The Dark Bedroom Ch. 02

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Steve opened his eyes in a panic and slowly relaxed as he saw his wife’s beautiful face resting on the pillow next to him. He always broke out in a sweat when he had nightmares, recurring nightmares about her leaving him that is.

Steve had always been a confident man in every aspect of his life, except when it came to her, to his Jamie. He had always thought he was happy until the day she came into his life, realizing he had been missing it all. Now that he had it, he feared it would all slip out of his hand somehow. She constantly reassured him of how much she loved him but still his subconscious played it’s nasty tricks.

He stared at her beautiful face, admiring her feminine features. Her lips were full and a light shade of pink, her nose was straight and perfectly symmetrical. Her eyes were almond shape, almost like a cat’s eyes and now closed, and after two years of marriage it was the first time he noticed what long beautiful lashes she had. The small dimple on her chin added just the right touch. God she was beautiful he thought to himself as he laid there staring at his sleeping wife. Even as he admired her beauty, it was not her physical aspects that he admired most. It was the sound of her voice that could make everything seem ok, the touch of her hand that soothed his pain on so many occasions, the kisses she placed on his eyes for no reason that gave his life meaning.

He refrained from touching her as she was sure to awake. Ataşehir Escort He was never selfish when it came to her. He placed a hand on her hip and he fell back asleep.

Moments later, Jamie’s eyes opened and she noticed her husband’s hand on her hip. He must have had that bad dream again she thought. Her heart broke in two any time he told her about it, she wished she could make those dreams stop so he would never feel that pain. She stared at him for a few minutes, admiring his manly features; his beautiful hair messy from sleeping on it, his beautiful hazel eyes were now sheltered behind his lids, his neatly trimmed mustache covering his beautiful mouth. A mouth she could kiss a million times. As he slept, his dimple was unnoticeable. She smiled to herself as she thought of how cute it was when it appeared every time he laughed or smiled.

Jamie knew Steve loved her and although she didn’t express her love as often as he did, she tried demonstrating it on countless occasions as she was about to do right now. She glanced at her sleeping husband and gently removed his hand from her hip, he turned on his back still in deep sleep. She gently pulled the covers up, making her way quietly under them. It was a good thing they always slept naked she thought, it would make her mission easier.

Jamie slowly reached between Steve’s legs and grabbed hold of his cock, the minute she held it in her hand, it began to harden. She only Kadıköy Escort grabbed it at first, feeling it, she loved to handle his cock. When erect it was a full eight inches, thick and beautiful. She licked her hand to use her saliva as a lubricant. She slowly grabbed his member again squeezing it gently. He only stirred lightly. She knew he was probably having the sweetest dream right about now. Jamie slowly lowered her open mouth onto his stiffening cock and took it all the way in and dragged her lips the full length of it, then making it slip out of her mouth. Steve slowly opened his eyes feeling the moisture from her saliva on him. Half dazed, he could only see a bump under the covers. She reached for his balls, fondling them as her tongue came up and down over the full length of his manhood.

“Mmmmm” She moaned.

He yanked the covers off and saw his wife’s beautiful blonde mane below his waist. He gasped as the tip of her tongue circled the tip of his hardening cock.

“Urrrrgh Jamie, God” he closed his eyes again.

She was great at giving him oral pleasure, not only because she was talented but because all her desire for him went into it.

She grabbed hold of the shaft teasing him as she licked the whole length of him. As she reached the tip again, the tip of her tongue licked and played there again and she tasted his precum. His hand reached for her head, his fingers intertwined her blonde locks holding Bostancı Escort her steady as his cock pumped in and out of her mouth.

“Fuck Jamie!”

“Yes that’s it Steven, fuck my mouth” she told him as she alternated between, licking and sucking, now also using her hand to stroke him to help control the pace. He looked down wondering why she had stopped for a second and then he felt her mouth on his balls, she nuzzled at them at first, until she took them into her mouth. She moaned again, sending vibrations through him. He couldn’t hold off much longer.

“That’s it you little cum slut, suck me, suck my cock and make me cum. You want my cum in your mouth don’t you?”

She didn’t reply, only quickened her pace, she moved her mouth to his cock again, taking him all the way in and pumping his cock in and out of her hungry hole like a wanton slut. Her hand grabbed his thick member and as she sucked him her hand followed her mouth stroking it, soon he would be ready to explode.

“Fuck yes, I love your cock, I love the way you fuck my mouth”

“You nasty little cunt, suck me harder!” with that her mouth tightly gripped onto his cock as he shot his load inside her warm moist mouth.

“Urrrrrrgh Goddddd Jamieeeee”

His body tensed as he closed his eyes and she held on tight, wanting to take in all of him. As the last drop of semen made it’s way into her mouth and down her throat, she licked the tip and looked up at him as she smiled.

“Goodmorning my love”. He smiled back.

“Yes it is” He said as she placed herself down next to him and fell fast asleep. He looked up at the ceiling as she stroked her hair.

He thought of what heaven was like, it couldn’t be better than this.

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