An Eye for An Eye Ch. 02

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Sloppy drunk, Melanie Clemins stared shakily into her Mother’s bedroom, unable to fathom the blurry vision that unfolded before her.

She had seen Andy’s car still in the driveway when the taxi had dropped her off a few minutes earlier and she figured he’d either had car problems or had changed his mind, deciding to spend an extra night and was waiting for her to get home from her girls’ night out. Both options made Melanie sick to the stomach contemplating Andy’s apparent care for her when she had did what she had earlier that night at the bar.

By the time she’d stumbled into the house and somehow navigated the stairs however, even in her debilitated state, Melanie could hear the indisputable echoes of sin coming from her Mother’s bedroom. She could have just kept walking past the open door and disappeared into her room down the hall, blacked out from the alcohol before she hit the bed and never been the wiser the next morning. But Melanie made the horrible mistake of stopping to look in, and that’s when her already wobbly legs became lodged in quicksand.

The grinding of the bedsprings screamed in Melanie’s head and she could feel the floor vibrate beneath her strappy sandals as she tittered in the doorway. Even though her throat had long since gone dry, Melanie could feel a wetness permeating her crotch, whether from her own sick arousal or from the seminal residue a nameless guy had left inside of her an hour or so earlier at the bar, she couldn’t determine.


The hazy memory of it all had nearly brought Melanie to tears in the back of the cab on the way home. Too drunk to drive herself and with her two friends each hooking up and leaving her behind, Melanie immediately felt guilty for giving in to her impulsive lust when she looked in her purse for the change to pay the cabbie and saw Andy’s picture. A feeling that was only heightened when she saw his car still parked in her Mother’s driveway.

Her tear soaked eye liner now a jagged line down each side of her face as she peered through her Mother’s bedroom door, Melanie fought to move her legs, and if not that, to at least be able to close her eyes, but all she was capable of was standing paralysed in the hall, her grip tight on the doorframe as the two shadowy figures on the bed merged into one.

On and on the rampage went, the sadistically intertwined pair on the bed, who were by far the two closest people in Melanie’s life, continued their lurid show, completely oblivious of her presense. Feeling her stomach roll each time Andy’s gushing voice strained from his lungs, Melanie was sure she could see him guide his right hand up to his crotch and wrap it around his erect dick as her Mom pillaged his ass with the strap on appendage.

Staring on for what seemed an eternity, Melanie steadily turned to mush, her mouth panting now as she absorbed the sensory overload in front of her. Wincing each time Andy’s kneeling body shuddered under Paula’s punishing thrusts, Melanie glassy eyes nearly cracked when she saw a quick spray of white pellets fly from the head of her boyfriend’s cock. Seeing Andy’s briskly pumping hand relentlessly ravage his own prick, Melanie dug her fingernails into the door frame as she listened to her Mother verbally taunt down to Andy, never once slowing her forward assault.

Digging her own fingers into her cunt watching the way Andy wallowed in orgasm before her, Paula could feel the boy’s sphincter muscles constrict and convulse around her boaring phallus. The sound of her own fingers darting through her soaked pussy filled the room, along with Andy’s husky breathing, until she too could feel another release approaching. Paula’s head bouncing now side to side as she waited for the runaway locomotive of orgasm to hit, suddenly she gazed to her left and saw her own Daughter leaning in the doorway, staring back.


His sweat soaked brow pressed down into the pillow below, Andy had no clue what was beginning to transpire behind him. Wincing face down on the sheets, Andy let out a small yelp when Paula’s strap-on jerked free from his anus. Wallowing in his own embarrassment and shame, a desperate need to get dressed and get the Hell out of Paula’s house overtook Andy as reality quickly began to filter back.

At the same time Andy was trying to gather his wits and ignore the still stabbing throb in his just sodomized behind, Melanie Clemins was taking step after cautious step into the room, the whole time surveying the sexual carnage on the bed. The jutting protrusion of her Mother’s faux cock extended like a blunt weapon from her crotch and Melanie felt an arctic chill cripple her spine when she looked down and saw the now gaping hole in her boyfriend’s rear it had created.

“I guess…..I really ought……get….go…..,” Andy croaked with embarrassed exhaustion before he steadied himself to turn over and face Paula.

Before he turned halfway however, Andy’s voice broke in mid-sentence gorukle escort when he saw not one, but two shadowy figures of similiar height and build at the foot of the bed. Immediatly he knew who the second figure was and the shock of it all squeezed him squarely by the throat.

Recoiling backwards on the bed as the two women stood face to face, Andy knew this had turned into the worst nightmare he could imagine. Despite the same, kinky Mother-Daughter fantasy he’d harbored along with every other heterosexual male in the world, Andy never imagined it might play out under such extreme and humiliating circumstances. Sensing he was all but forgotten for the moment on the bed, Andy held is breath watching Paula stare down her drunk and disorientated Daughter.

Watching with fascinated dread, Andy’s eyes darted back and forth between the two women. Having just cum seconds earlier, Andy’s head swooned making it difficult to concentrate under the best of circumstances, but even in his diminished cognitive state, he could clearly sense the sway Paula had over her Daughter. In his brief time dating Melanie, Andy had quickly picked up on the influence her Mother had on her, but now under this most intimate and awkward of encounters, he couldn’t help feel a visceral twinge in his gut seeing first hand the silent and effortless hold Paula had over her wobbly and doe-eyed child.

So entranced by what was unfolding a few feet away, Andy didn’t even notice he was sitting on the wet, jizz stained spot where he had just milked his lust moments earlier. Despite that release, the 21 year old’s cock slowly brooded back to life as he fixated on the two dark figures at the foot of the bed. Dropping his right hand between his thighs, Andy massaged his balls with his fingertips and his dick with his thumb in anticipation of what might happen next.

It took awhile, but his ears did pop and the moisture in his eyes sizzled when Paula and Melanie’s opposing bodies gradually merged into one.


Paula Clemins did make the first move, why she’d never know, by reaching out for her Daughter’s hand and pulling Melanie towards her. But in that moment Paula felt so powerful, as if the entire universe was hers and the greatest thing she’d helped create, her own flesh and blood, was now willing to become one with her.

The young girl trembled in her Mother’s embrace, a security and warmth she’d never quite imagined flooding her system despite the lewd disconnect of the moment. Somehow she knew Andy was still somewhere to her left on the bed, but it didn’t matter. All that did was her Mother’s warm, loving hands roaming her chilly flesh.

The two women hypnotically explored each other’s bodies until Paula’s right hand reached the hem of her Daughter’s tight brown mini skirt. Melanie bit her lip and clenched her eyes closed, raising her face to the ceiling as her Mother’s fingers disappeared between her legs, even through her drunkenness, knowing what Paula was about to find.

Spreading her feet willingly to allow her Mother free access to her poon, Melanie whimpered and nearly started to sob when she felt Paula’s fingertips slide over her smoothly shaven pubis and slip inside her greasy vagina.

“She has to be wondering where my panties went,” Melanie cringed to herself, even though she knew a much worse discovery was forthcoming.

And when Paula did slide her index finger all the way inside her Daughter, Melanie shuddered feeling her Mother’s body tense against hers, upon finding the sloppy but unmistakable traces of what her Daughter had done before returning home.

Paula stood there engulfed in a stunned paralysis, her right hand still wedged between her Daughter’s thighs absorbing the spent semen dribbling from her cunt, just to make sure what she was feeling was real. Anger and disbelief welled inside the older woman until she was left with no option but to explode.

“You Slut,” Paula mouthed, slapping Melanie hard across the right cheek with her left hand, the whole time keeping her left buried inside her Daughter’s steaming womb.

Andy jumped and let out an audible croak on the bed when the sound of Paula’s hand striking Melanie’s face cracked through the room. His own ears were still ringing when he heard Paula’s bitter and cryptic voice call his name.

“Andy…come here,” she demanded without turning her disappointed gaze away from her Daughter.

His eyes glued to the image of Paula’s hand still hidden under Melanie’s skirt, the convoluted fog Andy found himself in wasn’t broken until Paula had to ask once again, this time much more sternly.

Andy felt as if he weighed 800 pounds as he slid forward, the dildo hanging from Paula’s crotch seeming to mock him with every inch he neared to the two women. Trying his best to shield his eyes away from the strap-on cock that just stole his anal cherry, Andy’s only other option was to stare up at his girlfriend, who now struggled desperately just altıparmak eskort bayan to keep her feet.

Close enough to make out both Paula and Melanie’s features in the dim light, Andy knew he didn’t have the courage to look either woman in the face. Keeping his gaze trained downward, Andy couldn’t resist staring at Paula’s two erect nipples, inflated like two pink acorns directly across from Melanie’s chest, where her nipples strained the fabric of her top in almost the same exact way. Inhaling, Andy felt dizzy from the overwhelming aroma of arousal percolating from each of their bodies.

Like a cautious child attempting to ease his hand inside a cookie jar, Andy did as he was told and worked his fingers under Melanie skirt. Harkening back to several months earlier, to the time he had to playfully fend of the young girl’s resistance the first time he tried to feel her up, Andy was incredulous at the ease Melanie now allowed him access as her naked Mother looked on. Tracing his fingertips up the length of her soft and smooth thigh, his first inkling something was amiss was when the back of his hand brushed all the way up to Melanie’s cunt without a pair of panties to block him. An instant later he felt the gooey remnants of the stranger’s ejaculate coating his girlfriend’s pussy and it nearly caused Andy to slide off the bed entirely as the implications became painfully acute.

It was then he realized another man had soiled his girlfriend’s womb.

“She’s nothing but a slut,” Paula said with resolute exasperation about her only Daughter. “She’s turned into nothing more than a common, drunken whore.”

Andy’s blood curdled hearing those words come from Paula’s mouth and somehow how wanted to defend Melanie, but as he sat there on the edge of the mattress allowing another man’s semen to stain his fingers as he swam them through Melanie’s vagina, he had no foundation to formulate a response.

“Thank God she’s at least too drunk to remember any of this in the morning,” Andy prayed to himself, knowing the imprint of the evening would be with him for the rest of his life.

Still shellshocked from it all, suddenly Paula’s voice filled his head again.

“Eat her out Andy..I want you to eat her out,” came Paula’s clear, monotone hiss leaving Andy dumbfounded at he sat below.

“NO,” the 21 year old wanted to scream at the older woman, but the word got stuck in his parched throat.

Instead he just sat there bracketed by the two women, impotant to make the next move.

“I want you to make it all go away,” Paula crooned, this time more softly, but still with serious intent. “I want you to suck every last drop of cum out of my Daughter’s cunt and make it all go away….you were the one who started her down this’re responsible for cleaning her up!”

“Start here,” Paula added before jabbing two of her jizz streaked fingers straight into Andy’s mouth.

Andy had no choice but to comply and his tongue began to lap at the moist and salty digits Paula had shoved between his lips.

“Now lift up her skirt and clean up the rest of it,” Paula scolded once she had removed her saliva cleansed fingers from Andy’s palate.

With nowhere else to turn, Andy dropped to his knees, swallowing the pasty ejaculate already in his mouth before coming face to face with his girlfriend’s violated crotch. Feeling Paula’s hand on the back of his neck holding him steady, Andy struggled to muster the resolve to follow through. After several tortured and prolonged deep breaths, he finally closed his eyes and pushed his mouth forward until it came to rest flush against Melanie’s foaming pink fissure.

Immediately recognizing Melanie’s familiar taste and scent of arousal, Andy still couldn’t deny or ignore the added presence of another man’s seed. His stomach churning as he performed his duty, Andy squirmed on the floor at Melanie’s feet, darting and dabbing his tongue through the girl’s buttery and swollen folds until he was successfully ingesting exactly what Paula had told him to do.

His eyes still clenched shut, Andy could feel Melanie swaying above, her crotch pressing hard against his buried face. The high pitched peeps of Melanie’s incoherent lust rained down on him as he performed his unnatural cunnilingual act, and without having to see, Andy could feel the warm, thick log of his cock suddenly growing hard once again.

As luridly disgusted he was by what he was doing, somehow Andy managed to steal a sheepish glance upwards out of the corner of his eye to see Paula squeezing her Daughter’s breast through her blouse with her left hand as he continued dipping his tongue into her soiled honeypot.

With the grip of Paula’s right hand still tight on his neck, Andy rocked on his knees with his girlfriend’s shiny pussy in full bloom against his lips, following the physiological cadence of Melanie’s twists and groans, knowing she was on the verge of cumming all over his face.


Melanie’s nilüfer eskort bayan vagina throbbed with life as she faded in and out of her drunken abyss. Things had started getting somewhat blurry around the time she met a really handsome and persistant guy back at the bar and allowed him to take her out into the alleyway behind the parking lot, where with legs wrapped around his waist and her back pressed against the wall, she let him empty his wad deep into womb.

She vaguely remembered taking a cab home after her two friends each hooked up with a guy for the evening, then stumbling into the house and up the stairs in hopes of making it to her room to pass out, but that’s when things stopped making any sense.

Looking down through the lens of her crossed and blurry eyes, Melanie could see her boyfriend on the floor, his mouth suctioned against her cunt, slurping out the seminal fluid the nameless guy at the bar had left. And directly in front of her was her Mother watching, standing there naked with a strap-on dildo protruding from her crotch, one she had just used to brutally fuck Andy with.

Her Mother’s hand roughly pawing at her own firm titties through her top, Melanie teetered wildly trying to keep her balance as involuntary wave after wave of euphoric pleasure scorched through her loins. Grinding against Andy’s siphoning tongue, Melanie lurched and screeched loudly each time the tip of it scrapped across her stubby clitoris.

“UUUAAAHHHHHHHHHHRRGGHHHHHHH,” Melanie finally gasped, her pelvis rocking hard against Andy’s face as she writhed in orgasm.

Seconds after she came, Melanie breasts remained tethered to Paula’s grip and her pussy, to Andy’s mouth. It seemed gravity had ceased to exist for the young girl as her legs became complete jelly beneath her.

Sensing her Daughter’s disorientation, Paula nudged Andy with her knee, telling him to help Melanie down on the bed. Steadying himself on his knees, Andy placed his hands on his girlfriend’s waist and helped spin her around 90 degrees before easing her backwards onto the center of the bed.

Wiping the guilty residue of his forced oral act off his lips with his forearm, Andy stared down along with Paula at Melanie below and the way her hiked skirt exposed her pantyless and still quivering cunt.

If the two youngsters had been able to manage eye contact with Paula, they would have seen a look of dilemma and angst brewing in her dark brown eyes.


For the better part of 19 years, Paula Clemins had tried to simultaneously prepare and protect her Daughter for and from the world, even admittedly at times showing an unhealthy devotion to that end.

When she had found out not only had Melanie lost her virginity, but also her moral compass by having an abortion, Paula literally felt the reigns of control she had become so use to with her Daughter slipping aimlessly from her grip. While rationally she understood it was a natural step in any mother/daughter relationship, it highlighted a nagging, and perhaps fatal flaw, in Paula’s character. The overwhelming need to control the evolution of her only child. And as she stared down at her Daughter on the bed with a toxic mixture of pity and devotion, Paula realized there still might be one thing she could take from Melanie that no one else yet had, the same exact thing she had taken from Andy just minutes earlier.

Leaning down, Paula kissed Melanie gently on the center of the forehead. She couldn’t believe how tiny and vulnerable her Daughter looked laying there. Melanie’s legs spread slightly and her skirt hiked all the way up past her waist, her puffy pink pussy glowed in full view.

Tweaking her own nipples with one hand as she stared down at her Daughter, Paula eased her free hand lower, pulling Melanie blouse all the way up until she had raised it above her lacy, bra clad bosom. A small gasp of shame seeped from Paula’s lips as she watched Andy unsnap the front of her Daughter’s bra and allowed her perky teenage breasts to spill free.

Her own nipples throbbing hard between her pinching fingers, Paula patiently watched as Andy massaged his girlfriend’s tits. Lowering her free hand down to her own crotch, she guiltily dipped her fingers into her cunt and swam them in several lubricating circles before guiding them up to position her strap-on just right.

“Get her up on her knees,” Paula mouthed to Andy with sober resoluteness.

A willing acolyte, Andy followed Paula’s command, scooping up his girlfriend’s dead weight and placing her first on her belly before helping her up to all fours. Seeing Paula’s dildo headed straight for Melanie’s virgin rear, a frozen chill splintered down Andy’s spine when he realized what the older woman was going to do. A lump forming in his throat as he glared at the phallic spear of Paula’s strap-on inch towards Melanie’s raised rear, Andy shifted his weight on his own naked and tinging behind, still feeling the real effects of what that same thing had just done to him.

Petting his girlfriend’s hair softly, Andy felt a visceral rush of adrenaline shoot through his flesh watching the way Paula seemed to tower over her unsuspecting Daughter as she kneaded the palate of Melanie’s soft, tender asscheeks.

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