Tales from Schooner Street: Toby

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I was sitting at my computer when she burst in through the door. “You’re thirty minutes late,” I said as I looked at my watch. I studied her. She looked rather beautiful in her red dress and heels. Her hair was disheveled, but her make-up was flawless. She was carrying a suitcase.

“I’m sorry I’m late. Traffic was just terrible.”

“I was just wrapping things up here. I’m sorry, but—”

“No!” she interrupted. “I drove two hours for this interview. Please, don’t turn me away.”

“Ms. Kinslet?” I shouted.

A lovely middle-aged woman appeared. “Yes, sir.”

“Ms. Joyner has arrived thirty minutes late, but she is adamant about being interviewed. What should we do?”

“Please, Ms. Kinslet. I’ll do anything,” the young woman said. “Please let me interview for this position.”

“I don’t know,” Ms. Kinslet said as she walked around the woman. I could tell she was checking her out. “I’ve already half-decided to fill the position with an earlier applicant, one who was here ON TIME.”

“There must be something I can do to make you reconsider,” Ms. Joyner said.

Ms. Kinslet looked at me. “With your permission, sir?”

“By all means,” I allotted her.

Ms. Kinslet kicked her shoes off as she said, “Ms. Joyner, this position calls for a certain amount of bursa escort dedication, not just to yourself, but your fellow employees as well.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Ms. Kinslet removed her dress to reveal matching teal bra and panties. She had a killer body for a woman approaching fifty. “Ms. Joyner, at times you will be called upon to make sacrifices that may not seem pertinent at the moment, but further down the road will have a major impact on you and those around you.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Ms. Kinslet removed her bra and panties and lay back on the sofa. She spread her legs, and her fingers found her clit. She began to lightly rub it. “Ms. Joyner, are you one to fearlessly move forward to get what you want, or are you content to wait for things to happen?”

“I understand opportunity when it knocks, ma’am.”

“It’s knocking, Ms. Joyner.”

She set her suitcase down, removed her dress and red thong panty, but left on her red garter belt and red stockings. She knelt before Ms. Kinslet and immediately began to eat her pussy. I moved behind Ms. Joyner and marveled at her tanned, round ass and beautiful pussy. “Play with your pussy,” I told her, and she began to rub her clit. “Stick a finger inside.” She did, and I could hear the soupy squishings associated with her masturbation.

Ms. Joyner continued to eat Ms. Kinslet’s bursa escort bayan pussy with a relish, and soon, the room was filled with Ms. Kinslet’s cries of pleasure. “Mr. Gentry,” Ms. Kinslet called. “I am happy to report that Ms. Joyner is adept at oral presentation. Her skills may rival your own.”

“Perhaps you should test her analizing skills,” I suggested.

“Ms. Joyner, lower, please.” Ms. Joyner lowered her tongue until she was eating Ms. Kinslet’s ass. “Oh, sir. She is very adept, indeed.”

“Ms. Joyner, can you multitask?” I asked.

She immediately moved into a sixty-nine with Ms. Kinslet, then grabbed my pants and tugged them down. She sucked my cock long and slow. “Ms. Kinslet,” I called out. “Please lubricate Ms. Joyner’s scrumptious ass for me. I’m thinking about taking a ride through the back country.” Ms. Kinslet performed her duties well, sucking Ms. Joyner’s ass enough to get it dripping wet. Ms. Joyner then guided me to her asshole, where she allowed me entry. “Ms. Joyner,” I began as I moved in and out of her ass. “Your dictation is top-notch.”

“I strive for perfection, sir,” she replied, then went back to eating Ms. Kinslet’s pussy again as I continued to fill her ass with my executive privilege; Ms. Kinslet was furiously working over her clit. “Sir … Ma’am … allow me to show you my escort bursa spreadsheet,” she near-shouted, then sprayed Ms. Kinslet in the face with a tidal wave of cum, which sent me into a fury.

I began to pound her ass as hard as I could. “Oh, shit! My stock is splitting!” I shouted, pulled out, and unloaded myself all over her pussy lips. Ms. Kinslet smiled broadly as she licked the young woman’s pussy clean.

I moved up and slid my cock into Ms. Kinslet’s pussy while Ms. Joyner continued to suck her clit. “That’s right, Ms. Joyner, it’s all about teamwork.” She stayed there, working Ms. Kinslet’s clit, until the older woman came again, then she turned and straddled her face.”

“Oh, Ms. Kinslet. I can be such an asset to you. Watch.” She closed her eyes for a moment, then said, “File this under “C” for ‘cum,'” then she sprayed Ms. Kinslet’s face again. I busted a nut in Ms. Kinslet’s pussy, then fell back.

Ms. Joyner came toward me and kissed me on the lips, then she and I fell next to Ms. Kinslet and we began taking turns kissing her. “Oh, that was great,” she said.

“Thanks, Mom,” I said as I kissed her again.

“You really made me come hard tonight, Mama.”

“Toby, Chloe, you two never disappoint me,” Mom told my sister and me.

We smiled. This was a role-playing game we called “Scenarios,” where everything was ad-libbed, so we never knew how a scenario might turn out. Well, that’s a lie. It would always turn out with the three of us completely satisfied. Tomorrow, it will be Chloe who is in charge. I can’t wait.

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