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Full time college student. Sorority and politics club member. Weekend shifts at the hotel as a cocktail waitress.

That was Stephanie’s life at the moment.

Chaos. An investment towards a bright future.

The hotel was one of those extravagant intercontinental types. One of the perks of the job, besides all the generous tips, was meeting people from all over the world. Occasionally, she’d overhear plans for multi-million dollar business deals or big political decisions being made.

One night, when her shift had ended, she found herself sitting across from a much older woman in the lounge after receiving an invitation. Stephanie normally turned down such requests, which she often received from older men, but this seemed far too interesting. Plus on a Sunday night at 1:27 am, a little company seemed nice.

“People call me Ms. Q,” the woman said with a slight accent. “I’m grateful for your time. The manager tells me that you’re also a full-time college student, so I applaud your strong work ethic.”

Early 50’s perhaps, Asian with a fairly dark complexion, immaculately dressed. This woman known as ‘Ms. Q’ seemed like a low key successful businesswoman who normally should have been asleep by now.

That’s what drew Stephanie towards this impromptu meeting. The mystery of it all.

“Thanks,” Stephanie replied. “Yeah, it’s a ton of work and I’m super busy. But hey, look around. This place is a beauty, so I can’t complain.”

Ms. Q stared at her deeply, with confidence. “That’s true. We’re all very lucky to be here. Do you mind if I tell you about myself?”

“Absolutely. You seem like a fascinating woman.”

“Well, I certainly hope I’m fascinating to you. I’m originally from Burma, educated in Europe. I’ve inherited my father’s import/export business, which I’ve run for the past decade. I enjoy mingling in various social circles around the world. I spend a lot of time doing charitable events. I also run an escort service. Was that fascinating enough for you?”

Stephanie nearly choked at that last part.

“Did you say…” Stephanie’s voice trailed off.

“Yes. You heard me correctly. An escort service.”

“Oh. Okay. Wow. That’s not something I hear everyday. But okay.”

Dumbfounded, Stephanie fluttered her eyelashes and tried to make sense of this. It was a conversation that went from 0-to-100 in no time. There was something charming and humorous about that.

“Do I still have your attention?” Ms. Q smiled.

Briefly checking the time, it was late into the night, but Stephanie still felt a buzz of energy from having finished her shift. More than anything, she was intrigued. This woman, whoever she was, was riveting. Stephanie was almost at the edge of her seat.

Stephanie nodded. “You still have my attention. Why not? I mean, I love hearing people’s stories if they’re any good.”

“Fair enough. I won’t bore you. I know it seems shocking, but I have to ask, do you happen to like Hispanic women by any chance?”

“Sure, they’re beautiful,” Stephanie replied. “I think all women are beautiful, frankly.”

“I’m glad you think so, because a client of mine is a mature, sophisticated Hispanic woman in her prime years. She’s been to this lounge a few times and she’s interested in you.”

Having served countless clients, many of them women, Stephanie wondered who this mystery woman might be.

“Can you tell me her name?” Stephanie asked.

“No names. Discretion is a must. Do I still have your interest so far?”

“That depends. What do you want?”

“I want you to eat the client’s pussy,” Ms. Q said gracefully.

Stephanie’s jaw dropped. “Excuse me?”

No one had ever talked to her that way in her entire life. Especially from a classy looking woman, of all people.

“You heard me correctly. I never misspeak.”

Although this was a shocking moment for Stephanie, it wasn’t a total surprise either. She wasn’t ignorant. It was somewhat of an open secret that there was a lot of adult-play going on at this hotel. She’d often see rich men with much younger women, who were clearly escorts.

She’d been approached several times too for casual sex. Sometimes a guy would offer to buy her a drink (even though she’d be serving drinks all night) and maybe slip her a note with a hotel room number on it.

But it was never this blunt. It was never this direct in asking for such an explicit sexual service. Especially coming from a highly-refined and intelligent Burmese woman who was thin and so very unassuming.

“I’m flattered you’d ask,” Stephanie said, trying not to make things awkward. “But, you know…”

“Afraid to indulge?”

Stephanie broke out an awkward laugh, before stopping. “Sorry, you really caught me off guard. You look like a sweet lady, almost like a teacher I used to have growing up. No offense.”

“That’s a compliment,” Ms. Q smiled. “My appearance is quite comforting to a lot of women. They trust me with their secrets and desires.”

“Do you have a lot of clients that are women?”

“All Esenyurt Escort my clients are women.”

Stephanie was mildly taken aback. “I never would have guessed.”

“The truth is, a lot of women are afraid to ‘come out,’ so we simply offer a chance for self-discovery at their own discretion. Whatever type a woman wants, whatever fetish she wishes to explore, we provide it.”

Underneath the table, Stephanie tried not to make it obvious that her toes were clenched inside her shoes, almost making her feet twirl.

“Just curious,” Stephanie said. “What made you ask me? Do I give off certain vibes or something?”

Ms. Q gave a pleasant smile. “A client stated that she wanted you, or someone like you. As a businesswoman, it’s my job to deliver.”

“Someone like me?”

“Your energy and youth. Your body type and personality. The client finds you very desirable. She has been admiring you during her stay at this hotel.”

Thinking back, Stephanie briefly reflected on her experiences interacting with women while on the job. They were all cordial and she couldn’t remember an unseemly exchange.

Stephanie had to wonder, were other women sexually attracted to her as well?

Beyond the smiles, the small talk, the well wishes, she wondered if the women she served drinks to had wanted to eat her pussy. She knew there had to be more, if she was being realistic. It made her appreciate how well and how easily women can put on a facade of appearing one way in public, and having other intentions behind bedroom doors.

“It’s late,” Stephanie said, wanting to laugh this off. “I’m flattered by your offer, but it isn’t for me. I’ve never done any of this before.”

“Don’t you want to be adventurous?” Ms. Q asked with an eyebrow raised.

Stephanie whispered, “In eating pussy?”

“It’s a delicacy. I’ve heard she’s delicious. You lick her pussy. Perhaps she’ll lick yours. She really wants you.”

There was a short pause between them.

“You know, I’m speechless.”

Ms. Q pressed further. “Shall we discuss things further in my hotel room? I’m sure you’ll appreciate the privacy.”

“You keep assuming that I’m interested,” Stephanie said.

“Of course you are. You’re a young woman, beautiful, and overworked. Sex is the most natural stress reliever there is. Plus, you’ll be paid generously.”

“How much? Hypothetically speaking.”

“5 grand. More, depending on how much she wants to tip.”

Stephanie felt the air being sucked out of her lungs. The longer this conversation went on, the more likely it seemed that this would actually happen. The prospect of doing something so deviant was extremely exciting, although the hesitation still lingered.

“That sounds nice,” Stephanie said. “But like I said, I’ve never, you know, licked a woman downstairs before. I’d be horrible at it, assuming I’d actually agree to it.”

Ms. Q gave a suggestive expression. “I can teach you. Or perhaps the client can teach you. Many clients enjoy teaching subs how to perform. It’s a powerful feeling to train someone for their first time.”



The air squeezed out of Stephanie’s lungs again and her face showed it. Her eyes nearly went wide. Submissive. It was a striking word that made her pussy turn wet. Her legs nearly crossed.

“You never mentioned that,” Stephanie said.

“My apologies. Does it scare you?”

“It’s… different.”

“I know it adds another component to this,” Ms. Q said. “Submission makes things spicier. It also makes things easier for a woman like you. There’s nothing to think about. No fears or conflict. All you have to do is whatever the client wants.”

There was almost a twisting feeling inside Stephanie’s pussy. It made her legs cross even harder.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” she repeated breathlessly.

“I know. I know, darling. Why don’t we compromise? We’ll meet the client together. You can watch the client eat my pussy. Then, if you become more comfortable, you can join as the sub.”

Flabbergasted, Stephanie was at a loss for words. She looked around the lounge. Other cocktail waitresses had begun their shift. The place was still mostly empty and a group of people had just come in for some drinks.

“So it’s that simple,” she said. “I follow you to the room and suddenly we all get kinky? Sounds like a porn movie.”

“Sometimes real life is stranger than fiction. If you agree, I’ll contact my client to confirm everything. We’ll prep in my room. Then we’ll go and have fun.”

Almost on autopilot, Stephanie mouthed the word, ‘Yes.’


While things were being arranged and finalized, Stephanie went over to the front desk to get information from a colleague/friend of hers.

Identities were supposed to be secret, but she wanted to know who she was dealing with. Narrowing down the list of potential suspects, Stephanie was able to figure out who the client was based on the lounge tab being charged to the room. İstanbul Escort

As it turned out, the client was a high-level government official from a South American country, staying on a diplomatic mission for an ongoing trade negotiation.

It only filled Stephanie with more excitement over the prospect that she’d (potentially) be doing something so deviant with a powerful and highly respected woman. If there was ever a time to explore her sexuality, this would be it.

Using the elevator, Stephanie went to Ms. Q’s room. After a knock, the door was opened and she entered. The room was in perfect condition. Nothing was wayward. Nothing was out of place. It was all neat, tidy, and orderly.

But on the bed, there was an assortment of revealing black undergarments. Stephanie could hardly bring herself to look. Though she did catch a glimpse of a gorgeous see-through bodysuit that was crotchless. She also noted a beautiful lacy push-up bra and panty set.

Ms. Q had already changed from her professional attire. Now, the elegant Burmese woman was barefoot and was only wearing a silk robe. Stephanie wondered if there was anything underneath.

“Thank you for coming,” Ms. Q said, as they made themselves comfortable in the room.

“Do you normally pick up cocktail waitresses you’ve just met?”

“I typically have a group of women that work for me and I offer them jobs as they come along. But sometimes clients will choose particular women that they truly desire. Unlike men, some women have a certain type they want to play with and their mindset is focused on that like a laser beam.”

Stephanie managed to relax. “It’s still so weird hearing you talk like that. I mean, you’re… you. You’re so elegant. You remind me of my mother.”

“Do I?” Ms. Q softly chuckled.

“In a way, yeah.”

“Well, your mother — however proper she is — must have a sexual side somewhere, otherwise you wouldn’t have been born. Am I right?”

Stephanie was silenced. “Yes.”

“That’s the law of nature. It’s a myth that men are the most perverted, that they’re the only ones who are sexual creatures. I provide a service that safely and discreetly allows professional women to explore.”

“You definitely know what you want. I’m interested.”

Ms. Q lifted an eyebrow. “Interested, in?”

“Eating pussy,” Stephanie gulped. “Being a sub, but only for tonight.”

“Now we’re being more honest with each other.”

“Keep in mind,” Stephanie added. “I reserve the right to back out. I can’t promise I’ll be any good, and I can’t promise that I’ll be there the whole time. I don’t want any hard feelings if I refuse.”

“You’re a lovely young woman. Of course that’s okay.”

She smiled. “Thanks.”

“You’ll keep the 5 grand as a flat fee if you act in good faith.”

“This isn’t about the money.”

“I know, but it’s principle,” Ms. Q replied. “I run a tight business. Formalities must be followed.”

“That makes sense.”

“Well then, Stephanie, we have a client that’s waiting. Shall we begin?”

Stephanie sucked in a breath. “Sure.”

“We’ll need to dress the part. How would you like to proceed? Shall we do it at the same time? Or should I go first?”

“Can you lead, if that’s okay?”

“Very well.”

With the utmost confidence, Ms. Q untied her robe and let it fall to the floor. Her skin tone was a dark shade of brown. She was slender and graceful, her skin looked soft and aged, and her breasts sagged. Her nipples were dark, black almost. There was a small patch of pubic hair.

The confidence emanating from this Burmese woman was incredible.

“You’re beautiful,” Stephanie said.

“Thank you, Stephanie. Watch this.”

Heading to the bed, Ms. Q eyed the assortment of black undergarments which she had laid out earlier. She settled on a small bodysuit, which she wore as if she had done it thousands of times before. Not only was it crotchless (as Stephanie had noted when she entered the room), but it also had two holes on the chest, keeping those small breasts and dark nipples exposed.

Finishing things off, Ms. Q slipped her feet into a pair of open-toe heels that were on the floor.

“Your turn,” Ms. Q said with great expectations.

“Sure, but I feel compelled to warn you that what you’re about to witness may be a little chaotic and unladylike. Bear with me while I unleash my awesomeness.”

Throwing caution to the wind, Stephanie went to work undoing her uniform. Whenever she wore it, she always did so with the utmost care. It was her job, after all, to look impeccable. Part of this current experience was to do the opposite of that. To give up control. To feel what it’s like to surrender for women who’d know what to do.

Instead of neatly folding her clothes as usual, she instead let it fall to the floor. Each article of unbuttoned and unzipped clothing fell until she stood bare. Her pink nipples turned hard.

She kept her hands down so Ms. Q could take a good look, and it certainly seemed Beylikdüzü Escort like the Burmese woman was interested in looking at everything.

“Perfection,” Ms. Q said simply. “The client will be pleased.”

“I hope so. This is the only body I have.”

They stood there for several awkward seconds as Ms. Q eyed her body up and down. Stephanie felt her pink nipples harden as she was being admired.

“Well?” Stephanie finally said. “Am I supposed to go like this?”

“We have too much class to walk around naked. Stand in front of me and I’ll prepare you.”

Stephanie approached the bed. When they stood face-to-face, neither of them could help but get a good look at each other’s chest. Both of their nipples had turned harder.

Like a doll, Stephanie was being dressed by the older woman. But by the looks of things, ‘dressed’ was hardly a description either of them could actually use. For her top, Stephanie wore a see-through black bra. For her bottom, she wore black lace panties.

Around her neck, she was wearing a collar with a little bow tie on the front, with an actual leash attached to it. She was barefoot and there was nothing else.

“Is this all?” Stephanie asked, gesturing towards her pink nipples being visible through the thin bra.

Ms. Q gently held the leash. “You’ll be fine. All you have to do is whatever the client commands.”

Stephanie took in a breath. “What do I call the client?”

“Call her The Administrator,” Ms. Q said, making final adjustments to Stephanie’s barely-there outfit. “That’s the secret name I’ve given her. Discretion is very important to her, given her governmental position. She will be masked.”

“Understood,” Stephanie replied, keeping to herself that she had secretly discovered the client’s identity earlier.

“Come on. Let’s go. She’s waiting.”

Giving a short tug of the leash, Stephanie was guided to the door and she walked behind Ms. Q.

“Wait,” Stephanie said, stopping in her tracks. “Shouldn’t we wear jackets or something?”

Ms. Q raised an eyebrow. “It’s around 2 am. What are you afraid of?”

“Umm, being seen.”

“The destination is right down the hall. Think of this as foreplay. It will help get you in the mood.”

Ms. Q gave a gentle and playful tug of the leash, pulling Stephanie out into the hallway, barefoot in the see-through bra and panties set.


Walking down the hall, Stephanie’s obvious fear was that they’d be caught. Although it was late into the night, there were still the occasional late arrivals and/or late night travelers. So far, the coast was clear.

Her eyes were focused on Ms. Q’s sultry bodysuit and crotchless bottom, which was open in the ass area too. As it turned out, Ms. Q had a compact bottom which looked cute. The small dark butt cheeks swayed with each step.

The sight made Stephanie feel more at ease, like she wasn’t alone in this exhibitionist journey. She had a partner in this. A mentor. They were in this together. And if they were caught, at least they’d be together.

But they weren’t caught.

They made it to the gym area on that floor. According to gym hours, those facilities should have been closed. Instead, they were open. It must have been because of a special connection that Ms. Q had.

When they entered, Stephanie’s feet went from feeling carpet beneath her toes, to the hard tile. They walked passed all the gym equipment towards the sauna area.

There was a moaning noise in the background:

“Oh god… that’s it… you eat pussy so well.”

Stephanie could hear it, but she couldn’t see it. At least not yet. Around the corner was the sauna room. When she was lead inside, she saw something that shook her to the core.

A masked woman was sitting on the sauna bench. Naked. It was pretty clear that the woman was Hispanic based on her body type and dark skin (along with the fact that Stephanie knew that these women were on a diplomatic mission from a South American country). The mask was black and mostly it covered the upper part of the face, leaving the mouth area open and the hair laying free.

The woman was leaning back, with big dark nipples that were hard, and her legs were spread.

Between the woman’s legs was a skinny blonde woman performing oral sex. It never stopped, not even as they entered the sauna. Stephanie wondered who this young blonde woman was. A colleague, perhaps? Who knows. There were certainly a few young blonde women who worked these hours. Surely Ms. Q could have recruited someone else that night.

At the other end of the sauna was the client.

A woman known as The Administrator. She wore the same black mask and her face was stoic, like she had done this before. Her body was much older than the other masked woman. She had a more voluptuous figure with bigger breasts and even bigger nipples that were also dark.

The Administrator cracked a small smile at the sight of Stephanie being brought there with a leash and barely anything on.

“You are a resourceful woman,” the Administrator said with a beautiful and thick accent. “I don’t know how you managed to pull this off.”

Ms. Q replied, “I have my ways. This is Stephanie’s first time playing with other women. She’s open minded. She’s willing to bend, but at a reasonable pace.”

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