I Blame It on the Roommate

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I had just gotten out of the shower, with my body wrapped tightly in a towel. I was in the kitchen of my on again-off again boyfriend’s apartment, and was looking for a clean bowl to pour some cereal in. Derek—my occasional boyfriend—had left for work at six, and I was debating whether I should stick around until he came home from work, or take off. I was leaning toward staying because I was horny, and last night had not yielded great results in bed. It resulted in about 5 minutes worth of having my ankles in the air, as Derek dropped his load in my ass. But not to be mistaken, these were 5 awesome minutes. The problem was that Derek passed out soon thereafter; there was no round two. He had worked more than 12 hours at the docks, and I could not blame him for falling out after sex. He had told me that at work they were trying to avoid overtime, so he would most likely come home early. So there was that. If he would come home early enough, we could at least have time for two or three rounds. It was at that thought that I decided on staying. I could hang out for a few hours, and perhaps tidy up the joint. Derek and his roommate Darrel were not inclined to housekeeping. I thought for sure that I was going to have to do the dishes before finding something to eat, but something changed all that.

Bending over, exposing my ass to the empty apartment, I was digging in the lower kitchen cabinets looking for some Tupperware or something I could use for a bowl when I heard the sound at the door: the deadbolt disengaging. Thinking that it was Derek—home much earlier than I thought possible—I kept digging. I nearly crawled into the cabinet, and was shoulders deep when I heard the door open. I could find nothing in the bottom cupboard except for a couple scoured frying pans, and scorched cookie sheets.

I heard footsteps behind me, and I pulled out of the cupboard. “Hey,” I said without looking back. “You guys should hire a housekeeper or something. I can’t find a clean—”

I stood and turned—freezing the second I completed my turn. Standing at the transition of the carpet of the living and tile of the kitchen was Derek’s roommate Darrell. We stood there, a captive audience to one another for a couple of seconds. I felt myself flush—mentally calculating the exact degree the towel had covered my ass. I knew it was not much, and that Darrel had gotten an eyeful.

Though me and Derek had been involved nearly a year, I had only seen Darrel two or three times in passing. In fact, after our initial introduction—spanning merely six words—we had never spoken. And it felt that we were going to remain standing there in suspended animation for hours until someone or something would break the spell. After a few seconds, I managed to mumble some words to him.

“Sorry. I thought that you were Derek.”

“Yeah,” Darrel replied, eyes scanning my body. “I just forgot my badge at work. I keep forgetting to put it in my locker.”

Darrel then disappeared into his room for a second, and I thought about running into Derek’s bedroom to get dressed. But I chose not to. It felt sexy being exposed to Darrel. He came out with a lanyard around his neck. A small rectangular badge was clipped to the lanyard. We stood again silent in each other’s presence. I found myself not wanting Darrel not to go. The more I thought about it, the more cute he seemed to me. He was tall, Like Derek—somewhere around six-four. And I always liked bigger men. He looked a couple years older than Darrel—most likely in his early thirties, and had dark brown hair.

“Hey, before you go,” I said, leaning with my back to the stove. “Do you guys have any clean bowls? I want some cinnamon toast crunch.”

‘What?” Darrel asked? “Oh yeah. We have some Styrofoam bowls up above the stove.”

When I went to reach for the cupboard door above the stove, Darrel güvenilir bahis stepped into the kitchen and did the reaching for me.

“Here,” he said. “Let me grab that for you.”

As Darrel reached up to the cupboard, his crotch came into contact with my hip. As he reached, I gently leaned into him.

“Here,” he said, pulling out a bag of Styrofoam bowls. “I think that these will work.”

I took the bowls from him. “Yeah, these will be fine.”

“You’re probably going to have to rinse a spoon, though,” Darrel said.

I looked downward, and found it curious that he did not pull away from me. I certainly was not going to pull away from him. I was seriously prepared to spend the morning with this guy’s crotch on my hip—until we worked out a better place for it. I looked at him, and gently grinded my hip into him—gently enough to where I hoped to play it off if he reacted negatively.

But his reaction was immediate, and was not negative. He grinded into my hip so intentionally, I had to grab the edge of the countertop to keep from being pushed over. I bit my lower lip, and wanted to up the ante a little bit. I turned and put my ass in his crotch, and grinded it into his crotch. Darrel hissed, and grabbed me by the hips. He proceeded to dry-fuck me for a few thrusts.

“I wish I can stay here with you this morning,” he said. “But I’m on my last occurrence, and they’ve been letting a lot of people go. And they are charging me a tardy for forgetting my badge.”

I looked back at him and smiled. “Well, maybe you don’t have to spend the whole morning with me. I think you can give them at least a few minutes. I mean a tardy is a tardy. Whether it’s ten minutes or an hour, right? Just as long as you eventually show up, you will be fine, right?”

Darrel looked as though he was considering a complex mathematical formula. “Yeah, I guess.”

I reached back, and grabbed Darrel’s crotch. It felt as though I had just grabbed a chair leg. I started massaging his cock and balls through the denim of his jeans.

“Come on,” I said, winking at him. “Why don’t you see if I can send you back to work happy? Give me a few minutes, and we’ll see what I can do.”

Darrel responded by unbuttoning his jeans, and pulling his penis out. And while I had a good estimation on its size by rubbing it, I nearly gasped when his cock flopped out, and struck me on the hip. Initially, it looked nearly as big as my arm. And I thought that Derek was big. Derek was big, but Darrel had at least an inch and a half length, and some girth to spare. I started to stroked his cock, and it felt heavy in my hand. Derek was so big that I could not even imagine what this cock could do to my ass—though I was willing to give anything a try. I just wasn’t sure if I was ready for it this morning. I was still slightly sore from Derek on the night before, and thought that this cock could leave me hospitalized if I was not careful.

I knelt down, surprised that the towel had remained firmly tucked around my chest. His cock at eye level was an even more daunting perspective. I stuck my tongue out, and licked the head of his penis. It bounced in response to the touch of my tongue. I looked back up at Darrel.

“You like that?” I asked.

“We sure do,” Darrel replied. He leaned back against the counter.

I gave his cock another stroke, before wrapping my lips around it. I went down only a couple of inches initially. I knew that I was going to have to work my way down this one. I bobbed and jerked him in my mouth, and eventually, I was able to get nearly two-thirds of his cock in my mouth. Darrel placed a hand behind my head, and instead of thrusting me onto his cock—as most men take to do—he started caressing me from the back of my head down to my neck and shoulders. This gave me goosebumps all the way down türkçe bahis my body. I had never had a man pet me, and I was surprised how much I liked it; how much it turned me on.

I then lifted his cock, and decided to work on his balls. His balls—while heavy—were of average size, and nowhere near the enormity of his cock. Nevertheless, they felt full, and I wanted to coax a huge load out of them. While I prefer them to be shaved, I did not mind so much with Darrel. He was not a not an overly hairy man, and his hair was thin and soft. I gave both nuts a turn before returning to his cock.

The head of his penis had a thick stream of precum trickling down it. I liked it off before resuming sucking him off.

A minute later, he pulled me up from the shoulders, and I thought that that meant one thing: that he had wanted to fuck me. I looked at him nervously, and felt his cock poke me in the thigh. I looked into his eyes, and knew that he had wanted to fuck. In the end, I was half-right.

“My god,” he said. “You have no idea how good your mouth feels right now.”

“Yeah?” I asked. “I like making you feel good.”

“I want to fuck that thing?”

I looked at him sideways. “What thing? My mouth?”

Darrel nodded. “Yes. Are you okay with that?”

I shrugged. “Sure. Just go easy to start. You could put my throat out with that thing. But yeah go ahead.”

Darrel then did something I wholly did not expect, and was shocked by the ease at which he did so. Darrel picked me up by the elbows, and walked me over to the couch. My feet dangled, and did not touch the floor once. It made me feel strange being manhandled as such. On one hand, I am not petite, and am not used to being physically domineered in such a manner. I felt slightly vulnerable. But on the other hand, I liked that Darrel was about to take control—to take what he had wanted. There was one thing that turned me on more than anything else; to be wanted by a man. And I could tell that Darrel wanted me—well, at least he wanted my mouth.

Again, with surprising ease, Darrel lifted me up, and softly laid me on the couch upside-down, where my neck was at the edge of a couch cushion. The best way I can describe it was that Darrel executed the worlds slowest, softest body slam. I looked up at him slightly disoriented with his cock inches from my lips. Darrel stepped out of his pants, and took his shirt off. Now, while I like to cede control to a man, I was nervous about the position I was in. While I like sucking dick more than anything, I felt that I was in a fairly compromising position. I was going to have to put a lot of trust in a man that I hardly knew. Looking at his cock from this direction seemed to drive home the concern that he could seriously hurt me if he was not careful. Still, I wanted nothing more than to take this man in my mouth, and please him with everything I had. I spread my lips, and stuck out my tongue.

“Stick that thing in,” I said. “I want you to pop one in my mouth.”

Darrel thrusted forward, and his cock struck me in the cheek. I let my head roll over the edge of the cushion, and relaxed my throat muscles. Darrel’s second thrust was better aimed, and he pushed his cock a few inches in my mouth. I could feel his cock scrape against my teeth. I opened my mouth even wider, and Darrel pulled out.

“You okay?” he asked.

I knew then that I was going to be okay. Very rarely has a man ever asked me that during sex. I then knew that he was not out to hurt me.

“I’m fine,” I replied. “What about you? You got some teeth back there.”

Darrel sighed. “I don’t mind the teeth. Reminds me what I’m doing, and where. Just don’t bite.”

With that, Darrel stuck his cock a little further than before, and held it there for a couple of seconds. He pulled out a couple inches, and pushed güvenilir bahis siteleri it back in. I wrapped my hands around his thighs, and pulled him toward me. I pushed him back, and brought him in. Using me as a governor, Darrel started to fuck my mouth. We had started to develop a good rhythm. Eventually, I was taking in half of his cock in my mouth. About a minute in, I got carried away and pulled him in deeper than I thought. I had to pull away, and coughed a couple of times.

“You okay?” he asked for the second time. He saw stroking his cock to keep up pace. “If you want we can try something else.”

Now, while the blood was starting to rush to my head, and my neck and jaw started to ache, I wanted to see this thing through.

“No, no, I’m good,” I replied, clearing my throat “Just that we went a little deep. But this is really hot.”

“Let me know when you’re ready,” Darrel said. “But I don’t have much further to go. Do you want me to pull out when I cum?”

“No,” I replied. “Leave it in. I like swallowing cum. Especially from someone new. Just drop it in whenever you’re ready.”

I looked at Darrel stroking his cock, and as if to give him a cue, I opened my mouth.

Darrel aimed his cock, and thrusted it back into my mouth. I wrapped my hands around his thighs, and it was not long until we regained our former rhythm. Soon, a salty taste filled my mouth, and I knew that Darrel was close to cumming. I increased the paced of pulling his thighs, and it was not long until I heard Darrel grunt.

“I see my cock in your mouth,” he panted. “I see my cock in your mouth. Shit, I’m going to cum.”

This was one of the most singular cumshots I have ever taken in the mouth. Darrel grunted loudly a second time, and blasted a huge rope of cum in my mouth. It was a big load, but the strange thing was that he shot it all at once. It all came out in one huge shot. The cum was very thick and creamy in my mouth, and some started to seep out the corners of my mouth. Darrel remained in my mouth for a few seconds before pulling out. As he pulled out, a thick string of cum dangled from the tip of his penis. I pulled his thighs back toward me, and wrapped my mouth around his cock—sucking hard one last suck.

As Darrel pulled away, I rolled over, and sat down on the couch. My towel was still firmly in place. Darrel’s cum sloshed around my mouth. He looked at me as he bent over to pick up his pants and shirt. I stuck my tongue out, showing him his cum, and with exaggerated theatrics, I swallowed his cum. I opened my mouth to show him. Darrel sighed and shook his head.

“That was nice,” he said, slipping on his pants. “I’m glad I forgot my badge. It was worth the occurrence.”

I smiled at him. “It sure the hell was.”

Soon, Darrel had his shirt and shoes back on. He lifted his hand to me. “We’ll be seeing you around.”

Just as he reached the door, I saw his badge on the cushion next to me, where it had fallen when he took off his shirt.

“Darrel,” I said, holding out his badge. “Are we forgetting something.”

Darrell squinted in my direction, and realized what I was holding. “Shit. Almost forgot it again.”

“I think you left it on purpose,” I said.

“Probably,” he replied.

When he reached out the badge, I pulled it away, and shook my head.

“Pull that thing out. I want to give it a goodbye kiss.”

Only when Darrel undid his button, and pulled out his cock did I let him have his badge. It was still very swollen, but no longer hard. I wrapped my lips around it again, and started bobbing my head. With only three bobs, he was already stiffening up. I released my lips from his cock, and put it back. When Darrel rebuttoned his jeans, I patted his crotch.

“We’ll see you around.”

“I’m going to slip my number under your door. Call me whenever you want to have fun.”

Darrel said no more. He only smiled, and walked out the door.

I exhaled deeply and stood up. I saw the Styrofoam bowls on the counter, and put them away. I was not hungry anymore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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