Virgin No More Ch. 01

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Jeff sat alone at a corner table in Roxy’s, the hot new club in town. His buddies had all taken up with some of the hotties that packed the club. Some fun he thought. No one else seemed to be alone. Then he saw her. A sexy brunette in a short short skirt and clinging shirt was swaying by herself on the dance floor. Up came his erection.

Jeff sighed. At twenty two he was still a virgin. His fantasies and right hand had been his only release. There she was though moving to the beat. No bra he noticed. Those nipples rubbing against her shirt, they were so erect like his cock. Watching her every move caused an ache between his legs. Oh how he wished he could fuck her.

Some relief was needed. Why couldn’t he be as bold like his friends. They were all grinding against some pretty good looking chicks. Should he get up and go to her? Should he just go home alone? The choice was made for him. That brunette walked over to him.

“All alone?” she asked. Jeff just nodded hoping she didn’t see the bulge in şişli escort his jeans. “My name’s Mandy. I’ve been watching you watch me. You are?” she said.

“I’m Jeff” he replied.

“Well Jeff, let’s dance!” and with that she pulled him onto the dance floor. All hope was gone for her not noticing his hard cock. Mandy grinned at him. “For me?” she giggled. As they dance she pressed closer and closer. “I’m horny too.” came a breathless whisper in his ear.

With those words came a throb from his cock. Blushing he whispered back “I’ve never done it before.” Mandy told him not to worry while steering him over to the darkest corner of the club. A couple of tables and some stools were the only things in this corner. A partial wall hid them. Taking his face in her hands she kissed him. A kiss that started soft. A kiss that grew until gasped and pressed hard against each other. She squeezed him through his jeans. In unison they panted “I wanna fuck you now.”

Mandy sat on one of the stools. She pulled him to her. Their kisses resumed. “Touch me.” she moaned.

“Mmmmmmm” moaned Jeff. His hand went up her skirt. No panties either. “You’re so wet” was all he could say.

“It’s for you” she purred. “Come on, play with me.” Without a word his inexperienced hand stroked her clit.

“This is really your first time?” questioned Mandy.

“Yeah” Jeff blushed but continued to play with her clit. He remembered something one of his buddies had said. This guy told him about how his girl liked to be finger fucked and would cum all over his hand. It’s worth a shot thought Jeff. Gently he put his fingers into her. Warm and wet. Wiggling his fingers his thoughts went to how good it would feel to put his cock in there. She came, shuddering in his arms. Without realising it he’d made her cum.

“Fuck me now!” she moaned urgently while she unzipped him. Quickly she guided him into her. The sensation was more than Jeff had ever imagined. Warm and wet. “Ok sweety, move in and out just a little” she instructed him. Following what she said Jeff thrust himself back and forth. This feels so good he thought. I’m going to cum soon. He looked at Mandy. Their eyes met and held. At that moment he felt it happen. Not only did he feel his load spurt into her, he felt her muscles tighten on him. Their pleasure deepened and they moaned together. “I’m cumming!”

Their spasms subsided. Still panting they held each other. “That was fun. You made me feel so good. Are you sure this was your first time? So then, how was your first time Jeff?” Mandy asked softly though she already knew the answer. Cum was leaking from her pussy. She felt lust course through here once again.

“It was great! But it was over too fast.” was Jeff’s reply. Once again his cock started to rise.

“Well, well look who’s up?” joked Mandy. “Let’s not waste this. Follow me to my place. I’m not finished with you!” She stood up and started out of the club. He could see cum running down her legs.

Jeff tucked his cock into his jeans and dashed after her. Smiling, he couldn’t wait to feel the warmth of her pussy again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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