Inconvenient Coincidence Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: The shrinking.

First day of summer. Jay had decided to spend the morning on his computer. Yuna had called, telling him she was finally available and couldn’t wait to show him her gift. He smiled. Yuna was such a good friend! He was pleased he would see her again in the afternoon. She said she would come directly to his house, which is why he chose to stay in, waiting for her.

He was worried his sister wouldn’t appreciate her coming to the house the first day of holiday, but when he talked about it, she smiled, suppressed a giggle, and told him it was fine: she liked Yuna.

James was delighted to know they both seemed to appreciate each other. Maybe, he thought, the three of them could get along well enough to spend most part of the summer together. He liked the idea, as those two girls were what he cherished most in his life.

Faith, on her end, couldn’t wait. She was almost shivering from impatience, as she imagined the events that were about to happen. James would shrink, and would, AT LEAST, be helpless to defend himself against her feet, feet she had prepared for a while. She now had to wear shoes at all time, otherwise their smell made her nauseous. She smiled. Her bro was in for a treat.

It was soon after they both ate together that they heard a knock on the door. Yuna was here.

James went to open and greeted her with a smile and a warm hug.

“Finally, she’s here! Our dear prime minister has deigned to grant us a visit!” he exclaimed teasingly. “You will have to tell me where you’ve been for so long, and what you did!” he grinned.

“Oh, be sure I’ll do more than tell you where I’ve been,” she laughed. “Is Faith there? I’d like to see her before giving you your gift,” she winked.

James answered, confused. “Faith?” they might have worked on the gift together, he thought. “Yes, she’s in her room,” he smiled. Those two decidedly were full of surprises.

Yuna walked straight to Faith’s room and closed the door behind her.

“Hey Faith,” she smiled. “You’re ready?” she asked rhetorically. She knew she was, as they had texted each other almost every day.

“More kocaeli escort than ever,” she answered in a breath. To say the truth, she couldn’t believe how eager she was for James’s shrinking to happen. This whole thing became a huge part of her life, and she literally spent her days planning ways to make James’s holidays a living hell. Looking at Yuna, she noticed something. She was wearing boots. Fucking boots. In summer.

“Oh my god,” she giggled. “Boots? For real? Even I didn’t go that far!”

“I must give James’s the best,” she winked, sat on Faith’s bed and got an old book out of her bag. “Here is everything we ever dreamed of,” she murmured. “You might not believe it, but this is a spell book,” she explained. “We will be able to shrink poor Jay, and sooo much more…

“I can’t believe he is next room, waiting for his “gift”, with no idea whatsoever he’s going to be in trouble in no time,” she grinned.

“I’m fine with anything, as long as it works,” she chuckled. “And he asked for it!” she reminded. “Let’s go?” she proposed with impatience, standing up.

“Let’s begin,” answered Yuna. She followed Faith, and went to find James.

They both went back to the living room. James was waiting them obediently, comfortably. As he heard their foot-step, he turned his head to watch as they approached him.

“Hey girls!” he smiled. “Having finished your talk yet?” he taunted.

This would be his last sentence as a free man. Yuna got closer to him, and opened her rusty old book.

“Kutistua, orja,” was all he got for an answer.

James’s vision began to blur. His head hurt, his body hurt. It was like he was burning from the inside. He felt his muscles stretch, relax, and stretch again in a painful cycle. What was happening? It went on until he felt insanely tired, convulsed, and fainted for a few seconds.

When he came back to himself, he was struck by a repulsive, insanely repugnant smell. What the fuck was going on? He heard giggles, cute giggles, which contrasted with his putrid atmosphere. His eyes were starting to adapt, but he was in so much pain he kolej escort started to yell.

“W-WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?” he screamed. “YUNA, FAITH, HELP, HELP ME!” he begged, lost.

“Awhhh,” a soft voice echoed. “Is our poor tiny Jay-Jay incommoded?” More laughs. “Don’t like the smell, maybe?” he heard the girl pout. “But we’ve worked so hard for it! You’ll have to accommodate, *little* bro!”

Bro? That’s when he recognized the voice. It was Faith’s! His mind raced. What was happening?! The pain faded out, and his vision finally went back to normal.

This couldn’t be. No way. No actual way. To his side stood both of Faith’s stinky, used and unwashed socked-feet. She had sat down on the sofa, positioning them the closest to James’s body she actually could, in order to overwhelm his senses with foot stink. Each breath tasted of dirt, each sniff poisoned and weakened his transformed body.

“F-Faith?” he watched all around. He had shrunk. No. They had shrunken him. The two of them. By his sister’s side stood his best friend, Yuna. He didn’t like the look of sadism in her eyes, nor the visible pleasure she got out of his situation. He had to stop it, whatever “it” was.

“G-girls?” he began. “What is-” he continued, before being interrupted by Faith’s feet closing in on him, trapping him in between, forcing his entire body to be in contact with his sister’s pure accumulated stench and sweat.

“Tut-tut,” said his sister in amused disapproval. “I think little boys should let big people speak, don’t you?” she rubbed her feet together cheerfully, with Jay trapped in-between, soaking him in awful foot-sweat.

Hearing no answer -which would be hard to provide in his situation- she happily kept going.

“Figure out, my dear little, *pervy* brother,” she emphasized the word squeezing him, “That we’ve found about your deviant, nasty secret,” she stopped, separated her feet and looked at him.

Jay was in utter disbelief. He was wet, bathed in his sister’s sweat, at her mercy. It was dreadful, each breath urged him to puke, and there seemed to be no way out. He couldn’t konak escort believe those things tormenting him were feet. Faith’s feet. It smelled rotten, and, he was sure of it, staying anywhere close to them for any longer would actually kill him.

“M-my… Secret?” he managed to blurt. Seeing she wasn’t preventing him to talk, he carried on. “Th-there… There’s been a misunderstanding,” he breathed the foul air. “I have no-“

But he was interrupted again, trapped back between the habited, smelly sock-made walls.

She sighed. “That will not do, Jay-Jay!” she sang. “Yuna, maybe you’d like to explain our little slave his situation?” she proposed with enthusiasm.

Slave? How was all of this happening? James couldn’t believe the recent events. His own sister, his lovingly, kind and caring sister wouldn’t allow him to defend himself. Worse: to stop him, she forced her feet onto him. They had managed to shrink him, for fuck’s sake! He knew what it all was about. She had seen his history. She had thought he jerked off to that disgusting deviant stuff, and decided she would help. This explained all the previous foot stuff. God, he had been so naïve! This could have been avoided!

“Very well then,” answered Yuna as she sat sexily on the sofa as well. “James, Jay, slave. You’ve been a very bad boy, and deserve to be punished, in the worst possible ways,” she grinned. She was so turned on. Her fantasies had become reality, and she knew James was secretly enjoying every moment of it. She swore to herself that she would never let him convince them otherwise. That would ruin his own fantasy.

“You’ve kept a secret of this fantasy of yours, and now it’s payback time!” she said, overwhelmed with joy. “Are Faith’s feet to your liking?” she teased. “I can smell them from here, and it’s bad already. I can’t possibly imagine how you’re feeling. Your senses might be going crazy!” she said with pity. “Unfortunately, this is not even close to the worst that is to come, slave,” she continued, her dominant side taking over. “Your sister and I spent the last two weeks without washing our feet a *single* time…” she breathed. “As you can imagine, we couldn’t wait to have our own personal cleaner!”

As Faith’s feet separated again to allow the girls to see his reaction, Yuna almost had an orgasm seeing his desperate, horrified face at the realization. Oh dear god, this would be great!

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