Bound To Heal Ch. 07

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Note: I’d like to thank all the readers for their kindness, supportive comments, and their patience waiting for this chapter. It has been a struggle to complete this with my ongoing illness. Enjoy — EK.

* * *

Ch. 07: His Apartment

Part One – Not a Dungeon

* * *

Doogan had been lucky finding a parallel parking spot just two spaces from the erotic store. Julie wouldn’t have to walk very far.

“Why can’t you go into the erotic store?” asked Dooagn.

Julie felt embarrassed to enter the store. “People we see me.”

“No one knows you,” said Doogan. He remembered his first couple times in the store. He had felt uncomfortable too. Now, it didn’t bother him. “Julie. You have to learn about this stuff if you want to enjoy the excitement and pleasure I want to give to you. We only have 20 minutes before Stacy gets off work. That isn’t much time in the store. We’ll just look around and say hi to Stacy. Break the ice, so to speak.”

“Just 20 minutes. Then I can wait here please,” she said, feeling uncomfortable.

“Sitting here won’t gain you any knowledge. Knowledge is what we’ve been talking about all afternoon. And you’ve enjoyed a number of new experiences which is also a way of gaining knowledge,” smiled Doogan. “You did enjoy this afternoon?”

Julie looked at Doogan thinking of all the excitement, pleasure, and new experiences he had given her. “Doogan. This afternoon was wonderful,” she said, reaching for his hand and holding it as a gesture of sincere thanks. “I don’t know how I can say thank you.”

“Julie. You don’t have to say thank you. I was more than happy to give you fun, excitement and pleasure. However, if you really want to say thank you, then do it by coming into the store. Consider this is a little research trip, to see and learn first-hand,” he said. “Come on. You’ve done more little risky things today, than just walking into a store.”

She looked at Doogan. He always had the right reasons. She liked that about him, but it was also a little frustrating when discussing things. “Ok,” she said with noticeable resignation in her voice.

Stacy saw Doogan hold the door for a girl hobbling with a cast and crutches. Stacy went over to them right away. “Hello. Welcome to the store. May I help you?”

“Hello. Yes. We’re just looking around but we’d like some help,” said Doogan. “Vibrators?” Doogan smiled.

Ohmy. Julie was instantly mortified. She wanted to disappear. Faster than a puff of smoke.

“Yes sir. Please follow me,” said Stacy, as she turned and led the way down an isle to an area containing numerous vibrators.

Julie hesitated, then moved when she heard Doogan whisper, “We can hide in the isle back there.” She also felt his hand press gently on her back to encourage her to start moving.

Stacy stopped and turned around in front of the display of vibrators. “Here you are sir,” she said. She looked at Julie, smiled, and placed a finger over her lips. She whispered, “Hello Julie, I’m glad to meet you. Are you all right?” glancing down at Julie’s cast, then at Doogan. “Hi Sir.”

“Thank you Stacy,” whispered Doogan.

Julie was surprised at the warm and cordial welcome. “Hello Stacy,” whispered Julie, still embarrassed about the mention of vibrators.

In a normal voice Doogan asked. “Could you explain some of these please?” pointing to the vibrators.

Ohmy, thought Julie, again feeling embarrassed.

Stacy explained a couple different types and shapes, including their functions, special features and pleasurable uses.

Julie was shocked at first, but after listening to what Stacy was saying, soon realized the pleasure these could give. There were so many different colours, shapes and sizes.

Stacy paused to pick up a different vibrator.

Doogan said, “When you think you’ve learned enough here, Stacy will show you the selection of scented candles. Ok? I’m going to look in another isle.”

“No. Please stay,” said Julie, nervously. She didn’t want to be alone in the store.

Doogan smiled at the girls. “I was going to look at something that would give you girls some amazing excitement and pleasure. I guess you will have to suffer and wait with anticipation.”

“Oh Sir. What were you thinking of?” whispered Stacy, showing more than a little interest.

“Stacy. You know surprises are more than half the fun. Don’t ask me to spoil the excitement and pleasure. Besides. I don’t want Julie getting overly excited.” Doogan’s smile got bigger and he gently hugged Julie’s shoulders.

Julie could see they were trying to ‘break the ice’ for her. “Ok you two. I get it. I might be nervous, but I’m not stupid. I see what’s going on here. Two against one to make me feel comfortable. Thank you. I do feel a little better. So where are these candles?” said Julie.

Stacy smiled, “Julie, I’m here to help you, not just to learn about this,” as she waved her hand at the erotic products, “but with the fun of it all. The pleasure.” Stacy winked. “We have a lot of interesting and fun stuff to talk about. The candles are over here.” mardin escort She turned and walked down the isle.

Julie had expected a cool reception and was surprised at Stacy’s cordial attitude. Ok. This was not going to be as tough as she thought. And she noticed that none of the customers were looking at her or Doogan.

“Julie, close your eyes a second,” said Doogan when they arrived at the candles. He gently held her arm to help her balance. He leaned close to the candles and read the names, then pointed to three of them. “Smell these and tell me which one you like.”

Stacy picked up the candles and held them under Julie’s nose. “Mmm, nice. That’s nice too. Mmm, maybe,” said Julie, inhaling the scents.

“Keep your eyes closed and try this one again.” Doogan pointed to one in Stacy’s hand.

“Yes. That is nice. Different, but nice,” said Julie.

“Would you like that in your room?” asked Doogan.

Goodness, Doogan wants to buy another gift. “Thank you Doogan, but I’ll buy the candle. Ok?”

“Stacy, give her four,” said Doogan.

Julie opened her eyes, “What is it called?”

Stacy looked at Julie and smiled, “It’s called ‘Bondage.’ I love this scent too. I have a bunch of these.”

“Oh,” Julie said, surprised. Then she smiled, thinking of this afternoon with her wrists tied. “Ok.” The concept appealed to her.

“Ok. You two go to the front and I’ll be there in a minute,” said Doogan. He turned and walked around the corner to another isle.

Two people were lined up at the counter checking out. The other sales girl was taking care of them. Julie again felt a little uncomfortable, but no one looked at her. Stacy got a bag out and place three of the four candles in the bag, scanned the forth, placed it in the bag as well, and finished Julie’s purchase.

Doogan walked up next to Julie. He had three small boxes in his hands. Both Julie and Stacy looked at him, then at the boxes.

“If you peek, I won’t buy them,” he said, smiling. “And you, young lady, better forget what you see immediately after scanning them,” he said softly to Stacy, still smiling. “And no blabbing to Julie.”

Stacy looked sideways at Doogan, placing her hand on her chest, smiling. “Me Sir?”

“Yes. You Sir,” said Doogan as he placed the boxes on the counter with his hand over them, to mostly cover them.

Stacy recognised the boxes, but said nothing. She was surprised. She scanned them and opened a bag for Doogan who lifted them into the bag without removing his hand. Doogan paid for them and took hold of the bag when Stacy handed it to him.

“Thank you Sir, Miss. Have a good evening,” said Stacy.

Julie and Doogan left the store and got into Doogan’s car.

“What did you get?” asked Julie, curious.

“Sometink berry interestink,” said Doogan with a poor German accent.

Julie looked at him. “Ok. Big secret. If you tell me, I’m dead.”

“No. But I do have vaays to… you’ll see… umm, to feel these,” said Doogan smiling, continuing the German accent. “Vuunderful vaays. Vaays you cannot resist.”

Stacy came out of the store, walked to Doogan’s car, opened the back passenger door and slipped in. “Julie, I’m glad to meet you. Please don’t worry. Everyone is nervous and shy at the beginning. You should have seen Doogan. His knees were shaking so much, he could hardly talk. Stacy patted Julie’s shoulder reassuringly from the backseat.

“Sure, sure,” said Doogan. “Well, ok. Just a little.” He smiled.

“Just a lot,” said Stacy laughing.

Julie laughed too.

“Sir?” said Doogan.

“Sir. Yes Sir,” said Stacy, rubbing Doogan’s shoulder, then leaning over and kissing his cheek. “Chinese takeout right? I love Chinese food.”

“We all love Chinese food,” said Doogan, looking at both girls. “I hope we can all enjoy many more things.”

Doogan started the car. Julie and Stacy chatted while Doogan drove.

* * *

Stacy unlocked Doogan’s apartment door with his keys, picked up the bags and entered his apartment. Doogan still kept near Julie on the stairs, then moved ahead and held his apartment door open. Stacy was already in the kitchen, placing the containers of Chinese food on the counter. She had dropped his keys and the bag with his three items on his large chair in the living room.

Julie hobbled into Doogan’s apartment for the first time. She was once again a little nervous. From just inside the entrance door, to the left, Julie could see the living and dining rooms with a couch, chairs, table, wall-mounted flat screen TV, and other furniture. How could she have even thought this was going to be a dungeon? Her mind hadv flashed a few scenes from an old ‘B’ movie of a scantily clad girl tied to a rack in a dim torch-lit dungeon.

“I’ll give you the two-cent tour so you’ll know your way around, then we’ll eat,” said Doogan to Julie. “Obviously living room and dining room,” as he pointed to the left from the front hallway, then walked straight ahead down the hall. “Spare bedroom with computer, library van escort and storage,” pointing to the right. “My bedroom…,” as he turned left around the hall corner, “…bathroom, and kitchen.” He moved to one side to allow Julie to enter the kitchen.

Smooth light jazz music started coming softy from the living room and Stacy appeared at the kitchen door to the dining room. “Sir, can we have just a little wine to celebrate Julie’s first visit.”

He kept some wine for visitors, but didn’t drink it himself. And he knew no one should have alcohol before play time. He had the evening planned in his mind. “I’m sorry Stacy. I know you mean well, but let’s stick with the rules. Ok?”

“Ok Sir. Julie what would you like to drink? Ice water, ice tea, ginger ale, coke, coffee, tea, juice?” asked Stacy. “I’m having ice tea.”

“That sounds fine,” Julie said.

“Your usual Sir?” asked Stacy, looking at Doogan.

“Please,” said Doogan.

“I should call Nancy,” said Julie.

“Good for you for not forgetting Julie,” said Doogan.

* * *

“Hello,” said Nancy.

“Hi Nancy. It’s Julie. I’m at Doogan’s apartment and we’re just sitting down to Chinese food.”

“Thank you for calling Julie. Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Doogan has a nice two bedroom apartment and Stacy is here too,” said Julie.

“Is everything ok? Are you comfortable and safe?” Nancy still couldn’t get over her feeling about Doogan’s erotic little scene.

“I’m ok and my leg is fine. We picked up Stacy a half hour ago and she is very nice. Would you like to talk to her? She’s right here,” said Julie. Julie held the cell phone to her tummy and whispered to Stacy, “My Aunt Nancy is worried about me. Could you have short chat with her?”

“Sure,” said Stacy, taking the offered phone from Julie’s hand. “Hello Aunt Nancy. This is Stacy, a friend of Doogan.”

“Oh. Hello Stacy. Does Julie feel ok? Her leg isn’t bothering her?”

“No. Not that I can tell. She hasn’t complained about her leg. And she seems to move well with her crutches. We’re about to have some Chinese food for dinner and then talk a while, maybe watch some TV. I understand Doogan is bringing Julie home later this evening,” said Stacy.

“Ok. I’m just worried that Julie doesn’t get hurt again,” said Nancy.

“Aunt Nancy. I can understand you concerns. Julie is fine,” said Stacy, looking at Julie and smiling, giving a thumbs-up sign.

“Stacy. It’s not necessary to call me Aunt Nancy. Nancy will do, thank you. And thank you for reassuring me that Julie is ok. You kids enjoy your dinner and have a nice evening. Say bye to Julie for me. Good bye Stacy.”

* * *

Stacy smiled at Julie, handing the phone back, “Nancy seemed worried about you. I hope I reassured her.”

“Thanks Stacy. I think you did great. She sounds like my mother,” said Julie, not noticing she didn’t feel any deep ache or sadness at the mention of her mother. However, she did briefly think of both her parents and their Sunday meals together. Preparing the Sunday dinner, with the help of her mother, was how Julie learned to cook and bake.

“I’m glad she’s looking out for you Julie. Relatives and friends are a good thing to have,” said Doogan. He picked up a plate. “What would you like Julie? I’ll serve for you.”

Doogan spooned her food selections onto her plate. She stopped Doogan from placing too much on her plate. She followed Doogan into the dining room and sat down at the table. She watched as he turned a chair sideways.

“For your leg,” he said.

She placed her cast leg on the chair. “Thank you.”

Stacy placed two glasses of ice tea on the table. She had already placed Doogan’s glass of milk on the table. Then she returned a minute later and sat down with her plate of food. “Julie, can I ask about your farm?”

“Sure,” said Julie, feeling more comfortable.

Doogan heard the conversation start before he could serve his own food and sit down. The girls talked, and ate, with Doogan adding occasional conversation. He was glad the girls were getting along. His fears of ‘cat fights’ were almost gone.

After eating, Doogan said, “I’ll clean up here. Stacy, will you show Julie the library and specifically the BDSM reference. I want her to take that home to read. I’ll be with you shortly.”

“Yes Sir,” replied Stacy.

The girls moved into the spare bedroom. Julie sat on the end of the bed with her leg up on the bed. Stacy pulled out the reference book and sat in Doogan’s high-back computer chair.

“Why do you call Doogan ‘Sir’?’ asked Julie.

“It’s part of the dominant and submissive roles. In public, when others are near, I use his name. When we are alone I call him ‘Sir’, as well as use his name. Doogan has stated he is not a ‘Master’ and I have to agree. He’s only been doing BDSM and the dominant role for barely two months, however, he’s been reading and learning for three or four months before that. And while I do know more about this than him, I am the submissive. I let him… take control ankara escort and lead me to fun, excitement and pleasure. He’s a great planner, as you may have noticed, and it involves mutual respect and understanding. He knows my limits, what I like and don’t like or won’t do.”

Then Julie remembered. “Doogan told me he wasn’t learning the dominant role very well. He said he couldn’t be firm or stern or harsh. He said he was failing at it.”

“Oh? Interesting. Well, I can tell you his skills are getting better. He reads a lot, and he’s right. He isn’t a very commanding dominant, ‘Dom’ for short. He has a more relaxed style. Doogan doesn’t want to appear frightening and I’m sure some of it is because of me. His relaxed style has actually helped me a great deal and I’ve really appreciated his help.” Stacy took a deep breath trying to control her emotions, her eyes were on the verge of tearing. “And I know he doesn’t want to frighten you either. As he learns more, he may become a little more firm in his role as a Dom.

“Oh. So will he want me to call him ‘sir’?” asked Julie.

“He may, but not right now. You both have to agree to do the dominant and submissive things. You’ll both know when that time comes along. Don’t worry about it,” said Stacy.

“Thanks Stacy. This is all so new and different,” said Julie.

“You’ll learn plenty from this,” said Stacy, patting the BDSM book. “I’m glad Doogan is loaning this to you, but please don’t be frightened by some of the things in here. Doogan does not do painful stuff. In fact…,” she looked at the door, listening to the clanking of dishes as Doogan cleaned up. She whispered, “…the things he does are absolutely wonderful. I can’t wait for you to enjoy them. All women should enjoy these things… the excitement and pleasure.” She smiled at Julie.

Julie couldn’t believe this. A woman willing to share exciting, pleasurable and intimate secrets with another woman? She was almost afraid to ask. “What things?”

Stacy continued to whisper, “I’m not supposed to tell you specifics. That would spoil the exciting surprises and much of the pleasure. But I can tell you, you’ll be gasping and laughing and enjoying wonderful pleasure. Doogan is still learning, but he’s good. I’m not sure I should help him much more… just kidding. He’s getting too good at some things. Sometimes he drives me crazy with what he knows and what he can do.” She smiled at Julie.

Fighting her shyness, Julie found herself also whispering, “He teased me and gave me wonderful pleasure this afternoon at the village park.” She closed her eyes for a second, remembering the wonderful pleasure and her orgasms.

“Oh, the park things are nothing. Wait until you are tied down here and… I can’t say any more,” said Stacy, smiling, remembering her own first wonderful night here. “Mmm.”

Julie couldn’t believe this. “Really? Maybe I should go home if it’s too overwhelming.”

“Please don’t even think about leaving. If you enjoyed this afternoon at the park, you’ll truly enjoy this evening,” said Stacy.

Doogan finished cleaning up after dinner. He grabbed a small pot and half-filled it with very hot water from the tap, setting it on the stove. He stepped into the bathroom and brought back a bottle, placing it in the hot water after popping open the top to allow for expansion venting. He sank a mug into the hot water in the pot to prevent the bottle from falling over, then he headed for the apartment door.

Stacy heard Doogan’s apartment door close quietly. What’s he up to, she wondered?

Julie looked at Stacy. “Doogan said you were really scared of guys because you were abused. I’m sorry Stacy. Are you feeling better?”

“Julie. It’s ok. I’m better now. Thank you for caring. I feel safe with Doogan. Yes. I was nervous with him the first couple times in the park, but he made it wonderful for me and showed me how kind he was. In fact, he was quite shy and was probably as nervous as I was. She smiled and felt her eyes tearing up. She wiped them. “Julie. I’m crying because of happiness, not fear. Don’t ever be afraid of Doogan.”

Julie was full of emotion too. Her heart went out to Stacy and was glad to know Stacy was feeling better. However, even with Stacy’s assurances, she felt nervous about what lay ahead. How was he going to give her pleasure? “I’m nervous now for what Doogan has planned.”

Stacy smiled. “Oh. I know how you feel. Nervous. Anxious. Anticipating the excitement and pleasure. I don’t know what’s going to happen tonight. Probably not much. He wants to talk about things. Help you learn and reduce your fears and nervousness. And that’s a good thing. If he goes too fast with someone new like you, then you may be afraid. But you’ll be ok.” Stacy smiled. “Doogan won’t knowingly scare you.”

“You sure?” asked Julie, nervously.

“I’m sure. My start with Doogan was different, but I was just as nervous. Trust me. Being a little experienced, having BDSM knowledge, and knowing about all the erotic toys and equipment is a double-edged sword. Yes. There are not many surprises about toys, equipment and their use for me. But it’s the surprise use of them… when and where. With the blindfold on, you never know. And that’s what makes it so exciting, fun and pleasurable.” She heard the apartment door close quietly again. She handed the BDSM book to Julie. “Have a glance at this. I’ll be right back.”

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