An Oktoberfest Tale

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I have known Winny since the first day of engineering. We were the first two people at the bus stop but to say I was smitten wouldn’t be right. She was charming, would laugh at the silliest jokes, had a very cute dimple and despite her short stature, had an extremely desirable body. There was little to not like about her but then again, I had grown up in an all-boys school and despite an insatiable desire to chase women, I lacked any kind of self confidence to remotely believe I could chase her down. Although we hit it off like a house on fire, I was too dumb to catch any signals she may have sent my way.

Four years of engineering brought many moments between us but those melted away in the dusts of my youth. There were so many more moments that I shared with my would-be wife that for the hopeless romantic in me, Winny may well have been just another face in the crowd. Life though, is strange that ways. It was distance that eventually brought us closer.

Winny had moved to Newcastle to pursue her masters while I was whiling my life away back home. I guess the amount of spare time I had at hand, made me the only person she could count on finding online at wee hours to have conversations with. One of my worst qualities has been the ability to get friend-zoned in the blink of an eye. I have had this nagging feeling for as long as I remember, that any girl I meet, puts me firmly in the friend-zone as soon as she lays her eyes on me. I suppose being thin as a stick (never mind the fact that I could run a half marathon in under 120 minutes), wearing spectacles, and ever being courteous and chivalrous are sign boards of trust-worthiness and friend-zonability. Once she had me established in the zone, our conversations would last late into the night as we discussed her life (oft her love life which nigh on most days was complicated). But in those late night conversations we did bond and of that bond, was borne an emotion of kinship that has lasted the tests of time.

We did meet the few times she visited home and there were some sparks but I was too naïve to ever make anything of them…a one woman man that I aspired to be. I did end up being that one woman man too. Well, at least till now.

After not being in touch with each other for many years, we finally met in Germany. She’d been working in Munich for a while and I was on a road trip with friends for the Oktoberfest. Another common friend in Germany was hosting me and the missus and consequently got me in touch with Winny. We had a rather awkward and significantly brief conversation and did not even discuss about catching up! Perhaps the fact that the missus was listening in brought in some level of unease and the conversation didn’t flow. I did have her number again so maybe that was the positive that came of it!

The missus was tired and under the weather the first day so she had decided to hang back home with my friend’s wife rather than accompany us to the Oktoberfest. Although I was in a fairly large group, without the wife around, I found the courage to text Winny. As the morn turned to noon, our conversation had bloomed too. A little less reticent than before, I asked Winny if she was coming to the fest. She said she was working and couldn’t come to douse any fanciful flames my hopeful heart might have had. Still, the conversation did keep flowing and growing, meandering like a lazy river for a while before it suddenly took a turn for the rapids.

A few stray words and some light flirting later I asked her again if she would come and make my day. To my utter and genuine surprise, she agreed. Heartened by these developments I asked if she was gonna don a drindl and predictably, she swatted me away. When she did come though, she was dressed in a black drindl. Conservative as far as drindls go, but golly I hadn’t expected that! This tale though, isn’t about that day.

This then, is the summary of my relapse. In excruciating and elaborate detail as if it actually happened… The first day, despite my best efforts to be the gentleman, we’d ended up making out in one of the blue toilet boxes. We stopped short of full blown sex given our penchant for safe sex since there werent any condoms çekmeköy escort at hand (talk about being responsible even in the heat of the moment!)

After that day, we had promised we wouldn’t meet or speak again till she was back visiting home again, maybe in December. I had been consumed with her thoughts though and after 2 weeks of shagging myself sore, I had promised myself I wouldn’t think about her until she was back and we’d connected again. Somewhere deep within, I hoped I’d go back to being me and giving up all fantasies of her. All was well for a month. But then one night, my dreams got better of my reality. Quite excruciatingly so. Shorty, if you’re reading this, don’t move any further! We will meet again and wait for serendipity.

I was to meet her at the Oktoberfest again the next day. This time we met in the morning since it was a holiday for her. I met her at the station closest to where she lived and she was wearing a different drindl this time.

Not black and bold like the previous day but a white one and significantly more conservative. Her blouse was a button up blouse unlike the elastic version she had on the previous day, which had been easy to manipulate. Despite my fetish for unbuttoned shirts on gorgeous women, I have to admit I was disappointed. I am firmly a boobs man and cleavages are a particular weakness of mine. Her skirt ended just above her knee though in some measure of recompense.

Before I could complain though, she greeted me with a firm kiss on the lips. Sensing what was on my mind, and I suppose it isn’t too difficult for women to guess what’s on a man’s mind most days, she said she’d undo one button for every hour we’d spend together! It was 1030 in the morn when we met and she said she had time till about lunch time which gave us about 4 hours…

There were 3 buttons that I could see though and when I did the math, I pointed it out…she just smiled and said “We’ll see how that works out!” and winked giving me that dimpled smile to further give my heart flutters.

We walked hand in hand and on the train we were inseparable…it felt like teenage love as if we were making up for all we may have shared in our early 20s…I smelled her hair deeply and felt the contours of her hand in mine. The gameplay our fingers were engaged in told us both what our bodies were looking forward to. The anticipation of knowing we would perhaps make love at the end of the day was going to make the hours leading up to it as memorable as can be. The train ride didn’t seem to last too long and we were walking down to the fest soon. We headed to a tent and as soon as we were passing the scene of the previous day’s crime, I deliberately looked in the direction and she just squeezed my hand and dragged me away.

“Haha…just because you got lucky yesterday, doesn’t mean you’re gonna get lucky today too!” she teased.

“Awww” was all I could manage in response. I am sure the disappointment was writ large on my face…

I squeezed her hand back and to save face in the most gallant tone I could manage said “I’ll be just as happy to have spent the whole day with you even if I didn’t get in your pants!”

She just said “Liar!!” and we walked in to the tent.

She ordered a Mass of beer for herself and we found a crowded table to squeeze into. Sitting on the bench, her skirt had pulled up just enough to show more of her thigh…I put my hand on her bare skin above the knee but she moved it and put it around her waist. We didn’t discuss it and I suppose it was too early in the day for that anyway…

We chatted generally about her life in Germany and eventually got around to talking about our sex lives. Obviously she had had a more active life than mine and I knew that from all our conversations before. But she said she wasn’t as promiscuous as I was imagining her to be and she’d been with just 2 guys in the last 3 years. One was a one night stand with someone at a party. Just hot steamy no strings attached sex. The other a friend at work that she hooked up with, as the conversations built chemistry and the situations presented themselves. She had been on and off with him but more off than cevizli escort on. Something about lacking an emotional connect that no amount of physical attraction could help resolve.

I was told I would be the third.

I kissed her on the cheek, gave her shoulders a gentle squeeze…and told her the first hour was gone! I had to admit had slyly been checking my watch all through that conversation. She slapped my thigh in admonishment but went on to unbutton the first discretely. Made absolutely no difference other than showing some skin on her upper chest, but what the hell, it was at least better than before, right?

I said “You know, this is excruciating!” but she just smiled and ignored me…

Once she had finished her beer we went out again. As soon as we were out, the other deeper cleavages on show were where I was looking. She pinched my hand and said “Behave! Else, you don’t get what I promised!” And then she laughed and 2 minutes later was pointing out the best chests on display for me! How could I not have my loins stirred by her then? There were these rides outside and we did the simpler ones.

Walking around hand in hand, pecking lips every once a while, it was quite a tease… I’d hug her tight every now and then and her boobs felt amazing against my chest.

Soon the second hour was past and she opened her second button, very slowly…

She let me ogle for a bit and then very nonchalantly told me she wanted another beer. She said couldn’t finish the whole Mass by herself though…

I don’t drink. I know. Don’t ask me what I was doing planning a trip to the Oktoberfest but suffice to say, there was a reason this was a roadtrip! I said “It looks like we’re at an impasse.”

She said “If you shared the beer and helped me finish, I will make it totally worth you sacrificing your scruples!”

“Would that mean we were heading inside another blue booth?” I asked piqued.

But she laughed and said, “Nay…that’s old…something better maybe!”

She went on to add “You know what, if you shared half, I promise I’ll make it worth your while, right at the table!”

“Ah! I prefer knowing the incentive being offered before hand when the stakes are so high!” I blurted. Cant let a woman get away with her whims as easily, right?

She said “What? You don’t trust me now? I will make it special, if you go with it. Else, the offer stands cancelled and you can take care of yourself later!”

That manipulative vixen of a woman offered me sex and delivered the threat of the opportunity being taken away in the same breath! That was more than enough to get me to agree!

We went back to one of the smaller tents this time and found a seat at one of the corner tables. The tables were smaller here and less crowded. Once we sat down she order the beer. She said we should alternate sips and I agreed. Obviously.

I doubt there was anything I wouldn’t have done then to get my hands on her bare skin again! I made a small protest but a strategically placed hand on my lap ended that brief moment of conscientiousness. As soon as I had taken my first sip, she got up and moved to sit on my lap. We kissed for the umpteenth time but this one was a long deep, tongue rich kiss. One hand on her waist, the other massaging her thigh and the third hour was done before I knew it. I opened the third button and her boobs were amply on display now. She kept grinding subtly on my lap. I don’t know how I hadn’t already cum in my pants by then…

We finished our dry humping session and moved out of the tent. I loved how she was happy to show off her boobs and I kept shamelessly letching at her during every conversation. By the time the fourth hour was over, my hand had shamelessly moved up to under her boobs from at her waist. I guess the fact that it didn’t move to her butt says something about what I prefer, right?

Any secluded stretch we would pass in the by lanes where there weren’t too many people around, I made sure I squeezed her boobs. At the end of the fourth hour I told her there weren’t any buttons left to remove…She went to a corner and in the blink of an eye, was back with her panties erenköy escort in hand which she promptly handed over saying “They’re already damp…I love how this is playing out!”

I kept telling her I loved her lips and I loved her boobs…And that I really wanted to see her tits too! By the end of the fifth hour she said she wanted to show me her office and she buttoned up one button as we left to catch a cab. In the cab, she had unzipped me and had her hand in my pants. She kept her hand inside and her deft fingers went about manipulating me all through the fifteen minute ride.

My hand was just on her thighs as she continued to play slowly while I kept massaging her thigh and her knee for some reason. I don’t know why I didn’t move my hand up and under her skirt but my eyes remained fixed on her ample cleavage that was still on display.

When we reached her office complex, it being a holiday, it was quite abandoned. Other than a couple of souls, jay-walking like us, there wasn’t anyone else around.

We walked hand in hand a bit more civil now. She went to the loo and this time came back with her bra in hand. Her tits were erect and very visible through that relatively thin white shirt. She gave her tits that little pinch to make sure they were more erect than before and unmistakably visible. She took me along to a stadium within the complex. We found a secluded corner and got into a kiss. She broke away and was on her knees quite quickly. She was slurping on my dick in no time. Loud wet sounds and her tongue playing with my head. I was close to cumming though and told her to take it easy.

But she just kept at it and if anything, started sucking even harder…I was cumming in no time and she let it all fall to the side. She said she wanted me to last longer later! Yeah, I know, should have cum on her tits.

It was my turn then to get down and suck and lick her off. I used some of the things she taught from yesterday but she still had to coach me again. I put in a finger to help her along and she was cumming about 5 minutes later…

I was prepared this time for what came next and put on a condom. I was hard again as soon as she had started moaning and whimpering in ecstasy…

My pants were down and her skirt was properly bunched up by her waist. Her shirt was dishevelled and her boobs were mostly out. She was against the wall and I lifted one leg up and pushed in.

We started humping slow. Kissing each other and tasting ourselves in the process.

I had her shirt pulled aside and her tits free and open for me to maul with my mouth. After a slightly awkward hump for a few minutes, we lay down and I was on top. We fucked with me quickening the pace but she stopped me after a bit.

She got on top after and then rode me…Her tits were bouncing like they do in the movies. Then she lay down after a bit lying against me and just humped her hips in slow deliberate movements. We were kissing and I had her butt in my hands. I was squeezing her cute little arse and then told her I was close to cumming…

She started making soft noises and I couldn’t help but cum. She rolled over and then I used my hands to make her cum again. We lay spent there for a good ten minutes. Half nude but practically naked. Her hair in my face as I smelled her shampoo again…

We got dressed then. She put on her bra and we called a cab. Through the ride, we sat close and this time my hand was under her skirt all along. She was still wet…and towards the end of the ride, was cumming again when I told her the driver could see the expressions on her face and definitely knew what I was up to. I’d found an exhibitionist. We reached the fest again around 5 and were there still cuddling like new found lovers up until dinner time.

We said our goodbyes and I told her I would return this with interest the next time we met back home. There is this nice hotel we know near a lake near-by that was one of our old fantasy make-out places, maybe there. She said she liked the exhibitionism I’d helped her unlock today and would be fun to try in our hometown too! This day was ending with future promises! She said she would keep in touch and maybe we could have some long distance fun…or not converse and just let the anticipation build as we waited again for serendipity to strike.

And then, I woke up from my crazy dream with a hard on, unable to rub one out as I lay half awake next to the missus…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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