

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