Farm Life Ch. 08

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Joe Wyatt, coach of the Mules, sat in the big recliner in his motel room. He languidly stroked his cock as he watched the two girls in the porn flick attack each other with tongues, fingers and dildos. He was looking forward to the big after game party planned for the next night. He knew at least half the girls on the cheerleading team would be panting for some stiff cock – he and his team were not going to disappoint them.

Joe was aroused from his reverie by a loud banging on the door to his room. It was almost drowned out by the heavy downpour outside. I hope this rain won’t fuck-up the game tomorrow he thought as he strode cross the room to answer the knocking. Before opening the door, he could hear someone shouting “Coach, Coach, you got to let me in, I’m scared of this storm, please let me in, please.”

Standing outside his door was the head cheerleader, Black Pearl. Water ran down her face, the thin tee shirt she wore was plastered to her gleaming, shiny wet, black skin. The shirt was not long enough to cover the white bikini briefs she wore. The thin white material plastered to her skin seemed to accentuate her nakedness. Firm nipples protruded a full half inch from her firm rounded breasts. Large aureoles, even darker than her dark skin, were clearly discernible even in the dim light cast from his room.

The girl did not seem to notice the Coach’s tented shorts and his lustful gaze, and as a particularly sharp clap of thunder accompanied by a bright streak of lightening struck nearby, she threw herself into his arms wailing “Coach, Coach, I’m sooo scared, Daddy always holds me when there’s a big storm, will you let me in, can I stay here until the storm’s over, I’ll be good I promise?”

“Come on in girl before you catch your death of cold.” Joe replied putting his arms around her small shoulders and guiding her into the room.

“What are those girls doing on the TV” Pearl asked as one of the porn stars probed her partners ass with a long dildo. “That looks like fun” Pearl continued with a sly look at the Coach.

“I expect it would be more fun with the real thing,” Joe retorted. “come on over here girl and sit on my lap, let me dry you off and warm you up a little.”

That sounds good to me, looking at your fine hard body is making me a little warm already. I might even need a spanking for what I’m thinking. My Daddy always gives me a good spanking when I’m being naughty. I don’t mind a spanking, Daddy always makes it up to me afterward, he kisses me all over and let’s me suck him off before he slides his long cock in my wet pussy – a good spanking always makes my pussy wet, he always likes to taste my pussy before we fuck. I heard you told some of your Guys that white pussy was for eating and black pussy was for fucking. I think you should taste my black pussy Coach – that is if you want to fuck?”

“God Damm Pearl, I don’t think I would have said that, and yes I want to eat that sweet black pussy and I want to fuck you something awful.”

“Sit back down Coach” Pearl said as she removed the wet tee and slipped bursa escort the bikinis to her ankles. With a flick of her foot they flew to Joe’s face. He inhaled the heady aroma and sucked the crotch of them into his mouth. “That’s a good start” Pearl cooed as she stepped unto the chair, placing a foot on either side of the Coach’s hips. She spread the lips of her already leaking pussy and squatted to bring the choice morsel to within reach of Joe’s eager mouth and anticipating tongue.

With a groan, Joe took the small girls firm buttocks in hand and pulled her to him. He eagerly began to probe her purple depths and suck the extended clit, now pulsing and emanating its sweet nectar in copious amounts. “Damm that’s good pussy” Joe exclaimed as he took a deep breath before continuing his feast.

Pearl threw her head back shaking it from one side to the other as she began to buck her pelvis into the Coach’s face. “Harder, Coach, harder tongue fuck me harder, stick your finger in my ass, I love it when Daddy does that” she cried. As Joe began to probe the girls puckered anus, Pearl, trembling with the onset of climax, grasped Joe’s head and ground her pussy into his face – “You eat pussy almost as good as my Daddy.” She moaned and began to let her body glide down over that of the fortunate man’s chest. She paused in her descent to let Joe suck her dark nipples and pebbly hard aureoles.

Joe could not believe his good fortune as the tiny creature slipped to her knees and took his full length into her mouth. Cupping his balls in her small hand she kneaded them as she let her tongue caress the most sensitive area around the crown of his throbbing cock. Her small white teeth scraping over his shaft and across the crown was exquisite pain. Lifting her head, she began a new assault, stroking his shaft as she sucked his balls letting her hot tongue tease his perineum.

“Damm Pearl, that feels so damm good, I’m gonna cum before we fuck if you keep that up.”

Pearl’s response was to quickly capture the head of the Coach’s bulbous cock in her hot mouth. She rapidly moved her head up and down sucking the stiff member deep into her throat while massaging his balls and teasing his anus with a long finger.

Joe’s body stiffened as he grasped the girl’s head and thrust his cock as deeply as he could into her open throat. He moaned loudly as he pumped cum into her. Pearl swallowed spasmodically as the ropes of semen continued to spurt in a, seemingly endless, hot flow deep in her throat.

Fearing he may have hurt the small girl, Joe felt near panic as he began to withdraw from her mouth. His fear was unfounded. Pearl smiled as she took his now near flaccid shaft in one hand and licked the remnants of his expenditure from it.

“Don’t be upset Coach, it’s not dead – I think it will be up to a good fuck in a little while. In the meantime I think I need to be punished for being such a bad a girl – letting someone else have some of Daddy’s private stock pussy. Truth is, Daddy’s not giving me malatya escort the treatment he used to, we used to fuck every day, sometimes two or three times. Now that he’s almost forty, we only fuck two or three times a week. It’s just not enough for a growing girl.

“Pearl, I don’t know anyone who could stand that much of your hot pussy over a long stretch of time. I’m going to do my best to see you get as much cock as I’m able to give you for as long as I can.”

“Thank you Coach,” Pearl cooed as she curled into Joe’s arms. Joe gazed down at the beautiful voluptuous creature nestled in his arms. He began to caress the large firm breasts rolling her turgid nipples between thumb and forefinger. He lowered in mouth to hers and probed the hot orifice with his tongue. Pearl eagerly sucked his tongue into the musky sweetness, in which still resided some of the alkaline residue of his jism. Joe caressed the girls firmly rounded buttocks as she wiggled their dark globes against his groin.

Departing the sweetness of her mouth, Joe began to feast lavishly upon the dark orbs he had been fondling. He let a long finger stroke the erect clit protruding slightly from the velvet lips of the nymph’s sweet pussy – his cock was beginning to come alive again. Pearl languidly rolled onto her stomach, (still on the Coach’s lap) her firm ass cheeks were elevated, inviting the attention she so desired. “I’ve been a bad girl, you’ve got to punish me Coach.” She whispered.

With his right hand, Joe reached beneath the prostrate girl and grasped a firm breast, with his left he delivered a stinging slap to her lovely rounded ass. Pearl gave a gasp and whimpered “Again, harder!” she exclaimed. Joe reluctantly delivered a second resounding slap to the girls quivering flesh, then a third and a fourth. With each blow the girl gave a gasp of pain/pleasure and begged for more.

After a half dozen of the punishing blows, Joe could bring himself to deliver no more. He lifted the sobbing girl from his lap and cuddled her trembling body in his arms, gently kissing her tears away. Pearl was sobbing into his neck “Thank you, thank you, that was sooo good, not as hard as Daddy but good. It made me so hot, I’ve got to fuck now.” She said, as she again straddled the Coach and lowered her pelvis to meet his groin. Grasping his cock, she guided him unerringly into the depths of the hottest channel Joe had ever felt. He could feel her hot wetness running down his shaft over his tight scrotum to wet the seat of the recliner.

Pearl rode Joe’s cock – alternating between agonizingly slow strokes, in which she would lift until only the tip of his cock rested at entrance to her hot channel before dropping down on him to engulf his entire length, and a wild abandon in which she would furiously pound her pelvis into his all while rotating her sweat drenched ass cheeks in a blur of motion. Each time Joe approached climax she would pause, holding him deep in her pulsating channel, she would bite his ear painfully until he had regained some çanakkale escort control. Pearl continued in this manner through several orgasms of her own and until she knew the Coach could not be held off much longer.

After a short pelvic grind on Joe’s throbbing member, the girl lifted herself up and taking Joe by the hand urged him to stand. With Joe standing behind her she placed her hands on the seat of the recliner and looked over her shoulder with an impish grin and said. “You wanted a piece of hot black ass, have some of mine – fuck my ass like Daddy does, you’ll like it too.” With those words she placed a hand over her pussy and began to massage her clit while thrusting her rounded firm ass toward Joe for his attention.

Trembling in anticipation, Joe placed the tip of his throbbing member against the puckered opening.

“How about a little tongue first.” Pearl panted.

Without hesitation, Joe placed a hand on each of the girls buttocks and began to grind his face between their firm cheeks. Thrusting forward with his tongue, he could feel Pearl push back to get more of his oral digit into her tight opening. After a few moments of Joe’s probing tongue, Pearl began to relax her sphincter muscle and groaned, “fuck me now, now dammit.”

Joe lost no time in bringing the crown of his cock to the entrance of her dark channel and began to press forward. Suddenly the head of his cock burst thru the tight opening into a lava like inferno, so hot he almost jerked back in involuntary surprise. Never in all his years had he encountered such exquisite pleasure. Pearl pressed back harder, taking him deeper and deeper into the depths of her velvety hot canal. With his balls resting against her perineum and with his cock buried in the girls tight ass to its maximum, he paused to bask in the sheer exuberance of the moment.

“Don’t stop Coach, fuck me, fuck me hard, make me cum.” Pearl growled, as she vigorously massaged her clitoris and ground her hard, sweat soaked buttocks into Joe’s groin.

Joe withdrew his cock from the fiery channel until only the crown was nested inside the tight ring before slamming it back to it’s maximum depth and followed with a near frantic pumping repeatedly in and out while delivering stinging slaps to the glistening cheeks of Pearl’s upturned ass.

“Yesss, Yesss that’s it FUCK ME, FUCK MY HOT ASS, MAKE ME CUM, I’M CUMMING DAMMIT I’M CUMMING FUCK ME HARDER SLAP MY ASS HARDER OH SHIT THAT’S GOOD – DO IT DADDY FUCK ME, fuck meee” she moaned as Joe held her hips tightly, his cock buried deep inside her pumping his seed into her lustful ass.

As the crown of his near flaccid cock fairly popped from the girls anus, Joe could see spurts of his expenditure oozing from the dark opening. With a howl of glee, Pearl turned and threw her arms around his neck kissing his face and neck. She ran a hot tongue across his chest pausing to suck his taunt nipples before dropping to her knees to take his still leaking cock in her mouth and sucking him dry. Withdrawing her mouth from his now limp cock, Pearl continuing to knead his balls, looked up at him and said “That’s the way Daddy and me used to fuck, can we do this again sometime, maybe after the game tomorrow. By the way, hope you won’t be mad at me for causing you to lose the game tomorrow – Lisa and her cheerleaders have been fucking the brains out of our team for the last few hours.

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