Anjali Ch. 03

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I hope you have read ‘First Account of Anjali’ and ‘Second Account of Anjali’. Anjali is the sexy best friend of my beautiful wife, they are practically sisters.


I woke up to the smell of coffee. I had no idea of time and for how long I was asleep. I looked around. I was naked in Anjali’s bed. She was not there. I looked around for her. She must be in the kitchen, I thought. Her bed was a mess which meant we had a great time. Our clothes were still scattered in the room. I saw Anjali’s beautiful red dress lying on the floor next to the bed. Her red bra and panty was lying on the pillow next to my head. There was a big smile of content on my face. I turned my face and kissed her panty. It still had Anjali’s fragrance on it. I closed my eyes and savoured the feeling. I fell back on the pillows and my cock stirred under the sheets.

“Hi handsome, good morning,” I saw Anjali at the door. Wow! She was fresh and beautiful as always. She was wearing an oversized shirt. Her top buttons were open which showed her smooth cleavage. The shirt was long and was covering her ass. She might be naked down under. Her sexy long legs were naked and were shining in the morning sun. Her hair was still messy from the night and she was pulling them together with her hands.

“Good morning!!” she said again a little louder.

“Hey, good morning,” I came back to earth “why are you so far?”

“Because I can’t bring coffee maker to the bed and I wanted coffee,” she smiled.

“Well, you do have a point miss,” I leaned back on the head rest and closed my eyes.

“What? You tired?” she asked.

” Waiting,” I replied with my eyes closed.

“For the coffee?”

“For the chef.”

“I can see,” she pointed towards the tent in the bedsheet. My cock was hard and it was not the morning boner. The sexiness in front of me was the reason of that hard on. She was smiling seductively.

“Then don’t stand there ma’am. Come to the bed please,” I extended my hand.

“I can’t resist that beautiful boner baby. Now if you be so kind and please close your eyes,” she said as she began to move towards the bed swaying her sexy hips as she moved.

I looked at her from top to bottom. She was the manifestation of sex. I was lost in staring at her. She gestured about closing my eyes. I closed my eyes and waited for her to make a move. I couldn’t hear her footsteps.

“Where are you? I can’t wait…” I lost my words as I felt her pulling the sheet down from me. My cock sprang out of it’s cover. It was hard and was about to explode. I felt a piece of fabric falling on my face. It had arousing smell of Anjali’s sex. It was her panty. I didn’t try to move it from my face. I felt her climbing the bed. She was on the bed with her legs on both sides of me. Her soft hand held my cock in fist and she rubbed my cock on a velvet soft and moist place, her pussy lips. She began to lower her weight on my dry cock and I felt a mixture of intense pleasure. I groaned and I fell back on the bed. I felt her boobs began to press in my chest as she put her weight on me. In her next move she held me by my cheeks with her fingers in my hair and pressed her soft moist lips to my burning lips. Our lips met and she pushed her tongue in my mouth. She kept kissing me for a minute.

“Open your eyes,” she said.

I didn’t want to. I didn’t want the feeling to end ever. It was pure pleasure. I opened my eyes and saw the sight in front of me. That sensual beauty was riding me, my cock buried balls deep in her pussy, in nothing but just her red bra. Her back was arched, her knees on the bed, her boobs pressed on my chest and her ass was out. She was rocking back and forth with slow rhythmic moves likes a pro in the art. I put my hands on her big soft bums and began to squeeze them. They were like big furballs. So delicate and juicy.

“I would want to see what you did,” I said kissing her neck.

“Didn’t you like feeling it with your eyes closed?” she asked moving her ass on my cock.

“I did but if feels like I missed the sight of you climbing up and taking charge of my cock,” I put my finger on her asshole and began to massage it with bursa eve gelen eskort bayan that. She moaned as the feeling was new to her.

“Ever thought about that baby?” I asked her pressing my finger on her backdoor.

“Ohhhh it’s intense Viren,” she could manage to speak.

I coated my finger in her juice from her pussy and pressed it back on her ass. My finger opened her spinster asshole and made its way in. She grabbed my shoulders as I invaded her virgin ass. I was one digit deep in her ass and my entire cock was buried in her pussy. She clenched her asshole around my finger and shuddered as she came. Anal was a new thing for her and she was clearly liking the stimulation her ass was getting. She began to coat my cock with her sweet juice. She pushed hard on my cock and fell back. I wrapped my one arm around her waist and kept working her asshole with my finger. She kept cumming for almost a minute and once she was done, fell back away from me. I had to support her upper body with my arm. Her juice was flowing down from my balls and was wetting the bed.

“Some other time baby,” she said in my ear as she came back to her senses. Her orgasmic pleasure subsided and she removed my hand from her ass and placed both my hands on her boobs, “they know you better.”

Anjali’s boobs did know me better. Her perky small boobs and wide ass with round protruding buns were the first thing I noticed about her. I wanted her boobs in my hands. They were lovely and just about size. Anything more than a handful is wasted, as they say. And hers were just handful. My wife Prerna was a voluptuous babe and whenever I enjoyed her body, lot of her was leftover for the next time. But Anjali on the other hand was lean and athletic. She was like a perfect platter you can savour in one sitting. Just perfect for my appetite.

I began to work her boobs with my palms. My palms were moving in circles measuring her soft balls. I was applying a little pressure on her to feel the softness. Her boobs were like soft butter with tight grape like nipples. I took her nipples in my fingers and pulled them. Anjali moaned. I began to tweak and twist them. She was enjoying my actions. As my pulls and pinches grew violent, Anjali’s moans turned to cries. She began to thrash her body on mine. I took one of her nipple in my mouth and began to work it with my tongue. Anjali got desperate.

“Ohh Viren, you are making me mad,” she cried as I bit her nipple slightly, “fuck me baby.”

She demanded. My cock was still buried in her pussy but I was focussed on her boobs now. Her pussy was twitching on my cock and was asking my thick meat to pound her.

“You want me to fuck you Anjali,” I asked her sucking her boob.

“Yes Viren, fuck me baby,” she was lost in a trance.

“Then tell me what you want me to do?” I explored her.

“Pump that sexy fat cock of yours in my sweet little pussy and fill it with your thick semen baby,” her voice was filled with an urge. She meant every word.

“How about your pink little ass baby? How about we use that?” I tried.

“I am all yours Viren. Use me the way it pleases you but I want you to fill my pussy today,” there was lust and surrender in her words. She was worth the wait.

I began to pump my cock in her tight pussy. I held her waist and made her hang a little above me and began fucking her violently. My balls were began to tense as I violated her pussy. I was jumping high on the bed and she also was trying to grind her ass on my pelvic. I reached my limit and came with a grunt.

“Ahhh Anjali,” I shouted and began to fill her hole with the thick and warm semen. I was shooting deep in her pussy which was flowing outwards coating her pussy walls. She loved the warm feeling and fell on my body. I clenched her sexy form to my body and kept pumping semen into her fertile little hole till very last drop. She squeezed her pussy and milked me dry. She was still massaging my cock with her pussy lips. My cock was too sensitive now and her every move was taking me to the sky. Anjali had fucked my brains out and I came so hard as if I was done for the day bursa eskort bayanlar but her pussy did magic and my cock breathed to life again. Anjali felt my cock growing in her pussy.

“What now Viren? It’s afternoon and we haven’t even cleaned up yet. Look at both of us, we are a mess,” she said sitting straight in my lap, my cock still inside her.

She was right. I had no track of time. We got up late in the morning and had been fucking since then. I got an idea. I grabbed her ass and lifted her up. I got up from the bed and began walking towards bathroom, carrying her with in my arms. Her legs were tight on my back and my cock was deep inside her pussy.

“What now Viren!!” she was surprised.

“Let’s clean you up little miss, as you said,” I kissed her lips as I entered the bathroom.

“You are evil Viren. I should be careful speaking around you,” she hit at my arm playfully.

“You should be careful existing around me baby. I am sure I will fuck you in the street if I see you there. You are irresistible,” I said and pressed her against the wall.

I was licking her neck and my hands were on her boobs now. She began to respond to my touch. She freed her legs from my back and placed them on the ground. She stood in front of me and moved a step back. My cock slipped out of her pussy and was going up and down like a spring board.

“Clean me up Viren,” she whispered in my ear.

I switched on the shower and unclasped her bra. Her small perky boobs were standing tall on her chest. There was no sag in them and the nipple were hard as pebbles and pointy. Water began to cascade on her beautiful hair and perfect body making her wet. I took shower gel in my palms and began leathering her back. She was pressed to my chest and her heaving boobs were feeling great to me. I moved my foam covered palms on her entire back from her neck to her round protruding ass. I parted her ass cheeks and applied soap between them. She moaned as I pressed my slippery finger to her hole and it went slightly in. I massaged her asshole from inside and out and I could feel her buckling due to my touch.

“You are too sensitive back there Anjali,” I asked probing her ass.

She pressed her ass on my hand. I took the clue and pushed my finger in. My index finger was completely in her ass. She clenched her ass and it felt very tight around my finger. I pulled it out and pushed in again. I wondered how my cock would feel in that tiny passage.

“Ohh Viren! Baby you so much want to fuck me in ass,” she said lost in the attention her ass was getting.

“Yes Anjali, I want to give you all the pleasure my love. You have a beautiful perfect ass and it makes me crazy,” I pressed my finger hard in her ass.

“Ohh Viren you are wild. Make it a good experience for me baby,” she broke our embrace, kissed my lips and turned around.

“Ohh Anjali, it will be a lifetime experience for you honey,” I washed the foam from her, lifted her dripping wet body in my arms and carried her to bed.

I laid her on the bed, putting many pillows under her head and her ass to support her body so that I got good access to her ass and she could see while we do it. I kneeled between her parted legs. My boner was now hurting me. My cock was hard for almost half an hour. I grabbed her legs from ankles, bending her knees and placing her feet on the bed. I pressed her knees apart to open her ass funny. I grabbed her beautiful butts and pulled them apart. Her tight pink ass was in front of me. I roamed my tongue on my lips making them wet and planted a kiss on her anus. Anjali shivered with excitement. I kept kissing her virgin anus making it wet and touched base t with my tongue.

“Ohhh Viren, what are you doing! It’s dirty,” she screamed in pleasure.

I kept working. I was licking her ass with my tongue. Long sloppy licks were making her ass wet.

“Let it loose baby,” I asked her as I pushed my tongue on her hole.

She relaxed her muscles and I was able to push my tongue a bit in her ass. The musky smell of her ass was making me mad. I opened her ass with my fingers and began to lick the wet görükle escort bayanlar inner side of her anus. She was going crazy. She was tossing her head around as I explored her ass. She grabbed the bed and tried to control her cries. I put my finger in her mouth and she sucked on it. I pulled it out and placed it on her ass. I drove my tongue deep into her pussy, sucking a lot of cum of hers and smeared it on her ass. It made her ass slippery wet. I pushed my cum coated finger in her ass and kept licking her around. I began pumping her ass with my one finger while I was fucking her pussy with my other hand. I patted her ass with my fingers to make it loose and added one more finger to her ass. Her pussy juice was making it easy for my fingers to go in her ass. She was leaking a lot of juices and I was eating it all. Her juice was flowing on her ass from her pussy and I was licking it off from there. I kept lapping her juices fucking her ass with two fingers. I was exploring every corner of her anal cavity to make her muscles relaxed for my cock.

I her ass was ready, climbed on her body and kisses her.

“You need to do what I tell you to do and it will be easy for you baby. And tell me to stop if you want me to. Ok,” I assured her. She nodded.

I got up and aligned my cock to her pussy. Her pussy was my ready made source of lubricant. I pressed my cock in her pussy, opening her and entering her. She moaned as I entered her fully. Her pussy was completely wet but my cock was hard for long and I wanted to fuck her ass well so, half-heartedly, I pulled my cock out. My cock was glistening with her juices. I held my shaft and placed my mushroom head on her anus.

“Relax your muscles for me Anjali,” I said as I began to press my cock.

My cock began to open her ass and entered her ass slowly. Anjali was trying to relax her ass muscles and she was breathing heavy. My thigh head entered her with a pop sound and her ass muscles clenched around my shaft. I held her nipples in my fingers and began to tweak and twist them to distract her. I leaned in and took one nipple in my mouth and began to nibble it. She was hitting the sky in excitement. I pulled my cock a bit and pushed it gently in her ass. She moved under my weight as my cock opened her a bit more. I keep sucking and biting her nipples and kept pushing my cock in her ass very carefully. I was halfway in her ass.

I got up from her body and looked at our union. Her asshole was stretched and my cock was like a rod inserted in mud.

“Look at it Anjali,” I asked her raising her head with my hand.

She looked at her ass with wide eyes and swallowed air. I grabbed her boobs again. I pulled my cock out and pushed it back in as it was.

“You need to relax a bit more Anjali. Push your ass our as if you are taking a dump. Help me here baby,” I kissed her cheek.

I felt her ass loosening as she did as instructed. I moved my hips and her ass are more of my cock. It was time to give her my full length. I pulled my cock out of her ass, coated it in her pussy juices and pushed it back into her ass. Her ass gave way to my slippery cock. I began to fuck her ass with gentle strokes, feeding more inches to her ass with every strokes. She was panting as I fucked her ass. I wondered how he was able to take my 9 inches in the first time. The girl was a sex goddess for sure. I began to pump my cock in her ass and my hands were playing with her boobs. I felt her bofldy tense as her orgasm hot her. Her pussy flooded with her cum and her ass got tighter on my cock. The slippery sensation of her tight ass was too much for me and my cock began to unload my balls deep in her ass. I kept depositing more and more cum in her rectum. She squeezed her ass and I let out a deep groan of pleasure. I collapsed on her as my orgasm hit me hard. I filled her ass to the brim. I was proud of myself for giving her that much cum even after cumming multiple times.

“You fucked my ass Viren,” she whispered in my ear as I was gathering myself.

“Didn’t I tell you, you are irresistible Anjali,” I kissed her.

“You been telling me a lot of things lately and you fuck me harder with every new thing,” her eyes were shining as she gave me an ear to ear smile.

“Are you complaining?” I asked her.

She moved her hand downwards, scooped our mixed juices from her pussy with her fingers and shoved those fingers in her mouth, “I don’t know Viren, you tell me,” she winked.

More to cum…


Story is based on real life experiences.

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