The Chauffeur (#18) John

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The Chauffeur (

8) John


Copyright 2019


When I woke Thursday morning, I was energized thinking about the event scheduled for tonight and the potential for the ‘after’ party.

Looking at either side of me, both Dakota and Jennifer were facing away from me. Jennifer had kicked off all the covers off her body, whereas Dakota was all cocooned up in them.

As stealthy as I could be, I got up for my morning duties in the bathroom. I decided while I was in there that I would take a shower to wash off all the sex that might be emanating from my body after such a delicious night of debauchery with my beautiful women.

I head down the hall wondering where Amy had gone to. I pushed open Tina’s door and see my darling Amy and Tina all snuggled up into one another. I smiled and quietly close the door.

In the kitchen, I put on the coffee pot for Dakota, figuring that the smell of hot coffee would wake my blond goddess.

My mind was doing the daily checklist for today. I opened the laptop seeing hundreds of emails in my work mailbox.

I rolled my eyes, thinking ‘what now’?

Many of the emails were just butt-kissing emails about seeing me on TV helping the FBI. That reminded me to make a note about setting up the meal for the Agents that worked that case. However, a secondary idea came to mind. What if we had a delightful BBQ at the Commune? With two brand new large BBQs, we could certainly have a delightful time, inviting both spouses as well as kids. Truly a family event.

I found an email from Roger. He thanks me for sending him yet another quality candidate for the security team. He went on to say that he will still be out of town a couple more weeks and to please keep his Tina ‘entertained’ followed by a “ha, ha, ha”. I replied that I was happy to do so.

An email from Paula told me that the armed Chauffeur program had not even moved as Roger was way too busy to put it into action. She inquired about finding someone else to handle the training. I replied that I need to think on that as I don’t want to put the program on the shelf, but maybe Roger can suggest someone to help us out.

There were several emails from managers who I had noted that their restaurant’s performance had slipped greatly and wanted to know their action plan for correcting things.

One email announced their resignation. Two thought I was being too critical, after all, it was only the third time that they had a bad month in the past year. Two more had sent me their action plans which looked lame at best. However, one was exactly what I was looking for. Clear, concise, and willing to accept responsibility for the decline. That manager did point out that the restaurant was having difficulties with maintenance. The facility was one of the oldest in Tampa Bay and needed serious renovation. The manager asked if there were any plans for renovation or maybe moving the restaurant from the declining high crime neighborhood to another location just a couple of miles north to a section of town called Seminole Heights. A neighborhood that has been going through renovations and is making a huge comeback in the city.

I made notes about this and to have Jennifer investigate this Seminole Heights part of Tampa. I also made a note that I needed to call that manager personally. It occurred to me that the manager’s boss, the district manager, had not responded to my emails about the decline. I also made a note to investigate what was going on with that DM.

I had also received several emails from the trucking company. They were responding to issues with the tires that they had always been buying for the rigs. The price had more than doubled in the last 6 months and the quality had gone down noticeably. I responded that I would investigate and hopefully have an answer by Monday at the latest, remembering that the closing on the fab five would also be on Monday.

There was also an email from Bob Jaxson. He said he had identified another company for us to acquire, but he didn’t want to overload me with new projects. The new company he was thinking about acquiring was a 350-unit truck-stop/restaurant/gas station spread out across the US. He wanted feedback on my thoughts.

I sat and pondered that for a few minutes before my darling Dakota put her delicate hands over my eyes asking, ‘guess who’. I reached around behind me and pulled her around so that I may kiss her properly. She responded quite well. She sat down on my lap and put her arms around me as we put our lips together, as lovers often do.

“Darling, we have much to get accomplished today. Let’s save the play for tonight?”

“OK, but I hope I get to play with you tonight, Daddy,” She replies putting on her pouty face.

I remind her that we will be leaving the Commune about 5. She, Amy, Tina, and Jennifer need to have outfits to change into at the new house as we won’t be coming back here once we leave. I also, remind her that we will have the ‘tenants’ from the pool house joining us as well as Fred’s nephews and Miguel the good-looking locksmith. Dakota responded in pure Dakota fashion, by licking her lips.

In my head, the 350-unit truck stop seemed like a good idea. We could use the finance company to issue a specific credit card series made specifically for the truck-stop and automatically issue them to our fleet of trucks. In addition, I gave serious thought about buying a huge quantity of tires either from Continental or another top brand for our trucks. I sent out a couple of emails to the trucking managers asking for opinions regarding the tire issues and if they had preferences on a brand.

As I heard the rest of the house begin to stir, Tina dragged her tired ass out to the coffee pot looking like a woman who was ridden hard and well, not even put away. I think she passed out from exhaustion rather than ‘falling asleep’, but that’s just an opinion.

“Good Morning darling, rough night?” I asked.

She just put her hand up in the ‘stop’ fashion telling me without words to zip it.

I just chuckled and went back to work on my laptop.

Jennifer began kissing me from behind again, however this time I knew who it was from the start.

“Good morning beautiful, sleep well?” I asked rhetorically.

“No, some bastard kept putting his cock in me, making me all wet Then, he had the nerve of making me orgasm over and over until I couldn’t go any longer,” she replied with her usual smiling and giggling.

“That bastard, I’ll have to have a word with him later,” I said with a big cheesy grin on my face.

By this time, Amy finally dragged her well-worn ass out to the kitchen. She went directly to the coffee pot and poured herself a cup, black, no sugar no cream. She took a big gulp announcing, “Fuck, that shit is hot.” We all just laughed at her, which she turned a shade of red from embarrassment.

“Remember ladies, once you leave here today, we will be leaving for tonight’s festivities from the Commune and returning to the Commune later. We won’t be coming back here, so please take everything you will need with you before you leave here. Also, remember there is no makeup, hair stuff, nor smelly good stuff at the Commune,” I say to everyone.

“Jennifer, maybe you and Tina could go to Target or someplace like that to get towels, sheets, and pillows for all the beds that we are having delivered today. Check with Dakota to find out how many of each size bed should be arriving today,” I suggest to her.

“Dakota, will you go and pick up John and Diane. Oh wait, I think John is supposed to be at the call center early, like 9?”

I check my cell phone finding Paula’s text about John’s schedule. Indeed, he’s scheduled to work today. However, I notice that he was scheduled yesterday as well, but he spent the entire day working at the Commune. I need to call Donna. Did John leave her short-handed? Did he call out? Did John tell me, or did I just not hear him?

“On second thought, Dakota let me get you some cash. You and Amy could go do the grocery shopping that didn’t come to a good ending as that grocery store doesn’t take AMEX. Also, get some bottles of good liquor and decent beer. Would the two of you do that for Daddy?” I ask them in my own unique way.

Instead of a verbal acknowledgment, each one kisses me and gives my cock a squeeze. I just smile a big smile. In my head, at least, tonight would be a wonderful night, even with the additional 7 but still missing my Queen. I went down to the firebox and grabbed $800 and handed it to Dakota, who gave me a kiss.

It really didn’t take all that long before Fred showed up. Jennifer rode with me to the Commune since I had ‘kidnapped’ her willingly from her own house yesterday.

I called John from the car.

“John, are you at work today?” I asked.

“No, sir. Donna was looking for people to send home as I was just clocking in, so I decided I would make it easy for her and just not clock-in,” He told me.

This concerned me that Donna had gone to sending people home. What was the issue? Had calls dropped off? Did we have too many people in the Call Center? Maybe we need to expand the Call Center’s duties to include handling some of the trucking company’s reservations as well.

My phone buzzes after I hang up with John. It’s Diane.

“Daddy, where’s Jennifer? She isn’t answering her phone,” Diane says.

“She’s right here,” I tell her as I hand my phone to Jennifer.

Jennifer chats with Diane for a few minutes, only to learn that Jennifer never picked up her phone when she left the house with me yesterday. I suggested to Jennifer that John and Diane come to the Commune, but to bring an overnight bag that has at least two changes of clothes in it.

I figured that we would make this a long weekend of fun and debauchery.

Jennifer began rubbing my cock through my shorts as she continued to chat with Diane. It didn’t take very long for Jennifer to have me hard.

Once again, this gorgeous woman had me fully erect in my shorts wanting a release. I just sat back and let Jen have her way with my manhood.

She rolled up the privacy window to keep Fred from watching us and not the road.

Jen unzipped me and fished out my erect manhood. She wasted no time in licking the shaft and head of my cock. She unsnapped my shorts allowing her access to my balls as well as my cock.

I just closed my eyes enjoying the wonderful ride in her mouth that her oral skills were providing. I felt her mouth engulf my entire cock allowing the tip of my head to touch the back of her throat causing her to gag.

I don’t know what it is about that sound of a woman gagging on my cock, but in my head it sure is erotic.

Instinctively, I put my hand on the back of her head pushing it down on me further. Now, she is gagging almost continually with huge amounts of saliva dripping from her onto the seat between my legs.

I move my hand off her head, allowing her to retreat from my cock is at the entrance to her throat. As she gasped for air, I began to undress her. Yeah, I know that I told the ladies in the kitchen to wait until tonight to play, however, having Jennifer already sucking my cock changed my mind.

Being fully naked, I urge her to sit on my cock. She complies without hesitation. I feel her wet womanhood slide completely down on my cock. She begins bouncing on me with a passion. She leans in and kisses me hard and passionately. I begin tweaking her nipples which in turn causes her to moan into my mouth. The more she moans, the more I tweak. The more I tweak, the more she grinds her crotch onto mine. I feel her pussy tightening around my cock as each wave of orgasm washes through her beautiful body.

“Oh baby, this is a wonderful way to go to work,” She says between moans.

She finally hits her first big orgasm saying, “OH GAWD DAVID, I’M CUMMMMMMMMING!”

I feel the splash of her cum juice hit my thighs as I thrust into her hard to release my own orgasmic juice. “DAMN DARLING, YOU FEEL SO FUCKING GREAT!”

I empty my entire contents into her wet willing pussy. She moans in acceptance. We continued fucking for a few minutes further. I feel her pussy spasm over and over as she continues to have orgasm after orgasm.

“FUCK ME DAVID, HOW DO YOU DO THAT? YOU MAKE ME SO DAMN HORNY,” She says to me before collapsing on my chest.

I put my arms around her and pull her in tight to me. I look into her eyes, so sincere, so willing, so heartful. I slowly and deliberately lean in and kiss her passionately. Fred inches the privacy screen down about an inch to announce that we are about 2 minutes from the Commune. I thank him and put the screen back up.

As Jennifer and I gather our senses, I gently move her off my lap to pull my shorts and boxers back up. She begins by putting her panties and bra back on first, then her pants and finally her blouse. She finished off with her shoes just as Fred pulled into the parkway of the Commune.


As we went into the Commune, I reminded Fred that the two-stretch limos should be here by 5pm. He said he would be here with another veteran driver for tonight.

I thanked him once again, giving him three $100 bills as a tip even though he tried to again object. I just folded the bills in half and put them into his shirt pocket. I did ask if he would be interested in joining us tonight. He declined saying that the type of music that we were going to see was not his type of music. He enjoyed more of the big band era music from WWII. I thanked him again and he headed off.

Once inside, I called Donna to get an answer about John and why people are being sent home.

“Donna, my Darling, I hear that my boy John has been off the past couple of days. What’s going on? Should I worry that he’s skipping work?” I ask.

“No, sir. He’s been quite the help as our labor budget is getting all shot to hell. Mostly because of the restaurants that have been shut down our restaurant reservations have taken a beating and thus I’ve been having to send people, who are willing, to go home,” she tells me.

“I have an idea that might help things. What if we were to take on reservations for the trucking company as well? People or companies that need things moved would call an 800 number that would route the calls to the three Call centers. I figure that we would need to set up some training as moving stuff is different than making a hotel or restaurant reservations. What do you think of the idea so far? Do you think that we can make this work?” I ask her.

“Let me work on that for a couple of days. I like the idea but need to sketch some things out like: like what training needs to be accomplished, how many people need to be on each trucking team, can we cross-train others to handle overflow if we get too busy, when are the busy times for the trucking company during the year, do they have a season. Stuff like that I need to sketch out first,” Donna explains to me.

“Call Arthur Beeman, he currently handles most of the issues for the trucking company. He should be your primary go-to source for that information. Why don’t you put a plan together and email it to me by next Wednesday,” I say to her.

She thanks me and asks if she is also invited to the concert tonight. “Of course, you are my Darling. You are always invited to everything that we do. You need not even ask. We’re leaving from the Commune about 5. Bring at least two changes of clothes and whatever girly stuff you’ll need as we don’t have makeup, hair stuff, nor perfume of any sort yet. I will expect that you should leave the Call Center about 3 to get yourself ready before 5. Text Dakota if you have any questions. I got to go now my darling,” I say to her as I end the call.

I put in a call to Jill.

“Hey, my sexy darling. How are you feeling today?” I ask

“Oh, I’m fine. I miss you. I hear you have a party going on at the concert tonight then everyone goes back to the Commune. I certainly wish I was going to be there. I would love to put my hands on you, plus I hear the women from the pool house already got a piece of you,” Jill says with a giggle.

“Who told you?” I asked.

“Well, my assistant, of course. You may have had John fuck her brains out on the pool table the other day, but she is still loyal to me,” she says now laughing out loud.

“Blabbermouth,” I say laughing as well.

“I got the things set up for you that you wanted. I believe you should be getting a FedEx package at the Commune at some point today. I checked their website already and it shows that your package is on the truck for delivery. Also, I ordered the Visa cards as you requested. 5 cards with no limit and 5 with limits of $2500. They should be coming to you today via UPS,” Jill tells me.

All of this makes me smile.

“I love you my darling,” I say to her.

“And I love you as well. Don’t wear all the girls out, save some for the other guys there…. like our boy John. He needs some sex as well,” she says laughing about her John comment.

As I finish my call to Jill, Dakota, Amy, and Tina all arrive. John pulls up right behind them in Jennifer’s car with Diane.

Everyone gets out of their respective cars holding bags, boxes, luggage and the such. Jennifer heads to the door to prop it open for everyone.

Dakota walks in first, just dropping a large box at the front door that looked from my vantage point that it had hair stuff like blow-dryers, curling irons, straighteners, hair spray, mousse, and other sundry hair supplies. Jennifer picks up the box and follows Dakota down the hall to her master suite. When Jennifer goes into the suite, I hear John’s favorite word come from Jen, “FUCK ME.”

“Is this your room?” Jen asked Dakota.

“Yeah, Daddy takes good care of me,” She replies.

“I’ve been through this house over the last couple of days and have never seen your room,” I hear Jennifer say to Dakota.

“Then let me take you into Daddy’s room. It’s right next to mine,” Dakota replies.

I hear footsteps in the hallway for a moment before Jennifer announces, “WHAT THE FUCK DAVID?”

That prompted me to get up and head down the hallway to my Master Suite. When I walked into the room, Jennifer is standing in the middle of the room with her mouth hanging open.

“David, this room is as large or larger than my entire house. If this were mine, I’m not sure that I would ever leave this room,” Jennifer says to me.

I hear some commotion at the back door, John seems to be chatting with someone. I head back down the hall to where John was standing. Not really a surprise to me, he was chatting with Carol.

I saw Diane watching him carefully. However, John was acting properly. He was not making any lewd comments. He wasn’t grabbing himself. He introduced Diane as his girlfriend. All the things that I know we’re not the norm of the way John thinks or acts.

Carol wanted to chat with me about Belinda, so I went over to the glass door to chat with her. I sent John to continue working on the items that he didn’t finish from yesterday.

“Carol let’s go out and sit by the pool to chat,” I suggest to her.

She takes me by the hand and leads me to the lounge chairs. I sit on one and she sits on the other.

“Carol, what can I do for you?”

“Will you allow Belinda to move in with us? She broke up with her boyfriend this past weekend and now he wants her stuff out of his apartment by Saturday. She doesn’t really have anywhere to go right now,” Carol pleads with me.

I think for a moment. I really like Belinda out of the three girls, but I don’t want to seem too interested.

“OK, how about this then. She will also sign an agreement just as you and your sister will do. She will also pay me $2000 a month via money order or bank check. I will cash them and give her the $2000 back to her to use on paying her college,” I say to her.

“Why are you doing this? I mean, you don’t even know us, but you have been so wonderful to us,” She asks in a sincere manner.

“Carol, you ladies are in a tough place. Stay in this industry and you’ll be trapped for your entire life. Get out of this industry when college is over and if you’re approached you can always say it was something that you and your sister had to turn to in order to get through college. The money orders are if anyone challenges me because of my position as CEO of a large corporation that I’m living with ‘Porn Stars’. I can pull out your contract and show the money orders to demonstrate that you are just tenants and not some sort of sexual slaves,” I explain to her.

Carol leans into me and gives me a kiss whispering in my ear, “Did you say there will be playtime after the concert? We are all hoping so. I think Corey wants a shot at your boy…what’s his name, James?” She asks.

“John,” I said correcting her.

“By the way, I have two dates for you and Corey tonight. They are fresh out of the Coast Guard. They were on a drug interdiction ship off the coast of Somalia. These guys are supposed to be gentlemen, but I’m pretty sure they will be willing to play as well,” I tell her without thinking.

“Oh, that sounds like fun. Corey has a thing for men in uniform,” She tells me.

“Great then. I expect all four of you ladies to be ready by 5 tonight,” I say.

“All four?”

“I’m expecting Allison to join us,” I tell her.

“Huh, I’m not sure if she’s planning to or not. She didn’t say anything when she left here yesterday. I’ll call her and check. 5 you say?” Carol replies.

“Please give her a call. It would mean a lot to me. Please tell her that I really want her to be there with us all,” I say to her.

“Well, she really enjoyed playing with you yesterday. She said you were a polite lover, didn’t try to force her to do anything. She did say that she liked everything you did and that she thought you were fun,” Carol tells me about Allison.

“If you four join us tonight, I think you will see the truly fun part of my crew,” I say hoping she will put her gang together with my crew for one hell of a night of play.

I kiss her again and get up to head back inside. As I get into the house, Diane corners me.

“Daddy, may I talk to you privately?”

“Sure, I’ll follow you to where ever you want to chat,” I say.

She takes my hand and leads me down the hall. She randomly picks a room and heads inside. Once we were both inside, she pushed the door closed behind me and pushed me against the wall. Her lips found mine. I put my arms mobil porno around her as this was unexpected.

We kissed for several minutes. I still had no idea where this was going to go, but so far, I was enjoying the ride.

I started talking when we broke from the kiss.

“Diane, I read your note. I loved every word of it. I believe that John will do what you are hoping he will do,” I say

“You’re not pushing him into it are you?”

“No, not at all. He’s worried about the two of you being too young to bring a baby into this world. He’s not worried about asking you to marry him. Instead, he’s worried that you’ll say NO,” I tell her in a sincere manner.

“Really? He’s worried that I’ll say NO? WOW, Daddy, he really doesn’t have a clue, does he? I think that is so sweet of him to worry about us being parents,” she says.

“It also shows signs of maturity,” I say pointing out that he’s really maturing.

She leaps up at me wrapping her arms around me, kissing me profusely. We kiss again for several minutes until we hear John calling for her. We break from the kiss and head back to find John.

He explains to me that the mattress company just called to confirm the address saying that they have three trucks coming with our beds.

I see the FedEx truck pull into the courtyard. I head to the front door.

The FedEx guy has a large package and asks for my ID and signature. I show him my ID and sign his electronic pad. I thank him and head back to my desk area.

I open the package and look inside. As I had requested, there were several envelopes with people’s names on them.

I ask Dakota to dial up Miguel the locksmith. I wanted to know if he handled safes and if he did, could he bring me several to choose from. She dialed him up and chatted.

When she hung up, she tells me that he will be here in a couple hours with several safes. She also said that he’s looking forward to his ‘date’ tonight. Dakota just smiled.

Before I could even sit back down at my laptop, the UPS guy showed up just needing a signature, which I provided.

I opened the envelope and found exactly what I had ordered, 10 visa cards. I took mine and Jill’s out of the envelope. I summoned Dakota, Jennifer, and John to the living room.

When I had all three standing by me, I pulled out a Visa card for each of them. I gave Dakota hers which got me a kiss. I gave Jennifer one of the $2500 cards telling her it was to be used for business, which got me another kiss. I gave John one as well. In my head, and in discussion with Jill, we both believe that John has shown the maturity to possess this card. It had his name imprinted on it. I told him that it only had a $2500 limit, but that I trusted him to use it for our playtime and of course, for business purposes. He stood there with his mouth open. Jennifer leaned over to him and told him how proud of him she was. Clearly, he was stunned.

“John…. John…. are you ok?” I asked.

He just stood there with this dumbfounded look on his face.

Finally, he spoke. “Yeah, I’m OK. Sir, are you sure you are willing to have me have a credit card? I mean, you barely know me,” He says in a heartfelt manner.

“John, I know enough about you that I feel I can trust you. Jill and I have discussed this and she’s on board as well,” I say to him trying to reassure him.

He reaches his hand out to shake my hand. While we are shaking hands, he does the ‘man hug’ thing again.

Amy texted Dakota to let her know they have a back seat full of groceries and a whole trunk full as well. She texted that they were about 15-20 minutes away. She texted back that she would tell us.


Tina and Amy showed up almost exactly when they said they would. I sent everyone out to Tina’s car to unload it with the assortment of grocery bags.

However, it dawned on me that I thought I had sent Dakota for the groceries, but Tina was taking care of it. I shrugged my shoulders thinking that it really didn’t matter who did what.

As the car became empty of groceries, Jennifer and John carried in the liquor and beer. They had bought a case of Michelob. A case of Samuel Adams dark and a case of a locally bottled IPA. As for the liquor, there was Jack Daniels, Grey Goose, Johnny Walker Red, Captain Morgan (both clear and spiced), Crown Royale, Patron, and a bottle of Hennessy. All the liquor bottles were the 2-liter handle size. They had also picked up several different types of mixers and soda.

Tina was proud of her shopping. She told me that they used all the cash on the groceries, however, they went to a liquor store that took AMEX to buy the liquor and the mixers. I kissed her for taking care of a huge task. I kissed Amy as well. Now the task was to put all the stuff away.

It took everyone working together to get all the groceries put away. Amy showed amazing skill at putting everything in an organized logical fashion.

As they were working together, I called Uber Eats and ordered some Carrabba’s. They gave me a time of one hour which seemed like a realistic time.

Just as all the groceries were finally put away, the mattress company showed up with three trucks filled with mattresses, box springs, and bed frames. Dakota purposely did not order head or foot boards. She thought that we should furnish the decorating before we added headboards or footboards. She made a wise decision.

The first mattresses to come in were California Kings. Eight of them to be exact. She intended for three of them to be in my suite. Two of them for her suite. Two of them for the other master suite with the final one being in the largest unspoken for bedroom.

The delivery guys were assembling bed frames out by the truck and walking them into the house two at a time. Jennifer took over directing them as to what frames go in what rooms.

John went outside to help the delivery guys to bring in the assembled frames. Using a laydown dolly, they began wheeling in the box springs All of the California King’s came in first. Jennifer had the delivery guys set the frames in place and add the box springs to them. Mattresses would be in after all the box springs and frames are set-up.

As they began putting the finishing touches on each bed, Dakota arrived with several sets of sheets, pillowcases, and pillows. Once again, the crew began unloading her car and putting sheet sets on each bed with a minimum of two pillows on each bed.

Diane and Amy began putting sheets on beds along with cases on the pillows. They started with my room first, moving to Dakota’s room next then rooms as they came to them.

John saw the Uber Eats car appear and practically ran out to them. He helped unload the car with all the Carrabba’s food. I signed the receipt giving the driver a 30% tip.

Thankfully, Carrabba’s sent paper plates, plastic forks/knives/spoons as I had not realized it, but we had no dishes, silverware, cookware, pots or pans as well as no storage containers for leftovers. I made a list to get some time tomorrow.

I summoned everyone who came quickly, the mattress delivery guys finished their work and left. Jennifer gave me a summary of what was where, and Amy gave me an idea how far along her and Diane were fixing all the beds.

Everyone filled their plates with food. I saw our three tenants outside poolside, but with their bathing suits on this time. I went outside and asked them to join us for lunch. They readily agreed. I saw a whole lot of surprised faces when I asked them to join us for lunch.

I introduce all the ladies to everyone. The one that was still missing was Allison. I asked Belinda if they reached her. She told me that Allison would be here about 4-ish. I smiled, happy to know that the key piece would be in attendance tonight.

We all sat around eating and enjoying each other’s company. Funny thing though, even though Belinda was flirting with me all through lunch, Dakota was never more than an arm’s length away from me.

As some of the ladies were complaining of being overly full, Miguel showed up with his truck full of different types of safes. I got up and walked out to his truck. He showed me about a dozen different types, including a couple of in-floor models. I decided on virtually everyone he brought all except two, they were too complicated with those two having biometrics, electronic keypads, AND a key.

Miguel promised that he would give me his best price. I assured him that if he just gave me a 25% discount off what a normal charge would be that would be just fine. He again offered to give me a better price, but I reminded him that he should save that pricing or someone who is down on their luck and really needs the financial help to pay their bill. He reluctantly agreed.

Miguel said that he would install the large safes today and finish up over the next few days. I sent John down to the wine cellar to bring up two cases of the Cierra wine. While he was gone, I remembered to give Tina her Visa card, which again drew another kiss.

I reminded Miguel that we would be leaving at 5 for the concert. He looked at his watch and took a deep breath and sighed. I knew that was a bad sign. I asked not really wanting to hear his answer, “Miguel, what seems to be the matter?”

“Well, if I begin the install on the big safes, I probably won’t be done until almost 5pm,” he said.

“Then only install one safe and leave the rest for next week. Unload your truck with all the ones for here, leaving the two that I don’t want in your truck. Install only one big safe and put all the other safes in one of the unoccupied bedrooms and finish the work Monday or Tuesday. I’m in no hurry,” I explained.

“Are you sure sir?”

“Absolutely,” I replied.

He seemed relieved.

As the early afternoon wore on, Diane and Amy continued to make all the beds with sheets, pillows, and pillowcases. The house was now starting to take shape and look like something wonderful.

It only took Miguel about an hour to install the first big safe in the walk-in closet of my bedroom. He commented about the sheer size of my bedroom. He said it was about the size of his entire house. Miguel said his good-byes and headed back to the shop to drop off the two safes I didn’t choose and head home to shower and dress to be back before 5.

I got a call from Fred asking about what attire his nephews should have for tonight. I told him casually but not so casual to offend either of the ladies that they would be meeting tonight. Fred chuckled and thanked me.

As we rolled around to 3pm, most of the women took their overnight bags and chose a bathroom to begin preparing for tonight’s fun.

John asked if he could talk with me privately. I took him out to the pool, which was now vacated. The tenants had also gone inside to start getting ready for tonight.

“Sir, I have an idea on proposing to Diane,” He says in a heartfelt manner.

“What’s your plan?” I ask,

“I figure I could drag Diane onto the stage and propose to her in front of the crowd. I think that she would really get a kick out of it,” He tells me.

In my head, I could not have chosen a worse place for him to propose.

“John……um……I’m not sure that would be a good idea,” I say to him cautiously.

“Why not sir. Don’t you think she would be excited to be proposed to in front of 20,000 people, with her beautiful face on the Jumbo-Tron,” He tries to convince me.

“John, this has disaster written all over it. Putting her on stage, then proposing to her in front of all those people is a recipe for disaster. Let’s say she does say NO, I don’t think she will, but let’s say she does. Now you have embarrassed her in front of all those people. Your relationship will be done. Period. Over. No hopes for any future with her,” I try to explain.

I’m not sure he’s getting my point.

I offer to have a neutral person listen and offer their take on the issue. He rolls his eyes telling me that Dakota or Tina don’t count as a neutral third party.

I suggest Belinda or the C&C twins. He smiles and agrees. I was sure he was thinking that since they are his age, they would agree with him.

We get up and knock on the ladies’ door. Belinda answers. I explain that John and I have differing opinions and need a lady’s perspective. She agrees.

“Belinda, John has an idea on how to propose to his girlfriend. I don’t agree and we would like you to help settle a difference of opinion please,” I say to her.

John begins to tell Belinda his idea on how he thinks he should propose to Diane. I see her nodding as he is talking.

When he is done talking, she turns to me and asks what my position on the subject was.

I explain that proposing in front of close friends is wonderful but putting her in front of 20,000 people could potentially blow up and ruin their relationship forever.

Belinda thought about it for a couple of moments before saying, “John, you really don’t understand a woman at all do you? Women like intimacy. Men love to beat their chest and show the world what they have done. Women are completely different animals. They want to know that their intimate times with their man is just that…. intimate,” She explained in a serious manner.

John hung his head. Apparently, he had been thinking about that since we bought the ring. Now he was at a loss on what to do. I reminded him that there’s no rush on proposing. I told him that his heart was in the right place, he just needed to have a different way, a more intimate way to propose to her.

He responded, “OK, I guess so,” in a defeated tone.

I leaned in and kissed Belinda before putting my arm around John’s shoulder pulling him away from their door and walking him back to the main house. I could see him thinking hard about what ‘plan B’ would be.

Once inside, I directed him to head to an unoccupied shower to start getting ready for tonight. He grabbed his backpack and headed towards a shower.

I heard the ladies giggling and chatting away about how they were looking forward to the activities of tonight, specifically the afterparty.

I picked up my own bag and headed to the shower of my bedroom. Once in there, I noticed just how nice the ladies made the room look. I put my outfit on the bed for tonight. I laid out dress slacks, dress shoes, and dark socks, along with a light blue Cuban style shirt. I laid my wallet, keys, and cell phone next to the clothes and put some additional money that I brought from the other house under my wallet.

I stepped into my shower. Thankfully, there was a couple of towels sitting on the vanity.

Since I didn’t bring my shaving equipment, I skipped the shave for obvious reasons.

I turned on the water in the shower, which was hot immediately. This was something new as the other house required a few minutes wait to warm up. Water pressure was strong, even with other showers going on simultaneously.

I noticed a bar of new soap on the soap dish. In my head, I assumed that it was part of the groceries that arrived.

I cleaned up. While I was rinsing my hair, I felt a pair of soft hands on me. Since I had my head under the water, I tried as hard as I could to place the hands.

Dakota? Tina? Jennifer? Amy? Diane? I had no idea.

I shook the water out of my head and turned around to find………Belinda.

She put one finger to her lips indicating not to speak. I readily complied.

I had no idea if she was invited to join me or did she just let herself in or what. I had several different scenarios swirling around in my head.

I sat down on the bench attached to the wall. She knelt in front of me stroking my cock until it reached its full length. At this point, I was anticipating her to begin to blow me, but instead, she straddled my lap impaling herself on my hard cock.

She bounced up and down on my manhood without making a noise. She put her hands on my shoulders mashing her overly endowed chest into my face as she bounced up and down.

She leaned in and nibbled on my ear, which took conscious thought on my part not to make a sound even though I so wanted to moan.

She kept her bouncing on my cock. She kept her chest in my mouth, with my tongue licking and sucking on her nipples. She kept licking and nibbling on my ear, occasionally kissing my neck.

Finally, she whispered in my ear,” Oh, you fuck so wonderfully. I’m cumming harder and harder. I so want to play with you tonight. Gawd damn, I’m cumming so hard,” She says in my ear low enough that I barely hear her.

“Belinda, you are so beautiful. I’m cummmming. Oh, gawd damn, I’m cumming,” I say to her directly into her ear.

I feel her pussy milk my cock for every drop it can get. We embrace even tighter. She lifts my face out of her ample chest to kiss me hard and passionately. Her tongue enters my mouth to do the dual of lovers.

I feel my cock ready to explode again. “Belinda, I’m going to cum again. You fuck me so wonderfully. I’m cummmming again,” I whisper into her ear.

As she felt my cock grow inside of her and explode again, she whispers to me, “Fuck me. You feel so damn good inside of me,” She says looking directly into my eyes.

We embrace even tighter. She again leans down to kiss me. Our tongues intertwine as we try to regain our senses.

Over her shoulder, I see Jennifer begin to walk into my bathroom. Apparently, she had the same idea of joining me in the shower. When she saw someone with me, she turned around and quietly walked back out closing the door behind her.

Now my mind began wondering if Jennifer was mad or if she was just respecting my privacy and not trying to insert herself into my current situation. Whatever the reason, I was thankful that she left us alone. I’m not sure Dakota would have turned around and left.

Belinda and I finished up and dried ourselves off. When we left the bathroom, I was surprised to see Jennifer sitting quietly at the end of my bed. She had a simple black cocktail dress on. She was stunning.

“I want to thank you for what you did for John. He’s really trying hard to follow everything you tell him. He has matured so much since you came into his life. I saw that you were already with someone and I didn’t want to interfere where I was not invited. I know we’ll all play tonight. I’ll thank you then,” She says to me.

Belinda and Jennifer exchanged glances. They both smiled. Belinda gathered up her clothes and began putting them on. I moved over to the bed and began dressing as well.

Jennifer and Belinda had a light conversation, about nothing really. I felt as if I was being watched by both of my lovers.

Belinda finished dressing first. She came over to me and kissed me before she squeezed my ass telling me she would be back with the other girls in a few minutes.

After Belinda left, Jennifer got up and sauntered over to me. She put her lips on mine. “If you weren’t already married, I would have chased you to the ends of the earth. You are an amazing man David Greene. You’re patient, beautiful, loving, generous, and the man most women want as their partner for life,” She says in a heartfelt manner.

She pulls me into her tight and kisses me with a passion. In that ‘what if’ scenario in my head, I could see myself with her. But alas, that is not the case so tormenting myself like that is ridiculous.

“Do you know that John has never had a credit card ever? He’s nervous about disappointing you by using it wrong. Don’t be surprised that he asks you several times before he uses it even once if it is OK to use the card,” She tells me.

“I had that feeling that was the case by the way he stood stunned when I gave him the card. I think this is just one more step towards him becoming his own man,” I tell her. She kisses me again.

“David, I have this idea that you will be worn out. I want you. Diane wants you. Amy certainly wants you. Of course, Dakota wants you. Your new friend, Belinda wants you. Hell, even Paula wants you, no matter if it’s her or her sexual twin, my submissive sister Anabelle. I don’t think tonight would be a good night to bring our collars,” Jennifer says to me.

“No, no collars tonight. We’re all just going to play. We’re going to have 7 new people joining us, so there should be lots of new people to have fun with, not just boring old me,” I say to her smiling from ear to ear.

She kisses me again promising to help the other women have their way with me. I do ask a favor of her, “Please keep an eye on Dakota. You know that she is pregnant as well. I don’t want her to be taken advantage of nor do I want her to overdo anything. May I ask you to just keep an eye on her just as you would for Diane? As a favor to keep me relaxed tonight?” I ask of her.

“David, for you, I’ll do most anything. I will be happy to keep an eye on both her and Diane, so you don’t have to worry tonight,” she tells me.


As I leave the bedroom, I head to the living room where I see nothing but stunning beauties. All my ladies are wearing similar versions of black cocktail dresses. Every gorgeous woman is wearing a dress that stops mid-thigh, has a V-neck plunging neckline, and everyone is wearing shiny black heels of different heights.

I am stunned. I hear a knock at the back-glass door. There stood all 4 ladies. While they didn’t wear black cocktail dresses, they did wear muted colors. The twins wore a dark blue. Belinda wore a deep purple. Allison wore a dark brown. Each woman wore heels of at least 6″ or higher, with Allison wearing what appeared to be 9″ stilettos.

John stepped to the glass door first and invited them all inside. About that time, the doorbell rang. Dakota stepped over to the front door and opened it. There stood 3 sharp-looking guys. Each one had dress slacks on, dress shirt, and a jacket. No one wore a tie, but heck, they didn’t need to.

Miguel said hello to Dakota, who responded with a kiss on his cheek. The other two introduced themselves to her.

“Hello Ma’am. I’m Fred’s nephew JP and this is my cousin DC,” He said to Dakota.

I stepped forward and introduced myself.

“JP and DC what are they short for?” I ask.

“James Patrick,” Says one.

“Derrick Charles,” Says the other.

“Gentlemen, I’m glad to meet you. The limos should be here in just a couple of minutes. Let me introduce you to the gang,” I say beginning introductions around the room.

As I’m introducing the three men, I see Belinda move over to Miguel and give him a quick smooch alman porno on the cheek. When I get to the C&C twins, they can’t take their eyes off them. Both women walk over and without hesitation, put their arms on them and give each guy a quick smooch on the lips. I smile thinking thank goodness that went better than I had anticipated. I look at Dakota and she is smiling.

Two black stretch limos pull into the courtyard.

“Cars are here, shall we go?” I say to everyone.

“John and Diane, and the 6 of you go in one vehicle and the rest of us will be in your Uncle Fred’s car,” I direct.

Everyone heads out to their respective car.

I notice the woman who is driving the second car, but I can’t put my finger on who she is.

I walk over to her and ask if we’ve met before. She introduces herself as Margaret whom I met when I was just a Chauffeur. She remembers me as the one that ‘broke Sasha’ into a whimpering little girl. In my head, I believe that was meant to be a compliment, however, was it really?

I thank her and head back to my own car, where Fred stands stoically holding the door.

I get in and no surprise to me, Dakota and Jennifer have left the vacancy for me between them.

I gladly sit down only to have a hand from each lady land on my thigh almost immediately. I hear a car come racing into the courtyard. It’s Donna trying hard not to miss us. She leaps out of her car, wearing a bright red cocktail dress and gorgeous 9″ black stilettos.

I ask where Marcus was as I didn’t remember seeing him. Dakota tells me that he’s ‘under the weather’ and won’t be joining us. I shrug my shoulders and just say to no one in particular, “His loss.”

Fred shuts the door to our car after Donna gets in and Margaret shuts the door to the other limo and off to the Staples Center we go.

The drive was not that bad, as I had really anticipated it to be, but the go home traffic was just beginning so we made fairly good time getting to the Staples Center.

In my car, everyone was friendly and excited chattering about lots of things. I just sat back and enjoyed watching and listening. Dakota skootched closer to me on one side and Jennifer did the same on the other side. Amy made a joke that I was the ‘meat’ in the horny woman sandwich. Everyone laughed including Dakota and Jennifer.

Although they were being obvious, it still felt good to be loved.

We arrived at the Staples Center just before 6. I got out and headed to the box office to see my friend. He came outside to greet me saying that the suite was all set up and should have the food being put in there as we spoke. He handed me an envelope with 18 tickets including 6 backstage passes. Those backstage passes made me suddenly nervous thinking about John.

Fred held the door open for everyone to exit the car and Margaret did the same.

I handed out tickets to everyone. I still had two tickets left over. I offered them to Margaret and Fred, but they both politely declined.

The gang entered through the suite entrance. I noticed a couple that was holding up two fingers. In my day, that meant that they were looking for two tickets to this sold-out event. I left the group and walked over to them. I looked them over. Clean, neat in appearance, hair brushed, seemed like normal people.

I asked if they were looking for two tickets.

“Yes, sir we are,” the woman answered.

The guy chimed in, “Sir, we don’t have a lot of money, but today is our anniversary so we thought we would take a chance to see if someone might have two tickets to sell at a reasonable price,” he says.

I just look at them and hand them the two extra tickets that I had invited them to join my gang in the suite.

The lady’s eyes teared up immediately and the guy hugged me, not the ‘man hug’ that John does but an actual both arms around me full-on hug. The woman kissed me on the cheek.

“Oh, my gawd, this is so nice of you,” The woman says.

“Are we sitting with your group or somewhere else?” The guy asked.

“You’re with my group. C’mon follow me,” I said. I looked at the suite entrance to see Jennifer and Dakota waiting for me.

I can see that they are a bit unsure about going through the suite entrance. The security at the door checks the woman’s purse and scans their tickets.

We get into the suite entrance and wait patiently at the elevator. The couple looks nervous like I’m pulling their leg, or this is some hoax.

“If I may ask, what are your names?” I say.

“I’m James and this is my wife Nadia,” He says.

“I’m David Greene, this is my assistant Dakota and a close female friend Jennifer,” I say to them.

I realize that I don’t have the FedEx package. I left it in the car. I text Fred that I’m sending Dakota down for it. He replies that it will be waiting for her. I explain to Dakota and she agrees to go pick it up from Fred.

When the door opens on our suite level, everyone is standing waiting for me. I get hugs from everyone and kisses from all the ladies, including Belinda and the twins.

John tells me that there is a change in the program. The Menace tribute band was replaced by an upcoming local band and a stand-up comic named Jim Bauer. I dialed up Mike Booker. His phone went to voicemail. I figured he was working, and I would catch up with him at another time.

As soon as the suite door opened, John spoke his favorite word, “Fuck,” he announced.

I watched as all our new guests’ eyes grew large. The Coast Guard guys just stood with their arms around the twins. Miguel was hugging Belinda from behind. John had his arms around Diane from behind. James was clearly not expecting this as he was holding his wife’s hand as they both looked wide-eyed at the suite and its view of the stage. Amy, Tina, Jennifer, and Donna all hugged me and kissed me. Even Allison came over and gave me a kiss.

I announced to everyone to fix themselves a plate of food, get a beverage and relax.

“I want everyone to enjoy each other’s company and let’s all have a great time tonight,” I say to the entire group.

I began to worry about seeing John the first one fixing a plate, however, he was fixing the plate for Diane. That made me smile.

Everyone fell in line putting food on their plates and getting beverages. Some of the group sat out on the balcony to eat. Some sat at the high-top counter with the tall bar stools to sit and eat and socialize. And yet, some just plopped down on one of the couches in the suite.

Dakota returned with my FedEx package. She handed it to me and kissed me passionately before stepping in line to make herself a plate to eat. Once her plate was full, Amy waved her over to sit by her at the tall counter with the bar stools. I sat down in a big chair just looking around at everyone enjoying everyone else. Even the new couple, Nadia and James were sitting by Jennifer and Tina, chatting about today being their wedding anniversary.

Donna excused herself grabbed Paula’s hand bringing her over to me. Paula sits on my lap. She begins to kiss me and snuggle up to me laying her head on my chest. I see the new couple looking at me funny. I figure that they don’t understand the dynamics of our playgroup.

Asking Paula to move, I stand up as most everyone has finished the bulk of their plate of food.

“May I have everyone’s attention. Please come inside here,” I say to the group.

Everyone finds a place to sit, most of them are on the floor or in many cases with the women, they are sitting in a guy’s lap.

“Amy, would you please close the glass door so we may have some privacy,” I ask her.

When the glass door is shut, I begin, “Now, I want to thank everyone for all their hard work lately. Things at the companies are making improvements and it’s in large part to everyone’s hard work,” I say.

I went on to say, “I know that I set the bar pretty high last concert having Lady Gaga stop by, however, no one from Metallica will be dropping by tonight. If I remember, I handed out envelopes last time. What do you know? I have more envelopes once again,” I say seeing a couple of faces smile in anticipation as last time when they all got cash in their envelopes.

I reached into my FedEx package and pulled out an impressive number of brown envelopes, each one with a name on it.

I walked around the room handing out the envelopes asking everyone to not open them until I give the word.

I surprised even the new people with an envelope except for James and Nadia. Unfortunately, I had nothing for them.

Once everyone had an envelope, I sat back down in my chair and gave the OK to open.

Unexpectedly, there was silence. I had anticipated screams, yelling, even squeals, but alas nothing.

I guess my face showed disappointment.

Dakota and Amy came over to me asking if this was real or a joke. I explained that it was real. It wasn’t until I explained that the papers in the envelopes were real that the whole thing sank into everyone.

John stood up and announced, “David, my paper says that I now have 500 shares of Jaxson Inc, stock,” followed by several agreements from others.

I hear several ‘mine too’ voices agreeing with John. However, Jennifer, Paula, Donna, and Dakota came over to me and surrounded me.

Jennifer led the group, “David my paper says that I now have 2500 shares of Jaxson Inc. stock,” Paula follows up, “Mine as well,” with Donna being the final lady to agree with Jennifer. I sort of smile as my intended surprise didn’t seem to go over as well as I had planned.

Dakota just walked over to me and kissed me passionately saying, “Thank you, Daddy,” in my ear.

Paula pulled out the stock certificate that was in Dakota’s envelope to see it said 10,000 shares. I saw all the blood leave her face. She ended up needing to sit down, which she did on the floor right where she was standing.

I overhear one of the Coast Guard guys explain to Carol that “Bearer” was not a mistake, that’s not her name, it means whoever holds the certificate held 100 shares of Jaxson Inc. stock. He Googled the current closing price of Jaxson Inc. stock. He was surprised to see that it closed $1.50 down to a closing price of $265.25 per share.

The CG guy asked if this was real. I assured them it was. Jill and I were grateful for all the help of the playgroup. The 100 shares for the 7 of them was my way of welcoming them to the group.

Jennifer had her phone out using the calculator part of the phone. When she figured out her stock value, she passed out cold dropping the phone and causing quite a stir.

Allison still holding her certificate looked completely confused. She approached me asking rather sheepishly, “Are you giving me a gift of more than $26,000? Um, may I ask, ‘are you crazy’?” To that, I just smiled.

Amy had her phone out trying to figure out what she had been given. I hear her mumbling to herself, “265.25 per share times 500 shares equals……. WHAT THE FUCK?” She screams. She shows John the total. Then Diane. John announced the total from Amy’s phone $132,625.00!

This prompted Donna and Paula to do their own calculations. Donna and Paula both came over to me telling me that it was too generous of a gift.

Paula announces why Jennifer passed out. “He gave the three of us 2500 shares each that are valued at $663,125.00,” with Donna’s eyes tearing up.

Dakota leans into my ear and whispers, “This is for our baby isn’t it?” I just nod yes. She kisses me on the cheek and whispers a promise in my ear.

Nadia and James just sat there watching. I felt quite uneasy not having something for the two of them. I asked Dakota to get their contact information. She said she would take care of it.

John interrupted the celebration asking for everyone’s attention.

He walked over to Diane, got down on one knee holding a black velvet box. He opened the box and just held it there without saying a word.

“YES, YES, YES you fool,” Diane screamed.

John smiled. Diane screamed over and over. All the ladies circled around Diane to look at the ring. John stopped everyone taking the ring out of the box and putting it on her finger. She kissed him passionately and he held her tightly.

There were lots of oooh’s and ahhh’s as everyone looked at the ring. The CG guys both congratulated John as did Miguel. Belinda walked over to John and said to him, “This was a much better way to do it,” She kissed him and walked away.

I walked over to Allison, taking her hand and asked her to follow me out to the balcony.

We sat down next to each other. I asked her what she thinks we should do about Tulip Productions. She shrugged her shoulders saying that she had no idea what to do about the company.

“Would you like to own the company?” I asked.

“Sure, but I have little to no money, except for what you just gave me. I just got out of bankruptcy about a year ago,” She explained.

“I’m not sure Tulip Productions is the right fit for Jaxson Inc. I do realize that it had tremendous value and with the right person at the helm, it could quite possibly vault into a top company in the industry,” I say to her.

“I think you are right,” she says.

“What would you do if you had control of the company?” I asked.

“Hmm…. I don’t really know. I have never thought about owning the company. I think gonzo porn is the way to go. The old days of stupid plots and horrible acting with cheesy lines are over, thank goodness! However, some of the fastest growing porn production companies have become niche companies. I think that they might be missing the opportunity to be a one-stop shop. I mean, maybe you’re into threesome videos, but your assistant is into interracial videos, and yet your wife, whom I have yet to meet, likes BDSM videos. All of these could be made and distributed from the same production company. There could be a series of websites that could generate online access for a monthly fee. This money would, in turn, finance production of further videos,” Allison mused to me.

“Would you be interested in running Tulip Productions?”

“Of course, but what would be the fee? Money, sex, both…. or something more?” She inquired.

“Yes,” I replied not giving her a true indication of what my brain was thinking.

“I’m sure the price is much too high. Why don’t we just end this fantasy about me running the company since you want too much,” Allison retorted.

“You don’t even know what I want and you’re already willing to dump the whole deal. If you’re going to run a multi-million-dollar company you need to be a bit more patient and hear all the pieces before deciding,” I tell her.

“OK, then make your offer,” She says with a bit of frustration in her voice.

“Let’s say you were to take over Tulip. I would think that three million dollars spread out over 10 years would be a reasonable price. Your first payment would be due one year from today. That would be $300,000 due to Jaxson’s Inc. and every year for the next 10 years total until the entire 3 million gets paid off. This would be a zero-interest loan, something you would never get from a bank or anyone loaning you money,” I say giving her the first part of my deal.

“So far I can live with this deal,” She says hesitantly.

“Second, I need to know that I can trust you implicitly. Jaxson’s Inc. should never have any connection with Tulip Productions, should anyone ask they have nothing to do with one another,” I say telling her what is truly important.

“Again, I understand,”

“Third, and my part of this deal. I would like you and the ladies, including Belinda to join our playgroup. This is 100% consensual. Nothing is forced. No ALWAYS means no. This third part of the deal is not a deal breaker if you choose to say no to this part of the deal. I like the four of you ladies, I think the twins are a bit dense sometimes, but sweet none the less,” I explain part three.

“I noticed you haven’t said anything about Belinda. I think she’s sweet on you. All she could talk about was how nice you have been to all three of them. You realize of course that she is the youngest of the three,” She says to me.

“How old are all of you? I’ve been a bit concerned wanting to make sure everyone is of age to drink,” I explain.

“The twins are 23, Belinda is 21, and I’m 28 the old lady of the group,” She says now smiling.

“You know, I just thought of a fourth item to help our deal,” I add.

Her eyes roll as if she was saying ‘here it comes the other shoe to drop’.

“Let’s take the equipment out of my house and use the other pool house for your production studios. That would cost you $5,000 per month payable directly to me. On the first day of the month, you will give me a money order or cashier’s check from you…. not Tulip Productions, to me personally for use of the second pool house,” I say to her.

“I can live with that,” She says now smiling.

I put my hand out to her and she shakes my hand. We have a deal. I’ll have the attorneys draw up the contract.

Dakota now comes up to me from behind and whispers in my ear, “Daddy, you are going to be fucked and sucked until you can’t move and even then, the women will ravage your body tonight,” she says to me.

Just about then the lights dimmed for the first part of the concert. I got up and headed back into the suite. Most of the rest of the gang went out to the balcony.

Back inside, Dakota sat in my lap while I was on the couch.

“Daddy, I so love you,” Dakota says in a loving manner to me, looking directly into my eyes.

“If we weren’t in the middle of an arena, I would love to have my cock deep into my darling daughter,” I say to her.

“You know I don’t mind, we can do it right now,” Dakota offers.

“Um, let’s not get tossed out of the arena as much as that sounds sexy to me,” I say.

“In the car, you’re mine,” She whispers in my ear.

I just smile. My phone rings, it’s Mike Booker.

“Hey, Mike, what happened to the Menace tribute band?”

“Their flight back from Japan hit bad weather and they had to land in Hawaii. I’ve been working the promoters and I think that I may have landed three who have a stable of bands that use them,” He tells me.

“Great, keep up the good work. I’m kind of disappointed about the whole Menace thing, let me know when they reschedule,” I tell him and end the call.

Jennifer comes over to me and sits down next to me on the couch.

“Want to know a surprise?”

“Sure, does it involve you being naked?” I ask.

“No, silly! I explained to our new guests what the after-party would be and guess what……they are swingers! Isn’t that exciting? I mean, you randomly pick a couple out of the parking lot and they turn out to be swingers. That’s too cool,” She says to me in an excited voice.

“Did you give them the address for the Commune?” I ask.

“No, not yet. I wanted to make sure you would be comfortable adding them,” She says to me.

“They’re fine. I see regular people, good hygiene, and if they are swingers then they understand the rules of no meaning no,” I say to Jennifer.

“Do you know how much everyone here loves you? Your gift was way too generous. It worries me that you’re giving away all of your money,” She says in a heartfelt manner.

“Thank you my darling, but the stock was a gift from Jaxson Inc. It wasn’t my own personal money. However, I do love all of you and I recognize that everyone works….and plays so very hard,” I tell her.

She kisses me.

“Can we talk a bit about John?” I ask her.

“Sure. Is this a serious ‘you’re worried’ about John discussion or is it you’re happy with him proposing to Diane discussion,” She asks.

“Both. I see John maturing and really coming into his own as a man. However, what worries me is that he hasn’t worked even one day this week. When Donna asks for volunteers to leave early or to take the day off, he is always the first one to volunteer. Now that he has a baby on the way, I worry that he isn’t planning for the financial tidal wave that is coming his way,” I say to her.

“He’s got money. You don’t know this, but my father left John money when he passed away. The prerequisite was that John reached his 22nd birthday or graduated from college with at least an AA degree. Well a few weeks ago, while we were all in Vegas, he turned 22. The lawyer called when we returned and explained to John that his Grandfather left him $1.3 million dollars,” Jennifer explained to me.

“Does Diane know this?” I asked.

“No, John won’t allow me to tell her either,” she said.

“Getting smarter by the day. This way he knows that she loves him for him and not for a payoff,” I say.

“Exactly. However, he didn’t get the entire sum at once. The attorney sends him a check for $5,000 on the 15th of each month,” She tells me.

“Do you know how beautiful and sexy you are when you talk money?”

“David, all you have to do is tell me what you want. You already know I’ll do anything for you, well me or Sindee, your choice of course,” she says looking into my eyes.

“And what about your protégé, Anabelle, will you and I get to play with her this weekend or are you trying to hog me all to yourself?” I ask smiling.

“Oh, don’t even think that. Your baby Dakota has evil, evil plans for your body. You might just want to start drinking your pineapple juice like a madman,” She says with a big cheesy grin.

I just shake my head. I knew she was up to something. I just had no idea to what extent.


While Metallica was onstage, Nadia came over to me and sat down next to me.

“Sir, I’ve been told that you are having an after party at your home. The nice lady over there gave James and I an idea of what the party would entail. James sent me over here to find out if we are invited as well. It’s your home and we don’t want to intrude, but it does sound like the party that we would enjoy,” She says to me in a heartfelt manner.

I lean into her and kiss her cheek, working my way down to her neck. I lick her neck then over to her ear, nibbling on the lobe. She begins a soft almost inaudible moan. I whisper in her ear, “I want to let you know my rules for the after party. One, all play is consensual and that no means no. Two, you may stop at any time. Oh, and one more thing, my girls can go. Better warn James that they will tie him up like a pretzel and milk him for all he has,” I say with a big smile on my face.

I alexis texas porno felt her hand on my thigh moving its way towards my cock. She looked into my eyes with a look of hope. “Nadia, don’t worry, you and I will have time to play. Hell, if you are interested, you will probably be played with by every guy you see and if you’re willing several of the ladies as well,” I said as I was thinking if we had any lady who was not bisexual.

“Um, I’ve only played with one woman. It was not really good as she tasted sour and she didn’t want to reciprocate,” Nadia said to me in an almost embarrassed voice.

“Darling, these ladies all taste sweet. They’re all clean. They love sex and really enjoy pleasuring whomever they are playing with, guy or gal or both,” I tell her as I feel her hand now stroking my cock through my slacks.

I see Jennifer watching us. This prompted her to come over and join us.

“David are you trying to molest our new guest or are you just being you. The overly friendly guy?” She asks in a rhetorical tone.

“Both I guess,” I say smiling at Jennifer.

“Didn’t you say in the car that we’re not allowed to play in the suite. That we must wait until we are back in the cars to begin playing,” She says to me.

I exhale in disappointment. Nadia is a beautiful woman. Clearly Hispanic. Olive skin, 5’6″ tall, certainly a C cup chest. Tiny waist, maybe 28″. Short brunette hair. She smelled exquisite. For whatever reason, I noticed her feet. They were so tiny and delicate looking. They were clean and had no issues at all. They were as perfect a pair of feet that I have ever seen. Her toenails were clean, painted, buffed and without any blemishes. In my head, I just wanted to suck on her toes while my cock is in her pussy.

I look over my shoulder at her husband James, who is being ‘molested’ by Amy. She has him pushed back against the wall with her lips on his. His hands were grabbing her ass.

As Metallica came to an end, the house lights came back on and everything in the suite seemed to just stop.

I asked Nadia if they wanted to take their own car or ride with us in the limo. She said that she didn’t think it would be OK to leave their car at the arena, which made a bit of sense to me. I asked for her cell phone number. She gave it to me. I texted her the address of the Commune. It took a couple of minutes before her phone received it.

Dakota came over to me and held her hand out. I kissed it and she grabbed my nose to be funny. I got up off the couch, leaned in and kissed Nadia on the lips saying that we would be expecting her and James shortly at the house.

I noticed that the twins had changed guys. The one that they had each started with was now with the other sister. I just smiled.

Belinda came in from the balcony with her head on Miguel’s shoulder and his arm around her waist.

I asked if everyone enjoyed the concert and only heard kudos. In my head, the concert went over better than my stock gift.

Dakota came over to me. In front of Nadia, she asked, “Daddy, are you ready to have your world rocked tonight? We all want a piece of you, but I get you first,” She says with a big beautiful smile on her face. She leans into me kissing me passionately.

I was a bit concerned about Allison. No one seemed to be paying any attention to her. I leaned into Nadia’s ear asking her to take James over to her and maybe offer to play with her. She got up from the couch and went directly over to James, taking him by the arm and walking him over to Allison. I saw the three of them chatting for a few minutes before James leaned into her and kissed her fully on the lips. She smiled and returned the kiss, putting her arms around James. Nadia looked over at me and gave me a ‘thumbs up’ sign.

I turned and with Dakota arm in arm with me and Amy now holding my other hand we all left the suite. While we were all gathered waiting for the elevator, Nadia announced that she left her purse in the suite. Jennifer went back to the suite with her to find her purse. When the elevator opened, I stayed outside of it waiting for Nadia and Jennifer to return. Dakota stepped off the elevator to wait with me. I sent everyone else down.

It was a couple of minutes before Nadia and Jennifer came back out of the suite. I did notice that Jennifer had a red lipstick mark on her neck. I just smiled at them as they joined Dakota and I waiting for the next elevator. I leaned into Nadia telling her how beautiful the lipstick mark on Jennifer’s neck was. She smiled a bit sheepishly.

The elevator took several minutes since there were only two elevators handling all the suite customers. Finally, the elevator opened and we stepped on along with another dozen suite guests from other suites.

Although the elevator was direct to the bottom, it felt like it was unusually slow or then again, maybe I was just unusually horny and wanted to get on with the after party.

CHAPTER 6…..The after-party

I watched carefully as Allison joined Nadia and James in their car. Nadia took a position in the driver’s seat, with Allison and James getting into the back seat.

It was only moments until Allison’s head disappeared from view. I just smiled.

Margaret’s limo was filled, and she headed out first towards the Commune.

I barely sat down in Fred’s limo before Dakota had my cock out and her dress hiked up. To no one’s surprise, she had no panties. She reached down and rubbed her pussy before straddling my cock, impaling herself on me. Using her knees, she controlled her up and down motions on my manhood. I felt her orgasm quickly. She came a second time, then a third and when her fourth orgasm rolled through her she announced that she was cumming and that Daddy makes her cum so hard!

I looked around the limo. I saw Jennifer and Amy intertwined. I saw Tina, Donna, and Paula all exchanging kisses and fingering each other. Dresses were hiked up, undies were either removed or pulled to the side and the flow of orgasms had begun.

By the time we arrived at the Commune, Jennifer had cum already twice. Amy only once, but it was a huge one. Dakota had announced three orgasms riding my dick. She never relented. The whole way home, she just kept riding me and milking my cock until she nearly collapsed onto me.

Fred put the privacy screen down just an inch to announce that we were about two minutes away from the house.

When Fred parked the limo and opened the back door, Dakota had just barely gotten off me in enough time for me to put my cock back into my pants.

Margaret already had arrived. Nadia, Allison, and James were pulling into the courtyard.

Everyone just huddled around the front door waiting on either Dakota or myself to unlock the door. Dakota got there first and unlocked the door.

I gave Fred two sets of money. One for Margaret, and one for him. Once again, he tried to decline but I wouldn’t hear of it and walked away.

Nadia came running over to me. She spun me around kissing me on the lips, putting her tongue into my mouth. I picked her up. She wrapped her legs around my back pulling my face into hers for another delicious kiss.

I carried her across the courtyard to the front door. I carefully stepped inside with her still wrapped around my body. Once inside, one of the CG guys came over to me.

“Excuse me, sir. We just want to make sure we understand your definition of an after-party. This is basically an orgy, correct?” He asks with a big smile on his face and a clear tent in his trousers.

” Yes, you are correct. There are just two rules. One, everything is consensual. Two, no means no. Got it?” I asked.

“Yes, sir,” he said to me.

He turned around and went back over to one of the twins giving a thumbs up to both Miguel and his CG partner.

I looked around and noticed that virtually no one was in the living room. I set Nadia down and went over to the six of them telling them to follow me. I headed down the hall hearing sounds of orgasms already. I told the group to pick a room, any room. Have fun. When you feel like it, change rooms, change partners, invite others to join you, accept invitations made to you. This whole night and into whatever time tomorrow will be just a night of debauchery that you have never encountered before.

One of the CG guys asked hesitantly if Uncle Fred ever participated in this type of party. I told him that he hasn’t even indicated that he would be interested in such a thing, although truth be told I had never even considered him.

The twins drug the CG boys into a room, I saw them both take off their dresses in one swift move.

Nadia was now wanting my attention once again. I took her hand and led her to my suite. In the next suite, I could hear Dakota hitting a peak once again. I didn’t know who might be there with her, but I was happy that I had the time to play with others.

When we stepped into my suite, Nadia just stopped at the door. I was almost to a bed before I realized that she was still standing at the door. I went back and took her hand leading her into the suite. Once we got to the middle of the room, I began undressing her. I let all of her clothes fall to the floor at her feet. I reached behind her and with one hand unsnapped her bra letting it also fall to the floor. In just a couple of moments, here stood this beautiful Hispanic woman completely naked. My cock was aching to be released from its confines. She saw the tenting in my pants and began unbuckling my belt, unclasping my pants, and unzipping me.

I let the pants fall to the floor as well. I removed my own shirt and tee shirt. We both stood there for just a moment admiring each other. I leaned into her and whispered into her ear, “What would you like for me to do to you?”

“Fuck me gently. James always likes it hard and rough, but once in a while I would like it soft and gentle,” She says with her heart in her eyes.

“Darling, your wish is my command,” I say.

I scoop her up in my arms honeymoon style and carry her over to one of the three beds in the suite. I lay her down on the mattress. I get in next to her. My cock is rock hard and leaking pre-cum on her thigh. I begin to kiss her. I lick her lips with my tongue. I nibble on her bottom lip, pulling it gently. I lick my way down to her shoulders causing her to emit a low moan.

I feel her grasp my cock, gently stroking it, smearing the pre-cum on the shaft to lubricate me further.

I keep licking my way down to her breast. I lick the whole chest, the underside of each boob, I gently bite the nipple of each, and lick around the areola. She begins to moan louder now as she is completely turned on. I reach down and touch her sex. It is so wet. I put two fingers into her gently, pushing them knuckle deep. When I withdraw them, I put them into my mouth, which elicits a wonderful moan from her watching me suck her woman juice off of my fingers.

I put the fingers back into her again knuckle deep. This time when I remove them, I present them to her waiting mouth. She greedily gobbles and sucks all of her own cum juice off my fingers moaning loudly as she cleans my digits.

She has increased her stroking of my manhood. I was really getting aroused, not quite to the point of orgasm, but I sensed it was not too long off.

I kept kissing my way down to her pussy. I put myself in between her thighs with my face and tongue only inches away from her moist wet wanton womanhood. I took a deep inhale before I put my tongue to work on her.

She lifted her legs draping them over my shoulders and interlocking her ankles behind my head. She did all she could to thrust her pelvis into my mouth further.

I kept my licking and sucking, hearing her breathing change. Using my thumb, I began rubbing circles around her clit. She was now cumming repeatedly. She was a rarity in that she didn’t really announce her orgasms, nor did she make a lot of noise at all when cumming.

As her thighs squeezed my head tightly, a knock was heard on my door. Belinda stepped in asking if she could join us. I just waived her over to the bed since my tongue was currently busy.

I felt her get into the bed. I saw Belinda feed her huge bosom to Nadia’s waiting mouth and tongue. I kept licking and sucking for all it was worth, trying desperately to get her to a large orgasm instead of the little ones she had been having.

I decided to change tactics. I put two fingers facing up into her pussy. My left hand’s thumb kept playing and pushing her clit and my tongue kept licking her woman folds. After a few minutes of that, she really began to squirm. Once again, I heard her breathing change.

I kept my fingers curling up scraping on her G-spot. My tongue, my thumb, and my fingers all working in unison finally produced what I was looking for. She came loudly, “OH MY GAWD. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? I’VE NEVER HAVE CUM THIS HARD…. EVER!”

My mouth flooded with her woman juice that I readily licked and slurped up.

In just a couple of minutes, she came loudly again, “OH FUCK ME! YOU ARE MAKING ME CUM SO HARD…. SOOOOO HARD!”

After her second loud orgasm, I decided to begin playing with Belinda. Although I had not fucked Nadia, she seemed sated for now at least. Her eyes were glazed over and her breathing still not regular as I began working on Belinda.

I knee walked over behind her, reaching around to play with her nipples. I tweaked them gently. She reached back and grabbed my cock with her hand, wrapping it around the base. I pushed her forward so that her chest was in Nadia’s face, which prompted Nadia to lick and suck her boobs.

I moved up behind her rubbing my hard cock on her pussy. I heard a deep guttural moan escape her mouth as my cock spanked her clit.

Sliding my cock all the way into Belinda, she began writhing around in front of me. I began thrusting into her until my entire cock was buried into her. I began my pistoning action on her wet pussy. I felt her womanhood spasm on my cock several times as I was inside of her. I felt my thighs get sprayed more than once from the wetness her vagina was expelling as she orgasmed over and over.

I felt Nadia get up off the bed and head to the door. As she was going out, Jennifer and Paula were coming in. I smiled a big smile seeing those two. I picked up my pace fucking Belinda with more force as I thrust into her. Belinda was now moaning in one long moan. I heard Dakota reach her orgasmic pinnacle once again.

Belinda reached her orgasmic peak soon after the ladies joined us in bed.


I felt her wetness spray on my thighs as she came over and over. As I finished fucking Belinda, I summoned Jennifer and Paula. I directed Paula to sit on Belinda’s face while Jennifer began her oral assault on her womanhood. I took up the place behind Jennifer, pushing my cock into her ass as deep as I could get it in one thrust.

She was already wet and cum filled in her ass. It felt odd being the second one in her ass. It was cum filled. I leaned into Jen and asked who beat me there. “James,” she said. That was nice to know.

“Did he fuck you hard and fast?” I asked.

“Um, yes he did. How did you know my darling?” She inquired.

“Nadia told me,” I said.

She just smiled and went back to licking and sucking Belinda. I watched as Paula ground her wet pussy into Belinda’s face and waiting tongue.

As I began my hard thrusting into Jennifer, I saw that each thrust into Jen caused her to have her face pushed deeper into Belinda. Belinda was now moaning continuously into Paula’s pussy. I watched Paula’s pussy drip cum onto Belinda’s waiting tongue. I picked up my pace of fucking Jennifer.

However, the sloppiness of Jennifer’s ass was causing me a distraction. I changed tactics and summoned Paula to swap places with Jennifer. As she did, Jennifer lowered her womanhood down onto Belinda’s face with the cum from James oozing out into Belinda’s waiting mouth.

I put my cock into Paula and began thrusting hard. I knew it shouldn’t take very long to reach my own orgasm as I haven’t cum yet. I kept thrusting into my lover and she kept orgasming repeatedly. Then her big orgasm hit, “OH FUCK ME, DADDY. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I’M YOUR SLUT. MAKE ME……CUUUUUUUMMMMMMM,” She said in one long orgasmic statement.

I didn’t even announce my own orgasm. Instead, I just felt the man juice come from my balls up through my shaft and empty into Paula’s delicious pussy. I leaned into her asking, “Do you feel Daddy cumming into you?”

She just nodded unable to verbalize any words for the moment.

As my breathing began to become more regular, I decided to get up and look around.

“Where are you going, Daddy?” Paula asked in a defeated tone.

“I’ll be back in a while. I just wanted to see how everyone is doing,” I said.

I left the room and headed towards Dakota’s room. I just walked in seeing her blowing Miguel. I walked up to her bed and put my cock into her from behind, causing her to moan loudly on Miguel’s cock. That moan caused Miguel to orgasm into Dakota’s accepting mouth. I kept fucking my daughter from behind. As Miguel’s cock began to deflate, he removed it from Dakota’s mouth and leaned down to kiss her.

He got off the bed and stumbled out.

I put my arms around Dakota’s waist. I rolled off her pulling her into me. I just smiled at her.

“I hope you know that I love you my darling,” I said to her in a loving manner.

“Daddy, I love you so much. I can’t even begin to thank you for all that you have done for me. Our child will be so loved. I love you. I love our baby. Life is so great. I’m yours forever Daddy,” She says to me in her most heartfelt manner.

I kiss her passionately. Our tongues intertwine. I feel her reach for my hard cock. She pushed me onto my back and straddled my cock like a pro in one swift movement.

“Daddy, you’re the only one that I will let cum in me. I’ve been fucked, but only for a short time. I didn’t want anyone to cum in your baby’s hole. I so love you, Daddy,” she says.

She begins bouncing on my cock as if she is riding a pogo stick. I felt my orgasm already begin to ascend into my cock.

“Darling, Daddy is going to cum in you right about NOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW,” I say as I shoot rope after rope into my beautiful loving Dakota.

I feel Dakota also reach her orgasm as well, “FUCK ME, DADDY. YOU FILL ME UP SO MUCH WITH THAT BIG COCK OF YOURS. I’M YOUR SLUT FOREVER. TAKE ME DADDY, I’M YOURS,” She says to me in her orgasmic state.

I just lay there trying to recover from the strong orgasm that Dakota always gets out of me with that delicious lithe body of hers.

We lay together for several minutes before I sit up and take her hand telling her to come with me.

Once in the hallway, we hear several orgasms from different rooms. The room that the most noise was coming out of Dakota and I went into first. There we saw John putting his horse-cock to good use on one of the twins. Diane was getting pounded by James. Both women were in the midst of orgasms.

Dakota and I left after being a voyeur for several minutes. Dakota stroking my cock the whole time we watched.

We stepped out and across the hallway to another room where we heard an orgasmic peak being reached.

Inside that room, one of the CG guys was pummeling Amy mercilessly. She was writhing and shouting obscenities as she came on his cock over and over. Dakota urged me to go over and put my cock into her mouth, which I did. The guy fucking her certainly had her attention. I had to pinch her nose shut for her to even realize that my cock was at her lips.

She parted her lips and tried her best to keep on task of blowing me. She failed miserably. Dakota laughed as I withdrew from her mouth. I just walked away.

We left that room.

We heard another pounding going on in the next room. When Dakota and I went inside we saw the other CG guy pummeling Allison with Donna fingering herself watching the two. I could tell by Donna’s eyes and facial expressions that she was really close. I walked over to her and replaced her fingers with my hard cock. Almost the moment she felt my cock in her she hit an orgasmic peak.


I began thrusting into her. I pushed myself as deep into her as I could get. I summoned Dakota over to us. I pushed Donna on her back and pointed for Dakota to climb onto of her face and sit there until she orgasmed into Donna’s waiting mouth.

I kept fucking Donna as I watched Allison getting pounded. She announced a second orgasm. I saw her fountain of cum spray over her lover’s shoulder falling on the floor off the bed behind him.

I tried to lean over and catch some of her woman cum, but alas our position was not correct for that to happen. I watched as the CG guy removed his cock from Allison’s pussy only to reinsert it into her ass. He was gentle. I expected him to just slam it in, but he didn’t. He put a couple of inches in and let her body adjust to his size. Then he pushed in a couple more inches, again waiting until her body adjusted. He kept doing that as I fucked Donna mercilessly. She came over and over loudly, announcing her love for me into Dakota’s wet cum-filled pussy.

After I came into Donna, I withdrew and moved over to Allison putting my still hard cock at her mouth waiting for her to clean me up, which she did like a professional.

The guy who was fucking her announced an orgasm, which triggered her to reach an orgasm as well.

I just sat on the edge of the bed watching my lithe little daughter reach her own orgasm. I saw Donna lick and suck for all it was worth trying desperately to get all Dakota was expelling into her waiting and accepting mouth.

After Dakota came back from her orgasm. I picked up my darling and carried her honeymoon style back to my suite, which had been vacated. I set her on the bed and climbed in next to her. I could hear orgasmic peaks happening all around us as Dakota and I snuggled as two sated lovers.

I heard her drift off to sleep first before my own eyes got rather heavy.

Dakota’s head was laying on my chest and her hand was grasping my cock. As she twitched during her sleep, I nearly came in her hand numerous times.

Finally, I drifted off to sleep.

All I could think of was how damn lucky I had become taking that job as the Chauffeur that day.

If you enjoyed this chapter, please let me know by leaving me a comment…. Thank you for your continued readership…. PABLO DIABLO.

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