Twin sisters experiment part 1

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Bent Over

“Damn Ms. Miller is hot.” thought Maddie to herself
“What i would give see her naked…”
“Maddie lets go!” shouted Paige Maddie’s twin sister. “Mom is out front with the car.”
Maddie snapped out of her daydream, packed her bags and practically ran out of the classroom toward her sister. As Maddie ran toward her sister, Paige noticed her 32b cup breasts jumping up and down. When Maddie reached Paige they walked out of the school together and to their SUV where their mom was waiting to pick them up.
When Paige and Maddie got home, Paige went to the kitchen to start her homework while Maddie went to the room that they shared. Maddie, at first started her homework but as she went on she got bored and started daydreaming about Ms. Miller teaching her class naked. Maddie finally snapped out of it when she heard Paige tromping up the stairs to their room. Maddie quickly pretended to be doing her homework as to not appear suspicious. “Yo Maddie, mom told me to tell you that dinner will be ready in ten minutes, if your not there your not getting any.” with that Paige walked back down the stairs toward the kitchen.
Ten minutes later Maddie walked into the kitchen to see her mother, father and sister sitting at the table laughing. As soon as Maddie made herself present they all stopped laughing at once. Maddie thought this was weird, but shrugged it off very quickly. The rest of dinner went by without incident, except for the fact that Paige got spaghetti sauce all over her white jeans. After dinner Paige went up to her room to change her pants, and Maddie followed because she wanted to take a nice long shower before she got started on her homework. Since Paige and Maddie were twins they had no problem be naked together and they often wrestled naked over who got to shower first. As Paige started to take off her pants, Maddy was taking off her shirt and bra. Maddie saw the dark pubic hair in Paige’s pubic region through her Gaziosmanpaşa Escort see-through panties. Paige saw this and asked “what are you looking at Maddie?”
Maddie quickly responded “Those looked like my panties.”
“Oh, OK,” replied Paige without really thinking about it. By this time Maddie was completely naked standing in the middle of the room, her long brown hair flowed past her beautiful face and bcup boobs. Her small brown nipples stood out on her body like a rock in the desert. her luscious ass popped out of her body like hills on a plain. her unshaved brown curly pubic hair stood against her pale bikini like a forest on a white beach. She went to her closet and got a towel so she could start her shower.
When Maddie went to the bathroom to take a shower, Paige quickly put on some clean sweatpants and went to her closet where in the corner was an air vent, where she frequently watched Maddie bathe.
Since Maddie had been really turned on from Ms. Miller and seeing her twin sister’s pubic, she decided that she needed a release and opened up a loose tile where she kept a pink vibrating dildo that she had only used once, when she was home alone. she then realized that she couldn’t release standing up, so she decided to take a bath.
Paige was shocked when she saw Maddie pull a pink dildo out of the floor and started to suck on it like a real cock. Paige wanted to run away, but for some reason she couldn’t move, and she just sat their watching as Maddie fucked herself to an orgasm by sticking the dildo in her vagina and two fingers in her ass. this really turned Paige on and she could wait for Maddie to get out of the bath, so that she could get in their and start using that dildo.
When Maddie finally came out of the bathroom, Paige was ready to go right in until she got an idea. She would watch Maddie get dressed, then use that image of her naked to masturbate to. Paige watched Maddie Escort Bayan naked for about a minute then went into the bathroom to take a bath. Paige turned the water on full in order to block out the sound of her looking around for the dildo. When she finally found it, she gave it a lick and found that it tasted really good. Since she thought it tasted really good she decided to do what Maddie did and suck it like a real cock before she inserted it into her vagina. She started out by just licking the top, then matured to deep throating the whole thing. When she felt satisfied that she had tasted enough of her sister’s pussy juice, she hopped in the tub and started to insert the dildo into her pussy. She then remembered how her sister put two finger in her butt hole when she masturbated. Paige did this and found that this was like heaven. Paige then proceeded to stick the dildo into her butt hole. She thought this felt so good that she kept doing this until she came in the water.
When Paige came out of the bathroom Maddie was laying on her bed doing some homework that she put off until now. Paige got dressed and was about to go downstairs to watch TV when Maddie stopped her.
“Hey Paige,” said Maddie
“Yea whats up?” asked Paige
“Umm, have you ever thought about girls?” asked Maddie
“Whaddya mean” replied Paige
“Like in a… sexual way?” said Maddie
“only once,” said Paige.
“really?” asked Maddie
“Yea” replied Paige
“who did you think of?” asked Maddie
“You,” replied Paige
“really?” asked Maddie
“yes, really” said Paige
“Um, what did you think about?” asked Maddie
“I thought about your perfect breasts and your luscious ass.” replied Paige.
“uhh, wow.” said Maddie as she blushed
“yea I know its kinda weird” said Paige
“I have an idea” said Maddie
“what?” asked Paige
“tonight after everyone else is asleep” said Maddie
“OK,” replied Paige.

Later istanbul Escort that night when everyone but the girls were asleep, both sit on Maddie’s bed and talk.
“so…” said Paige “what was your idea?” she asked
“We should experiment” replied Maddie
“what do you mean?” asked Paige
“We should try kissing.” said Maddie
“ummm Okaay.” replied Paige
Maddie leaned in and their lips pressed together. Maddie, being the daring one, opened her mouth and traced circles around Paige’s lips with her tongue. When Paige finally opened her mouth all the way, she put her tongue into Maddie’s mouth and they tongue wrestled for a few minutes. Paige could taste the minty toothpaste that Maddie had just used to brush her teeth. As they were kissing Maddie put her right hand on Paige’s left boob. Then proceeded to put her hand under Paige’s shirt and feel her boob. Soft moans from Paige encouraged Maddie to slip her other hand from Paige’s back and down into her panties through her pubic hair and on top of her pink mound where she played with the clitoris for a second before slipping her middle finger in her love hole. This made Paige squeal with pleasure as her love juice came gushing out of her vagina and all over Maddie’s hand and her sheets.
“Now its my turn” said Paige. Paige pushed Maddie flat on the bed and pulled down her pajama bottoms so that her hairy teen pussy was exposed. Paige leaned over and started to kiss Maddie up her leg. Starting with her feet, she nibbled on each one of her twin’s toes, then planted kisses every few inches up her leg until she go to the inner thigh where she kissed all around her sister’s pussy but not touching it. this sent her sister wild until Paige finally brushed her lips on Maddie’s pussy lips, making her moan with pleasure. Paige then starts to lick the flaps of Maddie’s vagina, and finally sticks her tongue all the way in. this keeps going on for a few more minutes until Maddie finally comes and Paige laps up all of the pussy juice that spilled from her twin’s vagina.
“That was amazing” said Maddie
“I know” replied Paige
They both fell asleep in the same bed, both half naked and exhausted from sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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