A Toy for the Weekend Ch. 05

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I leave the shower and go out to the room to dress and you are not far behind me. I wait for your instructions on how to dress, since I do not know where we are going. You go over to my suitcase and choose a sheer, see through white top and a black miniskirt. Before you hand them to me you get something from your suitcase and then walk over to me.

“I bought a new toy just for this weekend. This is called a nipple enlarger pump. If has several different sized rings that can go into it. When I place the open end on your nipple and squeeze the other, your nipple is sucked in and a ring placed over it, keeping it nice and erect. I think that will go nicely with the see through blouse, don’t you?”

I nod meekly and you step toward me, placing the pump on one nipple. I moan as you suck it in, and place the ring on it. You have chosen the smallest ring, as that makes the nipple stand out more. I moan again as you treat the other one the same way.

“You may get dressed now. But leave the panties up here and wear those boots that you were wearing yesterday. That will make a fine outfit to show off my little slut.”

I finish getting dressed and wonder where we are going, as your manner of dress gives nothing away. We leave the room and head to the elevator. Once in the elevator, your hand is resting on my ass, but soon dives beneath the fabric, slowly massaging the globe, trailing a finger up and down the crack. I shudder with excitement. I can’t believe what it does to me when you touch me in public. The elevator hits the lobby and we exit, but do not leave the hotel. It seems that we are going to the restaurant located just off the lobby. It’s not a four star place, but nice enough.

As we enter the restaurant, I feel like all eyes are on me, looking at my hard nipples that are clearly visible through my blouse. This is confirmed as the gentleman showing us to our table has his eyes pretty much glued to my chest the whole time he is discussing the specials. You requested a booth, not too secluded but not too public either. The man just smiles and shows us to a table. We sit down at the u-shaped table, a small distance apart from each other. Our waiter comes over and we order our drinks, sitting in silence.

The silence continues and I can’t help but wonder what you have planned. Your face is giving nothing away as you are looking around, taking in the scenery of the place. You catch my eye and smile, knowing that I’m wondering what is going to happen next. The waiter brings our drinks and I take a big gulp of mine, trying to calm myself down. You simply sip at yours, and then you speak.

“Are you having a good time this weekend, my little slut?”

I merely look at you and nod that I am.

“You can feel free to speak, my little slut. But it’s nice that you waited for permission before doing so. I will remember that. So, are you having a good time this weekend?”

“Yes, bağdatcaddesi escort Master.”

“Do you like parading around like a slut, your nipples showing off to everyone? Letting everyone know that you are a slut, MY slut?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Slide over here closer to me, my little slut. I want to get a better look at those nipples.”

I move over next to you in the booth and you flick first one, than the other nipple. I let out a gasp coupled with a moan as a wave of electricity seems to shoot through my body. You just laugh.

“I knew that you liked showing everyone the slut that you are. I bet that you are even wet, thinking about how everyone can see what a slut you are.”

I feel your hand on my thigh and then my skirt being inched higher. Your hand is on my pussy, a finger trailing through the wetness. I am practically dripping, and get even wetter the minute your finger touches me.

“I knew it. You are such a slut. You were wet before I touched you, and you got even wetter. You like being touched in public, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master.”

You remove your finger from my pussy and bring it up to my mouth.

“Taste yourself, slut. Lick my finger and see what a slut tastes like.”

You push your finger in my mouth and I suck all the juice off, licking like I would your cock. Your finger is still in my mouth, my eyes closed, when the waiter appears at the table to take our order. He has to clear his throat to get our attention. As you drop your hand away, you give my nipple a little tweak, then place your hand on my thigh. The waiter is smiling, although he seems a bit uncomfortable, and he stares at me while we order. After he leaves, you laugh and I smile a little as well.

Your hand is still on my thigh, rubbing it up and down, every once in a while a finger comes in contact with my pussy.

“You are wondering what I have in store for you, aren’t you, my little slut?”

I admit that I am, and you just continue to smile and tease me with your hand. From where you are sitting, you can see that the waiter is about to come back with our appetizer. You see this as your opportunity for fun.

“On your knees, slut. I want you to have my cock in your mouth before the waiter gets back here.”

I hesitate, because even though there are long tablecloths on the tables, I am afraid of getting caught. But I also do not want to disappoint you. I quickly get under the table and have just gotten your cock in my mouth when the waiter arrives at the table. He comments on the disappearance of your “lady friend” and I sense the movement of the tablecloth. I focus on the task at hand, sucking and licking your now hard cock. I hear the waiter gasp and know that you are smiling as the tablecloth is moved back into place. I redouble my efforts on your cock, wanting to get back into my seat before anyone else can beykoz escort see. I lean up as much as I can, and suck your cock deep into my throat. I feel your moan and know that if I continue this, I will be rewarded soon. I continue to suck you deep into my throat, fighting my gag reflex and soon you are cumming down my throat, lifting off your seat as you shoot into my mouth. I swallow every drop and climb back into my seat. You put your softening cock back into your pants just as the waiter comes back again. He just smiles and winks at me, asking if I need something else to drink. I just shake my head and he leaves.

“Very nice, slut. And I know that he enjoyed what he saw too. Too bad he can’t enjoy you too. I know he’d like it just as much as me.” You smile at me again. “I think, however, that it’s your turn for some fun next.”

You leave that comment hanging in the air as we eat the appetizer. The waiter seems to be extra attentive, but not finding any other fun things happening at the table, he finally leaves after he clears the appetizer dishes. After he leaves that last time, I feel your hand on my thigh again.

“I think it’s your turn for fun,” you repeat as your hand is once again in my pussy. “Play with your nipples and don’t stop unless I tell you to.” As you say this, you plunge two fingers into my dripping pussy. I hesitate for only a moment, but don’t want another punishment, so I quickly bring both of my hands up to play with my nipples. I pinch them in time with your finger-fucking, moaning and wiggling more in my seat. Your thumb brushes my clit on alternating thrusts of you fingers into my cunt and I am now gushing all over your hand and the seat below me.

I moan louder and several patrons turn to look at what is going on. You say nothing but merely move the tablecloth so they can have a view of what you are doing to me. You continue fingering my pussy and lean over to me.

“People know what’s going on and it’s making you even wetter, my little slut. Cum for me and for them. Show them the slut that you are.”

As you finish your sentence, you rub my clit harder and I can’t hold back. I cum with a loud moan, pulling on my already sore and taut nipples as I do. You continue fingering me through my orgasm, and the remove your fingers. As I come back down, I hear several whistles of approval. The waiter is back at the table with our entree, and you thank him as if nothing had been going on. We eat the meal in silence, the events still playing in my head and still wondering what is going to happen next.

Dessert comes and goes and still nothing else happens. You pay the check and we go back up to the room. It is starting to get late, and it seems as though you have nothing else planned for me. You open the door to the room and follow me inside. Before I can get too far in, you close the door and roughly grab my arm. You pull me close to you caddebostan escort and grab my breast in your hand, squeezing and kneading the flesh, pulling on the tender nipple.

“That was a nice show, my little slut. But now it’s my turn for a show.”

You give me a rough kiss and at the same time rip open my blouse, amazingly without tearing any buttons. You push me up against the wall, holding my hands above my head with one hand, and continuing the knead and pull at my breast with the other. You nip at my neck, following a trail down to my left breast. You take the tender nipple in your mouth, first sucking and licking it, then without warning you bite down, nibbling on it. I cry out, and that urges you on more. Your hand is on that breast now while your mouth is on the other, giving the same treatment to that breast and nipple. My cries only feed your energy as you move slowly down my stomach to the edge of my skirt. You let go of my breast long enough to roll my skirt up to reveal my wet pussy.

“My, My, little slut. You are dripping once again!! I knew that you’d like this kind of treatment.”

You pull my pussy lips apart, exposing my clit. You slowly lick all around it, watching as I quiver and move underneath you. I have to bite my tongue to keep from begging you for more. Then you start nibbling at my clit. I cry out again, this time more in pleasure than pain, and that spurns you on even more. You continue attacking my clit, and I can barely hold myself up, my legs going weak with pleasure. You bring me just to the brink before standing up. You lead me over to the chair, and bend me over it.

I hear your zipper coming down and brace for what is going to happen next. Once again without warning, you shove your cock deep into my pussy. I let out a half moan, half cry of pleasure, as I have wanted to feel your cock inside of me for hours now. You continue to ram at my pussy, not caring about my pleasure. You slow down a little, and I sense that you are up to something. Suddenly, WHACK! I feel the sting of your belt on my ass, but you have not pulled out. You thrust a few more times, then WHACK! another hit on the ass. This time, you pull out and before I can turn around, you WHACK! again, this time on the insides of my thighs. You nudge my legs a bit farther apart, and then WHACK! again, closer to the top of my legs. I am on the verge of tears, partly out of frustration and partly out of pain. I am also worried about where your next hit may strike. WHACK! This one lands high up on the other thigh and just as I am recovering, I feel your hands massaging the red welts you have left. Then I feel your cock pressing into my pussy once again. Your hands are still tracing the lines left by the belt as you fuck my pussy hard. I am just starting to feel the pleasure coming on when I feel you start to tense up. You pull out, turn me around, and force me to my knees, shoving your cock in my mouth just as you start to cum. I swallow every drop, and you look down at me approvingly. I look at you a bit frustrated, as I want to cum, but you just smile.

“Very good slut. Let’s get some sleep. We only half way through our time together and some rest would be good.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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