Swordfight: Steel vs. Alpha

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A sword-fight (cock vs cock) between two guys; Alpha, a white guy with a cock that’s 5 x 4.5 soft and 6.5 x 5.9 hard, and myself, Steel, a black guy with a cock that’s 5.2 x 4.6 soft and 7.4 x 5.8 hard.

The ‘match’ is an unlimited time, first-to-fall contest.


As Alpha casually steps into the ring requesting a challenge, I smile at the opportunity to go up against such as self-assured cock-fighter and clamber up across from him, unveiling my fully rejuvenated erection. It practically throbs as if spying its opposition standing across from it. Not wasting words on idle pleasantries, greetings, or the like, Alpha and I step-forward to meet mid-ring, our cock-heads hovering mere millimeters from one another. Sensing the tension, the ref-girl weighs in our cocks. Or at least pretends to. Both of us being veteran competitors she knows our stats by heart, “In the red corner, sizing up at six and a half inches long and five point nine inches wide, Alpha! And in the blue corner, sizing up at seven point four inches in length and five point eight inches in girth, Steel!” With that she releases our shafts, nods to the side, and with the ‘DING-DING’ of the bell, we’re off.

Immediately, as if knowing one another’s intentions, Alpha and I slam our erections forward, going shaft to shaft for a Bostancı Escort friction grind. With my nigh infinite stamina this is one of, if not one of the best match-ups for me. I know that Alpha’s seen some of my match-ups as I’ve seen a couple of his and can’t help but wonder what he’s thinking, He’s too smart to try beating me at my forte, but as the match goes on, I realize that his erection is similarly enduring, weathering the brunt of my shaft to shaft grinding.

Not wanting him to get overconfident in his abilities, I up the ante by increasing the pressure of my shaft against his. This gets a momentary pause from him before he rallies and tries to push back. It’s not much, but I know that if this battle of attrition continues, he’s going to wear himself out. But despite his cock ceding so slowly but still assuredly, he maintains the grind… until he switches tactics, delivering an abrupt thrust with his shaft.

The sudden maneuver isn’t enough to catch me off guard, at least until his heavy hanging balls slam into mine. The low-blow acts as a double-headed sword in his favor. Anticipating the shock, he rallies quickly, and begins backing me up with a series of sidelong chops to the side of my cock. I can hardly mount a defense, let alone offense, as he works the base of my shaft with Kadıköy Escort his cock. It’s not enough to start chopping me down to size, but he now has a solid advantage over me when in comes to a tender spot.

Backing up briefly to rally myself, I attempt to return the favor with some cock-chops of my own, but he’s better versed in tactics like these, and deflects the majority of my strikes. But not all of them, of the several I fire toward him, a precious few make it through, but backed my almost apex rigidity, they do wonders for making up for lost ground. The balls still in his court though. Having effectively turned my signature style into a risk of ball breaking agony, I’m forced to battle him on his terms.

I know this, and he knows that I know this, and giving a smile, attempts to capitalize with several more chops to the side of my cock. But now it’s my turn to smirk. Knowing what he’d try for, I’m ready for his onslaught this time, and do more than just weather it. But flexing my dick to an absolutely unyielding degree of rigidity, iron-wall his attempts with my shaft of steel.

For all his strength it’s still not enough to overcome my resistance and his full force slam rebounds off my unmoving member, doing himself more harm than me. That’s not it for me though. The moment Göztepe Escort he pauses to try think of a new tactic, I slide my cock beneath his and flex powerfully. My cock is capable of supporting and lifting five pound weights on the regular, and despite his marginally larger girth, his cock is easily flung upward by mine. However, as anyone can tell you, it’s not the fall that hurts you… SMACK, his cock lands squarely on my steel shaft. But rather, it’s the landing. I flex again, tossing his cock up only to let it free fall right onto my cock again. Each impact elicits a grimace from Alpha, and he tries to retreat, but I keep on him, subjecting him to several consecutive smacks.

About a dozen ‘throws’ in and his stamina is shot, his dick limply languishing on top of mine. He tried to forestall his falls by flexing his dick but it only served to prolong the inevitable. Impressive cock-control aside, he couldn’t keep it flexed indefinitely. And when his strength waned, my cock was there, ready to sock him another one. Semi-soft with nearly every ounce of stuffing knocked out of him, I give his trapped cock one final flex throw and back off. This time his cock has nothing to stop its descent… not that it matters, as it falls head-down, humbled by my dick.

As the ref-girl counts him out whilst the final vestiges of fight leave his softening cock, I head over to the card-girl to receive my champion blowjob, having her spend some tender care to my balls, working them to full froth before I blow my pent up load over her huge tits and longing face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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