Theatre Sissy

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


One of my passions in life has always been theater acting. I loved classical plays, which is why I signed up for the adaptation of lysistrata in a nearby theater. Because it was a Greek play, no women were acting, as the director wanted it to be an ‘authentic experience with some modern twists’. I soon found out about these twists after being offered the role of a woman with an on stage sex scene, which quite obviously struck me as odd. However, dressing as an ancient Grecian woman sold me the part- I’ve always had feminine features and I loved to dress up in any female clothing I can find. I had my makeup done once, and I would have thought that I was a woman had I not known better )and also had a throbbing erection at being so girly looking). I was never really interested in the whole sex with other guys part that comes with dressing up, I just loved being girly.

When I first got to the audition, my co star- the man who would be pretending to fuck me- gave me a grin and a wink while the director was busy showing him something on the script. I was welcomed by my costume and makeup crew- clearly no expense had been spared, as I was an ancient Greek woman with curly hair and a pretty white dress hanging off my shoulders and barely covering my ‘tits’ (which were actually a silicone body suit, matching my skin remarkably well) within an hour. I had been instructed to fully shave my body and face, which wasn’t a big deal as I shaved anyway, and ensure my penis wasn’t visible through my outfit- which was difficult, as I’m quite large down there and dressing up gets me hard. I often jacked off before rehearsals and always practiced my tucking. I even wore a small loincloth under my dress. I often thought that it would be easier to just hire women, but the director was a strange man and oddly adamant about only men being cast.

The other ‘women’ looked great too- I often wondered if they were secret crossdressers like me, but I never really interacted with them, or any of the cast for that matter. I was shy, introverted, amplified by being dressed up, and my role wasn’t particularly major. My main interactions came from working with my co star, Jack.

Jack was a dick. he constantly annoyed me, made advances on me and played them off as jokes, and had even pressed his hard, (and quite small) penis against my ass during the sex hikayeleri sex scene rehearsals, which he always managed to make uncomfortable. The main issues I had with them involved Jack’s stupid pathetic boners always pressing against me when he pretended to fuck me, and his overly touchy habits.

During the dreaded sex scene, we were pretty well covered by the set, no one backstage could see his boners or my butt in my loincloth, and the audience could only above my chest as I was bent over a wall during the “juicy part” as Jack liked to call it. Later on in the rehearsals, however, the director started acting strange. Every time we rehearsed the sex scene, it got longer and longer… I’m ashamed to say I even got a boner one time from feeling Jacks cock against my butt, even though I don’t like guys!

Finally we got to the last rehearsal. Everything was going as normal- we got to just before the sex scene and were pretending to make out, when I felt his tongue push past my lips into my mouth. My eyes went wide open as I felt his cock throb against me through my light dress. then, following script, he roughly turned me around and pushed me against a broken pillar. I was slightly bent over, but not so much that anyone could see my back and Jack’s cock pressed against it. He pulled up the dress, and pulled down his pants too- but there’s were it went off script…

He had pulled his underwear down with his pants.

I felt his warm hard cock against my butt, as he pulled the loincloth away and pushed his shaft against my hole. His cock was between the thin loincloth and my asshole.

He started to rub. The sex scene went on for what felt like hours, as it had been extended time and time again, the director adding more and more to the stage while we pretended to fuck. There were now dancers and music accompanying his rough thrusts against my bottom.

Theater will be theater I guess.

As the music started reaching its climax, Jack reached his ‘fake’ climax too. It became more and more apparent that his orgasm wasn’t as fake as it should’ve been, as I felt a soaking warmth spill out between my bare butt and loincloth, his thrusts stopping.

My hole was caked in his cum. My dick was hard, as his cock between the loincloth and my ass had made the front part of my loincloth tighten around it, and rub it softly in conjunction with his thrusts. It was purely the friction, his cock shooting porno hikayeleri a load all over my butt had nothing to do with it… My dick was threatening to escape the snug tuck I had managed to coerce it into in the loin cloth. My dick was easily bigger then his, yet here i was, ass covered in his cum while he pulled up his shorts and let my dress fall back down, covering the soaked loin cloth. The director rushed over and congratulated us after we left the scene. All I could thing about was Jack’s cum dripping down my leg.

I rushed to my dressing room and locked the door behind me, quickly stripping off my dress. I pulled off my loincloth and thanked God that there were spares, before planting the dry part of my ass on my chair and putting my legs up on the table, spread open. my cock was flopped on my belly, leaking precum and remaining as uncomfortably hard (and long, a miracle i could fit into the loincloth in the first place…) as ever.

The smell of Jack’s cum everywhere, and the feeling of it all over my butt was getting to me. I gathered up the cum that had dribbled down my leg and rubbed it against my ass, my fingers lathering up my hole with his seed before pushing in. With my other hand I grabbed my loincloth and started to lick the globs of cum off that weren’t fully soaked into the cloth. Jack may not have had the biggest sized dick, but he came buckets. I started pushing my fingers in and out of my sloppy hole, while rubbing my cock slowly and softly. I had left the cum soaked loincloth on my face. After a couple of minutes, I felt ready to explode. I plopped myself on the floor and positioned my cock over my open mouth. I stopped stroking my cock and started to finger myself as fast as I could. I shot ropes of cum into my own mouth, enjoying the salty taste and ruining the makeup from my costume. I then licked off my fingers and continued with my evening, right after sneaking off to the showers.

The next day was the day of the play. I was too rushed to have my customary pre play wank, so I took extra care when tucking myself into my new loincloth. the play went great, up to my dreaded scene- I knew something was wrong as soon as he pulled his pants down.

Just like yesterday, his cock flopped against my ass, but this time it felt slightly more wet, and even warmer than usual. And then, of course, he went off script. He pulled down my loincloth, just enough for my seks hikayeleri asshole to be exposed. My dick remained nestled in the cloth, but it was already stirring- I’m still shocked it didn’t spring out and tent my dress. The dry humping started, except it only lasted for 30 seconds this time.

He then pulled very far back, and his cock head was pressed against my hole. He pushed. His precum, mixed with whatever he had lathered himself up with before he came onstage, allowed him to push into my butthole slowly. I quickly felt a small puddle of precum begin to form in my loincloth as he pushed into me.

He resumed his previous rhythm, thrusting in and out of my ass like there wasn’t nearly 200 people watching, not even including the crew members. No one had any idea i was actually getting fucked in the ass on stage. His cock soon started to get harder, as his thrusts became slightly more frantic. The fucking started getting dryer, but regardless, it felt… good. The music, dancing, the lights, all drowned out by the feeling of his cock pushing my hole in and out. In and out. The friction started to become more intense, and I felt my balls tighten as an orgasm built in my asshole. My cock tensed up as I started shooting cum into my loincloth, coating the back and bottom of the underwear in my own semen. I’m still very glad i tucked properly, as i would have had a very embarrassing tent and a large wet patch in the crotch area of my dress as i walked offstage.

Instead, I could look forward to a coated buttcrack again after this. He wasnt done yet, however. His thrusting picked up, as the music once again hit a crescendo. His cock throbbed into my ass, and I could feel warmth inside myself as he filled me up with his cum. I was getting bred like a bitch, dressed as a girl, on a stage in front of hundreds of people. His thrusts continued as he filled me up, cumming buckets into me. I felt so full, and so warm as he stuffed more cum into my rear, plugging it with his deceptively small penis.

After he had filled my hole and the scene had finished, the lights went dark. I heard a small plop as his cock pulled out of my ass. I felt cum already streaming out of my butt, and clenched to stop if from dripping to the floor. my ass, balls and between were completely soaked in my cum, and his cum.

It was then a rush to get dressed and off the stage. I pulled my cum soaked loincloth back up and walked off with a soggy asshole and cum dripping down my thighs. I seem to remember getting hard again as we walked to my dressing room.

This was my first attempt uploading a story. i hope you guys enjoy it 😉

If you want a sequel just let me know.

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