The Gift of Maggie

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NOTE: Happy holidays to adults. Anyone else shouldn’t be reading this.

“Oh, Henry?”

“Yes, Maggie?”

“It’s a cold day. Come and her and let me give you something to keep you warm all day at work.”

The two newlyweds kissed hungrily at the door to their modest apartment. They paused to gasp for breath. Then they kissed some more. Henry stepped back, wiped his brow, checked the front of his pants, and went to work.

Maggie stepped back into the apartment and shut the door behind Henry. How she missed him when he had to go to work! God, she thought, if only he could be home banging me within an inch of my life every day!

Trouble is, there’s no living in that. Maggie chuckled a little at her bitter joke. But there was nothing funny about the way they were living paycheck to paycheck. Christmas was coming. Where would either of them get the money to buy presents?

She would find a way! Maggie was so in love with Henry that she was determined to get him just what he wanted for Christmas. Even if it took some sacrifice to pay for it. And … even if it made Maggie hurt just a little bit inside.

She pulled her bathrobe closed and walked into their bedroom. Maggie opened Henry’s junk drawer … the place he must have thought she would never look! She took the pile of owner’s manuals to all their various appliances out of the way — and lifted out her husband’s secret stash of girlie magazines.

Maggie smiled at the titles. TOP-HEAVY, STACKED TO THE MAX, and WHAT KNOCKERS! There was no secret about what Henry liked. His wife paged through and found the two models that were his favorites. Tessie Titts and Helen Himalayas. There was a girl/girl layout featuring the two of them that Henry had looked at so often, the magazine automatically opened to that page. Look at those women, marveled Maggie. Their busts were enormous. Bigger than anything she’d ever seen. Tessie was a blonde and Helen a brunette, but beyond that, their frames were so dominated by their surgically-enhanced torsos, that any other distinguishing characteristics were simply dwarfed.

Maggie sighed. She guessed that her 36F bra just didn’t hold enough to catch her husband’s interest. Well, not compared to these goddesses of the gigantic breast here in the magazines. Maggie always wanted to dress to show off her substantial bosom … with tight-fitting, low-cut blouses, and strong lacy bras underneath. She longed to bounce a little whenever she walked just to watch the men salivate … as every man in the room would look at her husband with envy. She would just beam, knowing that all she had to offer was his and his alone.

But Maggie had worn bulky sweaters and baggy jeans when they met and fell in love. Since Henry had never Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir said anything to the contrary, Maggie assumed that was the way he preferred her to dress. She figured that his fantasies were filled with the overblown boobies he saw in his magazines, and her flesh-and-blood big ones just didn’t measure up.

All right, she thought, she’d get him what he wanted! A little investigating on the Internet, and she had found just how much it would cost to hire his two favorite big-bust models for a private orgy. Maggie would deliver Tessie Titts and Helen Himalayas to her beloved Henry … just as soon as she figured out how she would pay for it. Hmmmm…

An ad in the back pages of her local alternative weekly newspaper caught her eye. “Women wanted for experimental breast reduction surgery. New technique. Must be D cups or larger. Substantial remuneration…”

Maggie carefully dialed the number.


Henry walked into the lingerie shop. A thin, bright-eyed young girl stepped up to help him. “What can I get for you today? Something for the little woman?”

“Well, she’s not a little woman,” said Henry, with a smile. “In fact, she’s …” He held his hands in front of his chest to show the girl what she meant.

“I see!” said the salesgirl. “Do you know her size?”

“Yes, I peeked last night,” he whispered. “Her bra is 36F.”

The girl whispered back. “You know you’re a lucky man, don’t you?”

“I sure do!” said Henry. “And she’s never dressed to show off her voluptuous beauty. I want to get her everything! Lacy bras, fur-lined babydoll jammies, high heels, crotchless panties … the works!”

“Yes, sir!” said the girl, eager to make a big sale.

“Uh — how much will that cost me?” asked Henry, timidly. The salesgirl discreetly wrote a figure on the back of her business card and handed it to him. Henry glanced at it and turned white. “I … I … I’ll be right back,” he said finally, and headed for the door.

Henry wandered the downtown streets. How would he afford the gift he wanted for his wife? He walked past a blood plasma facility. Henry remembered donating blood plasma for beer money in college. Half a block later, another sign caught his eye.


Henry wondered. Do they pay…?

He walked through the front door.


Are you sure about this?” asked the surgeon at the clinic. “It’s not reversible. If I make your bosom smaller … it stays that way.”

“Of course I’m sure,” insisted Maggie. “I … I need the money.”

“I know you’re interested in the money, Maggie, but …” the doctor sputtered. “Well, this procedure is designed for İstanbul Escort … women who’ve had back problems, and the like! Maggie, you look … just fine!”

“No, I want to have it done,” said Maggie, on the verge of tears. “I want the money, and … my husband just doesn’t find me attractive. He’ll never know the difference.”

The doctor eyed Maggie’s large and shapely breasts one more time. “I find that hard to believe.”

“Please! Can it be done before Christmas?” asked Maggie.

“I want you to think about this,” said the doctor, leading Maggie to the door. “I’ll pencil you in for December 24th. If you decide to go through with it, you’ll have the money for Christmas. But…” he helped himself to one more peek down Maggie’s blouse. “…I hope you come to your senses, and I never see you again! Enjoy the holidays.” He shut the door to the clinic and left Maggie standing in the corridor.

She began thinking it over as she walked back to her car. She knew her mind was made up. She’d just have to plan to have the money on Christmas Eve.


Yeah, we pay,” said the young girl behind the counter at the sperm bank.

“How much?” Henry asked.

The girl smiled. “What do you need?” Henry handed her the business card from the lingerie shop where the price was scribbled. “Well, for that much money? We … we … we need to take all you have! How shall I put this? I warn you, to make the kind of money you want in that short a time … you’re going to be spent. Fresh out. It’ll take you weeks to ‘save up’ again, if you know what I mean.”

“That’s all right,” Henry insisted.

“In fact, you’ll need a few days to build up your supply!” laughed the young girl. “Look at magazines, go to strip shows, fantasize … but don’t come. You understand? Come here the morning of the twenty-fourth. You’ll be ready.”

“Okay!” said Henry, relieved that he’d be able to treat his wife to those beautiful and sexy outfits.

“And let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!” said the attractive counter girl, as Henry hurried home.


It was December twenty-third. Christmas Eve Eve, Henry liked to call it. Both spouses were nervous about their plans for holiday gifts. They ate their supper in silence.

Afterwards, Maggie could no longer contain herself. “Oh, Henry? I can’t wait until Christmas! I’ve never been able to! Even as a kid, I had to know what I was getting!”

Henry sighed and began to giggle. “Me neither, baby. I guess that’s just one other reason why we got married.”

“So tell me what you’re getting me!” said Maggie in feverish excitement.

Henry smiled. “All right,” he said, and Escort İstanbul went to get his briefcase. He pulled out a lingerie catalog and handed it to Maggie. “Open it,” he urged. Maggie saw beautiful and sexy outfits circled. “For me?” she asked.

“Yes, and won’t you look yummy?” said Henry. “Your lovely curves, your creamy thighs, and…”

“And what?” said Maggie.

“Well…” Henry was blushing. “Your big, bouncy breasts! I’ve always adored them. I would so love you to dress to show them off!”

“And I would love to!” shouted Maggie. “Henry, I had no idea,” beamed Maggie, smiling at her beloved. “How will you pay for them?”

“Just never you mind that!” admonished Henry. “Now it’s your turn.”

Maggie smiled devilishly and scampered off to open Henry’s bedroom drawer. She plopped down his well-worn copy of WHAT KNOCKERS!, open to the girl/girl layout featuring Tessie Titts and Helen Himalayas. “What’s this?” said Henry, a little shaken.

“I’m having them come here to treat you to your own little orgy, my sweet!” cooed Maggie.

“But … but … Maggie! These girls aren’t flesh and blood! They’re fantasies. you’re my baby,” said Henry, reaching out for her.

“Oh, come on,” said Maggie. “I’m supposed to believe that? I know how you lust after those girls and their big bazoombas.”

Henry whispered into Maggie’s ear. “Honey, look down. You’ve got some pretty spectacular bazooms yourself.”

“But they’re not like…”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” said Henry in a soothing voice. “Those girls probably have more plastic in ’em than a landfill. If they’re not images completely fabricated using computer-generated graphics. But these…” His hands began reaching into her sweater, wedging their way into her tight bra. “These are the stuff dreams are made of. And you’re my dream girl.” His hands hurried to cover as much of her considerable surface area as they could, as he kissed her hungrily. Abruptly, Maggie broke the kiss.

“How were you going to pay for the sexy outfits?” she asked.

“Donating sperm,” he said. “I probably wouldn’t be able to screw for a month.”

“Oh, no!” Maggie yelped. “And I was going to pay for the orgy by having my bust reduced.”

“You were what?” shouted Henry. There was a silence. Henry began to laugh. Maggie laughed, too, as they melted into each other’s arms.

“Here’s what we do,” said Henry. “You make your two phone calls. Cancel the surgery and call off the hookers. I’ll turn up the heat in the apartment.

“Okay,” agreed Maggie.

“Then I’ll make my calls,” said Henry, adjusting the thermostat.

When the calls were made, Maggie and Henry attacked each other on the living room floor. “Why turn up the heat?” asked Maggie.

“So we don’t have to wear any of those pesky clothes!” answered Henry. Maggie laughed as she peeled off her 34F bra. Her breasts spilled over her two hands as she held them up as an offering.

“Now what?” she giggled.

“Now we fuck from now ’til the New Year!” growled Henry.

And they did.


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