A Willing Woman

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“Well John, we certainly have got a hell of nice day for a walk.”

I agreed with my good friend Thomas, as I locked the car doors and we started off along the forest path, with my rucksack over my shoulders.

“What’s that for?” He asked, pointing to the rucksack enquiringly.

“Just something I’ve brought to sit on.”

He shrugged his shoulders mystified, and we walked on along the grassy woodland path. The ground was patterned with strong sunlight that came down through the trees in great shafts of hot dazzling light. Everywhere was the sound of humming insects, darting in and out of the light and shade, and bird song echoed from all directions.

“That was a very good pub we went to today.” Thomas said, smiling, as he thought about the excellent meal we had just consumed. “We must use it again for our weekly meetings.”

“Our two man dinning club, meets?” I enquired.

“Got to be the best dinning club in the country.” Thomas grinned. ” I do enjoy having a good chat over a good meal, and then a walk afterwards. Puts the world to right.”

We walked on slowly, and then Thomas asked me, “That girl in the pub who served us…”

“Dot?” I replied.

“Yes, her. Are you and she? … I mean you seemed very friendly, and she did have a sort of knowing glint in her eye. I thought she was perhaps harboring some sort of dirty secret between the two of you.”

“She’s a highly respectable married woman, I’ll have you know!” I laughed, not sounding very convincing.

“That’s never stopped any one from having a nibble on the side before.”

“Well, we do have an understanding I suppose.” I added thoughtfully.

“What kind of an understanding is that?”

“I fuck her, when ever she’s in the mood!”

We both laughed, with Thomas dying to know more from me about the pretty little woman with the red hair and rosy cheeks. Married, but not it appeared, too respectable, when it came to someone giving her a good fucking whenever she was in the mood.

I told him, as we walked on, all about Dot. Not to mention her odd moods, that seemed to revolve more around the phases of the moon, as to when she wanted sex. Then I left the subject of Dot for a moment, and asked Thomas a more pressing question.

“You know how we once thought that the end to a perfect day out for us, would be to have a willing woman to shag?”

“Yes, I do indeed.”

“Well, I’ve taken the liberty of inviting one to meet us today!”

“No?” Thomas gasped, in disbelief. “Really?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so. Look, I don’t want to pressure you into anything, but I thought it might be fun?”

“My god, you can say that again. Who is it? Do I know her?”

“I think you might by sight. She’s called Watkins, Sheila Watkins.” I explained. ” Lives only five miles from here. Unfortunately, she’s fallen on hard times, and so to help her out a bit with the living expenses, I slip her a few quid each time I slip my leg over her and give a good seeing to.”

“A whore!” Thomas blurted out in amazement. “A slut and a strumpet! A horny hooker!”

“Well no, not a real whore. I think I can safely say that I’m the only one actually paying her for her pleasures. It is kind of exciting; handing her over the money and then letting her be my very own paid up prostitute. I like the way she prostitutes herself for me. It turns me on.”

Thomas chuckled, quite bemused, as I went on.

“She’s an artist, and a very good one at that. Paints animal portraits mostly, and is well known. However, it’s not a regular income, hence the need to help her out so to speak.”

“And dose she know that there’ll be two of us today?” Thomas wanted to know.

“Oh yes, I told her how we go out or lunch once a week, and have often talked about having a nice woman to meet up with. One that would let us strip her bare in the bushes, and take turns at fucking her.”

“I fikirtepe escort see Edouard Manet’s ‘ Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe’ flash through my mind.” Thomas said with gusto, waving his arms through the air, and twirling around like an excited schoolboy. ” Naked girls in a forest, heavenly harlots, waiting to for their just desserts.”

The scene had crossed my mind also, and it did make me all the more keen to meet up with the lovely obliging Shelia, and renew my feelings for her wet and wanton ways. She had to be one of the most perfect desserts ever had.

“Where are we meeting her then?” Thomas asked, warming greatly to the whole idea of this unexpected surprise.

“Not far. She’ll be waiting by her car on the road that runs through the center of the forest. In fact I think I see it right now!”

I pointed down the path to where the trees briefly stopped, and there the sun glinted on a white car parked by the road.

“Look over there, Thomas! She’s already waiting for us!”

I felt my heart give an extra beat, and my cock definitely sprang to attention at the thought of this willing woman waiting to be pleasured by two men on a hot summers day.

Shelia waved to us as we approached, and Thomas whispered, “How much do we have to pay her?”

“I’ll cover it today, you can owe me” I whispered back.

“No, I want to pay my way. How much?”

“Twenty five each.”

“Fine, but why is she wearing a raincoat in all this heat?”

“You’ll see.” I told him, as I held out my arms to welcome Sheila with a kiss, and a big hug.

“Been waiting long?” I asked, as I felt the heat of her body through the long waterproof riding coat.

“Only just arrived.” She smiled, turning to look at Thomas. “And you must be John’s friend?”

“Yes, this is Thomas, you’ve heard me talk of him often.” I added, as way of an introduction.

Thomas came forward and kissed Shelia on the cheek gently.

“Hello Thomas, I bet you are wondering why I’m dressed in a rain coat on a lovely hot day like this?”

“It did cross my mind, but John said, wait and see.”

Shelia undid the buttons down the front of her coat and then throwing it open, called out “Tar-rah!”

She stood with her arms held up high, wearing only a pair of long black boots, and a very wicked smile on her face.

“Boomdeay!” Thomas shouted, as we both cheered and clapped, and looked on with earnest lust at her shapely body as she showed it off to us. Turning this way and that, she shook her tits, and pumped her hips back and forth in a lewd manner, that left us in no doubt as to what she wanted.

We both loved it, and as for me, I had loved it for many years.

She had large full, but firm breasts. The kind that hung so proudly, having that pert upsweep, so that the nipples stood looking up at you. Her pussy was almost shaved, but for a narrow strip of dark pubic hair that sat on top of her horny hole, which should, I had often thought, have been in the shape of an arrow to mark the spot!

Shelia was tall, with a firmed body, and with not an inch of extra fat anywhere to be seen. Best of all, was her sensual Mediterranean face, set under her short- cropped mousy hair. Her mouth pouted sexily at you, and bid you kiss it. Her dark eyes were awash with lust, and willing you do things to her that made her only groan with pleasure. And her long legs, when opened wide, would embrace you, and hold you tight, and swallow you into the pit of her pussy’s paradise.

I suggested we had seen more than enough to stir our cocks, and before leading the way to some thick wild rhododendrons where Shelia and I had been many times before, stuffed twenty five pounds into her coat pocket. Thomas saw me doing it, and also did the same, smiling at her just a little bit embarrassed.

The rhododendron bushes were so old, that they had gown outwards gebze escort from the main stems to leave an almost hidden room at their open center. It was here that Shelia took off her raincoat and laid it on the forest floor and I took out a large travel rug I had brought in my rucksack.

“Can I touch, can I feel you?” Thomas asked excitedly, holding out his quivering hands, as Shelia laid back on the rug purring for attention.

She nodded and Thomas felt her firm breasts with both hands before kissing each one in turn and then sucking her hard nipples into his mouth, hungrily.

I felt for her pussy, and knew that it would be wet. I knew how

sexed-up she always got at the prospect of getting stuffed. She would have been at foreplay ever since she started to shower, and get ready for her tryst. She would have been playing sticky finger, as she watched the clock, and the time tick by to her fast approaching rendezvous. Teasing her tight horny hole in preparation for its multi orgasms, that would rack her body to screaming point, in search of satisfying her desires. Desires that could only be calmed and laid to rest on the end of a throbbing cock, and leave her awash with sticky seed, to trickle down her lovely legs.

As Thomas sucked her nipples, I thrust my long middle finger deep up into Shelia and heard her gasp as I found that serrated spot on the inside front wall of her creamy cunt. I rubbed it for her with the tip of my finger, and brought her off for the first of many climaxes.

She bucked on the rug and asked to suck Thomas’s cock for him, which he very quickly got out and slipped into Shelia’s open mouth.

I saw the look of surprise as she swallowed his entire man hood down her throat effortlessly and gurgling as she pumped on it, whilst fondling his hairy balls.

I renewed my fingering of her panting puss, and loved how she laid back for me, opening her legs really wide to assist me with my finger fucking. I couldn’t resist rimming her tight little arse-hole with a free finger, and then inserting it all the way up to my knuckle.

She came again and had to let go of Thomas’s cock from her mouth as she groaned loudly, and held my hand firmly in place till she’d cum completely, before letting go of me.

“Fuck me someone, please fuck me.” Shelia insisted, opening her legs again and rubbing her now drooling cunt with both hands to emphasize her need to be serviced urgently.

I nodded to Thomas to have first go at her, and he pulled down his pants and thrust his cock hard up her open puss as she lay back on the rug and rapped her legs and black boots around his back, and told him to do her really hard!

I thought it would be a quick wild fuck, but Thomas held out and rammed Shelia over and over making her start to talk dirty, which I love to hear, as she begged for his spunk.

I watched as his balls slapped loudly against her bare bum and she struggle to keep her orgasm back so as to cum with him. Thinking she was making too much noise I dropped my pants also, and kneeling by her head stuck my cock into her pleading open mouth to quell the noise.

“How dose she feel?” I asked Thomas as he plowed her faster and faster.

“Wonderful! … Fucking wonderful!”

His face started to screw up and his breathing came in gasps as he neared his climax.

“Go on Thomas, fuck her hard, she loves it hard! Give it to her. She’s really ready for it. Look at her eyes!” I pulled my cock free from Shelia and watched it all happened.

Thomas let out a deep bellow and holding onto Shelia’s legs tightly with his large hands, started to pump her full of his slippery semen. She bucked and swore like a seasoned slut, and came right on cue. Over and over she shuddered like a mad thing, till she was spent and lying still on the rug and making little soft whimpering noises of contentment.

Thomas içerenköy escort lay beside her, and Shelia glanced up at me with her eyes smoldering and her tongue licking her lips as to tell me she was far from finished.

I didn’t want her to have time to get her breath back and so I pulled Shelia up onto her knees and telling her suck on Thomas’s semi spent cock, stuck my own, hard up her dripping cunt.

She groaned like a wounded animal as I thrust in and out of her spunky hole. I stopped for a moment, and leaning forward grasped her hanging, swaying breasts. What a handful they made, and how hard her nipples felt as I nipped them between my splayed fingers. Then I felt her stomach. Ran my hands over it and gently squeezed it, all soft and slightly squishy as she knelt for me doggy-style, like a bitch on heat, out of her mind for a cock. Any cock, so long as it screwed her right now.

I grasped her firm hips and started to shag her. Ramming my cock home, hard and rough, the way she liked it, the way that made her cum over and over. Not stopping to let her recover, but to force her on to her next orgasm and not stopping till I was good and ready to cream her.

Thomas was sitting up now on the rug and watching Shelia try to suck his cock as she shuddered with every smack of my body, and groaned with wanton lust, saying “Fuck… Oh fuck me!”

I spat on the cheeks of her bum and watched my spittle slip down her crack so I could massage it into her tight little bum-hole and insert a thumb.

She groaned louder, and being stuffed up both holes just blew her mind completely.

Wanking Thomas’s cock with a firmly clenched fist, she turned to try and look at me and tell me, ‘soon’!

“Are you sure Shelia?” I asked her teasingly. “Do you really want it?”

“Fuck you … just give it to me!” she snorted loudly.

I felt my seed rising. I felt my balls tighten, and my cock grow harder as everything was now at bursting point.

“Soon then?” I gasped. “Soon … Oh yes!” I started to go over the top and just screamed out ” NOW!” as my spunk started to fly and hit the inside walls of Shelia’s hungry cunt.

She bucked wildly again, and swore dirtily, as she trembled over and over still holding onto Thomas’s cock and making her beautiful tits tremble too in unison.

She was done to a turn, but then, as often the case, not completely done. Amazingly, she rolled Thomas over onto his back, and straddling him, impaled herself on his now throbbing cock, to give him some delicious second helpings.

“Hells teeth.” Thomas whispered later as we waved goodbye to Shelia and set off back down the forest path. “That has to be the best twenty five quid I’ve ever spent. I mean, what a fucking woman. She just loves it. Can we have her again, like really soon?”

I agreed with my friend totally, she was such a sexy woman. The thought, however, did cross my mind, as to whether it was a love of sex or just the money that spurred her on her way? But who cares, so long as every one is happy?

“You know how I told you that Shelia needed some extra cash to help out?” I said to Thomas. ” Well how would you feel about us forming a little select syndicate, say ten friends that would share her and provide her with the funds she needs?

Each of us brings another friend into the group till we have ten. Each member of the syndicate can have her whenever they want and providing that she’s available. And if we paid, say twenty five pounds a visit, then she could have a nice little discreet business on the side, or the front, or anyway you care to take her!”

Thomas stopped dead in his tracks and looking at me, smiling all over his face, said, “You know some days John, you amaze me. You’re all bloody heart. I think it’s a great idea, but what about Shelia?”

“She can’t wait. She’d love to have a regular stream of horny men to play with her. And of course there’s always the occasional added bonus of her lovely daughter too.” I added.

“What do mean, too?”

“Well actually it would be two, as in a pair. Like mother like daughter as they say. Gives a whole new meaning to a threesome, believe me!”

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