A Dream Come True

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Julia sighed as she flipped on the light and tossed her keys on the table. Her tiny little house seemed so silent and lonely. It was nice to be away from a hectic work day, to be back her haven where she could curl up in her rocking chair, drink some tea, and delve into a really good book. Still, sometimes, even in her three-room little cottage, things seemed empty. There were too many lonely echoes and she caught herself talking to no one but herself from time to time.

Tonight was especially hard to stave off loneliness. It was the beginning of her two-week holiday break. She realized that she really had no friends other than those she had at work. They would be doing their own thing with family and friends right now.

Mentally, she tried to cheer herself up. It was the holidays! That meant cooking and baking and dinner with family, presents, and bright decorations. Julia lit the squat little woodstove that crouched next to the window, listening to the mournful noises of the wind outside. She saw that there was a bit of snow blowing up in miniature drifts on the porch. Frost, her big Alaskan malamute, was sprawled contentedly in the snow, watching the closing night for any intruders.

Smiling, Julia poured some tea and bustled about the house, straightening up. It was only a few minutes before her face was again set in a troubled frown. She knew why she was having issues with the holidays, whether she wanted to admit it or not. It was Jake. She’d known him for more than a year now, since he’d started working at the small recycling plant where Julia was employed. They had become fast friends—best friends even. She got used to seeing him almost every day.

She wished he was here now. It was the perfect evening to be inside, wrapped in blankets in front of the woodstove, talking. The snow outside had picked up, but inside everything was so cozy and just right for cuddling. She’d even lit a few candles. It would be heaven just to rest in his arms and watch the lights flicker…

Good God, what was she thinking? Jake and she were friends, and nothing more. She had been secretly devastated to learn that his most recent relationship had been with another guy. At last, she had met a guy who she thought she could actually fall in love with, and, just her luck, he turned out to be gay. At least he made the greatest best friend.

She remembered the few times during a heat wave that they had gone swimming together. It had been hard to keep her eyes off of him. She certainly hadn’t made friends with him because of his looks, but she couldn’t help thinking how lucky she was. At least she could look at him. He was gorgeous. He had striking eyes set in a well-defined face. A wiry, lean athlete, he was no taller than she, but carried himself so well that no one would have noticed. She remembered staring at the way his muscles moved, glistening and wet.

Angrily, Julia told herself she had to stop thinking like this. She hauled out a book and sat down with it determinedly. No more thinking about Jake.

Before long, her fingers began wandering as she read. As she turned the pages, one hand massaged a breast, thumb rubbing back and forth, squeezing. She was not wearing a bra, and her nipples began to appear through her shirt as tiny, hard dots. Flicking her thumb back and forth over the little, raised points, Julia let out a sigh. She put down the book. Slowly, she stripped off her soft cotton top, pinching her breasts lightly as she let it drop onto a chair. Unbuttoning her jeans, she slithered out of them with a wriggle of her small, shapely ass. She contemplated her underwear—skimpy red lace with black trim—and then slipped them off as well.

Wandering naked across the room to her kitchen cabinet, Julia winced as she realized that all of her curtains were down and in the wash. She shrugged it off. Her small cottage was set well back from the road in a fairly un-traveled neighborhood. It had once been a vacation summerhouse for a more wealthy, maslak escort previous owner and had been situated with privacy in mind.

Julia had decided to treat herself today, celebrating her time off with a bottle of wine—something she rarely bought. Uncorking it, she got out a fine goblet from the back of the cupboard and poured herself a full glass. Wine and bottle in hand, she returned to sit in a wide, fluffy armchair, pulling a small throw over her lap. She felt a bit pampered, with the candles lit, the musky taste of wine, and the slippery feel of the blanket’s silk lining against her bare skin. She continued reading, but distracted herself increasingly; at first tugging gradually at one blushed pink nipple, then the other. Eventually, one hand meandered down under the blanket, toying with her clit. She rubbed it in slow circles, then pressed deeply on the small, pearl-like spot.

“Mmmmmm.” She rocked her hips, tilting her pelvis upwards, her fingers moving faster. The blanket had slipped off onto the floor. Stopping abruptly, Julia sighed and poured herself another full glass of wine. She had to watch; Jake was trying to slip into her fantasies. Long ago, she had promised herself that she would never let herself fantasize about being with him, both out of respect for her friend and out of self-preservation. She didn’t want to open that can of worms.

Perhaps it was the slight effect of the wine, perhaps not, but soon her mind drifted again. She imagined him suddenly showing up on her doorstep. His car had broken down or something. Since the weather was so bad, he asked if he could stay the night… She slipped a finger into her pussy, feeling how wet she had become. The book had now joined the blanket on the floor. She worked a second finger and then a third into her now dripping cunt, her other hand busily tweaking her clit. She imagined what he looked like naked, his toned muscles and slim belly, the hollows of his hips shadowed just so, his cock–

Shit, she had to stop! Julia took a swig from the wine bottle, noticing that there was barely half a glass left. What the hell, why not? She sipped the last of the wine, berating herself. She had to stop this nonsense. Thinking about what it would be like with him would only make her want him more, and she knew only too well how far that would get her. Why, oh why did she have to fall for someone she could never have? She downed the last bit of wine, fingers rubbing at her damp, swollen lips. Still, what was the real harm of imagining? She could do it just this once, couldn’t she? Then maybe she would stop thinking about it for a bit. Why not?

She attacked her clit with more fervor, quickly shoving three fingers into her aching cunt. “Oooh, I want you,” she murmured. Her fingers on her clit were sending tingles all over her body, jolts of desire shooting straight down to her drenched cunt. Slowly, her hips gyrated into the air. God, she wanted fucked. She wanted something deep inside her pussy, she wanted to be filled.

She glanced around the room. She had never been one for toys, nor did she often even play with herself. She was somewhat shocked at herself right now, but she was feeling so damn turned-on. God, but she wanted something; her fingers just weren’t enough. “Uuhnh,” she groaned as her clit throbbed. Her body tossed, awash with heat. Her roving eyes finally fell on the empty wine bottle…

Flipping it over, she straddled it on the chair arm, stretching her cunt wide with her fingers. Slowly, she pushed down onto it, her fingers flying over her clit, rubbing in quick circles. “Oh, yeah, just like that, baby,” she moaned, closing her eyes. Her juices were streaming down over the glass, slippery and glistening. Lifting her legs off the floor, she let her bodyweight pull her down, impaling her on the makeshift dildo. She plucked at her tits, moaning. Drawing the thick glass phallus from her, she plunged back down on it, grinding her hips in istanbul escort towards the chair arm, stimulating her clit on the back of the chair. “Fuck, fuck, mmmm… Fuck me,” she hissed. Pressing further, she whimpered, writhing, as she felt it bottom out. Lifting slightly, she shoved again, harder, stretching her cunt to its limits.

“Oh God!” she cried and began grinding up and down on the glistening shaft. “Oh, yessss…” She moved faster and harder until she was taking the glass in up to where it began to narrow at the neck. Her cunt was dripping, making a damp spot on the chair. “Oh, Jake!” she shrieked at last, stiffening, and then she collapsed into the chair, the heavy glass rod still all the way inside her.

She stirred at last to slip it out, and lay panting, sprawled over the armchair. Slowly, her senses returned. She couldn’t believe she had done that. Now all she could think of was Jake, and how very badly she wanted to touch him, caress his body all over. How much she wanted him to fuck her silly.

“Good lord, I’m a horrible person,” she muttered. Shaking, she cleaned up a bit. She peeked out the door to check on Frost. The dog just panted at her happily. Dazed, she wandered back in and finally fell back into the armchair. Now she’d done it; she’d unleashed the demons. All she could do was think about the moment that she’d cried out his name—how just saying it had overwhelmed her whole body.

“Fu-uuck. That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had,” she whispered, sighing deeply.

“Was it now? Would you care for another?” A male voice spoke from behind her. Shrieking, Julia leapt to her feet, spinning around to find herself nose to nose with Jake. He was laughing.

“Oh my God!” Julia gasped, clapping her hands to her mouth. “Oh…shit.” She covered her face, burning with shame, tears pressing at her eyes. She felt Jake softly pulled her hands away, but kept her eyes cast down, mortified.

“Jules, it’s okay,” he reassured her. She just shook her head wildly.

“Jake, I am so sorry, I just—I–” Before she could get any further, he leaned in and kissed her.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for so long,” he told her quietly. “You just never seemed interested, and I was just too scared.”

“What? But, Jake… You’re gay, right?” Julia gasped. Jake started laughing again.

“God Jules, is that what you thought? How did we never talk about this? I’m bi.”

“Um, oh. I see,” Julia whispered faintly. “I—mmmpff.” Jake cut her off again with a kiss, pulling her close. Pressed against him, Julia could feel his hard-on rubbing against her thigh through his jeans. “Were you watching the whole time?” she questioned accusingly.

“Maybe,” he returned, flirting. “That was pretty hot, you know…” Julia didn’t know what to say. Suddenly, Jake picked her up and tossed her into the armchair. He bent over her, breathing hotly into her ear. “How ’bout the real thing?” Julia almost passed out, her heart was pounding so hard. “You are the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen,” Jake told her, “and I’ve just watched you make yourself come, begging for me to fuck you.”

Stepping back, he unzipped his jacket and pulled his shirt off over his head. Unlacing his boots, he kicked them off, undid his belt, and shimmied out of his jeans. He bent quickly to pull off his socks, flashing Julia a great view of his gorgeous ass. Straightening, Jake pounced on her, barely giving her enough time to take in the sight of his naked body, muscles highlighted by the candlelight. She almost went through the roof as he clamped his mouth over one of her nipples.

“Jesus, Julia, I want you so much,” he gasped, peppering her breasts with kisses. “Is this okay? I mean, tell me what you want.” He looked up at her face for reassurance. She had been so in shock that she had been simply laying there, draped over the chair, arms and legs flung wide. Now, his words and the passion in his eyes goaded her into motion. Grasping his shoulders, sarıyer escort she pulled him up to meet her lips in a wild, ferocious kiss. Arching her back, she rubbed her pussy against his hard-on, moaning.

Pulling away, he dropped down to his knees in front of the chair and fairly dove into her cunt, his tongue probing, his lips sucking hungrily. He latched onto her clit and swirled his tongue, making her body jerk violently as she bit back a scream of pure pleasure. She came right then, writhing as her muscles rippled, her juices dripping down his chest. She recovered just long enough to catch her breath to shriek as he plunged his fingers into her soaked cunt. Mewling with ecstatic agony, she shoved against him, pushing his fingers even deeper into her pussy. Her body shuddered as she reached another earthshaking orgasm, colored lights dancing in her vision. He gave her a break this time, shifting to reverse their positions.

She saw what he wanted, and eagerly obliged, grabbing his rockhard cock with both hands. She licked up and down his shaft, changing their frenzied pace to a slower one. She wanted to savor this. Carefully, she fit the head of his cock into her mouth, sliding her lips over it gradually. She flicked her tongue. Pulling her mouth away, she began working her hands up and down, relishing the smoothness of his skin. She swirled her thumbs over the head, making his body jerk, cock pulsing in her hands. Swiftly, she took him into her mouth, plunging down until her nose was buried in his soft hair. It was his turn to cry out, fingers clawing at the cushions. She bobbed her head up and down, letting him feel the tip of his cock sliding over the back of her throat.

“Stop, stop,” he gasped. “I’m going to cum.” Julia pulled away for a moment, looking up at him with a devilish grin.

“Would that be so bad?” she asked.

“Oh, I’ve got more plans for you first,” he told her, returning her wicked smile. He pulled her up into his lap and had her lie back, resting her head on his shoulder. Reaching down, her began rubbing her clit with one hand, his other kneading her breast. He bent his head to slowly suck on her free nipple and thrust his hips forward, pushing his cock up between her legs. Julia was practically senseless with pleasure, bucking and wriggling in his lap.

“Fu-fu-fuucck,” she groaned. “Jake. Oh God, Jake, fuck me. Shove that hard cock up my pussy. I want you in me NOW.” Jake could only give a strangled moan in return as he flipped her over one of the chair arms and buried his cock in her from behind. She screamed his name as one of his hands pressed into her clit and he started pumping his hips, slamming his cock all the way into her over and over.

Their skin slid together, slippery with her cum, her ass cheeks were bouncing up and down deliciously. Turning her over again, this time draped backwards over the chair so her breasts were exposed, he bit lightly at her nipples and rammed up into her cunt with one thrust.

“Jake, Jake,” she shrieked. “Cum inside me, Jake. I want to feel your cum filling up my pussy.” Her words whipped him into a frenzy, and he drove his cock into her dripping cunt even faster. They were both howling as her pussy clenched around his shaft, their muscles spasming, as his cock pumped jet after jet of hot cum into her. He gave one more final thrust, his cock slippery with cum, feeling the head sink into the back wall of her passage. Then he collapsed on top of her.

Panting, they lay in a crumpled heap across Julia’s armchair, bodies trembling, still twitching from little aftershocks.

“Oh, Jesus, Jules. God, you’re incredible,” Jake gasped. She moaned in response, sitting up.

“Jake…” She wrapped her arms around him and felt him adjust his body to cradle hers, returning her embrace. They sat in a tangle of limbs, sated, and blissfully happy.

Julia glanced up to see Frost with her nose plastered to the window. She laughed.

“We gave her quite a show,” she said, pointing. “You know, you’ve got some explaining to do. Such as how you ended up spying on me in the dark of night when you’re supposed to be off on holiday.”

“I know, I know,” he returned. “Still, I’m guessing you’re not too mad at me, huh?”

“Oh, hell no.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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