Alan’s ‘Advanced’ Sex Education Ch. 2

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As Lee and Jenny were getting ready to take Alan out for dinner, Jenny was both excited and nervous and more than a little worried. “I hope Alan won’t be disappointed with the ‘present’ we have in mind for him,” she said. “I know he had his heart set on a new car. And what if he freaks out about having sex with his mother? Or with you, for that matter. What if he’s not interested in getting it on with another guy? What if he thinks I’m too old to fuck?”

“Aw, Honey,” Lee chuckled. “I can assure you he won’t think you’re ‘too old’ for anything. I’ve seen how he looks at you when he thinks you don’t know he’s watching. Especially when you’re laying around the pool in your bikini or walking around in those sheer night gowns you like to wear. I’ve seen the size of that bulge in his shorts a few times and I really doubt that there will be a problem with that, so stop worrying about it.”

“And as far as the car is concerned, I guess I’d forgotten to tell you, but I’m having a new car delivered to the restaurant for him this evening. I think that when we hand him the keys, he’ll be up for just about anything, don’t you?”

“Oh, God, I hope you’re right,” she sighed. “I’ve been so damn hot all day, just thinking about fucking that gorgeous son of ours.”

“Honey, you’re so goddamn sexy in that outfit you’ll have half the guys around with their tongues hanging down to their knees wanting a piece of you,” he laughed.

“You’re just prejudiced,” Jenny grinned at him. But she had taken a lot of care with her appearance for this special night. She’d gone shopping at her favorite boutique and selected a cute little number that showed as much of her lovely breasts and long legs as she thought she could get away with and not be arrested for “indecent exposure.” She wasn’t wearing anything under the dress but a garter belt and matching nylons. Taking one final look at her image in the mirror, she had to admit to herself that she really wasn’t a bad looking “old broad” for all her 36 years.

As the three of them headed for the car, Alan held the passenger door open for his mother and immediately felt a twinge in his balls at the sight of his Mom’s legs as he helped her into the car. Jenny slid over in the center and patted the seat next to her. “Here, Alan,” she smiled. “Sit up front with us.” She, too, felt a surge of excitement when she noticed him eyeing her long, shapely legs. As she slid across the seat, the hem of her dress rose higher on her thighs, exposing the tops of her stockings.

Driving into town, Jenny rested her hands lightly on her son’s and her handsome husband’s knees. She forgot her earlier worries as it was obvious that Alan couldn’t keep his eyes off of her deep cleavage and tanned legs. Taking his hand in hers, she placed it on her thigh, just below the top of her nylons and squeezed it gently before moving her hand back to Alan’s leg. Lee smiled his approval and ran his hand up her other leg as he, too, noticed Alan’s interest in his mother’s exposed boobs.

Lee had made reservations for them in one of the finest restaurants in town and specifically requested one of the raised, circular booths that would assure them the maximum amount of privacy during their meal. As they slid into the soft leather couch surrounding the table, Jenny made sure her skirt again rode to the tops of her stockings.

“Can we have some wine with dinner, Dad?” pleaded Alan. “I am eighteen, you know.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Alan,” his father replied. “You know the legal age for drinking alcohol is twenty-one. Besides, I’ve got a few bottles of champaign on ice at home and we wouldn’t want you getting smashed and passing out on us, now would we?” he kidded his disappointed son.

Being only partially mollified, Alan did not press the point and cheerfully began considering the extensive and very expensive menu items, trying to decide on what he most wanted to eat. “Other than Mom’s pussy, that is,” he thought to himself and immediately blushed at this incestuous fantasy and hoped that his parents wouldn’t notice his embarrassment.

But Jenny had noticed! She also noticed the beginnings of a hard on causing his trousers to bulge slightly in the front.

“My, my, Big Guy! What caused that?” she teased, only adding to his discomfort.

“N-N-Nothing,” he stammered. “It’s just kinda warm in here I guess. Do I really have to keep this stupid tie on? It’s squeezing the blood to my face…”

“Nice try, Tiger,” laughed his father. “I think I can assure you it’s going to get a lot hotter before the night’s out.”

Alan still wasn’t sure what his Dad was hinting at and the slight bulge in his pants grew another centimeter or two as he thought about what he hoped he meant. But before he could respond with any questions, the waiter came to take their order.

As they progressed through the lavish dinner, his parents kept up a running dialogue of witty and teasing small talk laced with innuendos and double entendres that had bursa eskort bayan him more and more convinced that they were planning on seducing him when they got home. Adding to that “growing” conviction was the fact that his mother had, again, taken his hand and placed it on the exposed portion of her thigh just above her stockings and pressed it tight against her leg, obviously encouraging him to go even higher. His Dad smiled at him as he did just that and discovered, much to his delight that he mother wasn’t wearing any panties and that her pussy lips were soft and moist against his probing fingers.

Jenny thought she was going to cum for sure as her darling son touched her pussy for the first time. Being a “screamer” when she came, she giggled to herself at the thought of what the reaction of the other patrons would be to that! Fortunately, just at that moment, the waiter arrived with their check and she was spared the potential embarrassment.

As Lee got out his credit card to pay the bill, he handed Alan the parking stub and suggested that he go have the valet get their car.

“Sure, Dad,” Alan replied as he reluctantly removed his hand from between his mother’s legs and tried to adjust his pants so that his straining cock wouldn’t be quite so obvious to everyone in the restaurant. “I’ll see you outside.”

As Alan waited for the valet to return with their car, he didn’t notice that his parents had walked out behind him and were standing back to watch his reaction to what was about to occur.

The valet, who had cheerfully run off with the parking stub drove up in front of him in a brand new, gleaming red, Mustang convertible with the top down and holding the driver side door open for him, said, “Here you go, sir! Nice car.”

“There must be some mistake,” stammered the young man. “That’s not our car, though I sure wish to hell it was,” he added enviously.

“Aren’t you Alan Sandee?” asked the valet. When Alan nodded the driver went on, “Well then, according to the name on the key ring and the title to this baby, this is your car, you lucky dude.”

Taking the proffered keys, the thoroughly puzzled boy looked up to see his parents standing there with huge grins on their faces. “What’s the matter, kid?” teased his father. “Don’t you like it? Not the wrong color is it?”

“Dad, are you serious?” he exclaimed. “You mean it’s really my car? Oh, wow… I can’t believe it. It’s beautiful. You said I might be able to get a car before I left for college, but this is just way cool. I only dreamed of something like this.”

“Well,” his father chuckled, “Dreams do have a way of coming true sometimes. Why don’t you drive your mother home and I’ll follow in our car?”

“Cool,” laughed the excited young man. He bowed to his smiling Mom as he held the passenger door for her. “Milady, may I offer you a ride to our castle in my magical chariot?”

“Why, thank you, young sir,” Jenny replied with a devilish grin. “I’d be delighted to accept your offer of a ‘ride’. Alan wasn’t sure she had meant that as a double entendre either. But he was just too wound up and exuberant to give it much thought at the moment.

Running around and crawling behind the wheel of the powerful car, Alan was pleased to note the valet enjoying the sight of his mothers shapely legs as she swung them into the bucket seat and again allowed her skirt to climb as high as the young man’s eyebrows. “Eat your heart out,” thought Alan happily. “She’s all mine! Well, mine and Dad’s anyway.”

As Alan carefully pulled out of the parking lot and turned towards home, Jenny leaned over and kissed him on the side of his neck. “Do you really like the car?” she purred. “Was it the surprise you were hoping for?”

“Well, to be honest, it isn’t,” Alan replied with a grin. “Don’t get me wrong, I love the car. But I kept thinking about what Grampa and Grandma gave Dad for his eighteenth birthday and I was kinda hoping that’s what I was getting, too.”

“From your Grampa and Grandma?” she teased as she began to tickle his neck and ear with her fingernail. Her skirt had ridden completely up around her waist as she twisted around in the seat and her shaved pussy was clearly visible to her horny young son in the soft light from the dashboard.

Alan was acutely aware of the intoxicating fragrance of his mother’s perfume as it wafted up from the low cut bodice that barely covered her firm breasts and nipples. He imagined that he could also detect the aroma of her dripping pussy as well and his cock instantly sprung to life again.

“Oh, my! What do we have here?” she smiled as she ran her hand lightly down the front of his pants. “I think we’d better relieve some of that pressure, don’t you?” she asked as she slowly pulled his zipper down and freed his hard cock for it’s confinement.

Following closely behind the new Mustang, Lee could see his wife kissing and nibbling on Alan’s ear and neck, but he could only imagine what she was doing with bursa otele gelen eskort bayan her hands. But as her head disappeared below the seat back, any doubts he might have had evaporated like a wisp of smoke. “Christ, she’s giving the kid a blowjob,” he thought. “I hope he doesn’t wreck the fucking car. I know what Jenny’s blowjobs are like.”

But Alan was in complete control of the car, if not his emotions. He had never felt anything as wonderful as the sensation of his mother’s hot tongue running up and down his shaft. And when she engulfed the full length of his rigid prick deep down her throat, he lost it completely. “Oh, Mom, you’re gonna make me cum,” he cried. “Oh, shit, that’s wonderful! Please don’t stop.”

“I wouldn’t think of it,” breathed Jenny. “We wouldn’t want to mess up your nice new car, now would we? Momma’s gonna swallow all of your cum, Darling. So just relax and let it go.” At that point, Alan didn’t have a whole lot of choice in the matter and he blasted spurt after spurt of hot cum through his mother’s ruby lips and down her pulsating throat.

As the two cars pulled into the driveway, Jenny continued to stroke her son’s still hard cock as he shut off the engine. Lee walked up beside the Mustang and seeing what his wife was doing with their son’s cock, he said with a smile, “I see you two started without me. What say we go in and really get the party rolling? “

“Don’t worry, Honey,” laughed Jenny. “As you can see, this young stud’s still got plenty of life left in him. You were right, he is almost as big as you.”

“I told you so,” grinned Lee as they strolled into the den together, with Jenny still holding onto Alan’s turgid cock. “Why don’t you two get comfortable while I go open a bottle of that champaign.. By the way, Son, do you still have any of that dope you keep in your room? I think your Mom and I might like to try some of that with you.”

“Sure, Dad,” replied Alan, surprised that his father not only knew about his stash but actually wanted to smoke it with him. “I’ll go get it.”

When he returned with his bong and the weed, his mother handed him a full glass of the sparkling wine and she and his father raised their glasses and offered him a toast. “Here’s to the birthday boy,” they chorused together. “May we all remember this night for as long as we live.”

After they drank the toast and Lee had refilled their glasses, they all settled back into the huge leather sofa with Jenny squeezed tightly between the two men. Alan fired up the bong and passed it to his mom after taking and holding a large hit deep in his lungs.

“Why don’t you give her a ‘shotgun’, Alan,” said his father. “We haven’t done that since we weren’t a whole lot older than you are tonight.”

Again, Alan was surprised at the open frankness of his father. He’d always considered his dad a cool guy, but this went beyond his wildest imagination. Leaning towards his mother, he pressed his lips tightly against hers and pushed his tongue softly into her mouth, then exhaled the pungent smoke from his lungs into her eager and willing mouth.

“My turn,” said Lee, taking the bong and copying his son’s action. They passed the weed back and forth between them and continued to give each other shotguns until they were thoroughly stoned and the effect of the champaign was accelerated.

As they smoked the dope and drank the wine, Jenny continued to play with her son’s still exposed cock. Lee slowly pulled the top of her dress down to reveal her firm tits and protruding nipples. As he began to lick and suck on her nipples, he took Alan’s hand and placed it against his mother’s naked pussy, pressing the boy’s fingers into her hot and willing cunt. As Alan fingered his mother, he leaned down and began to suck her breasts, imitating his father. Lee slipped his hand into the front of Alan’s gaping fly and began to fondle his balls while Jenny continued to slowly jerk his hard on.

“Come on, kid! What say we get out of these clothes and get down to some serious fucking?”

“Tell you what,” said Lee. “I think we need to record these ‘lessons’ for posterity. I’ll set up the video camera and we’ll make a tape for Alan to take to school with him so he can watch it and jerk off whenever he feels like it.”

“Only if he doesn’t share it with anybody else,” giggled Jenny. She had taken off her dress and shoes and now wore only her black garter belt and nylons.

As Lee set up the camera and focused it on his incestuous wife and son, Jenny laid back on the huge couch and spreading her legs for the boy, she said, “Honey, Momma wants you to eat her pussy like a good little boy.” Alan needed no further coaxing and immediately dropped between his mother’s long legs and began to lick her pussy and suck on her swollen clit. Within seconds, it seemed, she was climbing to a screaming orgasm – the first of many to cum that night.

As Alan was eating his mother’s pussy bursa eve gelen escort for the first time, Lee took his son’s cock in his hand and began to stroke him the way Jenny had been doing earlier. “Does our son’s cock taste as good as it looks, Darling?” he asked.

“Better,” said Jenny between gasps. “Try it, you’ll like it.” And with that, Lee began to deep throat his handsome young son for the first time. “But, he promised himself, “it certainly won’t be the last time.”

Coming up a moment for air, Alan looked down at his father, eagerly and expertly sucking his hard cock. “Oh, fuck, Dad… That feels awesome! I’ve never had a guy suck me before. It feels different from when Mom did it.

“Want to try it?” asked Lee with a lewd grin on his pre-cum soaked lips. “Why don’t you shove this big ol’ dick into your mother’s pussy and the two of you can take turns sucking my cock while you’re fucking her?”

Taking his father’s suggestion literally, Alan immediately plunged his young manhood as deeply into his mother’s eager love tunnel as it would go. As he began fucking his beautiful mom for the first time, he opened his lips and took his father’s cock into his mouth and began sucking him the way his father had just demonstrated to him.

It didn’t take more than a few minutes of this incestuous activity before they all began cumming like there was no tomorrow. True to her nature, Jenny began to scream out with her orgasm so loudly she was sure the neighbors could hear her from miles away. That set both Lee and Alan off and as the young boy shot his load deep into his mother’s womb, his father began furiously fucking his son’s mouth and soon shot stream after stream down the boy’s throat. Alan choked, gagged and sputtered, but he managed to hold most of his father’s jism and swallowed all that he could. Some of the hot spunk leaked from his lips and his mother used her tongue to lap up the rest of her husband’s cum from her baby’s lips and chin.

After they had regained their breath a bit, Lee said, “God, Jen! That was so fucking hot watching you fuck our son while he sucked my cock. Or, as Alan would probably say, it was ‘fucking awesome!'”

“Dad, I don’t know about you, but I’m still horny. And you’re right, fucking Mom was utterly fantastic. But I overheard you telling Mom about you and Grandpa fucking each other while the other one was fucking Grandma. Is that right? What does it feel like to get fucked in the ass? Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Only a little bit at first,” chuckled Lee. “And you don’t really notice it much at all if you’re fucking someone else at the same time. Are you up for giving it a try?”

“Go ahead, Honey,” said Jenny. “Your Dad and I both like getting fucked in the ass and I think you’ll like it too.”

“Tell you what, Son,” said Lee. Watching you fuck your Mom really got me hot and I want some of that pussy myself. If you want to try some man to man butt fucking, I’ll go first Then, if you’re still curious, I’ll be happy to show you what it feels like. Whata ya say?”

Still flying high from the dope, the champaign, his mother’s sweet pussy and sucking his Dad’s cock, Alan was up for just about anything. Nothing in his young life had given him any inkling of how mind blowing having sex with his parents could be. As Lee plunged his stiff cock balls deep in his wife’s cum filled pussy, Alan climbed between his father’s legs and began to rub his cum and saliva lubed prick back and forth between his father’s upraised ass cheeks. As Lee fell into a rhythm driving his cock in and out of Jenny’s cunt, he pressed his ass against his son’s probing cockhead and with almost no effort, Alan shoved the full length of his manhood into his father’s gripping sphincter until his swinging balls slapped against his Dad’s much bigger ones. As Lee pulled back from Jenny’s well fucked pussy, Alan would bury his cock deep into his father’s bowels and pound against his sensitive prostate. Within minutes the three of them were writhing and groaning in their most intense orgasm of the night.

That proved to be too much for the exhausted threesome and they staggered up to the master bedroom, dropped onto the king sized bed and fell asleep, all entangled together. But sometime in the middle of the night, Lee awoke to the sounds of his son fucking his mother again. He was surprised at how quickly his own cock sprang to attention. “Now it’s your turn, Alan, me boy,” whispered Lee. “Your ol’ man’s gonna fuck your virgin ass while you’re fuckin’ your momma again.”

It was Alan’s turn to be surprised at just how little it did hurt, as his father sank his big dick into his rectum. “In fact,” he thought after his Dad’s first few strokes, “that really feels good. And it’s making me even harder than I was before.” Although it took considerably longer this time, each of the three incestuous lovers enjoyed yet another incredible orgasm before falling asleep once again.

The next morning as Lee and Jenny struggled to wake up they realized that their handsome son was once more fully aroused and busily sucking his father’s still flaccid cock and finger fucking his mother’s cum filled pussy. Lifting his gaze to meet his adoring parent’s eyes as they came fully awake and began to respond to his ministrations, he grinned and said, “Can we go visit Grampa and Grandma when school’s out?

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