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Asshole Lick


Untamed Summer
~ Lust in Times of Lockdown ~

    There was a young lad from Bombay,
Who wasn”t quite sure if he was gay,
Lost, confused and sad,        
He thought he”d go mad,        
But thanks to Nifty, he”s found his way! ©

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“AAAHH !” finally, after 34 years of longing and yearning… after an eon”s wait, Vivek was finally getting to live his most private, his most intimate, and intensely cherished dream… and he could only cry out, thrashing his head, grimacing at the incredible new sensation… the torturously exquisite feeling of being stuffed… his agonised sphincter clutching the boy”s cock in a viselike grip just under the flared rim… holding him immobile.

Releasing his firmly embedded cock the teen grabbed Vivek”s face, holding him still as he whispered in a hoarse voice, “You”ve got it, dude, it”s in!”

“Uhhh…” Vivek moaned, gasping for breath… feeling his ass flex furiously.

“Man, you”re like, tight…” the boy grunted, “stop squeezing so hard… let me in first, and then you can squeeze all you want!”

Vivek let out another groan, almost hyperventilating as his arms wrapped around the boy”s shoulders, clinging on desperately.

“You can take it, dude… you will take it!” the boy whispered before lowering his face and covering Vivek”s parted mouth… his pelvis once more moving, rising and falling in a steady sway… gradually adding more pressure… whispering encouragement between the bites and nips…

Ears buzzing, and his mind numb, Vivek could hardly hear, or make sense of the banter… the words a mere jumble of meaningless phonation… gasping as he tried shifting his ass, in an effort to accomodate the boy in his unsullied ass.

“Just relax, man, and let go…” the boy whispered pulling back his mouth and ramming his hips forward.

“Ooooohhh…” the breath came rushing out of Vivek”s open mouth as the boy”s cock gained a couple more inches!

“That”s it, yeah, let go… open up!” the boy grunted as he sensed the clenched inner membrane flutter, ballooning wide… and thrust in once more, feeling himself slide further into the seething inferno of the man”s rectum…

𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲 𓃲

It was the summer of 1988… Vivek was fifteen, in tenth grade… on his first ever school trip.

He had gone because his BEST friend was going, and had insisted Vivek too come along… now, Vivek could never say no to Deepak, and so he went – excited, yes, but also a wee bit apprehensive.

Deepak was gregarious, friends with practically everyone – hanging out with the seniors, horsing around with the juniors, high-fives with the janitor and chummy with the watchmen… even joshing with the teachers – EVERYONE!

While Vivek was more restraint, preferring to keep a small circle of select friends – not that he was shy or awkward – simply more inclined to quality over quantity.

Deepak was also into sports, big time, was in every single team at school – cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi – you name it!

While Vivek was more of a tennis guy, which he was very adept at… and golf, accompanying his father regularly – initially chipping and putting on the practice green, before swinging his 7 iron down the course…

And so they went, twenty-seven tenth and eleventh graders… four days of camping at the lakeside dāk-bangla of Ramnagar — the purported hunting lodge of the erstwhile Rajas of Ramnagar Estate — now converted into a heritage guesthouse!

Well, boys will be boys, and it was the first night… after camp fire and dinner as the boys were shepherded to their rooms and things slowly quietened down, the counsellors retiring for the day, Deepak tapped Vivek”s shoulder…

“Let”s go…” he whispered.

“Where?” Vivek stared at his best friend, quizzical.

“Shh… just come,” Deepak hissed, tugging at him.

And as they silently sneaked out, the soft sound of the door opening and then closing behind them made them turn around… it was Sandeep.

Sandeep, another tenth grader, had joined that very year — a small town kid in the big city, eager to fit in, be part of the gang, the in-crowd… and had almost instantly latched onto Deepak…

“Where are you guys going, huh?” Sandeep whispered catching up with them.

“Shh… just follow,” Deepak shushed him, all three hurrying down the veranda.

They went to the last room, Deepak rapping on the door – a soft knock-knock – pause – knock-knock.

“Yo, dude!” Martin, their senior, greeted them opening the door, “You”re late, man!”

“The guys just slept,” Deepak replied as the three slipped in, “had to wait…”

The hatay escort room was mostly dark, with just one lamp burning in a corner… the air thick with the blue haze… redolent with the unmistakable whiff of pot.

“Welcome dude!” grinned Raunak, another eleventh grader, passing a joint to Deepak as they sat down on the floor, joining the four seniors.

Just one toke and Vivek was in a happy zone (what with all that smoke hanging heavy in the room!) — a nice, healthy buzz — well, he wasn”t much of a smoker, nor a regular one, and simply took an occasional puff or two when with Deepak… while Sandeep”s first drag sent him into a coughing fit!

“Slow down, dude,” laughed Martin, “first time, eh?”

Sandeep gave a huge grin, nodding his head once he had regained some semblence of composure.

It must have been after his third… or, maybe fourth toke when Sandeep slumped back… sprawled out on the bare floor… arms limp on either side, legs splayed — one straight, the other akimbo — mouth open, snoring softly!

“Fuck, man, the dude”s blazed!” laughed Raunak.

“Geeked out and in coma!” giggled Sumeet, sticking out his tongue.

And so they sat, giggling away as they passed the joint while munching on their late night snack – packets of chips and crackers, and even a large platter of spicy pakoda that they had somehow managed to coax (with sweet charm, a thousand flattery and of course, hard cash!) out of the cook.

Vivek was done – his two-tokes – and so, he just sat there, slightly apart beyond the circle… silent and contemplative.

“Whoa, dude, what”s that?!” Sumeet suddenly exclaimed pointing at the sleeping Sandeep.

“What?” asked Raunak, squinting in the low light as all eyes turned to look at the slumberous boy.

“Fuck, is that his dick, huh?” Mukesh giggled, the others focusing their eyes between Sandeep”s parted thighs.

All the boy”s were in cotton shorts or boxers… the four seniors shirtless, while Vivek, Deepak and Sandeep had t-shirts on.

Sandeep was still lying as he had been… one leg stretched out, the other splayed wide, bent at the knee… his t-shirt had inched its way up his abdomen… and between his spread thighs, draped in soft cotton, was a distinctly capacious lump… the limp fabric of his boxers melding over the contours of his crotch — explicitly displaying what it was suppose to conceal!

“Yo, bro…” Martin, who was right next to Sandeep, giggled, nudging the boy”s shoulder, “what”s that you got in your pocket, huh?”

“Hey, Sandeep…” Mukesh, who was on his other side, laughed as he poked at the boy”s cheek.

Sandeep neither moved, nor stirred… still snoring away gently… oblivious to the world.

“Dude…” Sumeet called, tugging at his leg, “what you hiding bro?”

The four seniors continued poking and prodding the unresponsive teen, giggling away as they joshed.

“Think it”s his boner, huh?” laughed Raunak, tickling the sleeping teen.

“Probably having a raunchy dream!” gaffawed Martin.

Mukesh suddenly reached out, poking at the lump with a finger before holding the covered shaft between his thumb and forefinger and shaking it, the boys giggling as it jiggled under the cotton, “Nah, it”s soft!”

“Then that”s one real fat dick, dude!” guffawed Martin, once more prodding the boy, as Mukesh grabbed the whole package, his palm pressed down, gently squeezing.

“Let”s check,” Sumeet laughed, slipping his fingers down the front of the waistband and pulling it down… exposing Sandeep.

“Whoa, fuck!” the boys collectively gasped staring at the displayed genitals… giggling aloud.

Vivek was seeing another guy”s cock for the first time… and he stared on, fascinated… his eyes slowly growing wide.

It was a veritable jungle of straggly, straight hair down there… and amongst that lush growth lay Sandeep”s humongous, limp dick, the shaft bare and smooth, of a relatively darker shade…

“Shit, man,” giggled Martin, “that”s one seriously fat piece of meat!”

Sumeet now tugged Sandeep”s boxers further down, grunting as he struggled to get it off from under the sleeping boy, before finally managing to pull it off… sliding it down the smooth thighs, baring the teen completely… his privates on full display!

“Yo, dude…” leaning close Mukesh whispered into Sandeep”s ear as he pulled up the boy”s t-shirt, baring his smooth torso.

Sandeep now lay before the boys, naked – his t-shirt bunched under his chin, his boxers around his ankles.

Captivated, Vivek went on staring, unblinking… his pulse racing, his heartbeat erratic… totally bewitched by the sight, by Sandeep”s teen genitals, and yes, weirdly aroused… sensing the flexing heat before quickly realising that he was rock hard… promptly drawing up his legs and pressing his thighs together in an attempt to hide his shameful erection!

“Wish I”d got the camera along…” hurma escort laughed Deepak looking down at his friend.

“No worries!” exclaimed Raunak, quickly getting up and going over to the table, picking up his own camera.

“Dude, the guy at the studio will freak when he develops the roll!” laughed Martin as Raunak rejoined the circle, camera in hand.

“Bro…” Martin called, tweaking Sandeep”s left nipple, getting it hard and pointed… while Mukesh flicked the boy”s flaccid penis with a finger making it flop from side to side, the boys laughing… when Sumeet suddenly gripped the base between his forefinger and thumb and lifted the cock, shaking it, making the limp appendage sway…

“Watt arr you guys stayringg att, huh?” he mouthed in a cartoony voice, “You tiink I”m fatt?”

The boys roared.

“I awoid caarbs, and I derk off evly dayy,” Sumeet continued his toony intonation… pulling down the foreskin with the fingers of his other hand to expose the purple head… bending the shaft forward as he added, “I”m not fatt, I”m juss stokky biilt!” sliding the loose skin up and down rapidly!

Well, boys will be boys, true, perpetually playful… forever preoccupied with having some fun, totally uninhibited as they engaged in their unruly roister; and so also a cock… will be a cock, and with all the manhandling… all the stimulation… Sandeep”s dick soon began to harden… quickly stiffening as Sumeet plied the foreskin… suddenly rigid and throbbing!

“FUCK!” laughed Martin, “the dude”s got a real boner now!”

Hypnotised, Vivek stared at Sandeep”s stiff penis, watching it flex and throb — well, the teen was more of a shower than a grower, his erect cock just about average length, but of immense girth!

The boys were in splits by now, all having a wildly good time… each sufficiently baked to either realise, or care, about their actions as they played with the sleeping boy”s phallus – each taking turn to grab at it, squeeze it… slide the prepuce over and off the cock head… Mukesh even lifting the sagging scrotum and cradling the oversized balls in his palm, gently squeezing the pair… continuing with their saucy banter… Sumeet, as Sandeep”s cock, still responding to all the boys” queries and interrogatives in his toony tone!

Through all of the earlier horseplay Sandeep had remained dead to the world… but with the more aggressive stimulus there was now a subtle change – no, he wasn”t awake, but was making weird, gurgling sounds in his throat… his regular snore repeatedly interrupted by a low, guttural moan… his hips now swaying, ever so slightly, in time with the movement of the hands working his cock…

Vivek watched silently, his heart now pounding… his eyes fixed on that turgid flesh column, watching it twitch and spasm… the head clearly bloated… listening to the almost ragged breathing of the still sleeping teen.

“Do you think he”s about to shoot, huh?” laughed Martin giving the cock another squeeze.

“So, let”s get him out of his predicament…” giggled Mukesh, pushing away Martin”s hand and taking Sandeep”s penis in a firm grip… beginning to jerk him off in real earnest while Sumeet cradled his balls, squeezing gently, urging, “C”mon, bro, show us what you”ve got!”

Transfixed, Vivek looked on, furiously chewing on his parched lower lip… his own cock twitching crazily as it flexed and pulsed… the drooling precum smearing his thighs and wetting the thin cotton of his boxers.

And as he watched he saw Sandeep”s legs stretch out further, the thighs taut as his toes curled, his fingers clenching into fists… his chest heaving like a stormy sea as his stomach flexed furiously… he let out a couple of soft grunts and then seemed to stop breathing completely, his hips suddenly strutting up… and almost instantly his cock exploded – shooting rapid fusillades of thick cum high up in the air… about a half dozen powerful volleys in quick succession!

And at that very instant Vivek let out a torturous gasp, muffled as he buried his mouth in the crook of his arm… his whole body shuddering as he felt his own cock flex and jerk, spewing sizzling hot cum all over himself… spurt after agonised spurt!

“EWWW!” Mukesh and Sumeet ejaculated in unison as it all came splattering down on the boy”s stomach and pubes, and both their hands… Mukesh quickly releasing the cock as both teens sprung up and rushed to the bathroom… Sandeep”s unattended penis still jerking and twitching on his abdomen, still squirting semen!

“Well, it was you who wanted to help him out…” guffawed Martin, both Raunak and Deepak joining in, the three laughing, before Martin added, the tone soaked with awe, “Dude, that”s one seriously HUGE load, bro!”

Still oblivious… still unaware of all the happenings around him, Sandeep let out a heavy, long-drawn sigh, his hips slowly falling back… murmuring something softly as he rolled over on his side… ığdır escort once more still, once more snoring…


Vivek was hooked… smitten by the sheer beauty of the human male genitalia… simply unable to get the vision of Sandeep”s privates, (and the events of the previous night), out of his head!

Oh, he had seen cock, his own cock – had looked down at himself, had seen it in the mirror, numerous times. Had found the sight of that fascinating apparatus between his legs thrillingly captivating… especially once the benign appendage — cute and convenient — began to gradually enlarge and expand, the area around the base sprouting fine silky down at the onset of puberty… before spreading out in luxuriant exuberance with the approach of impending adulthood… the strands of hair growing darker, coarser and curly!

Thoroughly intrigued and enchanted, by the random hardening of the spongy flesh, going all steel stiff… by the throb, the pulse, and the flex… the spine-tingling, toe-curling sensation when he pulled back the foreskin… or stroked along the hardened column!

But seeing another guy”s cock was totally different… especially from his vantage between the splayed thighs!

And so he sat – apart and alone… that vision of Sandeep”s throbbing cock spewing cum imprinted in his mind… that unforgettable image constantly hovering before his eyes… while his buddies and classmates ran around, screaming and yelling as they played their various games… repeatedly calling him to join them, Deepak even running over, wanting to know if he was okay… or, maybe, unwell or something…

The boys seemed totally unaffected, going about like nothing had happened… being their usual raucous selves as they engaged in their obstreperous play.

Though Sandeep did seem unusually quiet that morning… distracted — there, and yet, somehow not there — lost in thought!

It was after lunch, as Vivek and Deepak sat under a tree near the lake that Sandeep approached them…

“Yo, bro…” Deepak greeted him, “what”s up!”

Sandeep didn”t respond as he flopped down by their side, broody.

“So, you sure, huh?” asked Deepak, turning back to Vivek, “You”re quieter than usual, no fever or tummy ache, eh?”

“Er… listen,” Sandeep started, tentative, “um, about last night… I think I passed out…” pausing for a moment before adding, “Did I… uh, like, do something stupid… um, make a fool of myself?”

Vivek”s heart slammed, his pulse suddenly racing…

“Fool, huh?” grinned Deepak in response, “Dude, you were cool!”

Sandeep gave a wan smile, but remained silent.

“Why do you ask?” Deepak asked, innocence incarnate.

Sandeep shrugged in reply…

Sandeep”s pubes and torso covered in his cum, the slimy liquid turning cold as it dried and caked, Raunak had pulled his boxers up over his ass, covering his crotch… the boy still snoring away.

“Fuck, he”s dead! How do we get him back to the room?” Deepak had wondered.

“You guys can sleep here, bro!” Martin had replied, and so they stayed with the seniors… the boys soon retiring for the night.

Sandeep must have woken up in the morning wondering about all the dry and crusted cum covering his torso… probably speculating whether it was a mere wet dream… or, being high and happy, had jerked off in front of the others, shooting his teen wad all over himself…

And that”s probably what his query was all about.

“C”mon, let”s go for a swim…” Deepak announced standing up, Sandeep quickly following him… but Vivek remained seated, his cock throbbing hotly in his shorts!


Over the next two nights the three friends rejoined the seniors in their room, just like the first night… smoking pot and generally having a good time… Sandeep, without fail, falling asleep after just three or four tokes… and each time Vivek desperately hoping, eagerly waiting for the seniors to repeat it again — pull down Sandeep”s boxers and jerk him — dying to catch another glimpse of that teen cock…

Unfortunately, the boys didn”t seem even remotely interested — in the boy, or his cock — continuing with their mindless banter and happy giggles… leaving Vivek utterly dissapointed!

And over the years – 34 years to be exact – that image remained… as fresh as that first night, constantly hovering before his eyes. And so did that desire, the desire to see a cock… look at it… maybe touch… and caress… perhaps even jerk it off!

But, honestly, how does one even go about it… get someone to show you his dick?!

Vivek had no clue… and so, he kept his desire a secret… carrying on with Life… furtively eyeing crotches whenever he was sure no one was watching.

to be continued…       

Copyright © Author, 2021

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