The Lair Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

She moved to the door and turned the lock. Then spun around to face him. Slowly, she walked forward, her eyes falling to his still hard cock, still slick with her saliva and his cum. She stopped before him, and brought her arms up above her head.

“How about you take off my towel now, Jack.” Her eyes were full of lust, and Jack didn’t hesitate to comply. He stepped right up close to her, moving his hands to her waist. He rubbed her hips through the towel, as he surrounded her body with his own. Her head moved aside as he nuzzled into her neck, his breath falling softly against her skin. His hands moved up her sides, only using his fingertips to touch the towel as they rose to her back.

Then the towel was gone and he touched her bare shoulders, so gently with his fingertips that she gasped at the sensation. He moved around her, circling her with his body until he was behind her, and his hands rested just above her breasts.

She felt his hardness pressing against her butt, and backed into him to rub it against her, but the towel was still in the way.

He gave a short laugh, and whispered in her ear, “Let me help illegal bahis you get what you want.” His breath on her neck was making her so wet. Melissa hadn’t been seduced in quite awhile.

Jack took his right hand and moved it down the valley of her tits, until he hit the towel, then he moved up and over it, and traveled down the open seam. His fingers probed inside to find the soft skin of her belly, just below her breasts, which were heaving with her deep breaths.

He slid his fingers down her stomach, using only his fingertips to touch her skin. She was beginning to shake with desire now, as he moved down. Then he was past her stomach, and his fingers touched no hair, and then his hand slipped down between her legs. She was completely shaved, and so smooth, his breath caught in his throat at the feeling.

She tried to push against his cock again, wanting it, but he wasn’t done teasing yet. He held her there, with his left hand around her shoulders, and his right nestled gently into the folds of her pussy. He began to move his fingers around, drawing out a moan from her as his hands found the wetness of her need. illegal bahis siteleri Lightly he ran a finger along her slit, rubbing her juices around her hole. Then he found her clit, and she gasped sharply.

He smiled, and touched it again. She gasped. He lightly rubbed it again, and again her breath caught in her throat. Her juices were starting to flow heavily now. She hadn’t been this wet in so long. She knew she would come very soon if he allowed her to.

He teased her for a little bit longer, and then without warning he attacked her clit with his finger, and began rubbing it furiously. She screamed with delight as her orgasm came rushing through her. Halfway through she almost fell, but he held her close to him, one finger had sunk inside of her. He felt her squeeze his finger as she came, his cock pressing insistently into her butt through the towel.

“Oh God,” she moaned.

Jack slowly moved her to the bed, and his left hand finally removed the towel from her body as he laid her down. Her nipples were hard as rocks sticking out from her breasts, and as he climbed on top of her he took one into his canlı bahis siteleri mouth, and sucked hard.

“Oh yes!” she cried out. “Fuck me, please.”

Jack wasted no more time, and sank his cock into her. Her sopping wet pussy enveloped him in its heat, and he began to thrust with urgency, his own orgasm coming very quickly.

He pounded into her as she begged for more. Her breasts pressed to his chest, he slammed into her, the feeling of a pussy on his cock was so great. Then he was coming. He jerked in her, and began to spill his second orgasm inside her pussy as she herself was coming again as well.

She squeezed his cock with her orgasm, helping to drain his balls of cum.

When it was over, he slowly pulled out of her and fell next to her on the bed. The power of his second orgasm had drained him so much, he fell into a deep sleep within seconds. A smile across his face as he dreamed.

Melissa lay next to him for quite awhile trying to catch her own breath. Finally when she was ready she sat up, and saw him sleeping next to her. For a moment she just watched his beautiful body as he slept. His cock was still half hard and she quickly put it in her mouth to clean it off. He didn’t stir as she sucked on him. Then she let his cock fall out of her mouth, and with a last look at this handsome man who had come to her, she got up to take a shower.

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