An Eye Full for my Peeping Tom Pt. 03

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Two months have gone by and not one sighting of my peeping tom. Oh, he’s been home! I have slept in that recliner like an idiot, waiting for him. I’d see the light go on in his room, caught a glimpse or two of his shadow, but never once did he come to the window.

I can’t count the number of times I would sit there, making myself ready for him. I spent one whole day on edge, just playing with myself, wanting to give him the show of a lifetime when he came back to the window. I only got up to take care of my daughter. Even put a sign in the window saying I’d be back soon.

After the first week I thought maybe something had happened to him. Maybe he was sick? After two weeks, I almost went over there. Now though, I’ve given up. Maybe I’m too gross. Who really wants to see a woman my age, who is still trying to put her body back in shape after having a baby, who is still feeding a baby, writhe around playing with herself.

I became reclusive again. All the curtains stayed tightly closed, all my groceries were delivered to my door and would be brought in once the delivery person was safely gone. Even my clothing had changed. I had been strutting around the house in just a chemise or a negligee, when I wore clothing at all, but now I was in thick flannel pajamas. No one else wanted to see me, I didn’t want to see me either.

Once again my daughter became my whole world. I wasn’t a person, much less a sexual being, I was simply the means by which my daughter was given care. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know what I would have done. Every morning I’d get up, have a quick bowl of cereal, then go pick her up. We’d sit on the couch watching the news as she sucked on my nipple. Sometimes I would cry as the milk flowed out of me, most of the time I didn’t. Repeat this process every five or six hours until bedtime, only the program on tv changed. After that last humiliating day, masturbating constantly to stay on edge, waiting for him to give myself a release that never came, I didn’t touch myself again.

My one connection to the outside world was Theresa. She had been my best friend in college. We went through everything together. She was the maid of honor at my wedding. We even both got pregnant at about the same time. After my husband died, Theresa became my birthing partner. She’s the one who held my hand as the contractions tore me apart. She had been away on business the last couple months so she would just check in with me on social media. I hadn’t told her about my Erik and now that it was over I was too embarrassed to say anything.

It was just another morning, I had just finished my daughter’s feeding when the doorbell rang. I was so shocked at the sound that I just put her on the floor next to her toys and cautiously moved to my front door. Groceries were delivered yesterday, I didn’t have any packages coming, I didn’t know what this could be. I opened the door a crack and peeked through.

“Let me in mamacita! I haven’t seen you or that cute girl of yours in far too long!” Theresa’s exuberant voice called out before I could even tell who was there. I was so excited that I threw the door open the rest of the way and jumped out to hug her.

She embraced me and gave me a peck on the cheek. When I stepped back from her, her eyes went wide and she shoved me back into the house and quickly closed the door behind her.

“You know you can get arrested for putting on a show like that!” she said as she tried to stifle a laugh. I looked at her puzzled and she pointed at my chest. Looking down I saw that my pajama top was unbuttoned down to my navel and my large bronze breasts were fully exposed to the world.

“I had been feeding, guess I forgot to button up.” I said as I started to do up the buttons of the flannel top.

“Well don’t bother doing that now. Go change, you and I are getting out of here.”

I just looked at Theresa, not quite comprehending what she was saying. “What about her? I can’t just leave her here by herself.”

“Already taken care of. My little sister is babysitting for me today and I already told her that she would have Marissa too. You need to get out some. It’s not healthy for you to stay cooped up in this house all day.”

I’m ashamed to admit that it took me awhile to figure out that Marissa was my daughter’s name. It had just been me and the baby for so long that I had just started thinking of her as baby or daughter. What kind of mother did that make me? I started sobbing unexpectedly and uncontrollably. Theresa was shocked by my reaction for a second but then rushed to me and hugged me to her. Theresa is a tall, full figured blonde of Russian dissent, she’s 5’10 normally but never leaves the house without her six inch heels. I’m only 5’6 so when she held me to her she laid my head right onto her very large, milk swollen breasts. She was the friend who told me about breastfeeding in the nude, the one who got me into this whole mess. I just soaked her cleavage with my tears as she held me to her and made acıbadem escort soft shushing sounds like she did for her own child.

I didn’t tell her exactly what happened. Theresa was a bit of a libertine but I wasn’t sure how even she would react to me putting on a sex show for some random guy who was perving on me. Instead I told her I had started an online relationship and that after I shared some tasteful pics the guy ghosted me. She immediately started berating whatever small dick bastard who still lived with his parents had hurt me as she kept rubbing my back and stroking my hair, calming me down.

“Let’s find you something sexy to wear, then we are going to meet some girls for my book club.” she said still holding me close. I nestled closer to her, taking comfort from her warmth, her smell. It has been so long since I’ve been touched by another human being that my body was starting to interpret her friendship and caring as something else. My whole body became alive and ached for more, my loins became damp, could I cross the line? We had been that close before, in college, playfully enjoying the full range of sexual experience.

I think Theresa felt the change in me, her body stiffened before relaxing again. Her hand on my back started to drift lower. I thought of my husband, how he had done the same thing. Why couldn’t I move past that? My body was ready, it longed for the touch of another, but my mind wasn’t there yet.

With a great deal of effort, I pulled from her embrace and wiped the tears from my eyes. As I looked into her deep green eyes I saw a whole range of emotions. Concern, friendship, sympathy, disappointment and even lust were all there for a moment then gone in a flash. “Let’s get you looking sexy.” she said and then dragged me back to my bedroom.

She had me sit on the bed as she rifled through my closet. It had been so long since I had gone through there that I forgot most of what I had. She finally settled on a low cut floral sundress. She then moved over to my dresser and chose my underwear. A white pushup nursing bra and red panties.

“Doesn’t exactly match.” I said with a frown.

“Like men care? If a guy catches a peak under your skirt the red gives him a thrill. The bra is just to support the girls, get them up and out for the world to see. Perfect combination for what we are doing today.”

I changed quickly. Still I felt her eyes on me, tracing my every curve, plunging to my depths. These panties would be soaked by the time the day was through.

The drive to her sister to drop off Marissa and then to the book store was a blur. I know we talked about something, I just can’t remember what. Being outside was a new experience again. How long since the sun had played unobstructed on my bronze skin or reflected in my raven black hair? Theresa was right, I did need to get out.

Once at the store we sat down in the coffee shop at a nice little table set up at the storefront with a big umbrella to keep the light from being too harsh. Not that I would mind but Theresa burns pretty easily. We were soon joined by two of Theresa’s other friends. There was April, a petite pixie brunette with a button nose who had to be among Theresa’s youngest friends, and Shera, a slender and statuesque black woman who looked like she just stepped off a model’s runway.

They all said their hellos and got right into the book. I was too busy noticing all the male attention we were getting. We were all dressed in a flirty casual manner. Theresa and I showing enough cleavage to drown in and indulge every tittyfucking fantasy. Shera wore athletic shorts to show off those beautiful legs that seemed to go on forever. April kept playing with a drinking straw around her pretty little mouth that was suggestive as hell.

“Well I’m good with anything, how about you Contessa?”

Theresa’s question snapped me out of my Lolita fantasy. I just smiled and nodded my head yes.

“Oh good!” April gave the cutest squeal of glee and then went on, “So in the book our main character is nursing and feels great for being all motherly but when her husband tries to get with her that night she doesn’t want him playing with her breasts because they are for her baby. Can you see them as both nurturing and erotic or is it all one or the other?”

I did my best not to let my cheeks turn a deep crimson, fortunately Theresa was up for the question. “It depends on the woman and what she is going through. Some might only want to give them to baby, others might not. For the first month after my kid was born I wouldn’t even touch them myself. Then one day I’m looking in the mirror and see I’m starting to leak. So I wipe my finger across my nipple and stick it in my mouth. The touch and the taste got me so hot I ended up on my bathroom floor with a nipple in my mouth, one hand spraying the other nipple and my last hand practically fisting myself. Now I don’t get that way when I’m feeding Dimitri, but anyone who I’m fucking right now had better atalar escort be willing to drink me.”

You could see the affect this had on the other patrons of the coffee shop. Some women looked disgusted, most of the men were trying to hide fresh erections. Theresa never did know how to whisper. The look on Shera and April’s faces was the most dramatic. There was a change over them, no longer friendly and open faces. They both had this glazed look on their faces as they openly stared at Theresa’s magnificent breasts.

I knew what was going to happen then, like a flash it hit me just before it happened. Theresa looked around her quickly, pulled her left breast out of her top, and pinched down on the nipple twice. Two streams of clear liquid shot out, one hitting each of the women seated opposite us. She holstered her weapon but not before the waiter had got to the table and obviously seen the whole thing.

The two women were stunned at first but then each one licked their lips. The waiter’s hands shook as he tried to set down the bill. Theresa looked up at him and gave him her best smile, put cash down on the bill and waved for the young man to bend down so she could whisper in his ear. His eyes bulged and his cheeks blushed as she spoke and I noticed her left hand had found the man’s crotch.

“The store’s restrooms are inside the bookstore. I can show you ladies to them if you like?” he asked, his voice straining to stay even as Theresa rubbed him through his pants.

“That would be wonderful. I’m sure we could use some help finding where to go.” Theresa said, her voice dropped a couple octaves into a sultry tone.

Shera and April were out of their seats immediately. The waiter started to walk off with them. “You want to cum too?” Theresa asked me with a devilish grin.

I was so wet I thought there might be a puddle on my seat. It was a tempting offer. Three other women, one man, a semi-public place, but I still wasn’t ready. I did my best to explain. Theresa just smiled and took my hand in hers, stroking it gently, “No rush. I know it has been rough. Just stay open to the possibility okay? Don’t close yourself off. Maybe someday soon you will be ready to let someone close to you again. When you are, call me, I’ve learned a lot since college. Now if you will excuse me, I have a party waiting for me.”

We both stood up and I hugged her close and gave her a peck on the cheek. “Have fun.”

“Always!” came her reply. She walked away from me, putting a sway in her hips that drew more than just my attention.

Well now that I had some time to kill, I walked into the bookstore. I never was much of a reader but I did always like the peaceful atmosphere that bookstores offered. This one was no different as I meandered my way between the shelves. Since Theresa came through my door my head had been a whirl of lust, my pussy was so wet I’m surprised no one heard me when I walked. The restful attitude here was precisely what I needed. I could just let my mind go blank as I wandered around looking at the pretty covers.

Not sure how long it took me, but finally I ended up in a far corner of the store. It just had the air of no one going to it much. The lights here were dimmer too. I looked up at the placard heading. In an ornate script it declared this the Sex and Sexuality section. Of course I’d find this section. Still since I was here I might as well look around. There were a few erotica anthologies, some self-help books, more illustrated copies of the Kama Sutra than I really thought were necessary and some coffee table sized photo books of nudes. I picked up one of these and started thumbing through it. It was a collection of couples. It started out chaste enough, people out on dates, a stolen kiss under a streetlight, then moved on to more intimate shots. By the time I got to the last page I was horny all over again.

“Can I help you miss?” a smooth baritone voice asked from behind me.

I hurriedly shut the book and jammed it back on the shelf, instantly becoming a teen girl trying to hide her Cosmo from her mom. I turned around, an excuse forming on my lips for how I’d got turned around and found myself in the wrong part of the store. All of that went away when I saw him.

My breath left my lungs in a gasp and I had to lean back against the shelves. He looked shocked as well though he kept his composure better. Standing before me was my Eric, the little pervert who had become my needed obsession and then left me cold.

“You?” I barely managed to stammer out. My head was spinning at a billion miles a second.

“I’m so glad I found you. I got this job and my schedule wouldn’t let me be home for our time together. I’m Ethan.”

“Contessa.” I said finally.

He looked over his shoulder, saw the coast was clear, then he was right up against me. His hands on my face, pulling me in to a hungry kiss. Then his hands traced down my sides down to my hips. I both loved and was completely repulsed aydınlı escort this. My body responded with desire while my every emotion cried out that he had left me, my husband had left me, they didn’t deserve me after abandoning me.

With a great deal of effort, I pushed him off of me. My skin ached to feel his touch again as he took several steps back. He had a bewildered look on his face.

There were tears in my eyes as I whispered, “I can’t. Not yet.”

He nodded his head and gave me a sympathetic look. I know he didn’t understand, how could he? I couldn’t form complete sentences much less give this man my life story.

“Since I can’t touch you, how about I watch? You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever set eyes on, Contessa. Let me see you.” he said, his voice getting lower with lust.

“Here?” I asked. Involuntarily my legs pressed together as I felt a tremor run through my groin. It was so wrong, here where anyone could walk by, where anyone could see.

“I already have to punish you for denying me, don’t make me have to do more.” he put a tone of command in his voice that I hadn’t expected but it turned me on even more. Yet despite the gruff manner, his eyes were pleading. He needed this as much as I did.

I let go of the shelf behind me and hugged myself, closing my eyes. I could still smell his cologne and musk from when he held me, could still taste the kiss and feel its heat. My arms still crossed, I brought my hands up the bronze skin to my shoulders. I massaged them briefly, trying to relax a bit of the nervousness away. Then opening my eyes, I stared straight at him as I grabbed each of the spaghetti straps and slowly pulled them down.

He said his name was Ethan but in my head he was still my Eric who had his eyes locked with mine till he broke the contact to watch the straps glide down to my elbows, revealing the pushup bra. I was thankful that Theresa had chosen this one as it made my full c cups look more like double d’s. My breasts were full and my nipples ached to be touched. My hands began to massage the tops of my breasts, then slide down my cleavage, his eyes tracing their every movement. I kept this up till I could take no more and finally released the clasp on the cups. The fabric popped away, revealing my dark brown nipples and areolas.

My left breast started shooting out streams of milk without me having to do anything. Ethan took a few steps forward and knelt down so that the sweet liquid could land on his face. He opened his mouth and caught as much as he could. Swallowing quickly and then opening for more. I started playing with my nipples, each squeeze sending an electric pulse down between my legs. I wasn’t going to last much longer.

Ethan then stood up and quickly unzipped and reached in to pull out his hard shaft. It was more impressive up close. He held it out so that my milk splattered against it, getting it nice and slick for his hand. I groaned as I watched him stroke his cock.

“I need this Contessa. I need to see more.”

I wanted to scream. I knew I would if my hands started to slide down. I needed to silence that sound if I was going to do this without letting the whole store know what was going on. Then a really dirty thought came to my mind.

No more teasingly slow movements, we were both too far gone for that. I let go of my breasts and bunched up my dress to reveal my toned legs, wide hips and soaked red panties. As fast as I could I had that drenched article of clothing off of me and in my hand. I leaned back further against the shelf, spreading my legs and pussy wide for his viewing pleasure. He looked up at me after seeing the deep pink he had wanted for so long, that was when I took the bunched up wet panties and shoved them into my mouth.

I had never tasted myself like this before. I don’t really know if I tasted good or if I even liked it at all, but it sent me into overdrive. My whole body shook as my right hand found my erect clit and rubbed and pulled as I moaned into my own soiled underwear.

I must have been a sight. My eyes glazed with lust, my face all weird as it contorted in passion while screaming into a gag of dark red panties. My now empty breasts still standing proudly as I leaned back and rubbed my sopping wet and very exposed pussy.

Ethan inhaled sharply as his furious stroking brought him to his climax. I saw his cock swell as it shot over and over again. One shot flew high and landed on my left leg, just above my knee. It almost boiled on my already excited skin.

Seeing him react that way to me brought me to my own end. I shrieked against my makeshift gag as wave after wave of pleasure tore through my body. He knew what was coming next and he dropped down just in time as I began to squirt hard. It splashed against his face, into his open mouth and against his neck and chest as I orgasmed again and again. My hand just rubbed furiously as my other gripped the shelf behind me to keep me from falling.

“That was amazing.” he said after we had both caught our breath. I at least still looked a bit presentable. He looked like he’d been hit with a water hose. Gone was the pretense of a commanding sex master, he was just a nice young man working a customer service job again.

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