An Unlikely Pair Ch. 03

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This time, when Chaz woke, Lora was nestled with her back snugly against him. The curve of her hips and the mess of that wild hair falling over her face, mixed with the scent of coconut and sex wafting off of her was waking his need for her again. As he slid one arm under her and wrapped it around her waist, reaching up and taking hold of her breast, he began kissing her shoulder and neck. Half-asleep, she let out a groggy moan, in appreciation of his wake up call. With his other hand, he reached over her hip and began stroking her mound. The combination of sensations instantly made her wet.

She thrust her behind against him, rotating her hips as she rubbed her ass cheeks against his already stiff cock. “Good Morning,” he whispered huskily in her ear as he nibbled her lobe. “Good Morning,” she replied in halting breaths.

Their needs rose quickly as she reached behind her and took his shaft firmly in her hand stroking him to full erection and his fingers dipped between her slips rubbing and stroking the extent of her slit, rubbing her wetness along the extent of eve gelen escort her folds and clit. As their fondling intensified, the need for satiation overrode all other delicacies. Chaz wasted no time, rolling her onto her stomach, as he lifted her ass and positioned himself between her legs. He quickly slid into her tightness, without resistance as she was already soaking wet from his attentions. She gasped and moaned as he drove into her. Over and over, he plunged deep inside her, holding her hips as she thrust back with force, wanting him inside her more and more.

With each stroke, she met him with fervor, wanting and needing him inside her, prodding and pleasuring every inch she had to offer him. Beyond all reason, he knew he needed her softness wrapped around him, driving him to heights of physical pleasures unexplored. The feeling of being trapped between wanting the marvel to go on forever and seeking the frenzy of sexual release, they ground at each other full of purpose and lust.

Her first orgasm, nearly took him with istanbul eskort bayan her, but he fought for control. Her bliss was his goal and he continued beyond the first, second and third orgasm. Breathless and glistening with sweat, she didn’t know if her body could take any more but as he wound his arms around her thighs, spreading her lips wide, she convulsed at the combination of the air skirting across her exposed area as he assertively rubbed her clit, to another incredibly consuming orgasm, before he let go inside her, deep and hard.

As they lay, glowing and smiling, she propped herself up on her elbow and turned to him, “Until this weekend with you, I always wondered what the big deal about sex was. I was with Kyle for a year. I thought it was love so I gave him my virginity. I’m not sure if he was just as uneducated about sex, as I was, or if he just didn’t care but I never enjoyed it. I did it because I thought I loved him but we had nothing in common so it just fell apart.”

He didn’t know what to say so he put his arm around her rezidans escort and pulled her close to him. They lay that way for several minutes, before she got up and pulled the robe on. She looked him with such adulation and continued, “Being with you, has been beyond stunning. Not just because we made love, but because you are such a sincere and captivating man. But that doesn’t mean I expect anything from you, except your friendship.”

Before he could respond, she smiled at him and walked out the door.

He was dumbfounded and not quite sure what he wanted to say or do. What he did know was that he had a nagging knot in the pit of his stomach. Getting up and throwing on his pants, he went out to talk to her. He barged into the kitchen but only saw Dan and Kim, unpacking dishes and putting them away. He looked like a lost puppy standing there, looking around.

“Where is she?” he asked.

“She left,” Kim told him.

Noting his distress, Dan stopped what he was doing and walked around the counter. “Chaz, is everything okay?”

“No,” he said flatly, “no, it’s not okay. I feel like the breath has been knocked out of me and my mind is spinning, man. Am I crazy?”

His brother smiled, “No, bro, you ain’t crazy….you’re in love, dumbass.”

Chaz nodded, “Well since you’re so smart and I’m a dumbass, how do I get her and keep her in my life?”

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