The New Neighbour Ch. 02

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Paris, Joe and their guests awaited Gina and Brad’s arrival so she could cash in her fight stipulation for beating the big breasted mom. There was Tanya and Charlene, the blond twin hotties, and Joe’s buddies Alan and Ben. Paris was debating whether to even include Joe at all after admitting his attraction to Gina, but she’d let him have this one. Although, she’d make sure he wouldn’t do a whole lot.

The party stopped their chatter when they saw the apartment door swing open. Brad walked in, Gina cradled in his arms, still out from the fight. Her arms hung limply in his hold. She was in terrible shape. Paris had done a number on her and it looked like she couldn’t take much more. Brad walked to the center of the room and gently laid his beautiful wife on the ground. The entire group looked down at her spread-eagled form. Her nipples still had the clamps on them. The breasts themselves were red, bruised, and stained with a mixture of blood and milk residue. The “anti-mom” drawing still remained as well. Most of all, they were a lot more deflated, flattened, and deformed. Her ruby red lips and the kiss marks on her face accentuated her otherwise discoloured face.

Brad spoke first. “Alright Paris, she’s here. Now let’s get this over with quickly.”

“Oh we’ll get this over with but I assure you Braddy boy that it’ll hardly to quick. I plan on riding her and abusing her body alllll night thank you very much!” She shot him another one of her devious smiles. “But don’t worry, there’ll be something in it for you too. Tanya, Charlene, help lover boy get more comfortable will ya?” The twins dragged him away and began to play with him leaving Gina with Paris and her guests.

Paris instructed the guys Alan and Ben to pick up and hold Gina. Secured and upright, she studied her for the first time since kicking her ass earlier. She clutched her by the chin. Her head lolled limply in place. Then she slapped her broken tits around some more. “I think it’s time for her to wake up eh boys?” She tugged hard on the chain connecting her tits. It shot Gina into consciousness with a scream. She frantically looked around to figure out where she was. She feebly tried to wiggle her arms free. Then she saw Paris conniving face staring face. She went into panic mode having this evil woman in front of her. “Good morning, mommy tits. Hope you’re all rested up, because we’re about to begin phase two of your destruction!” Gina moaned in disappointment. “But don’t be sad Gina Tits, maybe you’ll like it. Oh wait, what am I saying? No you won’t!”

She clutched Gina’s breasts in her hands. Gina was super sensitive and sore so every touch produced 10 times the amount of normal pain. Paris took off the nipple clamps. They had left quite the imprint on her teats. Gina gasped in shock as soon they were off. They felt like they were pounding and beating like little hearts on the ends of her breasts. Paris pulled and twisted on them knowing it would do optimal damage if she did. She yelped. “Stop! Stop! Owwwwwww….”

Paris felt up her tits once again. “Mmmm, I think you’re running on empty Gina dear. Better fix that. Joe! Get the kit!” Joe, who had been standing idly by, jumped at the order and quickly brought her the familiar black box. Paris opened it up and took out the needle. Gina looked in horror as she saw the tool that had more or less led to her defeat earlier in the day. She violently shook and rained Paris with a series of no’s. Paris however just tapped the side of the syringe and made sure it was good. She rubbed her targets before slowly injecting the agent. A frightened and restrained Gina could only look on as she felt the tip pierce her areola. As Paris did the same to the second nipple she told her the story of earlier in the day. “You know, the last time I did this you were a little slut about it. I poured this nice chemical in you like I’m doing now. And you know what? You got excited!” She injected the last little bit and then put the needle back and handed it to Joe. “So I took my hand like so and stuck it in your throbbing cunt. And man did you climax! What a hungry little whore you were!”

With several fingers up against her clit, Gina was a slave to this kind of touch. The boys Alan and Ben looked at each other approvingly as if to say, “Wow, we just hit the jackpot here.” Here was their buddy’s girl friend assaulting another woman who looked like a fuckslut already. They stood there with pitched tents waiting anxiously for their shot at the yummy mommy.

Paris took her fingers out and once again made Gina suck them. “Watch this. She just loves this part.” She took out her fingers and released her to the men. “Alright she’s all bothered now. She’s all yours boys!”

“Joe! Go next door to the lovely couple’s home and collect some toys! They gotta have some!” She ordered her boy friend again.

“But when do I get to fuck her? This is bullshit!” He complained.

Paris put on her sweet voice. “You get to gaziantep escort fuck her when you do this for me baby.” She wasn’t sure if she was lying or not. She’ll cross that bridge when she came to it. Hearing this, Joe grudgingly left to go rummage through Gina’s apartment.

Alan and Ben didn’t waste any time with Gina. They forced her to her hands and knees. Ben went around behind her, lowered his pants and forced himself in her cunt. Alan meanwhile began to play with her body, kissing her neck and face while clutching and grabbing anything and everything he could. Gina was in a helpless position, being pumped hard up the back while being abused up front. Her clit was super sensitive and couldn’t handle the discomfort of his fully erect dick. She began to scream. Alan just slapped her across the face. “Shut up you stupid cunt and take it!” The hit made her eyes stream tears. It also made her listen. From then on she just grunted as quietly as she could manage. It was hard because every thrust was hard, quick and rough.

“Slap her ass Ben, really give to her! Make it fucking hurt!! Alan, punch those big cow udders! I am doing you both a huge favor today so make her cum and cum and then cum some more!!!”

Satisfied Gina would be fine for a while, she turned her attention to Brad and the girls. “Girls, help Mr. Tits over here out of his clothes eh?”

With that, the girls Tanya and Charlene began to undress Brad as he stood helpless to do anything. First they collectively pulled off his sweater, then his jeans, and finally his briefs leaving him completely exposed. Having done that deed, the two sensuous blondes covered his body in kisses. They ran their hands, all over his chest, arms, and oh yes, his package. When they came to kissing his upper back and neck, Brad displayed his reluctance by turning his head away in solemn defiance. It was of little use however, having two beautiful women have their way with him was a hard thing to pass up. It was naturally any man’s dream!

Paris entered back into the picture. Watching all this, it was her turn to take over now. She pushed Tanya to the side so she was standing face to face with her enemy’s husband. She combed his chest with her fingers as she twirled her own hair. “Well, well, well, doesn’t this sight look familiar? Little old me right in front of you…I wonder what will happen?” She shot him her trademark innocent, playful look. “But don’t worry, unlike downstairs, I won’t nail you in the balls again. How are your boys doing anyways?”

Paris cupped his testes and gave them a squeeze as she looked into his eyes. They were lost in everything going on. Looking for a way out, trying not to give Paris the satisfaction, ridden with the pain of knowing his love was being abused only feet away. The blonde seductress had him once again…this time quite literally in the palm of her tiny hand. She transitioned to stroking his throbbing cock. “You like that Brad? You like it as I rub your big cock?”

Truth is, the man was. Having two women feeling up and planting kisses on his upper body and then another jacking him off was bliss. Yet, the whole time he was focused on Gina who was screaming and moaning from being drilled by the guys. If left alone he’d probably protest in place, but in this situation, there was something particularly captivating about it that didn’t warrant any sort of objections from him. Paris tapped into this. She didn’t say anything about it, but being a very perceptive woman, she knew how to capitalize on this. She’d only known Brad for less than a day, yet she knew exactly how to get him going and how to exploit his weaknesses. With his dick hard now, she fell to her knees and continued to tug his tail. She licked the tip of it before taking it in her mouth. Like earlier in the day, Brad once again was having his aching cock sucked off by this little temptress. And she was doing a damn good job too. She’d bob her head up and down that shaft occasionally pausing to stroke him off some more. He moaned at the feeling of being pleasure from all directions by three beautiful women.

From her torturous position on her hands and knees, Gina had been intentionally placed so she could see this. Her teary eyes made out a blurry image of her love being satisfied by these three blonde women. Her grunts for mercy were the antithesis to Brad’s intense gasps for more. Alan in front made sure she didn’t miss any of the show by pulling her head back by the hair, while also attending to her hanging tits. In their suspended state they were perfect for him to squeeze and twist around. They just hovered and swung in place. He forced a few drops out of her breasts. With Paris forcing her to produce more milk, they were weighing her body down too. This is what made her position even less comfortable. Not only was she being raped, but she had to deal additionally with the pain in her already beaten tits. konya escort On top of it Alan was laying on verbal humiliation. “Gina the little cow. We’re going to have so much fun milking of all your juices, and I mean ALL. You like how Ben up there is filling you with his cum? And how I’m playing with your tits, forcing you to see your husband get sucked off by Princess Paris over there? Look at him. He’s loving it. The best blowjob he’s ever gotten I’d bet.”

Paris lived up to those words in her performance. Brad was on the brink of cumming. She ejected herself and stood up, leaving Brad hanging there. She grabbed him by the shaft and led him to Gina. From the point blank view of the mom, Paris continued the show. She was rubbing it in. Paris embellished her moans. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm….” Brad was starting to squirm now so she once again took her head out, and began to stroke his cock in Gina’s direction as she spoke to her.

“See this cock? I suggest you lick it.” She brought it in close to the mom allowing her to barely touch the tip of her tongue with the tip of mushroom. She could taste the cum. “Yeah, lick it because that’s as close as you’re going to get to this cock, slut. I’ve got two sexy ass girls for that!” In the background, Charlene and Tanya had gotten undressed and were feeling each other up. Paris slapped Gina’s face back and forth with her own husband’s cock, which was on the brink of explosion, getting even more juices on her. Paris began to jack the shaft off. Quickly enough, Brad finally shot his load all over his wife’s face. The little witch laughed as her enemy’s face was doused with the white sex juice. Her mind games and humiliation continued. She wasn’t going to let Gina or Brad’s parts near each other but she was going to let Gina wear a mask of his sperm. It was genius!

Just then the door crashed open and Joe came in. He walked to the action floor. In his right hand he had a manual breast pump, in his left, other assorted toys. He threw them down on the ground. Paris picked up the pump. “You’ve done well.” She exposed one breast and tried it on for size. She squeezed it. “Oooff!” She was slightly shocked at the amount of suction it had. Now she didn’t have any milk to extract but Gina sure as well did. She took it off and played with it in her hand, nearing Gina. She knelt down and put it to her tit. The poor brunette offered a weak moan. Paris gave it a strong squeeze. She watched as the nipple extended further than one might’ve expected. “Ahhhhh!” She cried at the immense pressure on her areola.

“Parisssss!” The blonde was enjoying herself when he heard the voice of his whiny boyfriend. She rolled her eyes. She snapped her fingers. “Fine. Ben take a break. Help yourself to a beer.” The man grudgingly put his member back into his pants and moved out of his position. Joe moved in like a kid eyeing an entire cookie jar. He slid his cock in and got his first taste of Gina.

Paris instructed Alan to force his equipment into her frontal opening. With that Gina was being attacked in three areas. Joe’s cock cut into her behind. Her lip muscles went to work around Alan’s shaft. And worst of all, her tits endured even more abuse. Paris was stealing away her milk. The white liquid poured into the little holding container. Every so often Paris would have to lift the apparatus so she could empty it. The white substance dripped on her chest and mostly formed a puddle on the wood floor. “Yeah that’s right mommy tits, you’re losing everything to me. Your tits, your body, your will, your BOYFRIEND, and now your baby milk. Left with only your pathetic slutty self. Ah!”

With her hand beginning to cramp, she needed a break too. “Tanya. Milk this cow for me please!” The blonde jumped at the chance to do something. She took over the extraction. For Paris she went back to Brad. She began to outline his torso up and down with her tongue. She bit the tiny bit of fat on his belly. Then she kissed it and rubbed it. Behind Brad Charlene and Ben were going at it with each other. Behind her, Gina’s entire body rocked with Joe’s thrusting. Her already hurting tits ached with the impact. They were swelling with the pump acting on her. She’d already lost a lot of her breast juice in one mound and she knew it. With Alan’s cock silencing her primal screams/objections, there was nothing she could do. Her senses were being invaded from all sides.

Paris broke away from Brad again. “Sorry Bradley. I have to see your darling mate now.” Horny as hell, she was amused at seeing the destruction of Gina. She knelt beside Alan. “You’re a champ.” She kissed him. “You gonna cum yet?”

He breathed hard. “Al…most…there..ahhhhh” He released his seed in her mouth. Gina gagged and tried to cough. Paris immediately clutched her hair and tugged. “Oh no slut! He did you a favour by letting you suck his cock, so you are going to keep every bit of his cum in you! Now swallow!!” kayseri escort Alan pulled out. Paris held Gina’s neck as both a threat and to feel when she gulped down his spunk. She felt something go down but had to check. “Open.” Strings of his cum went across her mouth but she didn’t see anything. She did it. The blonde vixen patted the man on the chest. “Nice job, now take a break.”

She moved to Tanya. “How’s she doing? Let’s pull her up so I can see her body.” With that, the three of them shifted Gina’s body so she was kneeling, Joe still in behind her. “Aww look at that,” She remarked at the floor and the huge difference between her two breasts. She scooped up some milk on her finger and licked it. “Mmmm…Alright, that’s enough. Empty the last bit of her slut mom juice on her and let’s move.” Tanya lifted the mechanism and allowed the milk flow off her breast and down her belly. Her already flattened tit was even more deflated than before, if that was possible.

“Ooooh!!!!” Joe called out. Paris turned to her boyfriend with a quizzical look. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

He coughed. “Gonna explode!”

Paris laughed. “You haven’t already? God, why do I keep you? Fine, fill her fat tank right up!” With that he creamed inside her cunt. Paris mocked her again. “Mmm, that’s it slut. You like having my boyfriend’s spunk inside you instead of boy toy over there? See what Joe brought us Tanya will ya?”

She returned with a lighter and a candle. “Such a loving couple. Setting the baby making mood.” Paris pretended to gag. “Pssh, yeah, right.” She ignited the wick. She brought the flame up to Gina’s nipple. “AAAAAAAAHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” She shrieked as she felt the teat skin burn. It was sickening smell and an even more sickening sight. Even Joe was shocked at how far his girlfriend would go. She did once more to the other nipple. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAH!!” She screamed enough to pierce the thin confines of the walls.

Paris held the candle high above Gina and slowly tilted it. Gravity took the white wax to her breasts. The hot liquid on her bruised skin did not mix. “OWWWW! IT BURNS! GET IT OFF! OOOOOOOH!!!” Paris coated her decimated tits in the wax, uncaring to her pleas. It dripped down between her cleavage and made a trail to her navel. The hot substance hardened on her body. Ben came in behind Paris and put an ice cold bottle of beer to Gina’s chest. The hot and cold play was torturing. At the same time, Gina felt her anus stretched open… someone was fucking her in the ass! Gina took deep breaths as her anus was continuously assaulted.

Paris rose up and visited the sex toys herself. There were only three items left and one just glimmered back at her. She picked up the steak knife and admired how the light reflected and refracted off the blade. She poked her finger on it to test its potency. It was indeed sharp. Cradling it, she knelt back down in front of Gina. “Hmm, looks like mommy tits and Braddy boy enjoy some knife play in the bedroom! Don’t you know that knives are dangerous?!” She teased once again.

Paris scraped the solid wax off her chest. She uncovered the nipple first just so she could amuse herself with its exposure amongst a sea of white. Then she rather roughly removed the rest of the wax. It was a huge relief for Gina, but at the same time, her skin began to throb. It was warm and red. One more level in the mutilation of her breasts had been complete. Even with the wax all off, Paris continued to play with the knife. She traced it all along her once shapely breasts. Gina whimpered with the feel of the steel on her body. She still had an exploding cock in her but that didn’t seem to matter now. She had gotten used to the feel of being shamelessly fucked, even in the ass. Paris nicked Gina’s breasts, drawing blood here and there. She ran it along the circumference of her areola. Gina moaned and wished she wouldn’t go there. Paris just studied her face and saw the peril in her eyes. She could to do it if she wanted to. She held the power. Then she held the knife over her chest like she was about to drive it into Gina’s heart. The brunette snivelled and cried. “Noooo….” She shook in terror.

Paris was elated. This was such a power rush for her. “Relax Gina Tits. I’m not going to kill you, hahaha. Although I do want you to know that I can. You see, I own your tits, your cunt, and you body. Heck, I even own your fuckin’ hubby!! Hahahaha!”

“Joe! Are you done yet? I want to move on to something else!” She barked at her boyfriend. Joe struggled to finish spilling his latest load into Gina. “Hold on…..ahhhhhh, almossst….oooooooh….there!” He breathed heavily and then pulled out of her. Gina slumped to the ground in a fetal position.

Paris grabbed the second last item, a strap-on pink dildo. She marvelled over why a man and woman would need one. Then she clued in and stood in front of Brad, who had Charlene all over him. “Now I wonder, why would you two need one of these?” The man just hung his head in shame. “Oh I seeeee, Braddy boy likes it up the ass!!! That’s fuckin’ rich, hahaha!” She loved his embarrassment. “Charlene, if you don’t mind, why don’t you join to me to see our special lady over there? You know how to put on one of these?” She handed her the strap-on.

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