A Visit to New England Part I

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Every summer her family rented a house for a week on the ocean. They typically planned for one of the last weeks of summer so the cold Atlantic would have had time to absorb what warmth it could from the few hot summer days that Maine could muster. Near the end of August many of the tourists would have left leaving the beaches nearly vacant. Early in the morning and later in the evenings when the cool ocean breezes made the air too chilly for the non-natives…this was the time she would run.

The beach was long and at low tide she could run the sandbar to a small island. She would see only a few people and as she ran she would amaze at how unbelievable it was for her to have this piece of the world all to herself. The salt air, the water licking at her bare feet, the unpolluted air filling her lungs and the absolute freedom of running without boundaries allowed the stresses of the year to be washed away with the tides.

Running allowed her time to think of things forbidden. Work and the routine of family rarely came to mind. Whether she was running over sandbars or through the apple orchards near her home she allowed her mind to play in ways it could not at other times. The sound of her feet hitting the road or the soft, rhythmic patter of her feet in the sand lulled her into the fantasies of her friends. Here she would imagine and dream of the friends she had met on line and run her chats through her mind looking forward to the long, hot bath that awaited the end of the run. In the bath she would bring her mind game to its’ peak.

It was late in the day, this summer twilight making the ocean appear dark and mysterious. It was getting colder and she could almost feel the autumn air start to flow through her hair. She rarely ran with her hair tied up. She liked to feel it flow and the bounce of her curls down her back helped establish the pace that would take her on her journey.

This evening her mind played with a friend she had never met. They had chatted briefly on line and exchanged emails but never had the chance to fully engage in a complete discussion about kuşadası escort anything. He had written some stories for her and the stories stayed with her long after she had read them. As she listened to her feet hit the sand and felt the curls dance down her back she thought of her new friend. Her friend knew where she was. She had described this place to him thinking he would like it. She liked knowing he knew where she was and what she was doing. It made her feel connected to him in some way.

Thinking of him and the words he had written made her think of the bath that awaited the end of this run. Her husband and children were in town for the evening and she didn’t expect them back until late. She imagined running into the cottage, peeling off her shorts and tank and then sinking into her hot bath. This was her favorite place to play. The hot water, privacy and slippery assistance of soap and oils allowed her hands to slide freely over her body.

However, at the end of this beach something made her stop short. Instead of turning left to the cottage she paused and concentrated on something she thought she saw. At the end of this beach of was an old fort. It was getting dark and she wasn’t sure if her eyes were playing tricks on her or not. She thought she saw a person standing in the shadows of the lower level of the ruins. The fort was locked but the outer perimeter was still used as a picnic area for visitors. She was right, she saw a man as he started to step outside the shadows.

She had no idea why but she was convinced she knew this man. He was older than she was, only a few inches taller than her and slight build. He looked strong and carried himself well. Knowing she should take her left she stepped forward despite her mind questioning about why. She was closer to him now and even more certain she knew him. He had sandy brown hair and a full beard. She never met anyone with his description but still she knew him. She couldn’t place where or how still but she felt like she was meeting a friend.

Wishing she wasn’t so sweaty and hoping her clinging shorts and tank were not distasteful she continued her steps toward him. He was looking at her like he knew her too. He had a small smile and it all clicked when she heard him say “hi Meg.” His voice had a strong but soft gentle southern accent. She immediately imagined what it might be like to hear him speak with his mouth near her ear. His soft tones on the telephone had made her shiver a bit when they spoke on the phone and she wondered how she would feel if he moved closer to whisper to her now.

Reaching her hand towards to him, she took his hand in hers and gently pulled him toward her to give him a welcome hug. He smelled clean and fresh and she wished now more than ever she smelled of her bath oils as opposed to salt air, sand and the perspiration from her run.

He seemed to not mind too much though. He let his hands move up her back, his fingers walking up her spine finally catching a hanging curl. She felt his warm breath on her neck, as he seemed to inhale what was new to him. She stepped closer taking her hand out of his so her hands could fully return the hug. As she expected his whisper sent chills down her spine as he whispered in her ear “nice to meet you Meg.” She whispered back how nice it was to meet him too.

She had expected to be afraid of him or anyone other than her husband. She wasn’t though as she led him to the cottage. Turning to face him, she thought nothing of peeling the tank off her body in full view of him. Her arms reaching behind her, she unclasped her sports bra allowing her full breasts to be released in his view. Her hands moving down her sides, she slipped her hands under her shorts and allowed them to fall to the floor. Standing before him in just her panties she watched his eyes move over her body.

She was surprised to feel such a sense of urgency with him. She could see it in his eyes as well as she moved to him. He pulled her close to him and his mouth found hers. The kiss started as soft and probing but intensified quickly. Their tongues played and neither seemed to be able to get enough of the other. Softly nipping his lower lip her fingers reached to feel their kiss. His mouth was so sweet and the kiss deepened for both of them have his hands moved up her sides to her breasts. Taking quick gasps, they continued their kiss as her nipples hardened under his palms. Her lips, her breasts and her pussy were aching for him.

Reading her mind, he trailed one hand down to the soft, most patch between her legs. His fingers moving, stroking inside her forced her to lean against him as her knees weakened. The soft moans that escaped from her in their kiss told him how much she wanted him. Her hand reaching down and stroking his cock, there was no doubt of his want. He was hard and full in her hands. Her thumb over his head, she used his pre cum slide her hand down his shaft. He moved his body closer to her and they were soon stroking each other in a rhythm that seemed innate and natural to both of them.

His cock felt heavy and hard in hands as she stroked. He was hot, pulsating in his hands. She allowed her hands to move from his smooth head down and all the way down, lightly touching and exploring all of him. Using both hands she cupped him, holding him firmly, moving her hands down and using both thumbs to massage and play. His mouth near her ear she could hear him breathing, his short breaths telling her how much he wanted to cum.

She led him to the sofa and pulled him down on top of her. She wanted to feel him inside her so badly. She couldn’t wait another minute. Looking up at him she watch him as he entered her. Her legs wrapping around his waist, she pulled him close as her hips rose to meet him. They were both so close to exploding. He filled her, fitting her beautifully. Moving deep inside her she could hear him talking to her, telling her he was going to cum. She was soaking wet and she could hear the sounds as he moved. Arching her hips to him she started to cum. She felt her pussy spasm around him and one last deep push inside her; he seemed to melt into her.

Closely they held each other for a minute while their orgasm subsided. Slowly he pulled himself up on his elbows and looked down at her. They smiled and without speaking agreed it was a very good day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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