Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 02

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Chapter 02 : Nightly Caring inflames her Glow

Dear Reader(s) :

This will be an 8-Chapters-story, a true story.

If you’re new to this story, I would recommend to read Chapter 01 before proceeding here. It will introduce you to the trio of main characters, and show you into the given circumstances, it will be easier then to follow the latter evolutions, and incidents.

Thank you all, and enjoy!


“Isn’t that hag a pain in the ass?” snorted Sylvia, frowning.

I smirked, “At first I had a fancy that she was…ahem…nice — but…”

Lasting, discomforting silence. I shrunk, a bit, and looked up to the ceiling, pretending to enjoy the fascinating texture. I wished I could whistle lightheartedly, but my mouth was too dry.

“BUT…???” Renate’s sharp hiss startled me. “Tell me more – about your ‘But’, Buddy!”

“Ooh…my butt,” I replied bashfully, softly patting the object of her interest, “It’s fine dear, thank you for asking dear, the mattress is soft so my hemorrhoids don’t…” Sylvia curled, shaking with suppressed laughter.

“Ooo-kay!” yelled Renate, “…that’ll be all!” Additionally growling, “…for now…” Shaking her head she bent over the wheelchair, like overcharged resting her forehead on top of the rear part, thus sticking out her own rear invitingly. Bent over like that the view was heart warming, her pants hugged her pretty ass exceedingly tight.

I leaned closer to Sylvia, catching her staring…likewise indecent, and asked lowly, though making sure that Renate couldn’t miss any, “You mentioned her often, but never made mention of her first class a…err…derrière.” Sweet Sylvia was convulsed with laughter.

She had indeed mentioned her friend often over the last years since we first met in November 2005. Sylvia had moved in next door to Renate’s apartment in December 2001, short before Christmas, after she had dumped her latest ‘friend’. They’d liked each other with first view, but Renate had sensed that Sylvia felt hurt, and instantly tried to find out what had happened to her. At first Sylvia had been closed like an oyster, and Renate tried patiently to talk her out of the shell, she needed months to convince Sylvia to reflect her misery, until she hesitantly started to speak about some of her annoying experiences with so-called friends, or so-called lovers. She had admitted she obviously had a ‘nose’ for bad guys, and through the bygone decade had always fallen for that ‘special’ type of men, only to end up hurt, humiliated, or worse once more, and finally been dumped, again and again. She had run off her last ‘friend’ after catching him laughing every once in a while through the TV-covering of the incidents in NY and Washington on 9/11. She was done with men after all, and had decided to never let one come close to her again. They had been crying a lot in unison, of course, and Renate’s strength and constant support had helped Sylvia to overcome the first two terrible years, to deal with her experiences, to feel safe at home, and with Renate. Of course their friendship had grown closer over the years, but still Sylvia felt uncomfortable with men, she even refused to see Renate when her friend was with one of her limited short time love affairs.

That was the actual state of affairs when the Force of Destiny conflated our ways. From early 2005 on I had suffered from enlarged prostate, it rapidly had gotten worse over the months, and I had to undergo a laser surgery on November 4th. Sylvia had earlier been delegated to attend a six months clinical practice to that very hospital, ankara escort bayan because the General Hospital, her work place, couldn’t offer urology training so far, but planned to establish a unit of their own soon.

Well, when I awoke early the morning following the surgery the first thing to see was a pair of beautiful hazel eyes meeting mine. Still dazedly I’d thought of an angel, but the angel said in a sweet voice, “Good morning.” before I fell back to sleep. I awoke again later that morning finding out that my haze had lightened, enabling me to overlook my surrounding. An awesome mass of tubes led into and out of my arms, some connected to bags held by a mount, each filled with fluids, mostly clear, some red. I didn’t dare to follow the left over two tubes which disappeared under the blanket, in fear I wouldn’t like what I might see there.

A bit later the door opened, and the mentioned angel reappeared. “Good morning, again…” she beamed, “…I’m afraid I’ve scared you before, when I was in to first check your state. You mustn’t worry, I’m Sylvia, your nurse, and responsible for you.”

“How long did I sleep, a whole day?” I asked, my voice sounded weird.

She had noticed my frowning, “No need to worry, your voice will be back to normal soon, you had lots of medication to keep you quiet for 24 hours, but all that will be washed out quickly now you’re awakened.” She looked over the bags, then the protocol attached to the side of my sickbed, “Now…Bernd, everything’s looking fairly good here. I know you’ll have a lot of questions, but we have to wait for the doctors to come, that’ll be in half an hour I guess, okay?”

She turned towards a sink and came back with a sponge, “I’ll wet your lips, you’re not supposed to drink right now, everything you need is supplied constantly,” pointing to the clear bags.

“Oohh, that feels good,” I said when she’d finished, “Thank you … Sylvia.”

“My pleasure,” she smiled sweetly, “I’ll be back with the doctors, Bernd.”

She turned to leave, when I asked her backside, “How about a glass of wine … later?”

She smiled back over her shoulder, and whispered “Sshhh, we’ll discuss this when the doctors are out.” and left with a wink.


I was still smiling to myself with the memory of ‘Our First Date’ – as we always called it later on – when the approaching sound of a siren brought me back to real world – the advertised ambulance was coming in, and we had to clear the room for the emergency team. I looked out for Sylvia’s shoes, but couldn’t find any, “Sylvia? What about your shoes?”

“Ooh … I didn’t bring them,” she snickered, “with this foot … you know…”

“Oh … okay, no problem. I guess I’ll have to carry you anyway. Let me help you to stand.” My left hand took a hold on her right calf, “Move a bit forward, dear, to lower this leg, take your time – it’ll be three inches to the floor, carefully…I’ve got you…” my right hand slipped under her left knee from the outside to prevent her left foot from touching the ground. I fell to my right knee, “Okay, dear, one more inch … slowly…”

Sylvia tittered, “That tickles! Hey … I like your attitude, my favorite knight. Kneeling like that you let me feel like a princess you idolize.”

I smiled to myself whilst I was raising my head, but froze on half way, and my mouth fell dry. Her legs had opened wide when she’d lowered the right one to reach for the ground, and her pleated dark blue skirt had rode up … high. “Dear Lord…” I gasped, my eyes glued to her thighs, two abandoned white straps dangling between them, eryaman escort what a view, my eyes roamed higher, to her lacy white panties, the crotch prettily decorated with a wide, wet stain, “What a view…” I brought out, my voice croaky, devoutly, whilst my nose feasted on her overwhelming, intoxicating scent that infolded me like a cloud.

An eternity passed by before I managed – I still don’t know how – to lift my eyes up to meet hers, which mustered me with high interest, resting then on my flaring nostrils, “You’re easy to entertain, right?” she smiled sweetly, her nose lovely curled, her sultry voice caused me to tremble, “Now come up, love, we have to leave here,” her eyes soft, dreamily now.

Obediently I rose up from my knee, groaning out my excitement, and desire, “Sylvia…” my eyes glued on her sweet, glowing face … her eyes, dear heavens, her eyes … so wide, the look so intensive, lovingly, longingly, I’ll never forget those precious seconds, my ‘princess’ touched me deeply, with her eyes diving deep into my core. My trembling hands lifted up to her cheeks as I stuttered, “Sylvia … oh God, sweet, sweet Sylvia … you … you are beautiful, sooo beautiful, your eyes … you’ve never looked … looked at me like this before …” she stood on one leg like transfixed, holding her breath, her eyes welled with unshed tears, and I tensed, struggling with the sudden knowledge that had just seeped into me, “Sylvia … you … I don’t dare to believe it, I can’t believe that you……love me…” I sighed deeply, “dear heavens, after all these years.” The last words in a choked voice, my eyes watering with overwhelming happiness, I had to hold back to not grab her, hug her, swing her ’round, dance with her … I stopped myself just in time, I shouldn’t do that now, of course, but time would come.

I felt her small, warm hand in the back of my neck, pulling me closer, wet cheek to wet cheek, whispering into my ear, “Yes, yessss darling, yes-yes-yessssss I do-I do, I love you so much, since long, I sooo wanted to tell you, but I didn’t dare, you know … with all that crap we had to go through, being a total wreck you took care of, ohgaawwd so much caring, your determination, ever so strong … your never ending patience, your deep devotion … I had to wait to be free, free for you to be yours entirely, in one piece again, and I knew you felt the same, you so wanted to cure me, once we’d reach goal you would confess that you loved me … since years…” still sobbing quietly, but the trembling was gone, her cheek softly rubbed against mine when she continued with a deep sigh, “…step by step as you always told me, and it was the right way, I know now. And I know too that we’re through. Ooh Bernd, we’re through, finally through … my darling I’m so happy I could cry.”

I chuckled, “You do already, my sweet love.”

Sylvia plucked at my hair, and suddenly screamed, “I’m FREE!! … I’m CURED!!!”

“You certainly don’t look like being cured!” blasphemed Renate’s sardonic voice.

I half turned around to look over my shoulder, “Oh, I thought you were out for that examination?” I asked sweetly.

“Well, I was, and I found him, but he had those delicate fingers in another pati…”

“O.K., O.K. – that’ll be enough, thank you!” yelled Sylvia.

Renate said, piped down, “Deep in…”

“Re-Na-Te!!” Sylvia was spitting.

But Renate wouldn’t give up, her middle finger pointing to her crotch. “But…”

“Yes honey, we understood — as deep as can go, right?”

Renate beamed, “Right! But … how could you know?”

Sylvia etlik escort grinned back, “Oh – he does that with every patient, even when she is in with just an upset stomach, or a fracture…” before she added, snorting, “…as long as she’s under fifty that is.”

“I see – probably he can’t hold that K-Y very well,” grinned Renate.

“Anyway, I guess we should leave here before the emergency comes in,” suggested Sylvia.

“Yes, I think so – they’ll be here any moment,” I complied, before adding for Sylvia, “Did you bring a bag, or anything else I should look for?” And a bit lower, “By the way, what happened to your stockings? Well, I couldn’t miss the detached straps, you know … before.”

I have to admit that she was so decent to blush a bit. She’s just too cute when she does this, “I asked Renate to remove them earlier.”

Renate chimed in, grinning widely, “I have them here with me. You know Bernd — they had to come off for the ‘examination’…” smiling lasciviously now.

Sylvia blushed a bit deeper, lowering her head to hide her grin, but didn’t say nothing. Instead she gasped sharply, when her eyes caught my pants, my crotch – and the all too obvious erection. “Oooohhhh my … I can tell you liked what you saw, you know … before,” she fit in with my last sentence, with her sultriest voice ever whilst smiling lewdly, her sweet mouth a perfect ‘O’.

I smirked, “Liked…? Well – this will be THE understatement of the year,” licking my lips as lewdly as she had smiled before, looking over to the wheelchair then, but hesitated … how would I make it out of here with that tent in my pants? The Nurse on Duty might rape me, or would have me arrested for fornication. The first alternative didn’t sound that bad, but the second one? No, definitely not heart warming.

Well, I needed a cover, and looked around to find a white smock. Nothing in sight. Suddenly I knew how to cover — I would use Sylvia, when carrying her out to the car her pleated skirt would hang low enough to hide my crotch on the way. Plus, it would be so much nicer than to ‘carry’ a smock. Said and done, I asked Sylvia to steady her right arm in a way her shoulder would allow, and she hooked her thumb into the waistband of her skirt, with only minor problems. Holding her upper back with my right arm, the left took a hold in the back of her right thigh, high enough to hold the hem of her skirt, and I lifted her up into my arms, whilst she raised her left arm to hold on to my neck. Perfect. I asked if her shoulder caused problems, but she assured me that she was fine. Looking down I made sure that her skirt did its job properly, and off we went.


It was a quarter to two when we arrived at the front entrance to their apartment building, where I peeled Sylvia out of the car to carry her inside and call for the lift, meanwhile Renate was looking for a parking lot. This time I was glad about the lift – which I never had used before – Sylvia is just a small person, about 5’6″, weighing only some 120 pds., but to carry her three stories up … not without my doctor …

Renate joined us in the lobby then, and the lift brought us home. Sweet home.

… continued in Accident grants Benefit Ch. 03: Finally alone, and she’s losing self-consciousness

Author’s EndNote:

Thanks for reading, please be fair and don’t forget to vote 🙂

This is my story, I wrote it, and stealing is lame. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. This story is now perfectly self-edited (bring it). All of my characters, in all of my stories, are over eighteen, or older any time they get naked and have intercourse.

Thanks for all the favorites and feedback, hope you enjoy. Your feedback and comments (and additional ideas) will be helpful, so don’t hesitate.

Copyright © 2011 Bernd Glaesing. All rights reserved.

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