Amy Ch. 04

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Somewhere in the night she was awakened by her father’s scream. He’d apparently gotten up and made his way to his own bed and now was having a violent nightmare. Amy jumped out of bed, threw on her robe and raced to his bedroom. Throwing open the door she saw him, his naked body bathed in sweat, the sheet on the floor. He was screaming, “No! No! Angela, get down! Stop! STOP!”

She ran to his side and shook him.

“Daddy, wake up. It’s a dream, daddy, it’s just a dream.” She had to shake him several times before he woke. Seeing his wild eyed expression, it was clear that he was not yet completely free of the terror.

“It was just a dream, Daddy.” she said soothingly holding his face in her hands. “Just a dream.”

“Oh God, Amy. It was so real. So real. Just like that day.”

She lay down and put her arm around him.

“I was driving to work. Your mother was with me because she needed the car and the Toyota was in the shop. It was a perfect Spring day. One of those ‘Chamber of Commerce’ days; not a cloud in the sky, no smog, you could see for miles. And we’ve got the top down in the Mustang and she was just so happy then. She’s singing some little tune that I couldn’t make out and we were just like glad to be drawing breath, you know, happy to be alive. Just the way it was.

“And we’re going down 25th and coming up to Madison and I know. Suddenly I know exactly what’s going to happen. So I let off of the gas but the car won’t slow down. I hit the brakes but the pedal goes to the floor. I try to turn but the steering wheel won’t move. And I’m yelling at her to get down, get down but…she just looks at me and smiles that sweet smile that always melted my heart and over her shoulder I can see that big ugly blue pickup and the drunk driving it is looking down like he’s fooling with the radio or something and I’m trying to yell at him to stop but he can’t hear me and he runs the light and I hear the crunch of the metal and see the glass flying everywhere…It was so real, Amy it was so real.”

Amy holds her father tight and they both cry. Eventually she hears his steady deep breathing and he turns away from her onto his side.

She gets up to go to her own room but she doesn’t want to sleep alone tonight and she doesn’t want him to either. She drops the robe to the floor and slips naked between the sheets to press her self against his back and soon they’re both asleep.

He’s forgotten to pull the shade and the sun coming up, shining in the window wakes her. She glances at the clock; 5:58 AM. Somewhere during the night they’ve switched positions and he’s pressed against her back, his semi-erect penis nestled in the cleft between her bottom cheeks, his arm thrown over hers. She takes his hand and turning it, kisses the rough calloused palm before placing it over her breast. Her nipple responds instantly. His cock hardens and he squeezes the firm flesh, massaging it. He rocks his hips, gently sliding his cock up and down the narrow trough. She clenches her bottom trying to squeeze him.

His face is buried in her hair and he inhales deeply. She smells just şişli bayan escort like her mother.

“Angela,” he says sleepily.

She turns over and takes his face in her hands.

“Daddy, it’s me, Amy.” she says.

He mumbles something and looks at her his eyes not yet focusing.

“Oh, God. Amy, I’m so sorry.” he says coming fully awake. He pulls away from her.

“Daddy. It’s OK. I know I can’t take Mom’s place. No one can. I know that. But you shouldn’t be alone. A man needs a woman. You need a woman. And even if I can’t take her place, there are things I could do for you. Things I’d like to do for you.”

Suddenly shy, fearing rejection, she lowers her eyes.

“If you’ll let me.” she says quietly.

He doesn’t say anything for a long time and Amy fears she’s made a huge mistake. ‘Will he hate me now?’ Does he think his little girl has gone back to being a slut, wanting to fuck her own father?’ ‘Oh, god, please say something.’

After too many minutes during which Amy’s life seems to flash in front of her, he lifts her chin and plants the tenderest kiss on her mouth.

“You look so much like your mother, sweetheart.” he says breaking their kiss. “Just as beautiful. And I want you just as I wanted her.”

He kisses her again as he strokes her hair and his lips part and she feels his tongue tentatively search out her own. She responds and their tongues dance as they pull each other closer, pressing the full length of their naked bodies against each other. His hands slide down her back to cup her bottom and pull her hips tight against him, his cock presses against her belly. They kiss and stroke each other lazily, slowly building their passion. His hand comes to her breast and lightly strokes the nipple. Familiar wave of electricity crackle down to her pussy and it clenches.

He rolls her onto her back and bends down to cup her breast and lick the nipple, stroking across the tip and then swirling his tongue around it, he bathes it and her areola before firmly flicking it several times. Using suction he gently pulls it between his lips and lets it slip out again.

Amy sighs as her nipple is suctioned into his mouth and his tongue scrubs it. His hand slides down between her legs and strokes the outer lips of her pussy, teasing her and she wiggles in a vain attempt to capture his maddening fingers and make them do her will.

He slides down to the edge of the bed and positions himself between her legs and placing his hands beneath her bottom lifts her hips, bring her hungry cunt to his mouth. His tongue continues to mimic the teasing dance of his fingers and she grabs his head, tangling her fingers in his hair. He runs his tongue up the slit and tastes the milk she’s secreting.

“Spread your legs wide for me, sweetheart.”

She reaches down and takes hold of her thighs, pulling them apart, opening herself completely. He places his hands on either side of her swollen lips and pulls them wide exposing the pink flesh within. He pushes his tongue into the opening as far as he can and swirls it, releasing more of her lubrication şişli escort which is pooling on the sheet below her puckered anus. He presses on her pubic bone with his fingers, pushing her clit out from beneath its hood and lets his tongue tickle the sensitive little nub. It sends shivers through her body.

“Oh, God, that feels so gooood.” she gasps.

He places his mouth over her clit and applies a gentle suction, pulling it out from its hiding place and scrubbing it with his tongue. As he slips two fingers inside her, Amy’s legs start to vibrate. Sliding them in and out of her he taps the hard little spot just inside her pussy. Her moans have increased in frequency and volume and are now one long exclamation of pleasure.

“Ooooooooooooooh Goooooooooooodeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

He feels her cunt begin to clench in spasm and he works his fingers vigorously as she rides her orgasm like a wave until it has spent itself, only to be picked up by a second and a third. She finally has to push him away as the feelings becomes too intense.

He gives her several minutes to calm down as he holds her and strokes her hair. He kisses her forehead. Her whole body seems to be humming. His cock, starved for attention, has been leaking pre-cum like a faucet and both their bellies are slick with the clear viscous fluid. He wants her to savor the sweet afterglow of their lovemaking but he can wait no longer. He lifts himself up. She’s so beautiful it hurts to look at her.

Her cunt has opened like a flower, the outer lips pink and swollen, the the darker inner lips open wide. His cock jerks upward. A wet spot on the sheet is spreading. Placing his knees between her legs and taking his cock in hand he brings it to her waiting pussy.

“Daddy, wait.” she says and lifts up. She kisses him, her tongue finding his. Then she turns away from him and kneeling on the bed, lowers her face to the pillow, presenting herself for him, her ass raised up, the swollen pink vulva an invitation.

“Please?” She begs.

He drinks in the sight, from the toes and soles of her tender bare feet up the shapely legs to their apex where her enflamed pussy waits for him. The dark pink bud of her asshole. It’s enough to stop your heart he thinks to himself and lets out a slight gasp. Amy smiles to herself.

He kneels behind her and takes her hips in his hands. With his thumbs he spreads the dark lips of her pussy until the pink glistening inner flesh is revealed. A small drop of her lubricating juices trickle out. He positions the head of his swollen cock at the opening and pausing only a moment to increase her anticipation, plunges deeply into her in one smooth motion.

It’s Amy’s turn to gasp as the thick meat of her father’s cock stretches her pussy wide and fills her, pushing against her cervix.

“Oh fuck!” She says.

“Oh God! He says. The sacred and the profane.

His hands around her waist, he pulls her in tight, feeling her ass pressed against his belly and his balls tickled by her pubic hair. He holds her like this for a long time admiring the slender waist as it flares to mecidiyeköy escort full hips, the cleft of her bottom and the sacral dimples on her lower back (he’s gratified that she plans to have the hated tramp stamp removed).

She can feel his pulse in the throbbing of his cock inside her as he holds her perfectly still, relishing the feeling of her cunt as it encloses him, embracing him. She’s tries clenching her pussy to massage him. This massive cock which no longer feels like an intruder, suddenly feels as if it belongs right where it is, buried deep within her filling a hollow place and satisfying a need in her beyond sex.

He pulls almost completely out of her until he can see the slick head of his penis being kissed by the lips of her pussy. She’s nearly overwhelmed by a sense of loss, dispelled when he plunges all the way back in. Again he withdraws only to return more forcefully. He continues this maddeningly slow dance of retreat and return pushing harder and deeper each time and driving her closer to the edge.

Gradually he picks up the pace, fucking her more vigorously and sliding the full length of his cock in and out of her, listening the the wet slurping sounds her pussy is making as he pumps it. He slides his hand up her back and grabs a handful of her hair pulling her head back

Amy’s pushing back to meet each thrust angling her hips to receive him in her most sensitive places, her nipples grazing the sheet as he pounds into her, rocking her forward before pulling her back. His balls are tapping against her clit and her bottom cheeks make slapping sounds against his belly. She’s gripping the sheet with her teeth as well as her tightly clenched fingers, holding on for dear life as her tension builds. Electrical currents are running up and down her body and her legs begin to tremble. She’s unable to control the moans that seem to come from deep within her and she’s near the edge, the landscape of the universe laid out before her, she has only to leap off and fly.

He holds her hips as he pounds into her faster and faster, a need as old as time and as universal as life itself driving him, the primal copulating rhythm taking over his mind as well as his body and demanding release. He has no control. His entire universe is focused down to only their two bodies. His ears are ringing and his legs are vibrating. Like a spring being wound tighter and tighter he’s being pushed higher and higher, every nerve ending screaming for attention, every muscle taught, anticipating. And when he’s sure he can stand it no longer, when he’s afraid his very heart might burst, he feels her pussy grip him tight, telling him now, now, NOW!

His own scream joins hers as the explosion tears through him shooting his cum deep into her again and again. With each thrust he pumps more of his semen into the farthest reaches of her cunt, filling her. Her body convulses uncontrollably and she cries with the pleasure of it as the spasms of his climax mingle with her own.

when her cunt has milked every drop from deep within him, and his balls feel drained, when her pussy has finally gone slack and released some of the juices they’ve produced and when they feel they can no longer remain upright, they both tumble over onto the bed, his penis still inside her.

“I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you too, baby girl.”

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