The Pastor’s Wife

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Julie had been a loving and devoted Pastor’s wife for more than 28 years. During that time she had been faithful to him, even though somewhat sexually unsatisfied. She was a beautiful woman who had been blessed with a great body, a body that had not gone unnoticed by male parishioners at the various churches they had been assigned.

One would think that church men would be different than unchurched men, but it seems men are men no matter their outward appearances. This was proven over the years as men would continually and “accidentally” brush up against her ass as they walked by or hold her close when they hugged leaving church so they could feel her full breasts against their chests. Julie would also catch men eying her breasts when she would walk into a room — it didn’t matter if she was wearing a blouse that reveal some cleavage or a turtleneck sweater, they were always looking. But the truth is Julie enjoyed the attention these men gave her.

Occasionally, Julie would even dress in a way that would tease the men. She would wear a sheer high-collar blouse with a lacy bra one size smaller than her 36D required, pushing her breasts up and over her cup. On one church outing to a nearby lake Julie intentionally wore an older bathing suit with worn-out elastic on the leg wholes. When she lied down on her back to sunbathe, the men could catch a glimpse of her unshaven bush. This was probably her favorite tease.

All this teasing made Julie want to have sex with her husband even more. Most men would have welcomed an oversexed wife, but the pastor didn’t have strong sex drive, so she often resorted to self service.

With the advent of the internet, Julie discovered a few websites that allowed her to be a voyeur, which helped her relieve some of her sexual frustration. Travesti Eventually she found a site that allowed her to post a few risqué photos of her incredible body and let men and women respond to see if they wanted to hook up. She enjoyed playing this game, with no intention of ever meeting anyone live.

Then she met a handsome man named Kevin on this website who she found attractive, not only physically, but intellectually as well. Kevin was outwardly a conservative, church going man. Inwardly, he too was frustrated with his sex life. Although he loved his wife, she was like the Pastor, not very interested in sex. She felt once a month or so was enough.

They traded emails and IM’s and eventually more explicit photos. It seems Julie had quite a collection of herself for a Pastor’s wife. She said she was into photography and must have carried a tripod with her into the bedroom and elsewhere several times over the years. Their chats were centered on what they would like to do with and to each other.

Eventually, they agreed to meet for coffee, just to talk. They met mid-morning at a restaurant miles from each of their homes so they wouldn’t be recognized. Their conversation ranged from politics to travel, interspersed with some spice and double entendre. They sat talking so long that the lunch crowd was beginning to arrive so they decided they had better leave.

As they went out to the parking lot, Kevin pointed out the RV he had driven to their meeting. He asked Julie if she had ever gone RVing and she said no. Then he asked her if she wanted to see inside. She coyly declined, but eventually gave in as Kevin insisted.

Kevin showed her the drivers “command center” and then the galley. It wasn’t long before they were at the back of the RV in the bedroom. Ankara Travesti Julie asked if he and his wife had a lot of great sex back there, but Kevin was quick to respond that they hadn’t even once. Julie sat down on the edge of the bad and leaned back on her hands and said that it was too bad because it seemed to be a very comfortable bed. Kevin sat down beside her and bounced a little and agreed with her.

As Kevin bounced on the bed he couldn’t help noticing Julie’s ample breasts jiggling under her silky blouse. In addition, her legs were slightly spread and the button-front skirt she was wearing opened a bit more with each bounce revealing more and more of her sexy legs and the lace top of her thigh high stockings.

Kevin stopped bouncing and brushed his hand on the side of Julie’s face and told her how beautiful he thought she was. Then he leaned in and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. With that she allowed herself to fall back on the bed.

As they lay there kissing, Julie could feel Kevin’s hard cock pressing against her leg. Kevin’s hand was soon feeling Julie’s leg and sliding up her inner thigh. As his hand reached the promised land, Julie rotated her hips and spread her legs to give him easy access. Kevin’s was enjoying the feel of her unshaven bush and soon his fingers were parting her pussy lips and rubbing her clit. His fingers easily found their way inside her as she was so wet.

Julie then began to undue Kevin’s belt and unzip his pants. Her hand was now in his underwear and holding his big hard cock. They paused from their kissing and feeling and Kevin stood up and pulled his pants off. As he did, Julie sat up and filled her mouth with his hard warm cock. As she did, he began to unbutton her blouse and unsnapped her front-close İstanbul Travesti bra revealing the most perfect, soft and smooth breasts he had ever seen. As she continued to suck him he held her exposed breasts in his hand, lightly rolling her erect nipples between his fingers and thumbs.

Even though Kevin was in heaven with the perfection her fellacio technique, he wanted to taste her juicy pussy. He slid his hand under her arms and lifted her back on the bed, spread her legs and began caressing her inner thigh. As he reached her waiting wet pussy, he let his tongue lick her leg until it was lightly touching her pussy lips. He started low on one side and let his tongue gently rise and crest over the top of her full clit and down the other side. He did this a few times, each time allowing his tongue to enter deeper until it was simply going up and down inside her. Each time he reached the top; he would pause and suck a little on her clit, then slide back down stick his tongue deep inside her pussy.

Julie couldn’t wait any longer; she wanted desperately to cum, so she pulled him up and he slid his hard throbbing cock inside her. She raised and spread her legs, holding them behind her knees with her hands so Kevin could have full and deep penetration.

Kevin began with long slow thrusts; Julie’s pussy was so tight and juicy. Kevin’s thrusts were now picking up pace and entering harder and harder. Julie encouraged Kevin to continue with her moans. His thrusts were now at pace and hard enough that Julie was sliding up the bed and beginning to tap the head board.

As they were both reaching climax Julie pulled Kevin down and began kissing him and wrapped her legs around him, pulling him into herself with her legs with each thrust. As they kiss their groans and moans become louder as climax is only moments away. With a couple of more thrusts Julie can feel Kevin cumming inside her just as she ascends into orgasm. They hold each other tight as they share this moment of long-time yearning, uncertain if it will ever be repeated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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