Alyssa’s Confession Ch. 03

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(Edited by Horrotica)

The February sky was grey, turning to black as the sun set. Ice and sleet began to shower the pavement as Tammy parked in front of her mother’s house. Her heart pounding furiously as her sweaty hands let go of the steering wheel. Her mind raced with the sound of the icy pellets hitting her car as she gazed into the windows of her mother’s house seeing the candlelight flickering inside. Knowing that this decision will change their lives forever, she stopped to reconsider what she was about to do. Her body was gripped with nervous tension, as her bowels rumbled she squeezed her butt cheeks tightly together containing her urge for total release. She took a deep breath and rallied her courage; she picked up her heart-shaped box, exited her car and ran through the freezing rain to the front door of the house.

Tammy’s hand shook as she rang the doorbell and waited for her mother to answer the door. The door creaked as it opened, she saw her mom in the flickering candlelight wearing a short silky silver Chinese robe artistically decorated with red flowers and trimmed with lace. Her mother’s luscious red hair reflected the candlelight as her face lit and her plump red lips smiled when she saw Tammy standing in the doorway. Tammy wearing her standard all-white outfit smiled back as her mother opened the door to greeting her.

Tammy stepped into the house wrapping her arms around her mother, they held each other in a warm embrace for over a minute. Once they let go of each other Tammy took off her jacket and sat on the couch with her mother, admiring her mom’s perfectly shaped legs as they crossed her pretty red toes dangled in the air.

Tammy gazed into her mother’s eyes, then said, “I am sorry for the way I left and for not calling you afterward. I didn’t know what to say, and I needed to sort my feelings, because I was so conflicted.”

Then Tammy handed her mom the heart-shaped box. As Alyssa accepted the gift she replied, “I am sorry too, I never meant to disappoint you and I know my actions were inappropriate. Still it felt right despite how wrong my actions may seem. I can’t help the way I feel and what happened that night has changed me forever. I don’t want to fight my feelings, I hope you understand and forgive me.”

Tammy replied, “try one of the chocolates I made them special for you.”

As Alyssa opened the box of chocolates, she closed her eyes and inhaled the sweet aroma the corners of her lips turned upward into a subtle smile. She recognized the scent causing a shiver to race up her spine. She took one of the chocolates out of the box and slid it through her luscious red lips onto her moist tongue. The excrement treat melted into the saliva of her mouth. The taste sent tingles from her tongue to the tip of her toes, then back up again to the sweet spot just beneath her clit. She shuddered with pleasure as the as gourmet fecal Valentine treat slid down her throat. Tammy smiled as she watched her mother’s sensual display of pleasure and felt her own temperature rising.

Tammy leaned toward her mom reaching behind her head escort bayan bursa while caressed the back of her neck and pulling her forward. Their lips eagerly greeted each other Tammy could taste the delicious taste of her own excrement on her mom’s tongue as a slid into her mouth. They kissed slowly, savoring the moment. Alyssa’s clit swelled with delight as she tasted her daughter’s lips against hers. Tammy opened her mother’s robe exposing her full breasts slightly brown areola and hard nipples. Tammy lowered her head and gently placed her lips around her mother’s nipple and began to suckle. Contentment engulfed as he sucked on her mother’s nipple.

Alyssa felt deep warmth that wiped away all the anxiety she had been feeling over the previous month. She breathed a sigh of relief as Tammy’s wet tongue gently massaged her breast. Alyssa leaned back on the couch as Tammy switched to suckle on her other breast. All her inhibitions fell away, she began to finger her moist vagina until Tammy stopped and stood. She lifted her shirt over her head, revealing her small budding breasts with tiny pink nipples. Then she peeled off her white skin-tight pants. Her mother admired her smooth young pussy spotting the tip of her pink clit poking through her pussy lips. She knelt on the floor and began licking inside her mother’s thighs. Her tongue glided towards the wet pussy shrouded in aged red hair. The tip of her tongue entered her mother’s slit the tangy taste filled her mouth. Her tongue explored the inside of her mother’s wet vagina tasting every crevice. She then worked her way out until her tongue greeted her mother’s swollen bud of pleasure and licked it gently.

Ripples of ecstasy washed over Alyssa while she watched her beautiful daughter licking the vagina from which she was born. She leaned back on the couch relaxing her muscles while inhaling a deep breath. Releasing the pressure in her bladder, a short stream of pee squirted into Tammy’s mouth. Tammy caught the golden nectar with her tongue and swallowed it, she looked up at her mommy smiling, giving her a nod of approval. Again Alyssa relaxed her body and released another stream of pee into her daughter’s mouth this time filling it until she had to swallow a mouth full. Tammy looked up and her mother like a dog this time the stream of pee was constant filling her mouth, and dripping down the front of her body and down her mother’s legs. She swallowed several mouthful as the stream became a trickle. She licked her mommy’s pussy clean, then followed the stream of pee down her mother’s legs with the tip of her tongue licking the pee from between her mother’s toes, then finished by slurping the golden liquid from the puddle on the floor.

Alyssa slid off the couch onto the floor and took a sip from the puddle with her daughter. Alyssa reached over and gently moved Tammy’s beautiful blonde hair away from her face. Tammy looked up at her mother’s loving eyes. Alyssa slowly lay down on the wet floor wrapping her arms around Tammy holding her close. The feeling of Tammy’s wet naked body cuddled up against her filled bursa sinirsiz eskort her heart with joy. Unable to contain her motion Alyssa pulled Tammy’s head toward her, Alyssa closed her eyes and began kissing her daughter with unrestrained passion. Tammy kissed her back without hesitation. Alyssa could taste the salty flavor of her own pee in her daughter’s mouth. Their bodies entwined as they lay on the floor in a puddle pee feverishly making out.

Alyssa alternated kissing Tammy’s lips to licking the nape of her neck, as her hands explored her daughter’s tender body. With her tongue continued to move further down. . Sucking on Tammy’s nipples, then licking her belly, eventually she came face to face with her beautifully smooth vagina. Percent was tangy sweet and as she pressed her tongue between her youthful pussy lips, tasting her daughters forbidden fruit for the first time: Tammy moaned as she thrust her body forward, rubbing her pussy in her mother’s face. She felt her mommy’s wet tongue slide inside her like a snake looking to escape the cold. Her tongue slithered around and around and as deep as it would go, sending waves of rapture throughout Tammy’s body.

Tammy rolled onto her hands and knees, lifting her ass into the air. Alyssa admired her daughter’s ass pale and etched with tan lines that encircled her perfectly round cheeks. Without hesitation, Alyssa accepted the invitation to lick her precious baby’s ass. She gingerly licked her daughter’s puckered sweet spot with keen attention. She licked around her daughters buttonhole like a mommy cat licks a kitten’s ass to make them poo. Tammy let out a purr and took a deep breath, held it and pushed her bowels feeling a firm log moving through her intestines toward her exit, as her mommy continued to lick around her rectum. Tammy’s tight pucker slowly expanded revealing a brown turd about the exit. Quickly Alyssa placed her lips over her daughter’s asshole and gently sucked. She felt Tammy’s hole expanding more, then a savory log slid out of Tammy’s buttonhole and into her mother’s mouth. Steam rose from her warm stool, like a bun fresh out of the oven. Alyssa wrapped her lips around it as if it were a big brown cock, tasting its sweet, tangy flavor.

Tammy pushed harder as the whole warm chocolate log fell into her mother’s mouth. Alyssa chewed the excrement and swirled it around her palate, trying to extract every bit of flavor she could. Her body shook in ecstasy as the excrement melted into her mouth and rolled down her throat. While Tammy’s tongue began to explore her mother’s pussy, her body trembled furiously in orgasmic bliss. Her mind was shocked into a sudden stillness as her body quaked in rapture. In the stillness she was outside her body watching herself lying on the floor in a puddle of Piss, eating her daughter’s feces, as her baby girl licked her cunt. As she observed from outside her body, she realized that there is a profound beauty in what others may consider horrible and disgusting. In a foggy haze her consciousness reentered her body resuming escort bayan the carnal bliss.

Alyssa felt wave after wave of uncontrollable pleasure jolting her body, she shuddered in euphoria, jarring her consciousness back to the present.

She swallowed the last remnant of her daughter’s feces, proceeding to lick her daughter’s pussy like a hungry animal attacking her from behind. Tammy’s body trembled in a climatic eruption of delight, her bladder opened, causing urine to pour from her young pussy into her mother’s mouth. She could feel her mother’s lips encapsulating her vagina to capture every drop. The salty stream of pee filled Alyssa’s mouth washing down the sweet, tangy excrement that remained. The stream slowed to a trickle then stopped, Alyssa swallowed the last few drops, cleaned her daughter’s pussy and ass with her tongue then leaned back on the floor in exhaustion. Tammy’s body collapsed on top of her mother’s with her face still her mommy’s pussy.

After a couple of minutes, Alyssa rolled over and stood and walked toward the bathroom. Tammy looked at her mother’s red hair blowing in the candlelight, with brown excrement streaked across her lips as she headed towards the bathroom.

Tammy said, “mommy, where you going?”

Alyssa responded “I have to go pooh, and get cleaned up, but don’t worry baby I will be right back”

Tammy looked at her mother’s plump round ass and replied, “stop mommy come back here, that would be a waste of good pooh.” Tammy looked up at her mother and smiled.

“Please mommy? We can share it together.”

Alyssa turned back to where her daughter is lying on the floor. Tammy looked at her and said, “please mommy, pooh right here on the floor for me?”

Alyssa smiled back at her daughter as she squatted inhaling a gentle breath. Her mind stilled, as she held her breath and pushed. Her buttonhole opened releasing a flow soft brown mushy stool that spiraled onto the floor like soft ice cream into a cone. The strong rancid smell filled the room, as Alyssa watched her mother creating a small brown pile on the floor in front of her. The pooh continued to flow from her mothers ass in an endless swirling log, the pile of excrement grew larger as each second passed. When she was done there was at least a pound of gooey stool on the floor.

Tammy pulled herself up onto her hands and knees and moved across the floor like cat toward the steaming pile shit that before her. She slowly approached the mound pulling her hair to one side. Leaning forward, she inhaled the pungent aroma of the stool. She reached out with her tongue dipping it into the filthy pile of excrement. The taste of her mother’s shit didn’t repulse her, she savored it, rolling it around her tongue like a connoisseur of fine wine.

Alyssa stood for a moment, watching her daughter looking like a dog eating shit off the floor. Then she too got down all fours and began eating from the huge smelly brown mountain of shit. Enjoying the warm, chunky consistency with the sour, salty taste, she feasted with her daughter. Alyssa stopped eating for a moment to look at her daughter who looked back at her with love in her eyes, and brown excrement smeared across her face.

Tammy smiled back to her mother and said, “happy Valentine’s Day mommy, I will love you forever”

Alyssa’s heart filled with overwhelming joy as tears of happiness ran down her face.

The end

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