Amy the Exhibitionist Ch. 10

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Author’s Note

All characters in this part of the Amy the Exhibitionist series are over the age of legal consent.



Ch. 10 — Part 14 — My first few months at University – sixth part


We’d told Ella that her third hazing was her final one; and to be fair, she’d performed extremely well at all her hazings. She’d also done other things that proved that she was very much like Katie and I. There was no reason why she shouldn’t become a member of NEWPS; only there isn’t a NEWPS.

We decided that there was only one thing to do, come clean with her. I told Katie and Ben that it was my mess, and I’d have to sort it out.

I tried to contact Ella last Friday, and all over the weekend, but I got no response. When I got up on Monday morning I found this email from Ella.

Dear NEWP Sorority,

I do apologise if you were trying to contact me over the weekend. We had a bit of a family emergency and I had to go home for the weekend.

While I was there I managed to follow Amy’s advice about teasing my brother and father. Mother had to go and look after her sister and wasn’t due back until Sunday morning so as soon as I got home I went and got a shower. Amy suggested that I leave the bathroom door open a bit, and I heard little noises outside the door when I got out of the shower and got dried. From the angle of the door, if anyone had been the other side of the door they would have been able to see part of me naked.

When I was dry I picked-up my dirty clothes and carried them to my bedroom, not bothering to wear anything, or a towel. I felt a bit nervous being naked on the landing knowing that my father and brother were close by, but not actually knowing where.

I left my bedroom door open as I put lotion on. That landing light was off but my bedroom light was on, I heard noises on the landing but I didn’t look to see if anyone was there. I put on just a baggy T-shirt that only just covers my bum and went down to the kitchen to get something to eat.

My older brother was sat at the kitchen table eating and reading a magazine and I made a point of bending down (at the waist) to get a pizza out of the freezer, then bending to put it in the oven. I’m sure that my brother had a good look at my bum and pussy because he had a red face when I turned to talk to him.

I stood in front of him and talked about what was going on with mum’s sister and then about his job and the magazine he was reading. I’ve never had much interest in cars but I bent over to ask him about a couple of articles and pictures in his magazine. He had a great view down the top of my T-shirt and could not have missed my little tits because his face went red again.

When the pizza was cooked I again bent at the waist to get it out of the oven and then sat opposite him as we ate it.

Dad had been in the garage and came in and joined us in the lounge to talk about a few things. I think I told you that the men sit on one side of our lounge and the women on the other, so I was sat opposite them in a short T-shirt, no knickers, and legs not crossed. My bald pubes were staring at them the whole time and I caught both of them looking at my legs a few times.

When I got up to go to bed they must have had a good look at my pussy as my T-shirt bunched up round my waist as I got up. As I walked up stairs I heard my father tell my brother that I had changed quite a bit since I went to university. He told him that I wasn’t so shy and as up-tight about things like I used to be. My brother (Toby) laughed and told my father that he’d definitely got that right.

I left my bedroom door half open and lay on my bed reading for a while. The central heating was up so I took the T-shirt off and lay there naked. I never looked, but I could hear one of them walking about on the landing.

Next morning Dad had to go to work for a few hours leaving just my brother and me. It was about 9 o’clock when I heard my brother get up. I dashed into the bathroom before he had chance to get there, and stood there quietly facing the door.

When he opened the door and walked in he just stopped dead and we both stared at each other. His pants started to bulge before he finally said, “What the hell are you doing here?” I grabbed a towel and covered my boobs before telling him to get out.

A few minutes later I shouted that the bathroom was free and waited until I heard him coming before I went back to my room wearing only a towel. I said, “Good morning BIG brother when I saw him on the landing.

I went and made breakfast still wearing only the towel. I was still getting it ready when he came and sat down. I told him that I’d get his breakfast ready and he just sat there watching me. The problem was that with me only having small boobs, and I not tucking the towel too well, it kept falling down. The first time that it fell down I was taking the cereal bowls to the table and I ended up with a bowl in each hand and the towel on the floor. I apologised kaynarca escort saying that I needed bigger boobs so that the towel would stay on better. Big bro smiled and said that he wasn’t complaining.

The towel fell off 3 more times before I sat down to eat. It even fell open when I was sat down. When that happened I left it on the chair saying that I couldn’t be bothered with it anymore; and that it wasn’t as if I had anything that he hadn’t seen before. He smiled and said that my boobs were just a little bit bigger than the last time that he’d seen them. I reminded him that he’d seen them about 15 minutes ago in the bathroom.

When I’d finished eating I got up and carried the towel in my hand out of the kitchen, telling him that he could wash-up. I looked back to see him watching my bare backside as I walked.

Brother was out that night, so it was me and my Dad. It was about 9 pm when I noticed that Dad was fidgeting a lot, like he does when he needs a pee, so I got up and told him that I was going for a shower. I left my clothes in my bedroom and went into the bathroom and shut the door. I had my shower then opened and closed the door knowing that my Dad would hear that. I got back in the shower leaving the curtain open.

A couple of minutes later the door opened and Dad walked in. He got a full frontal of me as he realised that I was still there. He started to say something about thinking that I’d finished in there; then backed out. I dried myself then opened the door to go to my bedroom, still naked.

Dad was stood on the landing waiting for me to finish and I pretended to be surprised that he was there. I stood there, not trying to cover-up, and told him that I was sorry that I took so long and that I didn’t realise that he was desperate for a pee. I told him that next time he was to just come in and get on with it, I didn’t mind.

He went and had his pee and I put the same T-shirt on and went and watched TV.

Dad came down and sat opposite me. I was sat with my knees under my chin and my arms round them pretending to be engrossed in the comedy program on the TV. Dad would have had a great view of my pussy sat like that.

When the program ended Dad asked me what life was like at university. I was telling him all about the mundane things and he was asking questions, when all of a sudden I blurted out that I was trying to join this sorority group and that the girls there had really helped me to get more confidence in myself.

My knees were still up and I saw Dad look down at my pussy as he said, “I can see that.” I blushed, put my feet on the floor and said, “Sorry Dad.” He told me that there was no need to apologise and that he’d seen me naked thousands of times. I said that I was a little girl then and that I’d grown up since then. He said that I would always be his ‘little girl’ and that I hadn’t changed that much. I said that I had changed and that I’d prove it. I stood up and took the T-shirt off so that I, an eighteen year old girl, stood naked in front of my father.

Dad looked a bit embarrassed as I told him that my boobies had grown a bit. He said, “Okay, you boobs are BIT bigger but you still don’t have any hair down there,” pointing to my pubes. I didn’t know if he was joking and knew that I must shave, or if he really believed that the hair hadn’t started growing.

“Right then,” I said, “when I was a little girl you used to let me run around the house and garden with no clothes on. Would you let me do that now?”

Dad was silent for a few seconds then said, “I don’t know if your mother would approve, but as far as I’m concerned you can, and I can’t see your brother being a problem. We’ve always taught him to be open-minded.”

“Right then,” I said, “I’ll stay like this.” And I sat down again and slouched down so that I was almost on my back with my knees slightly apart.

“So, what’s been happening round here while I’ve been away?” I asked. We talked a bit more before going silent and watching the TV.

I was watching the TV looking down at my naked body and realised the situation and position that I was in. I started to feel that tingling in my pussy and got a wet rush. I couldn’t help myself, my knees opened a few inches. I wanted to put my hand on my pussy and play with it but I just couldn’t, it wouldn’t have been right; or would it? What do you think NEWPS Sisters?

I was still sat like that when my brother got home. He came straight into the lounge and saw me and Dad. Bro stopped dead and Dad said, “I told Ella that she still looked like my little girl and she asked if she could still act like she did when she was little. I told her she could, and here we are.”

Toby said, “Cool” and then introduced his mate who was standing behind him in the kitchen.

I jumped up and looked round to see a young man that I hadn’t seen for at least a year. He looked me up and down and said, “Hey Ella, how you doin?”

Dad started to say that I should cover up when we had küçükyalı escort guests but I picked up my T-shirt and went to bed.

I left my door open and the light on while I lay on my bed naked and read a book. Over the next hour or so I know that 3 people came up to use the toilet and that they stopped outside my room to look at me. I know that because of the noise that they made going up and down stairs and walking along the landing.

Next morning I went down to breakfast still naked. My Dad and Brother were there. The only thing that was said was my Dad telling me that I’d better get dressed before my mother came home. So I stayed naked until I heard Dad shout that mother was home.

Dad was gardening most of the morning leaving Bro and I alone. He kept coming to talk to me and asking if there was anything that he could get me. When I went and watched a bit of TV I slouched down the same way as I did the night before, leaving my knees open and my pubic bone sticking up. Bro went and sat opposite me. I got wet.

Toby (brother) was staring at me, or more specifically my pussy. So I asked him what he was staring at. He went a bit red and said, “You.” I said that he’d seen me naked hundreds of times. “Not recently.” He said.

“Well I’m still the same little girl.” I replied. Toby smiled and I could see that he was still looking at my pussy. It was getting wetter.

Pointing at Toby’s tented trousers I said, “You never used to get excited like that when you saw me before. Can I have a look at it?”

“Ella, you’re not supposed to think like that.” My brother said.

“Why not? One of the girls at uni has sex with her brother all the time.” I said.

Toby just had time to say, “Wow!” before my father came in to tell us that my mother was back. He told me to go and get dressed and that he’d talk to my mother when the time was right.

Anyway, did I do well?

I’ve been rambling on trying to avoid asking you if I passed my third hazing. I know that you’ll tell me when you’re good and ready. It’s just that I’m so excited.

Sorry, I’ll close now and wait for you to contact me.

Yours obediently,


I finally managed to talk to her on the Monday evening and arranged to meet her in a pub.

I got there early and was sitting with my drink when Ella came bubbling in. Before she sat down she turned round and lifted her skirt revealing her bare bum to me.

“Look, all the red marks have gone,” she said. The poor man at the next table nearly choked on his pint.

I started by telling Ella that I was very proud of the way that she’d exposed herself to her father and brother. I told her that I wished that I could use the ‘little girl not grown-up’ bit, but my boobs were too big for that. Ella disagreed and said that I should try it. I’ll think about it.

I went on to tell her that she had done extremely well in all 3 parts of her third hazing. She should be really proud, and that she had passed. I gave her the Ben Wa balls and Pocket Rocket and told her that they were a little present from me because she had done so well.

I hesitated for a few seconds then told her that there was some bad news and that it was ALL my fault.

Ella looked at my serious face and put her hand on my bare thigh. “It can’t be that bad, can it?”

I then told her all about how Katie and I had invented NEWPS and how we’d hazed each other just for the fun of it. The Sorority part was just an excuse for us to have some fun. That we’d invited her to join NEWPS so that we could get someone else to have some fun with us.

Ella laughed, a lot; then asked if the medical check-up was fake as well. I nodded.

Ella laughed again the said, “Fucking amazing! I wish that I’d thought of all that.” She turned to face me, put her hands either side of my head, kissed me on my lips and told me that I was something else, and that she loved me.”

“Does that mean that I’m forgiven?” I asked. Ella kissed me again and told me that there was nothing to forgive me for.

I relaxed and got us another drink.

When I sat down again I asked her if she was still on for the swimming, the Fashion Exhibition and the PE research. “Try and stop me,” was all she said.

“By the way, what does NEWPS stand for?” Ella asked. I burst out laughing and told her. She laughed too.

I then told Ella that we’d had lots of replies from the NEWPS advert that we’d put up in Whittle and that we’d narrowed the applicants down to 5. Ella said that having to come over from Whittle all the time was a bit inconvenient, but well worth it, and wouldn’t we be better getting girls from St. Damian’s? I told Ella that I’d think about it and discuss it with the others and get back to her.

Ella went to the toilet and when she got back she told me that she was so happy that she’s christened her new friend Ben Wa. She put them in and was going to wear them until she went to bed.

When we left and split to go sancaktepe escort back to our dorms, Ella gave me a big hug and kissed me as her hand slide up the back of my leg and squeezed my bare bum.

Blackmail – Professor Thomas Gibbons

The 4 of us arrived at directed by Prof Gibbons. We were met by a woman who told us that the Fashion Design course was putting on an exhibition like no other exhibition. Instead of there being a catwalk surrounded by chairs in one room and all the changing going on in another room, everything would happen in one room. The guests would be able to get in amongst the models and clothes and select and even dress the models; and if they wanted, the models would then walk down the cat walk wearing what the guests had chosen. They wanted ‘live’ mannequins so that everything would be more realistic and quicker.

She (Mary) also told us that the range of clothes goes from outrageous to skimpy to even work-wear. It was the student’s designs.

Mary told us that we were there at that time just to get measured and to have a few photographs taken. It would then give the students one week to get everything ready.

Mary took us to a smallish room and told us to remove our clothes. She then took loads of measurements from each of us and took 3 photos of each of us, front, back and side.

Mary then told us to be back there, same time, same day, next week.

Blackmail – Professor Lesley Jones

We haven’t heard anything from Prof Jones recently. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad.

Gym Club

The 4 of us (Katie, Ella, Sarah and I) all arrived at the gym at about the same time and got changed. Sarah noticed our lack of knickers and asked if she should leave hers off. Katie and I both said, “Yes”. None of us wore bras and 4 pairs of nipples poked little bulges in our thin, tight tops.

We went into the main gym and were met by Ruby and another student teacher (ST) or PE research student, or whatever they are. I’ll call them STs.

Ruby thanked us for taking part in the research program then introduced Abigail to us. She then told us that the research was all about muscles and how they respond to exercise. She told us that she had agreed with her Professor that she should video our muscles as they work so that they can analyse the movements later. She told us that she had tried to get a camera crew over from her university but they were all busy working on other projects. She told us that she’d spoken to St. Damian’s media studies department and a couple of people had volunteered to come and shoot the video. They would be along soon.

Ruby then went on to tell Ella and Sarah that she had worked with Katie and I when we were still at school and that they had discovered that they could record muscle reactions and shape changes much better if the subjects (us) were naked. Ruby told Ella and Sarah that Katie, me and the other girls at our school had taken part naked and she was hoping that us 4 would agree to take part naked as well.

Sarah looked a bit hesitant but when the rest of us took our tops, skirts and trainers off, she followed.

Ruby told us that to go through the planned exercises would take about 40 minutes each evening and that the last 20 minutes would be wind-down, relaxing, fun exercises.

To warm up a bit, Ruby told us to run to the other end of the gym and back. Just as we were getting back the door opened and in walked 2 guys carrying a couple of big cases. When they saw us they stopped and stared.

Ruby went over to them and I could hear her asking if they had been told that there would be naked people there. I could see them shaking their heads from side to side. Ruby then told them that she wanted to get long shots and close-up of all our muscles working. She told them not to be afraid of getting close to the girls; that they understood what they were doing. When Ruby came back to us she told us to pretend that they weren’t there.

Ruby put us through a hard work-out. Most of the exercises didn’t reveal much of our pussies and in a way I was a bit disappointed. The one exercise that was good was a form of sit-ups.

We did this in pairs with one of the pair sat on a bench. The other one had to sit on their lap, facing them with their legs round the sitting person. The one on the lap then had to lean right back until their head touched the floor. You then had to sit back up using just your stomach muscles to pull yourself up. It was hard.

If you’ve understood my description you will have realised that the pussy of the girl on top was wide open and in easy reach of the girl whose bum was on the bench.

When I was the girl with her bum on the bench, Sarah was the girl on top. As she leaned back reached round with my hand and flicked her clit. She screamed a little bit and when she came up she had a big grin on her face and said, “Not fair.”

When she went down again I did it again, this time flicking a couple of times. When she came back up she said, “Revenge is sweet.”

Ruby wouldn’t let us do it more than twice and told us to swap places. Revenge was sweet; Sarah pushed a couple of finger in to me. I struggled to get up that second time.

The video guys were right next to us getting it all.

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