Therapy for Body and Soul Ch. 02

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Bess woke up to the early summer morning sounds of birds chirping outside on a tree and slowly it dawned on her that she had slept nude. Oh! dear, she blushed at the thought. That such little things like being in the buff would go a long way in jacking up her dormant erotic life hit her like a bolt from the blue.

On feeling a warmth between her thighs, the 47-year-old Bess ran her left hand over her bulging sex mound, which was covered in a thick bush, and going down she was surprised by the wetness of her vaginal gap.

A travelling husband who came home every 15 days, a 24-year-old depressed daughter with whom she could hardly communicate and other family problems had sidetracked her from sex for some time. To top these, her daughter Alba fractured her leg and was in bed for sometime. This actually proved to be a blessing in disguise _ it brought Joe, the physio, into their drab uneventful lives.

Yesterday was Joe’s first session with his daughter: and mmm… what a session that was!

Bess gently massaged her hot mound as she thought of how she watched through the keyhole her daughter and Joe indulging in carnal pleasures. Alba mouthing Joe’s hard, long manhood and the physio spiking her daughter from behind as she lay on her side and shooting his sauce on her ass had made Bess finger her unused and starved pussy.

That was yesterday and now she let out a loud moan as she inserted four fingers of her left hand in her gaping gash … ‘mmmm’. What an awesome fucking feeling! All the while she watched herself in the big dressing mirror opposite the bed. A few minutes of finger-fucking herself brought her to a second orgasm in two days. Oh my god Bess! That was a record of sorts, she told herself.

She sighed as she inspected her stretched and satisfied pussy and admired her firm breasts, flat tummy and 5 ft 9 inches tall figure. Not bad at all. Whenever her friends confided in their group chat over tea, she noticed they referred to their sagging boobs and expanding figures, and realized she was better off than they were. Her friends had also mentioned how sexy Bess was compared to Alba. Tragically, that was a fact that further widened the rift between mother and daughter. Nothing much had transpired between them for some time now.

Bess got down from the bed and prepared to take a bath and begin the daily ritual of giving Alba her breakfast in bed. A maid would come and help Alba wash and change clothes. Amid this dull drudgery, the only bright spot was Joe who would come for therapy in the evening, with sexiness oozing out of every pore.

Surprisingly today, Alba was cheerful and smiled at Bess who thought it was her daughter’s encounter with Joe that had brought about the change. The maid who came in later also sensed Alba’s cheerful attitude and told Bess about it. It was wonderful that just one session of sex could cheer up a person this much and, of course, Bess herself was experiencing elation just by pleasuring herself.

Things were looking up for Alba, but how long would this last? She had to overcome her inferiority complex and introversion and make friends and get a life for herself. Bess realized that Joe could not be a permanent fixture in Alba’s life. Though the hunky physio pleasured her daughter now, he would not be interested in the gawky girl for long. Another thought struck Bess: Joe must be a womanizer, the way he pleasured Alba within 10 minutes of meeting her. He must earn money on the side by offering sex service to women even as he did therapy, that was for sure. Whatever be the reality, as far as Bess was concerned she wanted Alba to lead a pepped-up life.

It was another question that she, a mother, was allowing her daughter to have sex with a guy in her house and watching it, too. Was that morally right? God knew how may mothers and grandmothers eavesdropped to check if recently married couples were doing it regularly. Well, she cared kağıthane escort two hoots for such questions right now, as the one thing on top of her mind was to put Alba on the road to recovery, mostly mental well-being.

Joe came in the evening, dressed in his boxers and T-shirt, chirpy and smiling.

“Can I talk to you for a few minutes,” Bess asked Joe.

“Yes, ma’am,” Joe smiled respectfully even as his eyes traveled up and down Bess’ lengthy skirt, stopping at crucial junctions.

They sat on the couch and Bess folded her hands on her lap and drew in a deep breath.

“I don’t know why I am telling you this. Er… you have seen Alba… she is depressed and has no friends. A..a.. a.. and after yesterday, I find she is happier … you know… maybe you brought about the change. Whenever I advise her, she feels upset and y…y… you know it has soured our relationship. I just want you to encourage her to be more outgoing and, you know, let her hair down…”

“Yeah ma’am, I understand. And I will do what I can,” Joe said wondering where she knew what he was exactly ‘doing’ behind the locked bedroom door with her daughter.

“I know your friendship is brief… maybe till the therapy gets over… but you know… I… I think you can help her along…” she looked at him and said.

“You don’t have to tell me more. In short, you want therapy for her mind too, right,” Joe asked.

“You got it right, thanks, Yes that is it, yes,” Bess was relieved Joe easily put in words what was in her mind.

“Don’t worry, ma’am,” he said and went up to Alba’s room.

Bess waited for a minute and heard the door shut. She wanted to go up and watch them through the keyhole as she had done yesterday but she felt guilty watching Joe and her daughter indulge in salacious acts. All said and done, Bess herself was sex starved and playing voyeur had jump-started her near-dead sex life. What the hell, she thought, what was wrong in watching. It was just like porn, live porn.

Bess tiptoed up the stairs and bent down and her heart raced as she placed her left eye on the keyhole. Joe was sitting at Alba’s feet and massaging and talking to her. Alba was giggling and chatting, a sight that gladdened Bess no end.

“You are such a nice person to hang out with. Why don’t you invite friends over and have a nice time, watch a movie or something? That would kill the boredom,” Joe told Alba.

“Aww… I don’t have many friends, you know. They are not cool, like you. I…I..I mean, maybe guys want only sexy girls and I am not, you know, drop dead sexy,” Alba said.

“You shouldn’t be too choosy about friends. I think you feel inferior about your looks. You can easily get over it. Just flirt a bit and tease guys. It gets them all worked up. I know women who get over such complexes by being overly friendly. Just talk the way you talk to me.”

“Ya, I will try,” she said and Joe thought that was enough advise for one day.

Joe examined her foot and asked her to push her heel against his hand to check her strength and massaged for a few minutes. He told her it would be two more days before she could walk confidently. As he did yesterday, Joe slid his hand up her short skirt and reached her bush and she blushed as he found she was not wearing panties. She smiled at him and pushed under the pillow her pink panties which she had removed just before he came in.

Alba spread her thighs invitingly and Joe buried his face between her thighs, parted her bush gently and ran his tongue up and down her pink slit, biting her small clitoris now and then. Alba closed her eyes and ran her tongue over her lips as Joe’s talented tongue sent quivers of pleasure deep inside her, making her feel as if her vaginal walls were cracking deep inside the unknown depths.

Outside, Bess, who was not wearing panties, began inserting finger after finger inside her ikitelli escort soggy passage till she shoved in four.

Joe let Alba take his hard meat in her mouth by squatting near her face. After a few minutes of getting head, he got up and took out a condom from his kit and slipped it on his throbbing tool. Sitting between her thighs, he gently lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulder. Alba’s slippery alley made way for his invading weapon which slid in swiftly deep down her pulsating depths. In and out, in and out, he heaved himself in and out of her, gently at first and faster as he worked up pace. Alba’s inexperienced slot stretched and stretched till she thought it couldn’t expand further. He was cleaving her, tearing her wide apart… oooh.. what a sensation… all her loneliness and insecurity… melting in the heat of lust… oh god!, she let out a soft moan, eyes closed. When she looked up he bent down and kissed her, not slowing down his pounding even for a moment. He let out a cry and ejaculated without putting pressure on her body and his lunging movement subsided to a sudden shuddering halt.

Bess by now had reached her orgasm; vaginal juice dripping down her quivering thighs she went down the steps quietly. She smelled her fingers and savored her taste before washing them. Was she a slut, she asked herself. Well, who knew what other men and women did inside the secrets of their bedroom and bathroom?

After 15 minutes, Joe came down and briefed her about Alba’s condition.

“Ma’am, I have spoken to her about what you said and I am sure she will have a ball,” he said and smiled.

Bess smiled at his use of the phrase and thanked him.

Half an hour later, Alba’s friend Lucy was at the door to see her.

“Hey. How are you? Alba wanted to see me…” Lucy said.

Lucy and Alba used to be friends and something had gone wrong between them and well…now she was here to see Alba. Bess let her in with a smile.

“Ya please go up, you know her room…” Bess said.

As Lucy went up Bess felt glad her daughter was inviting her friend’s home. When she took up two glasses of lemonade for them, Lucy asked Bess to sit down and the mother was surprised when Alba too asked her to stay. Lucy and Alba were sitting on the bed side by side and Bess sat down on a chair.

“Alba and I had a small misunderstanding. Er. she thought I spread a rumor about her and I had not. It was another friend. Alba thought I spoke ill of her when actually I was only present when another girl bad-mouthed her. Alba called me and I told her everything. you know how close i was to her. well, now all is fine…” Lucy said.

“Ya, and she has promised to come here often. And, thanks for the lemonade, mom,” Alba smiled and said she was glad for them and a disbelieving Bess came down and sat on the couch. She called her psychiatrist and told him what ever had happened till then.

“Yes, Looks like Alba wanted to do all these things… Like having sex with a hunk, making up with friends and being nice to you. But something stopped her, mostly her lack of self-confidence, and Joe gave her a boost and a push in the right direction. It’s like something clogging a pipe. Remove the obstacle and, that is it. Well, she will be alright soon. Hey Bess, if Joe gives her confidence some more, she will be better,” he summed up. Bess thanked him for his help and ended the call.

She heard laughter and giggling coming from Alba’s room and she went to prepare dinner, thankful for everything. As time passed Bess began thinking Lucy might stay the night and … maybe… no, she brushed aside the fleeting thought that her daughter was lesbian or bisexual. She loves guys so much, she assured herself. Setting her apprehensions at rest, Lucy came down soon and bid her goodbye.

Alba was greatly relived that she had spit out what was bothering her for a long gayrettepe escort time. Her spontaneous outpouring of pent-up feelings was such that she almost told Lucy what she and Joe did. But thank god, she held herself back from revealing everything to that gossip. It would be all over town by morning and Joe was just a casual indulgence; she was mature enough to realize that. People like that brainless Lucy were unavoidable in life and added spice despite being a risk in case you confide in her. Handled carefully, she could be a great stress buster. Her talk with Joe had made her realize that she needed friends without conditions and that she should not judge them. That was what made her call Lucy.

When her mom brought up dinner, Alba smiled and asked her to sit with her till she finished. A surprised Bess sat on a chair near the bed and they watched TV and chatted. When Alba finished dinner, Bess hesitatingly went near her and kissed Alba’s forehead and the daughter held her mother’s face and kissed her cheek. Bess went down the stairs on the verge of tears, elated that all was fine between the two.

As she sat down for dinner two of her friends called her and they exchanged notes on various daily happenings for sometime and later her husband rang up. Bess told him the change in Alba and he too told her that their daughter sounded positive and happy when he spoke to her. They talked for some time and Bess went to the bedroom and lay on the bed.

Her talk with her friends had brought some latent thought to the fore from her subconscious. Yes, she got it: a dildo that one of her friends presented her saying she would need it as her husband traveled a lot. She had laughed and put it somewhere, and now she felt the urgent need for it, thanks to her recent arousal episodes. Even as she thought of the dildo, she began experiencing spasms deep inside her sex cavern. Where was the toy? Oh! she wanted it so badly, she thought and closed her eyes trying to remember where she put it. Somewhere where her husband wouldn’t find it… under the clothes in the cupboard… no, no … where? Up in the loft in the storeroom. Yes, with all those old magazines and books she wanted to read later. She went silently to the storeroom and got up on a stool and brought down the box. Yes, there it was wrapped in a cloth.

She washed it and lying in bed ran her hand up and down the long and thick toy. She removed her skirt, panties and bra. Circling her clitoris with her left hand she licked the 6-inch black dildo and sucked it till it glistened with her saliva. Spreading her thick thighs, she gently ran the tip of the toy up and down her vertical gaping opening and nudged it inside. Her hungry pussy swallowed the toy easily and she was soon using both hands to work it inside her in circular movements to reach all ignored erogenous areas. In the dim light, she could see herself in the mirror, thighs spread and hands holding the dildo in place as she raised her hips in rhythm with the moving dildo. She was a complete slut, she told herself.

After a few minutes, she lay on her stomach and inserted the dildo from behind. Though doggy was her favorite position, she and her husband never did it after the early years of marriage. Boobs rubbing the bed, she held the toy in her left hand and slid it in and out of her soggy slimy passage. She imagined her husband riding her and then Joe … ooh!… ooh! she bucked and bucked at the toy and soon her body rocked with a series of explosions. Vaginal walls quivered, ass clenched and her valley filled with sweet juice, drenching the dildo. After a minute she took out the toy, smelled it and sucked it clean of her sex syrup.

Spent, she lay quiet for a minute, calling herself a whore who watched her daughter with another guy, used a dildo, imagined sex with her husband and then with the guy who was with her daughter and sucked a dildo she used. Were all these normal? How many women did that? Maybe all her friends, she laughed at the naughty thought. She was surprised at how comfortable she had become recently with her kinky acts and thoughts. Massaging and squeezing her mound she felt sleepy and reminded herself to hide the dildo in the morning.

(To be continued)

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