That Is Not My Husband Pt. 01

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That Is Not My Husband


This chapter is going to be a bit slow and long. It will be slowly built up as I’m trying to write the story clearly with backgrounds and all that stuff so bare with me! More slutty and extremely dirty parts coming in the next chapters!

Warning: Keep in mind this is purely fictional created by me and all characters are 18+

Main Characters:

Charles – Thirty years old – American – Five foot eight

Will – Thirty years old – Half American Half Spanish – Six foot six

Neo – Nineteen years old – Half Swedish Half American – five foot five

——– ———————— ———————-

That Is Not My Husband – PART 1

POV (Charles)

Thump thump thump. I love it when my big, hunky, and soft-hearted top of a husband slowly pounds his eleven inch dick inside me.

“I’m about to bust baby” He slowly mumbled with his deep and raspy voice.

“Dump that load in me bubba” I replied enthusiastically and he did, blowing our loads at the same time.

“You were fucking amazing bubba!” My husband whispered as he slowly cuddled and caressed my back after dumping his thick load inside of me. He’s always been this caring and soft man that I fell in love with and married, constantly assuring me that I’m amazing in bed when we both know I’m not capable of taking his eleven inch dick inside of me nor deep-throat it. I’ve always suggested to my husband that I like being fucked roughly like in porn but he refuses every time as he sternly reassures me and says “I adore and love you too much to fuck you like a whore”. Since then I settled for vanilla sex and slowly started loving it.

“I’ll get you a towel and your water” he said affectionately, kissing me in the forehead before going down the stairs, not even bothering to cover up his gargantuan of a cock as it slowly softens.

As I wait for my husband to come back I started to reminisce on our relationship. Me and Will met in university ten years ago during a group assignment and we have been inseparable ever since. We got married at twenty-five and bought our dream home together. We are both turning thirty this year and also planning to celebrate our fifth year anniversary in Hawaii next month. We have also adopted a nine year old boy named Theo who we adore and love dearly so much. Overall I have never been this happy as I finally have my dream life, living in my dream home, having a happy family and most importantly being married to a good looking and soft-hearted of a escort bursa hunk that adores and loves me so much.

“Here you go baby” Will says as he carefully sets down the water and towel in the bedside table, smiling at me with his all American-Hispanic hunk smile that never fails to make me blush.

As I watch him I quickly remembered that my beloved nephew Neo is coming to stay with us this summer as he is starting his summer semester for his university and I needed to tell my husband. My husband has always gotten along with everyone in my family except Neo as he has always been a troublesome of a kid, causing havoc everywhere he goes.

“Bubba I know you’re not gonna be happy but Neo will be staying with us this summer as he needs to do summer school here” I hesitantly told him.

My husband loudly whines and slowly says “Why us? I don’t want him around our kid”

“Bubba my sister said he’s changed and wants to become better hence why he’s going university, give him a chance please?” I sadly asked giving him my all American pout.

“You’re lucky I fucking love you and your tight and leaky asshole, so it’s fine” he jokingly says.

“But does that mean we’re gonna have less sex?” My husband added sadly copying my pout.

“Yes bubba as he will be in the room next to us” I say affectionately.

“Whatever I’ll still fuck you, he’s old enough to understand” My hunk of a husband sternly says and started kissing me for round two.

Neo was born when I was eleven and my sister was only fifteen when she gave birth, getting pregnant by a Swedish tourist. Ever since Neo was born I’ve always had a soft heart for the kid and he can do no wrong in my eyes hence why he is closer to me and is closed off from the rest of the family. Neo is nineteen now and has always been caught hanging in the bad crowd and I’m glad he is starting to better his life by going to university starting this summer.

In the frizzy and cold wind, me and Will waited for Neo to arrive outside the airport.

“Welcome to California!” I excitedly say to Neo giving him a hug.

“Thank you uncle” Neo thankfully replies in a warm tone.

“Welcome kid! don’t cause us trouble please for the love of God” my husband jokingly says, shaking Neos hand firmly looking him straight in the eye.

“Oh please stop! It has not been five minutes and you’re already reprimanding him.” I firmly say.

As I look at my car I realized that there will be no space for two people at the back of my small Toyota car as there is a huge expensive computer bursa yabancı escort sitting in the front seat that I forgot to remove from my car and another three in the middle of the back seat. My car is usually full of computers which comes with running a computer shop business and I learnt to deal with it.

My car boot is also full of Neo’s luggage, bags and some computer clutter boxes so I can’t move them there either. The left side of the backseat is Theo’s car seat and he is sleeping peacefully so there is only the right side of the back seat that is available.

“You don’t mind sitting in Will’s lap do you?” I sternly asked Neo

“What?!, why-y?” Will asked cluelessly.

“Well there is no space we can’t move the computers or Theo’s car seat as the car is already full” I annoyingly say

“Unless you wanna take an Uber?” I turned to my husband and asked, not wanting Neo to think he is the problem in this situation.

“No it’s okay he doesn’t have to, I’ll sit on his lap, I know Ubers are expensive here so it’s okay” Neo replied firmly

Will did not try to argue as he already knows when I am annoyed and doesn’t want to cause drama. That is one of his qualities that I love, becoming considerate of me and putting up with my mood swings.

“Okay suck it up buttercup, it’ll be only be an hour drive big boy” I firmly say to Will.

I watched Will go into the car and waited for Neo to sit on his lap before going into the driver’s seat. I couldn’t really see them from my rearview mirror as the three huge I-MAC computers in the middle of the backseat was blocking the view.

I turned on the loud music on the radio and started to drive in the warm and sunny weather. Twenty-five minutes into the drive I asked my husband “Will, are you hanging in there?” I jokingly asked.

“Yeah-hhh bub-ba” He breathily says with his deep and husky voice.

“Okay Neo you good?” I asked in my concerned voice.

“Yupppp Uncle it’s just hot and humid” Neo sternly says, breathing heavily. I hear my husband’s heavy breathing in the background of the loud music and can slightly hear his muffled mutters and thought to myself “I need to drive quicker as it is hot and humid with all the clutter in the car along with the hot Californian weather.”

I hear a strange sound in the back not entirely sure where it was coming whether it was from the loud music or the computers rubbing against all the clutter in the car.

Ten minutes later I hear a loud groan from my husband.

“Grghhhh fuck!” My beloved bursa escort husband angrily shouts.

“Are you okay baby?” I asked in my concerned voice. Looking back in the rearview mirror only seeing the big computers blocking the view.

“Yea-hhh bu-b-bba it’s ju-st so ho–t in here” My husband replies breathing heavily.

“Not too long to go bubba” I replied firmly.

I could hear both of them breathing heavily with their muffled grunts, as I know it is extremely hard to breathe in there with the heat and clutter.

However, I can still slightly hear that my husband and my nephew are talking to each in the background of the loud music, breathing heavily and I smiled as they barely talk when they were around each other and now they were engaging in a conversation.

Twenty-five minutes later we arrived home.

I got off the car and saw my husband and Neo get off, both of them looking disheveled in the warm sunny Californian weather.

“Are you guys okay, You guys look dead?” I jokingly say and asked

“Fuck bubba it was so hot in there, next time I want you in my lap!” My golden retriever of a husband says who proceeded to sloppily kiss me, avoiding eye contact with Neo for some reason.

I chuckled and smacked him and said “Ha that is so inappropriate, there is a young man in here” as I point and glance to Neo.

“It’s okay! I don’t mind at all!” Neo smirks and bluntly replies.

“Thank you for picking me up and letting me stay with you uncle!” Neo says with a big warm smile.

Neo turns to my husband and jokingly says

“And thank you to you too “bubba” he mimicked me “For letting me sit on your lap!” he added, putting a loud emphasis on the lap.

He then smirked at me and then winked at Will.

I looked at my hunk of a husband and he looked slightly unamused and worried. I laughed.

“Get used to him mimicking us” I say happily and jokingly as Neo has the same humor of my sister who pokes fun at the nicknames we call each other.

“Whatever” My unamused husband replied sternly.

I started laughing at his face and reaction.

I watched my husband help Neo carry his bags and thought it was a wholesome moment. I then was caught off-guard as I was staring at Neo’s ass recognising that he got his bubble butt from me and my sister.

“Bubble butts are extremely present in our genetics” I thought to myself.

I then caught my husband staring at Neo’s bubble butt and somehow I felt my friend inside my pants tent and come alive but I shrugged the thought.

My husband then tripped on the staircase before the front-door, distracted by what was in-front of him and I started laughing with Neo, forgetting about what he was staring at.

“This is gonna be fun” I say to myself laughing, not knowing what actually happened in that car.


End of Part 1.

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