The Burning for My Son-in-Law

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Authors’ Note: A reader wrote to me that she liked my style of writing. She wanted me to tell her story and this is the result. Like all my stories, I’ve tried to have some build up of characters before diving into the topic … a conflicted mother who becomes interested in her daughters over-sexed marriage. I have tried to remain faithful to the concepts of the woman who wrote to me. Many of the descriptions are hers.


She is 24 years old. I see her all the time. Though she is my daughter I fucked her husband. I expected to feel guilty but I don’t. I feel absolutely nothing at all except desire to do it again. I thought I’d feel shame but I don’t. I’d do it again and I hope I can someday. In many ways, she started it so she is at least partially responsible. Then again, I could also just be in denial!

My name is Del. My daughter and I have always been very close. She shares her secrets with me and I share my secrets with her. When we go shopping together we sometimes even change in the same dressing room just so we don’t interrupt our conversation. I am terribly lucky to have her but I have risked everything with her because of her man. I know this and yet I felt compelled when I looked at him.

It was a Tuesday and a bit more than a week after she had married Mike. “Mom! Can we talk??” she asked anxiously on the phone.

“Go ahead and talk!” I replied.

“This has to be face to face … I’ll be right over!”

She flew in like she always did since she was 5 years old and first allowed to go “out” (into the back yard!) on her own. The door opened and then slammed behind her, but this time she was walking funny.

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked.


“Well, yes there is … I can see it!”

“I’m sore, Mom, that’s what’s wrong with me. I really don’t know what to do!”


“Yes, that’s what I came to tell you. Mike is chasing me all over the house. I skipped work today just to rest!”

“You what? You skipped work!”

“Let me start at the beginning.”

“You better!”

“The honeymoon went great. I mean, he and I had a great time. I mean, how do I say this?”

“Just spit it out, honey. You know you can tell me anything.”

“Mike is too big!”

I wondered if he were hitting her or something and I could feel myself getting protective of my oldest child. “What do you mean? He’s hitting you?”

“No Mom! Damn it. Do I have to spell it out?”

I thought for a moment.

“Mom, he’s BIG down THERE!” she continued pointing between her legs.

“But hadn’t you two made love before your wedding?”

“Yes, many times but not like this. It is all the time and he is thick and long and well … too big to be doing it so often!”

So, she started it.

I gave her sage advice … use lubricant!

I became curious after that. I wondered what he looked like. When they visited, I noted how his 6′ 4″ frame lumbered through the house on the weekends. I wondered how big it was … “down there”. When I went shopping and saw objects like cucumbers or carrots, her words came back to me. Was it the size of a small cucumber? Was it a big carrot? As my husband entered my pussy, I began to wonder what it would feel like if Mike were entering me and stretching me. My husband is as big as a tube of toothpaste, maybe 6 or 7 inches. He hits my cervix most times so … was that how big Mike was? Maybe my daughter just small down there?

The following week, we had coffee together at Starbucks in the mall. We chit-chatted for a while and I reached across the table and took her hand. “Honey, are things better with the ummm lubricant?”

“Oh, well, mostly,” she looked at my hands on hers and squeezed mine back, “In some ways, I guess it is better.”

“What do you mean baby?”

“Oh Mom. I don’t know. He still wants me all the time. As I think back over the last week, we had … ummm … intercourse 4 to 5 times each day!”

“Well baby, you’re newlyweds!” I smiled. “That will wear off. Spend the 10 minutes with him and enjoy it the best you can!” I patted her hand and she looked at me strangely.

“10 minutes?” she asked, her soft brown hair curled around her face to her scoop neck T-shirt where her generous breast heaved. Something she got from her mother.

“Yes. That’s what it usually takes …”

“Mom, I’m not sure I want to hear about you and Dad right now.”

I laughed nervously, “Well, ok, but maybe if we compare notes, we can help each other.”

She nodded ascent with a slight smile.

“Ok,” she looked around and no one was in earshot. “You go first. Tell me what happens with you and Dad.”

“Ok,” I smiled. “He usually initiates it and we’ve come to enjoy making love about 2 times a week. When we were younger, it was more frequent. After all, he would see my girls and have an instant erection.”

My breasts are my finest asset. I’m 5’8″ tall and weigh 140lbs. I wear a 38DD bra and sometimes that is small for me! I try to keep my clothes conservative so that I don’t get stares from men.

“So, 10 minutes?” she asked sipping her latte.

“Oh, yes, that. Of course, when we were younger it was longer maybe 15 canlı bahis and sometimes even 20 minutes.”

“Do you climax?”

I hadn’t expected that question and had to think. “Well honey, as a woman ages her climaxes get tougher to achieve.”

“You don’t.”

“Not very often these days.”

“So, is 10 minutes penetration time or total time?”

“Total sweetie!”

“Oh,” she looked at her latte. “Mom, have you ever measured Dad?”

“No, not really. I looked at some objects on a nearby table. “He’s like that blue thing.” I pointed and something that was about 6 or 7 inches long.

She smiled and nodded and I took my chance.

“What does Mike look like?”

“I measured him Mom. He’s at least 11 inches long and 3 inches around.”

It was mind boggling. I tried to think of something that was 11 inches long and 3 inches around. That was just silly. It was so much bigger than my husband’s that I could not think of it.

She continued. “He fucks me twice a day and when we do fuck … it is for at least 30 minutes … at least,” and she emphasized the word LEAST.

“Oh my,” was all I could say. I was taken aback by her use of the word “fuck” but it also sounded liberating.

“He ummm plays with my pussy for my first climax and then I suck him, or should I say I suck his head for another 5 to 10 minutes and then he drives into me. The lubricant is working and it doesn’t hurt so much anymore.”

“First climax?” I could feel the warmth between my legs as I thought of sucking a big cock like a lollipop.

“Yes, once he gets into me I just seem to get a series of small climaxes one right after another until a huge one just crushes me but he just keeps going and pounding me and then he dumps his load in me or on me. He has a huge load that practically covers my breasts!”

“Yes,” I said drifting off softly and considering that view … his cock, her breasts, his cum all over them. “Your breasts are just like mine when I was younger.”

The conversation stopped because two guys sat next to us and we didn’t get a chance to finish it though I thought a lot about what she had said

They came over the following weekend and I must admit that I flirted a little. Really, it wasn’t much but I did flirt. My sweet daughter is built similar to me but somewhat smaller. I’m a size 10 and she is a size 8. I’m a double D and she is a single D. Enough comparisons! Suffice it to say that we have similar builds and looks but I’m a bit older and mature, of course.

My tease really wasn’t much. It was barely on purpose. I mean, it was just an opportunity. I just happened to be wearing a low cut top and a short skirt during a picnic at my house. I made sure to give him a good shot of my cleavage and my ass all day long. I even played volleyball which makes my big breasts bounce up and down. How can you miss them? I’ve got long nipples and I’m sure they were sticking out even through my bra.

Even so, it was a few weeks later that I got another call.

“Mom, 3 times yesterday!”


“Mom!!! He wanted me 3 times yesterday and I’m not talking about wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am either!”

“Well, what ARE you talking about then?”

“The details?”

“Yes, honey. I’m just wondering what the hell is going on in your young marriage.” I said this but I know now in my heart, I craved the details not for their marriage but for my own curiosity and desire.

“Oh. I don’t know. I got a one day break last week.”

“Yes, baby,” I encouraged.

“Well. Yesterday, I was awoken by his kisses. It was all romantic, you know. He was kissing the tops of my tits. Then he lifted my tits and began sucking my nipples.

I felt a rush between my legs … heat and moisture. So, I spread them to give my womanly parts some air.

“He makes my nipples so hard and nibbles at them. I just can’t resist it.”

“I understand. I love my nipples sucked.” I responded without thinking.


“Oh, sorry.”

She laughed. “I heard you but I can’t believe you said it!”

“Keep going honey.”

“Well, I guess I like it too. Next thing I know he’s spreading my legs and I’m barely awake. The sun hasn’t even come up, yet!”

“What happened next?”

I cupped my right breast and pinched the nipple.

“I think you like this, mom!”

“Maybe I do, sweetie,” I laughed.

“Well then, I will give you the gory details!”

“His lips traveled down my belly and he licked my belly button. And then he went further south, if you know what I mean! He licked me down there.”

“He did? What did that feel like?”

“Mom!” and she laughed hysterically.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked that! I just have only had that happen once or twice.”

“MOM!!” and she kept laughing.

There was a pause, “It felt wonderful,” she said softly. “It was like a kitten’s tongue on the most sensitive part of my body. It sent shivers up my spine.”

“Well, that sounds very exciting.” I murmured as I pulled aside my panties to let more air to my now soaking pussy. My pussy lips are generally big but at this moment, they felt fat, engorged and sopping.

“Yes, it was. He kept licking bahis siteleri and then he sucked my clit. Have you ever had that done?”

I didn’t realize at first that she was asking me a question as my middle finger was stroking my pussy lips. “What? Oh, no. I can’t say that I have,” I stammered.

“Mom, it was fantastic. I climaxed and I’m embarrassed to say that it was all over his chin. And then I saw it hanging between his legs like the head of a snake it hung there waiting to be engulfed by my pussy.”

“Oh,” I spoke softly as I could feel myself getting very excited. Feelings I hadn’t had in a long, long time. “And how big did you say it was?”

“11 inches long and as big around as my wrist.”

“Wow! 11 inches sounds impossible honey. Are you sure? I mean, how does one measure a penis? From the bottom or the top?”

“OH, I hadn’t thought of that. I measured it from the top. Does that make sense?”

“Ummmm yes. I guess. And as big as my wrist?”

“Yes, and the head is big and purplish kind of like big mushroom or helmet that flairs on the sides. He put it up to my pussy and pressed. I mean, Mom, he pushed just the head in and I felt such pressure down there that I started cumming.”

“Yes,” it was a whisper as I pushed 3 of my fingers deep inside of me and felt a climax coming fast.

“Mom, as usual, it stretched me and then he pushed it deep and began fucking me. OH SORRY!”

“It’s alright honey, I’ve heard those words before. Frankly, it means more anyway. Keep going!” I could feel the climax well up inside me. My nipples seemed alive and sensitive inside my bra. My pussy was gushing.

“Each time he fucks me Mom, it feels like I’m exploding down there. Bomb after bomb just keeps going off!”

“Sounds fantastic, sweetie.”

“Well, yeaaah, it is when it is once a day!”

And then I came. I didn’t hear her for about 30 seconds as I gripped my pussy and bit my lip and grunted. I couldn’t hold back. Her description sounded so wonderful. A few deep gasps of air had my ears hearing again but I had dropped the phone.

“Mom? Mom? Are you there?”

“OH yes honey. I’m here, just coughing is all,” I held the phone away from my face as I gasped again and forced my fingers out of my pussy.

“Oh, ok Mom but it sounded like something else. So, I came at lease 3 times with him on top of me and then he takes me dogie style. I was looking out our bedroom window watching the sun rise as he pounded me from behind. He was so deep and he just kept on pounding!”

My fingers found their way back to my pussy, “ohhhhhh?” my cunt was sopping wet and I came again with 3 fingers plunging in and out of my pussy.


“That’s so erotic, honey,” I commented as quietly as possible but my voice cracked slightly.

“Yes, Mom, it is. He took it out and shot cum up onto my back. I mean, there was tons of cum on my back. He got it into my hair and all over my ass.”

“Wow, sounds potent, sweetie.”

“Yeah. So this is where it goes bad. Later, we had lunch at Mary and Ted’s house. I see him staring at Mary all throughout lunch. On the drive home, he tells me that I made him so horny that he wants to take both Mary and I at the same time. I was mad but next thing you know, we stopped and parked by the woods on route 90 and he has me bouncing on his cock in the back seat!”

“In the back seat?”

“Yes, he just kept slamming me down onto it! In the back seat of the car!”

“Did you cum again?”

“Mom, I cum every time and multiple times every time.”

“I bet he loved your breasts bouncing in front of him.”

“He actually said that and began sucking them so I started cumming again and then he filled my pussy with so much … ummm … you know … so that it was gushing out.”

“Wow,” I said in awe as I pulled my panties across to cover my soaked pussy.

“And then right before dinner, he takes me again. He had me wear heels and bent me over the kitchen table and shoved that big thing in from behind.”


“You’re hot, aren’t you.”

“Yes, I guess,” I paused. I wasn’t sure how to finish my answer. She was my daughter and it felt funny to come out and say it but she had been so honest with me.

“You ARE!” she laughed and I could see her pretty smile in my mind.

I decided to be truthful, “I’ve already cum twice which is more than I’ve cum in a long time, darlin’! But, I can understand how all that activity can make you sore and tired.”

“Right … so how do I shut if off without having him want to get it elsewhere?”

“Yes. I don’t know. I guess the answer is to do it gently so his ego isn’t bruised. On the other hand, what if he did get it elsewhere? It sounds like he wants to try others.”

“No, I don’t think that would work. I’d be afraid that he’d leave me. What if he could find a woman who likes it 3 times a day!”

“What if the woman would never be a reason for him to leave?”

“I don’t know who would be in that situation, Mom.”

“Yeah, me either. Well, the other option is to wear him out.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, wake him up every morning with a blow job or a hand job and make him cum with your hand. bahis şirketleri Maybe that would give your pussy a break.”

“Mom, that’s a great idea! I think I’ll try that.”

The subject changed and I was left to wonder what she would look like with both her hands gripping that monster as she jacked it off. I wondered if she would try to swallow it or just spray it like a hose onto her chest.

On Friday afternoon she got out of work early and called me. We talked about many things. Her best friend was in the hospital and her former roommate at college had gotten pregnant by a man she didn’t even like and she was deciding whether to tell him or not about the baby. My daughter sounded like her old, pre-marriage self so I assumed that she was doing better. She and Mike were coming over on Sunday and I had just finished shopping at the grocery store when she called. I took the call in my car and headed home as she continued to talk my ear off. It reminded me of when she was in junior high school. She would come home each day and chat my ears off with specific details of how her day went.

She sounded happier and talked to me all the way home and even through me bringing the groceries into the house! I chuckled to myself as I put the groceries away but then found a few cucumbers for a cucumber salad I had planned to make. One was pretty long and even had a bit of a bulb on the end. As she told me about how the guy who worked in the cubicle next to her farted all the time, as she prattled on I took out a ruler and thought of Mike. I measured the cucumber. It was almost 10 inches long. I could really see my sweet daughter’s problem now.

“Mom? Did I lose you?”

“Uh, no honey. I’m still here. I just got distracted by putting away the groceries.”

“I seem to be chatting your ear off and you aren’t saying much!” She laughed. I’ve always enjoyed her laugh. It is so free and relaxed like her father’s laugh.

“That’s ok, honey. I guess things are better with Mike, then?”

“OH Mom. I’m soooo thankful that you told me what to do. I completely forgot to call you and tell you what happened!”

“What happened?”

“You are a genius! So, I woke him up each day this week and sucked on his cock head. Do the details bother you? I mean are you going to be embarrassed on Sunday when we come over and you see Mike?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Good, I guess I should have asked that before!” She laughed again and I smiled as I grabbed the cucumber and sat on the couch.

“So, it worked then?”

“Yes and no. I guess it worked enough. Each morning I sucked his cock head and then gripped it with both my hands. It was easy, I just kept pumping that monster as he got hard. The first time, he was surprised as I had spent so much time running away from his cock and now I was wanting it.”

I gripped the cucumber with both my hands and imagined what she had done.

“So, I sucked and pulled and the veins were popping out like crazy. I hadn’t noticed it before. I guess I was really scared of it before but since I was sucking it and accepting that it was mine forever, I was really seeing it for the first time. So, I gripped it with both hands and pumped and licked all up and down it.”

“Yes, honey. Sounds like you did a great job.” I pulled up my dress, pushed aside my panties, and spread my legs.

“Thanks, Mom. I think so.”

I pushed a little of the cucumber into my pussy. My juices were already making it slick. I probably got 2 to 3 inches inside me. It was so thick and hard.

“What happened next, baby?” I whispered with a low voice as my heart began to pound inside my chest.

“After about 15 minutes of playing with him like that I began playing with his balls while still sucking and then he squirted gobs and gobs all over my chin and chest.”

As she talked, my hand was making furious work with just 3 or 4 inches of the cucumber inside me. My heart was pounding. I really wasn’t listening anymore. I could feel my climax welling up inside me and I murmured a groan as my juices slicked the cucumber.

“All over your chest?” was all I could get out as my climax took me.

“Yes, I held it with both hands and just aimed it at me. It was incredible.”

“Wow,” my voice was a whisper as I pushed a little more inside me and my climax subsided. My pussy was swollen and tender. “Did he take you after that?”

“No, he got ready for work and my pussy got a break that morning.”

“Oh that’s good honey. I’m happy for you.”

With that, we finished the call, I washed the cucumber and put it in the refrigerator.

Saturday found me wandering the mall again looking for a birthday present for my friend, Barbara. I was in Macy’s looking at tops when I began to wonder what I would wear on Sunday. I wanted something different. It made me feel sexy to think of showing a little more big breasts to my sex-crazed son-in-law. I found some tops that were backless but it is so hard to go bra less with breasts as big as mine. They are full and long and tend to spread to the side. Even with this in mind, I thought I’d try it on and see what it looked like. In addition to being backless, there was a hole in the front for my cleavage. Certainly that would excite him. When I was done with him, he would pound her for hours. I wondered why I would want him pounding her … and I realized that I wanted it so I could hear about it on Monday!

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