The Pool

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I wrote this story several years ago, back when I had the time to put my fantasies and experiences on paper.. or computer screen. I have several more if ya’ll want me to post ’em. Wally…M

* * * * *

Even in the Colorado dry-air climate, I was still doin’ a bit of old fashioned sweating! I had only been at the pool for about half an hour, catchin’ some rays, and I was HOT! As was my habit, to keep from getting too roasted on one side, I turned over, like a rotisserie, onto my back and put my sunglasses back on. I was totally alone, which was a bit of a change from the usual routine of anywhere from five to fifteen little kids whoopin’, hollerin’, running, diving, and splashing around. Butt, then again school started earlier this year… and this was the first day. Our condo complex pool is only open from Memorial Day through Labor Day, and this was already just past mid-August. I was enjoying the solitude, but at the same time, missing the “scenery” I’d been enjoying for the past few weeks. The viewing pleasure was in the form of a well rounded woman who really filled out her one-piece swimsuit. She’d usually visited her mom on weekdays during the summer, and would bring her three kids so they could romp in the pool. A couple of times, even the dad would be with them. No matter how crowded the pool area happened to be, there was only one target for my eyes, the visiting lady who, to me, oozed sexy appeal.

I was in my mid fifties, and ever since I took disability retirement from the government, I rarely got out and about, mainly due to the sharp reduction in my income. So, to kill time, and get out of the house and take a break from this damn computer addiction, I decided to catch a little sun for an hour or so during the weekdays, when the wife I had back then, was at work. Starting in June, I’d put on my swim trunks, grab a towel walk the fifty yards to the pool to just lay out. I’d take a cold drink and a book or magazine, and select a spot away from where most of the folks and the kids were. As a result of this time each day, I’d acquired a nice little tan, and more importantly, got to really relax. Relaxing has always been nearly impossible for me, as my mind is constantly thinking… always in high gear.

About two weeks ago this woman with the kids, came to the pool, and her body was immediately both noticed, and appreciated by these tired old eyes. From habit, every time I’d hear someone unlock the gate to the area, I’d glance in that direction, and then close my eyes, or go back to reading. Then, that day I heard the gate, and cut my half opened eyes that way, saw these three kids ranging in age from about seven to eleven, coming in. I started to shut my eyes again, when I caught a glimpse of the mom (and her mom) following them. Now, I’m here to tell ya, that my eyes did NOT close! I guessed the mom to be about 36, and her mom to be around 60. Except for the obvious difference in their ages, the had almost identical figures, though the grandma was a little plumper, and naturally her tits, hips, and ass weren’t quite as firm. Butt, it was on the mom’s body that my pupils were locked.

She stood about five-five, and as I said, she had a “mature” figure, meaning she probably weighed around 155-160, butt, SHEEEIIIITTTTTTT, most of those pounds were in exactly the right places. Gazing at her walking in wearing a mostly orange floral suit, my cock started stirring almost immediately. I couldn’t get over her ass… the way it completely filled that part of the material… nearly to the point of over-flowing. As far as I could judge from where I was, about 75 feet away, her tits were very, very sexy, without being really large. However, her thighs, hips, and buttocks more than made up for it. She had a very pretty face, with medium length reddish hair, and a fair complexion. When looking at her face, her lips were the first thing I noticed, they were full and very sultry, the kind you wish you could just mash yours against. Of course, when I looked at her ass… I wanted to do the very same thing, just mash my lips against it… and my face… and my rapidly hardening cock. The way the mounds flowed outward at the rear and sides was nothing short of mag-fucking-nificent! I loved to watch her when she got into the pool, and I loved it more when she got out, all wet, with that suit clinging even more tightly to the generous curves of her ass, and could even see her nipples protruding against the material.

Oh well, I watched her that day, and stayed quite a bit longer than my normal time, which meant several turns from back to stomach, and vice versa. When I was on my back, I couldn’t read, as my magazine was needed on top of my crotch to try to camouflage my erection. When I was on my stomach, I was pressing my cock into the ground, just trying to imagine it was her body. Shit! I HAD to stay ’til they left, otherwise my hard-on would have been very noticeable as I walked by her.

The next day, there was considerably more bounce in my step as I walked to Travesti the pool, hoping that I’d get another visual treat. YESSSSS! She arrived at almost the same time, this time with just her kids. That day, I lusted after ass so damn much… that as soon as I got back into the apartment, with a picture of her etched in my mind, I just had to jackoff. She was there every weekday, and I ogled every weekday. I mean, hell, if I had both legs broken, I’d have hobbled down there on crutches, just to watch her. Sometimes she’d be with her mom, sometimes without her, and a couple of times her husband joined the party.

Then came this day, when I knew school had just started, and she wouldn’t be coming to visit mom and the pool any more this year. I found my usual spot and laid out in the mid-morning sun, and actually dozed off for a little while. The clank of the gate shutting awakened me, and out of that habit I turned my head that way. What I saw made me think I was still asleep and dreaming. Walking toward me was this same body I’d been fucking in my mind for over two weeks. Today she had on a light purple one-piece swim suit, and was carrying her purse and a towel… and the amazing thing was, she kept walking TOWARD me! She got right up to where I was laying, looked down and said,

“Hi!! Nice and quiet here today, isn’t it?”

I’ve always been very shy, especially in initial one-on-one contacts with a women, so I just mumbled out something like..

“Uhhhhh… Hi. Yep, sure is.”

“Mind if I lay down here? No sense in only two people being here… and being so far apart, like we have leprosy, or somethin’.”

“N-N-N-No… n-n-not at all.”

She proceeded to bend over and spread her towel on the grass which surrounds the concrete. While doing that, I was treated to a brief look at her tits as they hung inside the suit top, and a pair of very delicious looking nipples, which I could almost swear were erect.

“Besides, I almost feel as if I know you, since I’ve been seeing you here everyday for awhile.”

My next words blurted out, and not with quite the tone I intended.

“Yeah, and I’ve sure been noticing you, too.”

Damn!! Why did I say it like that, ’cause for all I knew, her mom could be coming in the area at any second?

“I’m sure glad that school finally started again, now I can try to regain a bit of my sanity, and enjoy doing some of the things that I wanna do.”

She said this, while getting down on the beach towel and lying on her stomach, extending to me, a very close-up view of that terrific plump ass straining at the purple spandex. And view it, I did, it appeared to be one hell of an ass, much, much sexier than it had appeared at a distance. I found myself staring at the nice round mounds of flesh, and the hint of the crevice that separates them. Ah yes!! That crevice!! I could only imagine and visualize what it would be like to peel that suit from her ass, grasp each supple cheek, parting them slightly and…

“I think I’d better go.”

Those words jerked me back to reality, and the realization that she had been watching my appraisal of her, ah, ASSets. While I was trying my damnedest to stutter some sort of explanation, she was getting up, with towel and purse in her hands.

“I’m very sorry, ” I mumbled, “I really didn’t mean to stare, and I’m even sorrier if I offended you.”

I too, got up, trying to think of something to say that would undo being caught in the act of admiring the sexiness of her body. However, it soon dawned on me, that my standing only added to the problem, for, in doing so, it became apparent to both of us that I had a huge erection beneath a tent in my trunks that would do a circus proud. I think we both became aware of it at about the same time. I looked down, quickly picked up my magazine and held it in front of me, then looked up to see her that her eyes had been fixed on my crotch. Our eyes met briefly and both of our faces turned beet red.

“Like I said, I’d better go now.” She said as she quickly turned and started walking away.

“B-B-Butt… will you b-b-be coming back?” I stammered

“I really don’t know.”

“I don’t even know your name. I , I, I’m W-Wally.”

“Joan. Bye Wally.”

In spite of the trouble I’d gotten into by looking at her ass so intently, I couldn’t help butt stand there with my mouth half open, marveling at the movement of those buttocks as they got farther and farther away. DAMN!! That was MY kind of ass – a real ass lover’s ass, if there ever was one. I like my women’s asses to have a little extra meat on them. Don’t get me wrong, every woman’s ass is a thing of beauty… butt, to me.. those with an extra inch or so in circumference are that much more sexy. And Joan’s “dairy-aire”, was an ass to die for!!

That was on a Tuesday, and I went back to the pool on Wednesday and Thursday, strictly in hopes that Joan would miraculously reappear. Butt alas, my wish was not to be granted. As a result of the past two dismal days, Antalya Travesti it was a very slow and dejected walk that I took toward the pool gate on Friday morning about ten-thirty. Using my key to unlock the gate, I entered without looking up or around… and headed for “my spot”.

“I was wondering if you were coming this morning.”

The sound of Joan’s voice immediately uplifted my spirits, as I saw her in almost the identical spot, wearing the same purple suit, and in almost the same position as she’d been during my appraisal on Tuesday. In spite of trying not to be so obvious, my pace quickened a bit, and I covered the last few yards in no time. I laid out my beach towel, and said,

“I promise not to embarrass or offend you today, Joan. I’m so glad you came back.”

“Oh, forget it, Wally. I didn’t handle the situation well at all the other day. I mean, hell.. after all, you are a man, and I’ve been around long enough to have a pretty good idea as to what men look at. I would have been very upset… if you had ogled my butt like that, had my kids, or my mom been here. Butt, they weren’t… and, as long as we both remember that I AM a married woman, and have not the slightest desire to be unfaithful, then I guess we can co-exist here at poolside.”

“Great, Joan, thanks for understanding, and I assure you that I’ll use the utmost discretion in viewing your… er… ah… very attractive, ummm, anatomy.”

“I know you will, and again, I’m sorry I left in such a huff. That night, my husband had to work late, as usual, and as I lay in bed… I gave the situation a lot more thought. Ever since the first time I came to the pool, I knew you were checking me out. No! No! You weren’t being that obvious about it, but, a woman knows.

“Well, I’d be lyin’ through my teeth if I said I haven’t been. I’ve found you to be incredibly attractive.”

“Do you mean attractive, or do you mean sexy, Wally? Were you admiring me, or were you just trying to mentally strip this suit from my body?”

“Since you’re being so blunt, Joan, I’ll be honest with you and say, both.”

“I figured out why I got so upset. It was because I really did not know how to react to the way you were almost drooling while looking at my butt. You see, I’d been watching you in your almost mesmerized state, for about five minutes. That’s a long time to stare. Well, anyway, you wouldn’t believe how long it’s been since a man looked at my ass in that way. I’ll have to tell you that it really made me feel strange, it gave me a tingle and a sensation in places where I haven’t had them in about twelve years.”

“Joan, Joan, I can’t believe that, you have such an incredible body.. and especially your butt. I can’t believe that I’m the only one who’d want to look at it with lust in their eyes. And I’m so damn bashful, I can’t believe I’m having this conversation. Usually words like this die, unspoken, on my lips.”

“Maybe I’ve attracted so few looks of that nature, that your looking caused those, er, feelings inside me, I just reacted the way society says the typical married woman should react. And, since we’re being so damned honest with each other, when I saw your… your, bulge. I knew I HAD to leave, and right then. Because, the looks you were giving my ass, were nothing compared to what my seeing the effect I had on your crotch, had on me.”

Joan started to get up…

“And now, Wally, again, I think it’s best I go. Best for both of us.”

And, again, before I could get any words to emerge from my open mouth, Joan had gathered up her stuff and started walking toward the gate. And again, I was left standing there speechless, and wondering what the fuck I had said wrong.

I bent to pick up my towel, when I heard a yelp, a very loud OUCH! I looked up to see Joan at the gate, holding a hand that was streaming blood. I hurried to her side, and quickly saw what the problem was. A huge splinter was sticking out of her left thumb. I used the only thing I could think of to help stem the flow of blood, taking a corner of my towel and wrapping it tightly around her thumb, after meticulously removing the offending wooden splinter.

“You need that washed out and some iodine, or something on it, maybe even a stitch. How the hell did it happen, Joan?”

“My mind was whirling with all kinds of thoughts, and I was doing what I’ve been doing all my life, walking away from something I didn’t know how to handle. I just turned the latch-handle, pulled, then grabbed the swinging gate. I don’t want a stitch, butt you’re right about me needing it cleaned, and something on it. I guess I’ll go over to momma’s. Is it all right if I take your towel for now?”

“Joan, you come right with me, I only live right up ahead. We can have it washed, and dressed in no time.”

“Well, I guess that’ll be okay. Damn, it’s beginning to throb. Lead the way, Doctor.”

All thoughts of our conversation of just a few minutes ago, were gone, as I led her into the apartment. We went Bursa Travesti straight to the bathroom where I made her hold her hand under the running water for a few minutes. In spite of the circumstances, I couldn’t help butt steal an occasional glance at her body. Tell ya’ll one thing… there is absolutely no prettier sight in the whole fucking world, than a woman in either bra and panties, or in a form-fitting swimsuit. And, Joan’s mature figure was doing far more than just enhancing the purple fabric that encased it. We were in very close proximity, and I was dreamily gazing first at her butt-cheeks, then stealing peeps down the bodice of her suit.

“Uh HUH!! CAUGHTCHA doin’ it again!”

I looked up and so Joan watching me in the mirror. Strangely, this time though, she didn’t appear upset about it, but rather a very slight impish grin was beginning to show. As before, when caught in the act of ogling, I blushed a crimson color.

“Oh.. stop blushing, and don’t feel badly about getting caught wanting your hand in the cookie jar. I’ve come to grips with the fact that, I rather LIKE it!”

As we watched each other’s expressions in the mirror… Joan lowered her eyes just a bit, and I knew that she was watching the growing bulge in my shorts. And a big grin broke across her face…

“And, it’s pretty clear to the eye, that you like what you’re lookin’ at. Right?”

Without answering, I reached down and turned off the water, I patted her hand dry, put a little gob of Bacitracin ointment on the wound, and quickly put a good-sized Band-Aid around the thumb.

“Scared to touch that last question? No matter, I need to be gettin’ my butt into gear and get out of here to save us from further blushing.”

In a movement that seemed so natural at that movement, I moved closer and directly behind her. Putting my hands on her shoulders I inched just close enough so that my hard cock was just grazing her ass. our eyes locked in the mirror and remained that way as I ever-so-slowly moved my hips so that there was no mistaking what was touching and rubbing against her rump.

“Some questions are better answered with actions, Joan. Does this feel as if I like what I’ve been looking at?”

Reaching up, she took each of my hands into hers, pulling them just over the top of her shoulders and down to hold them palms down on the beginning of the rise of her breasts. As I felt hot flesh… I could also sense a rapid increase in her heartbeat. We continued staring into each others’ eyes, as almost imperceptibly, she moved her buttocks backward to the point that my cock was not just gently grazing her ass, butt was firmly pressed against her crevice. My hands gradually moved downward as they took on a small circular caressing motion, moving centimeter by centimeter downward, ’til they were just under the top of her swim garment. Without relinquishing the moment, they continued moving downward until at last they could each grasp almost an entire tit in each hand. The thumbs and forefingers came into action then as they found her already huge erect nipples… and began teasing by rubbing, pinching, and pulling them.

Joan’s mouth began to alternate between gasping and moaning… as her hips undulated against my cock. I leaned over and one by one, took each strap of the swimsuit in my teeth and pulled it outward and over her shoulders… so that they fell to her side.. allowing the bodice of the suit to drop… exposing her titties in all their glory. Raising her face upward… and with eyes closing… Joan whispered…

“I do NOT believe this is happening. I CAN’T believe I’m ALLOWING this to be happening. My God!! WHERE is my will-power? WHERE is my common sense? WHY CAN’T I STOP THIS, NOW?”

“Joan, I think you’re starved for attention. I think you AND your body are hungry… hungry for someone to show that they appreciate you.”

My tongue began flicking her ear lobes.. and I began bestowing tiny kisses and licks to her neck… as I murmured…

“I think most of us fall into a rut… some deeper than others. A rut where we tend to take our partners for granted. In our quest for the almighty dollar… and with the hectic pace… we lose track of each other’s needs. It’s only natural that you, and I too, should feel appreciated… to want to hear those seldom-spoken words of praise… to feel that we’re still attractive and sexy. Then again… at times it feels especially satisfying to hear them from someone else, other than your spouse. You wonder if your spouse is merely going through the motions… telling you what you want to hear… butt you know the feeling’s not there.”

Turning in my arms, Joan eyes meet mine… as I feel a hand tentatively grazing the monstrous bulge at my crotch.

“Ummmmmm. This really feels like I’m appreciated. I know I’ve let myself put on too damn many pounds… and I just haven’t had the incentive to try to take ’em off. I’ve acquired quite the fat ass, and I really don’t understand why you think it’s so sexy, but, I’m so glad you do.”

Her grazing touch of my bulge now turns into a grasping and squeezing, and I pull Joan closer against me… feeling her spiked nipples digging into my lower chest. Reaching behind her, I begin caressing her ass cheeks…

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