A Lovers Reunion

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I was driving as carefully as I could. I was headed to a hotel to meet an old friend. We had been close years ago until he had moved away, now he was in town for a weekend and the two of us were going to spend it at his hotel room. We had fuck buddy relationship that had been quite hot. My cock was quite hard as I drove and found a parking spot in the hotel lot. I had already called to tell him I was on my way. I headed into the lobby and up the elevator to his floor.

I remembered when we met. It was a trade conference in the city we lived in. I was just divorced and was between relationships. We started talking at a conference booth about the conference and the business. We continued the conversation through lunch and through out the afternoon as we coordinated our meeting schedules. He had a room at the hotel, as his company had a booth there and it was easier than commuting for him. Through out the day his conversation towards me had become somewhat flirtatious. And rather than being shocked that I was being flirted with by another man, I was intrigued and interested. So when he invited me up to his room after dinner I went quite willingly.

In the room, we both relaxed and chatted. When the topic turned toward sex, he fired up his computer and we looked at some porn sites online laying on the bed next to each other. When he moved on to a gay site and asked me if this was ok with looking at gay men, my hard cock gave away my feelings. He found pictures of naked men with hard cocks sucking and fucking each other. We looked at the gay sites the longest. Jim found pictures gay men kissing, sucking and more fucking. He noticed that I was intrigued by the fucking the most.

When he asked me if I had ever acted on my curiosity about gay sex. I told him no, but my curiosity was peaked.

“Would you like me to show you?” Jim asked.

I looked into his eyes and said, “Yes.”

The kiss that followed was hot and we were soon stripped each other naked. I received a wonderful initiation that night. Jim taught the basics of pleasing a man. His was the first cock I sucked off. That night he also took my anal virginity to my amazing delight. canlı bahis The next night he let fuck him. Jim was a wonderful teacher. We kept up the sexual relationship as fuck buds during the next few years, even spending a vacation or two together. I was amazed at how well I handled several days at a gay nudist resort.

The elevator stopped at his floor and I headed for the room. I was a bit nervous when I knocked on the door and he opened it. He was looking good, dressed in a shirt and slacks. He smiled as I entered the room. He closed and locked the door behind me and then we were in each others arms, lips locked, tongues probing. I felt his hard cock press against me. I pushed him against the wall, my mouth pressed hard against his, I felt his tongue probing mine, we moaned almost together. I moved my arm from around his back and reached around to feel his cock. It was rock hard. Continuing to kiss him, I opened his fly and reached in and pulled his cock out. It was wet with pre-cum at the tip. He groaned into my mouth as I played with his cock tip.

I broke the kiss and kept him against the wall and kneeled in front of him, taking his exposed cock in my mouth. I took it in, hearing his moan. I slid my mouth back off his cock slowly, running my tongue over the bottom ridge. I kept the head in my mouth and licked the cock head, focusing for a bit on the hole at the tip. It was salty and musky with pre-cum. He still tasted good.

I switched to sliding his cock in and out of my mouth sucking hard on the out stroke and soft on the in stroke for a while. He shifted his hands to my head and guided me on his cock. His breathing grew heavier and he moaned that he was getting close. I kept up the action. Soon he gasped. I felt the first spurt of his cum hit the roof of my mouth, I maintained my sucking pressure and felt several more spurts on my tongue. I slowed down sucking as his breathing slowed. I felt his cock relaxing. I let if fall from my mouth.

I stood up and moved in for a kiss again. He opened his mouth wide, his tongue probing for some cum. I broke the kiss and moved to slide his pants down. He stepped out of them leaving his bahis siteleri bottom half naked. I removed his shirt and moved him to the bed. I turned him around and bent him over, his ass exposed to me. I quickly stripped my clothing off.

I rubbed his ass cheeks with both hands. I slapped each one, then kneeled and split the cheeks with my hands. I moved my mouth close and licked up and down the crack a few times, just brushing against the asshole lightly each time. He moaned just a little. Then I moved in close and worked my tongue on his pucker, licking around it and then pushing my tongue in as deep as I could. I tongue fucked him for several minutes, with his moans of pleasure getting deeper. Then I slid a wet finger into his rear pucker. I slowly finger fucked him for a few minutes, then added a second one. I located the lube he had strategically placed on the bed and began lubing up my cock.

I added a third finger and lube to his ass, then pulled them out and lined my cock up. He just moaned a “Yes.” I pushed my cock head up to the hole and felt it slide in. He groaned with joy. I kept the pressure up until my balls hit his ass cheeks. I let them rest there for a few moments, then pulled back, just leaving my cock head in. Then I thrust slowly back in. I slow stroked him for few minutes feeling him back up on my cock. I held his hips and began thrusting faster, giving him nice long, deep strokes. I could soon feel my own balls moving up and the joyous feeling getting closer. He squeezed my cock on the out strokes, giving me a wonderful ride. Soon I was reaching the edge, I groaned loud as I took one last deep thrust all the way into my balls and ejaculated into his ass. He groaned as well. He collapsed forward onto the bed, pulling me with him. We lay like that for a bit, our breathing slowing down. I slid my limp cock from his ass and sat next to him on the bed.

He smiled up at me. “Good to see you again.”

“Definitely.” I said. He moved up the bed and I got in next to him. We snuggled and talked for a bit. He told me how things were going. We talked about each others sex life since he had moved. That got us horny again. I felt bahis şirketleri his cock hardening and he moved his hand to mine.

“I think it’s time for me to get some ass.” Jim said.

“Sounds good to me.” I said.

I moved so that I was kneeling with my ass hanging over the edge of the bed. Jim stood up and got the lube. He bent down behind me and gave my ass a quick lick, then stood up and slid a lubed finger into my hole. He worked his finger in and added a second. I also heard him lubing up his cock.

“Ready?” He asked.

“You know it.” I answered.

Jim moved in closer, lined his cock head up at my asshole and pushed. I felt my ass open and his cock head slid in. I groan of joy escaped my lips. Jim moaned and slowly pushed his cock into the hilt. I felt his balls and pubic hair hit my ass cheeks.

“Damn, I’ve missed your ass.”

“Oh yeah, that’s good.” I said.

Jim began taking slow strokes, sliding is cock in and out of my ass with long deliberate strokes. Then he began to pick up the pace. He would vary his strokes, sometimes long, sometimes hard and deep. For a while he banged me good, and I enjoyed the sound and feel of his body hitting my ass cheeks as he pumped my ass with cock. Then he changed the angle of his thrusts. Jim was one of small number of lovers I had who could get me to cum when fucking me. He aimed his cock for that spot and began hitting it with each in stroke. I groaned with joy the first time he hit, knowing what he was aiming for. I made sure I was angled right for him. Soon we were both moaning. I could feel things getting close for me, Jim continued with the right pace. I soon felt it getting much closer.

I groaned louder and felt my cock pump without my touching it and my ass clench around Jim’s cock as I orgasmed. That brought Jim over and he grunted and unloaded his cum into my ass. We rested for a bit, him with his cock still in my ass.

Jim pulled out slowly and flopped on the bed next to me. We kissed and leaned into each other in post orgasmic bliss.

We took a shower together, making sure to soap each other thoroughly, then headed out for dinner.

When we returned to the room, we stripped and climbed on the bed and did a long slow 69 until we both came in each other mouth. After that, we spent the weekend fucking and sucking and were both quite drained when Jim had to leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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