Fiery Passion Pt. 04

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“Really?” Shea thought, “how was he able to resist that video?” Trey had received it and reacted with the heart. But he apparently didn’t relieve himself.

Shea is never a sore loser, but it always stings a little. She began to formulate a plan. Trey had been generous these last couple weeks with gifts and tips. She even set notifications from him to sound different. Every time she heard it, her pussy got a little damp. What if she could reestablish a dominant position. She could gain the upper hand and see just how far Trey would be willing to go. She hopped online and ordered a cock cage. From their video chats, she knew his size, and she found a perfect steel one. She had no idea there were so many variations.

“Hey babe, I guess that video wasn’t hot enough for you? Well, I might have to set up another meeting with Claire later to try again. But, in the meantime, are you around this weekend? I want to talk to you.” She pressed send and continued her scheming.


Trey grabbed his phone. Last night was as close to his breaking point as he could imagine. It was a text from Shea. “A video chat? She is trying to kill me,” he thought.

“Yeah I should be around tomorrow. Today is actually pretty busy wrapping up work. I am trying to knock out some stuff this week, so I can really focus on your visit next week,” He sent the text.

Trey’s dick stirred as he received a reply. “Ok perfect. Let’s say around lunchtime?”

Trey wanted to protect himself from a video session that he wouldn’t be able to resist. “How about this. You go to that new restaurant that opened. You can set the phone up, and we can eat together, virtually. I will cover the tab.”

“Can this guy get any better?” she thought. Her pussy was dripping with desire… “Hmmm this is something I want to talk about in private. Don’t worry. This isn’t a scheme to get you to bursa escort lose. You don’t have to worry. But I will let you order me food and we can eat together.”

Trey wasn’t fully convinced. But he was excited to spend more time with her. He replied, “Okay that works, I’ll send you some money. Let me know what you order, so I can do something similar.”

He sent the money and went back to work. Being in the last week of the bet he had already started tweaking his diet. He wanted to make sure he was full of energy and nothing was going to make him sweat or taste weird.

Shea thought it might be fun to keep teasing, so she let Trey know that they would be eating fish tacos for lunch. She took a shower and threw on her fluffy robe. She grabbed her phone and videocalled Trey. “Hey lover. How are you?” She asked.

Trey was speechless. Her body had such a power over him. Her robe was slightly open and barely tied at the waist. “I’m waiting on the delivery guy. But I thought you might want to see my taco that you might get to eat next week. If you’re a good boy of course.” she had him on the hook for sure. She could see in it his eyes. He locked onto her soaking wet lips.

There was a knock at the door, so she got up and brought the phone with her. “One sec let me answer this.” She said as she walked to the door. “here you go miss. I hope you enjoy. It’s sad a beautiful woman like you is eating alone on this beautiful Saturday.” The driver remarked.

“I’m not alone. This is a virtual lunch date with my boyfriend.” She said, then realized what she had said. She grabbed food and closed the door.

“So I’m your boyfriend now?” Trey asked. “I mean I’m not mad at it. But I didn’t realize you felt that way.”

She was red-faced. She sat down at the table. “Look I really do. But can we talk about this later. I just want to eat with bursa escort bayan you and share another proposition,” she replied.

Trey was encouraged, but he didn’t want to push it. “Of course, your taco looks delicious. Let’s dig in. Don’t be too jealous my tacos have this amazing cream sauce. I bet you wish you could try.” Trey winked.

As they finished their meals, Shea looked at him and started the speech she had rehearsed, “Okay so none of my attempts seemed to work. So you either A. don’t like me as much as you say or B. Don’t plan on losing. If it is A. Please tell me.”

Trey was shocked. “Are you kidding? These last week’s have been the hardest time in my recent life. You are everything I want,” He added.

“Okay then. So you don’t plan on losing. In that case, I have a ‘Double or Nothing’ add-on. I am going to send you a cock cage. Have you ever worn one?”

Trey shook his head as his eyes widened. She added, “if you wear this until I arrive, you could can still do whatever you want with me, but also you can film it.”

His jaw visibly dropped open and he felt himself begin to drool. “You have yourself a deal.” He replied.

His mind was racing. Even with his blood flow currently flooding his dick, he was thinking on overdrive. “A cage? For the next four days? This is tough. But hell she looks so good.” He thought.

“Okay I am going to overnight a package to you. Once you get it all on, send me a picture to confirm. Don’t worry, if you decide to take it off, you can still win the original bet.”

She confirmed. “I need to go run some errands, but I look forward to seeing you. Thank you for lunch.”

She ended the call and immediately began fingering herself. She wanted Trey so badly. She reached in the pocket of the robe and grabbed the nipple clamps. She wanted to feel his energy. The pain they escort bursa brought ripped her eyes open. She was filled with lust. As she played with the chain, her other hand went straight to her vagina. It was soaking wet. She needed to be fucked. In and out, her fingers couldn’t move fast enough.

She wanted to squirt. But she couldn’t quite get there. Her fingers were covered with thick white cum. “This would have to do until next weekend,” she thought as she pull her hand up.

She snapped a photo to send to Trey. “This is what you do to me.” Then she added a picture of herself licking the cum off.


Trey checked his phone. He was impressed with her speed, but also that cum looked delicious. He could barely wait to see her.

His Saturday dragged along, and Sunday did as well. He got out and did some biking and took a nice dip in the pool. but it was hardly a distraction.

On Monday morning he got a ring on the doorbell. She had express shipped the package. He opened the box to find the cage, a note, and an envelope. The note mentioned he might need to rub an ice pack on his dick to get it to shrink some.

Trey grabbed some ice and went to the bathroom. The cage was menacing and small, but he was able to work his balls into their area, then he fit the cage over the shaft, and finally he put the lock on, clicking it shut.

He looked so demure in the mirror. As he opened the envelope he saw the two keys. “at least I can take this off and still win.” He grabbed a quick picture of the hardware and sent it to Shea.

“Flip the note over,” she replied.

“Trey. I look forward to seeing you in three days. By the way, I have the real keys.”

Panic set in. “What does she mean, she has the keys,” He thought. He looked and sure enough the provided keys were blank. He was stuck in this.

“What did you do? Why?” He texted her.

“Just wanted you to remember who is in charge. I am so proud of you for winning the bet. But I couldn’t let you win it comfortably,” She added a devil emoji for emphasis. “I’ll see you Thursday. It will all be worth it.”

… To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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