Alex , Alexa Ch. 14

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Disclaimer: You know the drill.

Chapter 14- Well, That’s Not Good…

Yet another wedding. And once again, not Alexa’s and mine. Okay, granted, we live in a country where avunculate marriage is illegal, but after a while, going to other people’s weddings can be frustrating, even if they’re people you care about very much.

Freja was marrying Jeanie and it had turned into quite the whirlwind of activity. Jeanie was rushing around, not accomplishing much, but to her credit still finding plenty of time for spontaneous sex and orgies. Alexa usually got sucked into the vortex of depravity, and they included me when they could, but they had to be a little more careful about that for obvious reasons. Mom and dad expected my aunt to be apart of that maenadic frenzy, they couldn’t know about my involvement.

A lot of times, I was chauffeuring Alexa to the hotel where Freja was staying while I supposedly headed out to the university to continue with our summer internship for the Languages department. When I did make it to the university, I worked like a madman, to make up for the time I was spending with Alexa, Jeanie and Freja. No one seemed to have caught on, thankfully.

This afternoon I’d been playing hooky from my duties and found myself in a sweaty, slippery tangle of female flesh as we all churned, writhed and moaned on the hotel bed. Freja was lying on her back with her legs spread wide while I knelt between them, pumping my cock in and out of her strongly. She was moaning loudly into Alexa’s pussy, who was grinding on her friend’s face while kissing Jeanie greedily. Jeanie’s body was suspended over Freja’s, her arms wrapped around Alexa’s shoulders while I held her by her hips, supporting her weight and lapped at her gooey slit.

Alexa’s and Jeanie’s tongues tangled and they moaned into one another’s mouths. Alexa and I were more than strong enough to support Jeanie comfortably in what would otherwise be an awkward position. Freja was the slenderest of the three girls, while Jeanie was in the middle and Alexa was the tallest and most athletic. This isn’t to say she was big, of course, because my aunt couldn’t even be called husky, but she had the largest tits and her body was exquisitely toned all over.

Jeanie shuddered and wailed into Alexa’s mouth, cumming on my tongue. This seemed to set off Freja, who squirmed on my cock and clenched it fiercely, bathing my hips in her essence. Seconds later, Freja’s tongue sent Alexa into orbit, her face glistening with my aunt’s cum. Now that all the women had climaxed, I surrendered to the overwhelming urge to orgasm, pumping my creamy offering into Freja’s wanton pussy.

Heaving and panting, we all basked in the afterglow of our shared climax. We gently set Jeanie down onto Freja and they wrapped their arms around one another and began kissing and cuddling. I laid Alexa on her back and sank my cock deep inside her, both of us sighing in pleasure and relief. I felt truly contented and at home now. We kissed lovingly and she wrapped her legs around me to keep me deep inside her.

As couples in love, we laid side-by-side, enjoying our moments of bliss. Jeanie and Freja were pressed into us, but we didn’t mind. After making out for several minutes, Freja sighed. “It is a pity we must relinquish Alex to the university, because I could really stand to be fucked some more.”

“Sorry, darling, you’ll just have to make due with Jeanie and I using strap-on’s on you while he’s gone,” Alexa said soothingly, reaching over and caressing her best friend’s cheek. “How ever will you survive without cock?”

Jeanie giggled. “I kinda like doing the ol’ bump’n’grind when there’s no guy around. It’s something only we girls can do, sorta like a secret club thing.”

“True, I do love to scissor,” Alexa agreed. “But it’s a two-girls-only sport and that means one of us is always only watching, or at best getting eaten out.”

“Huh?” I asked somewhat obtusely.

“Well, I wouldn’t expect a guy to understand, since you can’t do it or even simulate it,” Alexa replied. “But it just occurs to me that there’s three of us and tribbing only has room for two. There’s no way for us all to get in on the action.”

I frowned. “Bull.”

My aunt raised an eyebrow at me. “Alex, it’s been that way for thousands of years, trust me.”

I knelt up now, my cock still inside her, but thinking. Alexa almost frowned at me, taking exception to interrupting our tender moment to disagree about the logistics of tribadism.

“Alex, we’ve thought about this before.”

“Well, yes, but thinking is for the gloopy ones,” I replied, channeling my inner Anthony Burgess. “While the oomny use, like, inspiration, and what Bog sends.”

Freja gave Alexa a sour look. “Is he using A Clockwork Orange against us?”

“Well, his name is Alex…” my aunt sighed.

“Ooh, I’ve seen that movie,” Jeanie said, trying to contribute. “I cosplayed as the main guy one year. I think I fucked a girl as him, too. Didn’t Fatih Escort kick her in the stomach, though. Drank a lot, felt like barfing.”

“Jeanie, darling, hush,” Alexa said gently, touching her fingers to her friend’s lips. “Continue, Brainiac.”

To my regret, I pulled out of my aunt and studied the three of them, as well as the bed. Alexa propped herself up on her elbows, clearly considering this a waste of good cuddling and fucking time. However, she allowed me to ruminate, so props to her. Jeanie was absently humming ‘Singing In The Rain’ to herself.

I began pointing. “Freja, lie on your side in the middle of the bed.” The Danish girl complied and then I motioned to her fiancée. “Jeanie, do the same and press yourself into her as hard as you can.”

Jeanie scuttled down, lying on her side and pressing herself as hard as she could into Freja, their breasts and pussies squashing together.

“Now can you two girl-fuck one another like that?” I asked.

In response, they looked into one another’s eyes while Jeanie slung a leg over Freja’s waist and began squirming and grinding their hips, their wet slits mushing together. They both nodded in the affirmative.

I looked at my aunt. “Alexa, since you’re the tallest and have the longest legs, just kneel between them and push in, holding on to their upper legs if need be. Go on, try it.”

Alexa made a wry face, but did as I asked. While Freja and Jeanie kept their pussies squished together, she told hold of their legs as she knelt over them. Her longer limbs allowed her to scissor herself in, her wet womanhood pressing into theirs. The shuddered as she began to squirm in rhythm with them.

“Fuck,” she grunted, her eyes squeezed shut. “You motherfucker, you were right! This can work if you try!”

“Maybe, but I wanna try something else,” I replied, smiling evilly. “Freja, Jeanie, lie in opposite directions from one another on your backs, but keep girl-fucking.”

The two of them pulled away from one another while Alexa disengaged and watched. They laid on their backs and scissored their legs past one another until their pussies squashed again. Holding one another’s wrists, they began squirming, moaning in pleasure and clearly enjoying the experiment, whether it failed or not.

“Can you arrange yourself on top of them and sorta nestle in there?” I asked. Alexa snaked herself over the other two and pressed down onto them, her pussy squirming into theirs. Her long legs allowed her to steady herself while writhing. She closed her eyes and sighed.

“Gnnnn, you bastard,” she sighed. “I oughta be so mad at you about this. You proved three-way fucking for girls exists.”

“I know,” I said, pleased with myself. “Before my dad did, possibly. It’s like finding the theory for infinite energy. An engine powered by a lesbian flywheel.”

“Klamt,” moaned Freja, shivering as their three pussies mingled against all odds. “Is he always this insufferable?”

“Only when he’s right,” Alexa panted, leaning down and reaching for their breasts, which she groped eagerly while fucking them. “Guess he takes after my sister that way.”

“I got one more,” I said, beckoning to them. “C’mon over to the chesterfield.”

The three girls disentangled themselves and followed me to the indicated furniture. I then took Alexa by the hand and began positioning her. She allowed me to do whatever the Hell I was doing, because she trusted me implicitly, no matter how crazy it seemed. I made her lie on her shoulders and upper back at the foot of the chesterfield, resting against it with her legs in the air. I then pulled her legs apart gently until she was almost doing a perfect split upside down.

“Freja, Jeanie, stand over her and you can grind against her and each other now.” I said to them, pointing at my aunt’s splayed legs and available privates. They both eagerly clambered over her, one of their feet near her head while the other leg knelt on the cushions above. The two now pressed their pussies down onto hers and into one another’s. It worked because Alexa’s hips were the widest and she was the most flexible. Freja and Jeanie grappled onto one another and began kissing hungrily while squirming their slits together and down onto Alexa’s. All three moaned in pleasure. My aunt sighed and fondled her breasts while the two above fucked shamelessly.

I just watched smugly, using my phone to get some up-close and personal recordings of the action, especially when all three of them strained and groaned loudly, cumming on one another before Freja and Jeanie collapsed on the chesterfield, exhausted. They pulled Alexa up to join them in the slick, warm tangle of female flesh and cuddled into her. I nodded in satisfaction and stopped recording.

“Well, my work here is done,” I said simply, but my tone of voice had the quality of a grand bow. “I suppose I should get dressed and head off now, gotta keep up appearances at the university, after all.”

“Yeah, that’s right, you’d better run…” Fatih Escort Bayan Alexa murmured rather feebly, flopping a hand in my direction. Y’know what’s good for you… smug bastard.”

“Thanks, by the way!” Jeanie called out as I gathered up my clothes and headed into the bathroom to change.

“Jeanie, no!” Alexa hissed. “If you compliment him, then he’s won! Never let the male think they’ve won!”

“Oh, shit, I’ve been doing it wrong my whole life, then.” I heard the air-headed brunette say in distress.


Several weeks had passed since my dad had been stabbed and he was working out again regularly, with mom watching carefully to make sure he didn’t overdo it. I made the mistake of pointing out that he would probably only overdo if it he was trying to impress her, so her presence might be counter-productive.

The look she gave me made it abundantly clear that she wasn’t too old to have more children. If she killed me, she’d just make another, and tell them what an idiot the last kid was. I stopped talking.

So, there we were, in the campus gym, watching my dad use the curl bar to help peak his already ridiculously peaked biceps. Mom was sitting nearby, drinking water and reading a treatise on dark matter. Dad invited me to work out alongside him, but I wasn’t feeling it at the moment, having done some exercise that morning, and just spotted for him instead.

Alexa showed up after a while and my mom got up and hugged her before bringing her to sit.

“Where are Flopsy and Mopsy?” mom asked.

Alexa smirked. “I’m sure they’ll be here soon, I told them Mike was working out and Freja hasn’t really seen your husband’s shredded bod yet. They can’t be far off.”

“Which one’s Flopsy and which one’s Mospy?” I asked my mother.

She shrugged. “Well, which one is likely to end up on her back first? That’d be Flopsy. The one you’d use to sponge up all the fluids after would be Mospy.”

Alexa shivered and made a grossed-out face. “There’s some imagery I didn’t need. Even worse, I still can’t decide which is which.”

We all laughed, including dad from his place nearby. Alexa gave him a wry look as she observed the amount he was curling. “I’m pretty sure that’s more than Jeanie and Freja weigh combined, bro. You’re scary.”

“You think I convinced them to give me the department head post in Astrophysics when I retire with my intellect alone?” he replied cheerfully, doing his eight-zillionth rep.

“Probably,” Alexa said. “I’m just surprised you didn’t pull a Milton Berle and flop your johnson out on the table to intimidate them all.”

“Oh, you didn’t actually do that, did you?” mom asked in distaste, giving him a wry look.

“Not without you being there,” dad answered. “Can you imagine how that would’ve gone?”

Can we please stop talking about my dad’s weenie?” I pleaded. “First it’s my aunt’s jugs wiggling in my face, then mom’s nude in my hotel room, guilty of streaking, and now dad owes his senior position in the university hierarchy to the size of his shmoo? Why can’t this be made up?”

They were all laughing at me when Flopsy and Mopsy arrived. Jeanie was giving mom and Alexa squishy hugs (the only kind she knew) while Freja had simply walked up to dad and was staring at his muscles in fascination.

“You’re too big,” she muttered, poking his abdomen. Dad had been exercising without a shirt, so his muscles were quite visible beneath his gleaming skin. “What would have been so wrong with being a normal size?”

“More me means less biomass available to cultures who inflict Aqua on the species,” he answered, smirking. “Consider it a world-wide service, hopefully worthy of a Nobel Prize.”

“Here we go…” mom muttered under her breath.

“Don’t make me come up there.” Freja said in what she hoped was a dire tone.

“Or what?” dad asked carelessly, continuing to work with his curl bar.

“I’ll teach you,” she shot back. “I have taken ju-jutsu, I will have you know.”

“Huh,” he grunted with mild disinterest. “What school?”


“Oh, I’m sorry,” he said, his voice oozing sympathy. “How many participation trophies did you get at local martial arts tournaments?”

“The bigger they are, the harder they fall!” Freja said hotly, her body stiffening. Her little fists were bunched up at her sides. “Would you care for a demonstration, Grendl?”

Dad considered for a moment and shrugged. “Why not,” he said finally, putting down the curl bar. “I’ve got a few minutes before I start my next set.”

He gestured toward the area where the wrestling mats were set up, allowing Freja to stride purposefully toward them, leading the way. I looked at mom warily and she shrugged and stood up, putting down the treatise.

“You can always find a new bestie, right, Alli?” mom asked her sister.

“I dunno,” Alexa replied. “Freja’s pretty good, she actually got her Second-Dan black belt in ju-jutsu.”

“Uh-huh,” mom said somewhat disinterestedly, Escort Fatih leading us over to the mat. “Alex, you know where the squeegee mops are in the supply cabinet, right?”

“Yup.” I said grimly.

We stood at the edge of the mats while Freja stared up at my dad in the middle of them. The height disparity between them was nothing short of amusing, since she barely reached dad’s sternum. To her credit, she didn’t budge as he towered over her.

“So, how do you want to do this?” dad asked, looking down at her.

“It’s your funeral, why don’t you choose?” she said in a challenging tone.

Dad shrugged and laid down on his back. “How about this? At least you can reach me from here.”

Freja cheeks coloured quickly and she bolted in and grappled onto one of dad’s arms, locking it up and wrapping her legs around it, like she was going to wrench it out of the socket. Dad just waited patiently. Freja grunted and strained with the effort. Almost a minute passed and nothing seemed to be happening.

“How’s it going over there, Reepicheep?” Alexa called to her friend.

“Gnnnnn, he… will submit…” Freja growled.

“He will?” dad asked, looking up over his shoulder, pretty much directly at Freja’s booty shorts-encased butt. “Why is he always the last to know?”

“I… am… your… God!” she gasped as she strained, pulling for all she was worth.

And then dad lifted his arm- not quite ninety degrees, but right off the mat, with Freja still grappled onto it. She squeaked in surprise as she realized she was no longer in contact with the floor.

Then he dropped his arm. Not hard, he just let gravity do the work for him. Master of physics and all that.


Jeanie and Alexa both winced while mom watched impassively. Now back on the mat, Freja didn’t move at all for several seconds. She just stared at the ceiling blankly, her limbs still locked around dad’s arm. Then her arms and legs slowly uncurled and she lay very still, gazing off into space. Dad stood up and walked away.

“Puny god…” he rumbled, heading back to his curl bar.

We all stared at Freja for several seconds before Jeanie went over and knelt down next to her, concern playing over her features.

“She’s not dead, is she?” the brunette asked. “Because getting another fiancée on such short notice would be a real pain in the ass.”

“Seriously, girl, what were you thinking?” mom inquired as she went and knelt next to Jeanie and helped the Danish girl sit up. “I didn’t know being uppity was a national trait for you people.”

“It’s not,” Alexa sighed. “It just is for her. I’ll be honest, though, I thought she’d last a little longer than that.”

“Oh, now you’re just being dumb, Alli,” mom chided. “You remember the fight in the bar. He’s at least as good at breaking things as he is at weird physics.”

“My cunt can attest to that.” Jeanie said, earning her a look and a swat from my mother.

“Why didn’t you warn me?” Freja groused as she let my mom and Jeanie help her stand.

“Why bother?” Alexa replied, shrugging. “Not like you would’ve listened. Having him shatter every bone in your body is as close as you’ll ever get to having sex with him, so you just went for it. How the Hell could anyone stop that?”

“Fine, fine,” Freja grumbled. “You got me. Worth it, though.”

“I’ll never understand women.” I muttered, making the four of them giggle.


Two days before the wedding, Freja’s family arrived at the airport. Alexa had explained to me about who everyone would be and any details I should readily know. The first thing that made my head spin was the sheer number of them who were showing up. It was beginning to sound like half of Denmark was going to be at the wedding.

Freja’s parents, three grandparents, a younger sister and brother, six cousins, three aunts, two uncles, two step-cousins, twelve cousins-once-removed or something… there were well over thirty people arriving, and chaos ensued.

There were endless cries and screams of delight when everyone saw Freja and equally as much noise when they saw Alexa, who was apparently one of the family. Freja’s parents hugged her tight and there were tears shed.

“I swear, Alexandra,” said Freja’s mother in heavily-accented English. “I thought for years it would be you that she married. Your mother never agreed, but she knew how close you were. I guess Miranda was right.”

“It’s okay, Anna,” Alexa said, with tears in her eyes. “You know I love Freja, but Jeanie is going to make her very happy, I promise you.”

“And now let us meet your family.” Anna announced.

Introductions were made, and it was sort of surreal, to be honest- everyone was clamouring to know Alexa’s older sister, whom they had never met, even though they knew my grandmother, Miranda. Add to this the complication of mom’s maiden surname being Gordon and Alexa’s being Blackwell and you had a recipe for confusion.

And then everyone gawked at my dad, who was, once again, far taller than everyone. One little girl about age three hid behind a cousin and cried, at least until dad gave her a treat; then he was her boyfriend and couldn’t get rid of her. She rode around on his shoulders, lording it over everyone else.

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