Another Day with the Walker Family

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It is getting dark outside, so I get up from the living room couch and turn on the front porch light for my husband. He should be home at any moment from his weekend hunting trip he took with some of his business clients.

I sit back down on the couch and continue looking through the magazine I got in the mail yesterday. A few minutes later my husbands car pulls in the driveway and I watch as he staggers up to the porch and almost falls down while opening the front door.

He walks over to me and says “Honey, they opened the bar on the private jet, and I drank too much. I better get to bed because I have an important corporate meeting in the morning.”

He gives me a quick kiss, then stumbles upstairs to our bedroom.

A few minutes later another car pulls in the driveway. I get up off the couch, open the front door and step outside onto the front porch.

The car stops and my daughter Krissy gets out of the passenger side and stands up. Jesus Christ, she is completely naked! Then, the drivers door opens and I can clearly see it is Krissy’s girlfriend Britney. She is also completely naked!

Britney gets out of the car, shuts the door, then leans back against it with her legs spread apart. She notices me standing on the front porch, so she waves to me and says “Hi Mrs Walker!”

I wave back at her and say “Hi Britney! Are you spending the night with Krissy again?” She replies “I would like to, but I have to get up early to go to work at the shopping mall.”

Krissy walks around the car and steps between Britney’s open legs. She leans forward against her, and they wrap their arms around each other. They start kissing passionately while running their hands all over each others naked body.

After a few minutes they release their embrace. Krissy stands straight up, reaches out with both hands and begins to play with Britney’s big, firm breasts while they have conversation. Britney looks so relaxed and is enjoying the attention she is getting. Every few seconds she will casually raise both her arms upward and run her fingers through her hair while licking her lips.

Even from a distance I can tell Britney’s nipples are rock hard and are standing straight out about half an inch. Krissy then lowers her head and starts sucking on one of her tits, then the other, then back again.

While Krissy continues to suck on her breasts, Britney looks over at me and smiles. I say to her “Britney, are you sure you can’t spend the night with us?”

She replies “I can’t tonight Mrs Walker. My parents told me to return home as soon as I drop off Krissy. Why don’t you come over her and give me a kiss before I leave?”

That is the queue I was waiting for! I quickly step down off the porch and walk over to her. Krissy steps aside, then Britney and I embrace and start passionately kissing each other.

Britney suddenly grabs the back of my T-shirt and forcefully yanks it upwards. I raise my arms so she can pull it all the way off. Then, she quickly unbuttons my shorts and pushes them down to my ankles.

I step out of the shorts and Britney grabs me by the shoulders and pins me up against the car door. I tremble with excitement as Britney stares me in the eyes and says “Mrs Walker, we have to do this fast!”

She immediately drops to her knees and buries her face in my pussy. My whole body jerks as she pistons her tongue in and out of me. Her tongue must be at least six inches long because I can feel it flicking around all the way inside me. Every few seconds she stops, sucks on my clit, then goes back to ramming her tongue in and out of me.

Within just a couple of minutes I feel an orgasm building up in me, then it explodes. A wave of pleasure sweeps over me and a million stars fill the night sky.

I tell Britney “Please stop! I can’t take anymore!” She reluctantly releases her grip from my ass cheeks and stands up. We have one more kiss, then she gets in her car and backs down the driveway. Krissy and I wave to her, then I bend over to pick up my clothes.

My daughter immediately steps behind me and drops to her knees. She places both her hands on my ass cheeks, spreads them apart and begins to feverishly lick my ass hole. I tell her “Jesus Christ Krissy! Can’t you wait until we get in the house?” She ignores me and continues to ram her tongue in and out of my ass. After a couple of minutes, she stops and gets to her feet. We walk hand in hand to the front porch and go inside our house.

We sit down on the couch and immediately begin kissing passionately. Our tongues play with each other while we run our hands all over our naked bodies. After a few minutes, I push Krissy’s arms along her sides, lean towards her and start sucking on her breasts. I take one in my mouth and suck as hard as I can, then do the same thing with the other one. Krissy is enjoying this immensely and is moaning loudly.

Moments later, Krissy suddenly stands up, grabs my arm, and pulls me to the center of the living room. I remain standing as bursa escort bayanlar she gets on her knees in front of me and buries her face in my pussy.

After a couple of minutes, she stops licking me, grabs me by the wrists, pulls me down to the floor and forces me to lie flat on my back.

Krissy then pushes my legs apart, crawls over the top of me and rests on her elbows. We begin to kiss passionately while she moves her firm little breasts from side to side against mine.

After a few minutes, she stops kissing me, gets to her feet and stands directly above my face. She then gets down on her hands and knees, and lowers her smooth shaven pussy to my mouth. I grab her ass cheeks and begin licking and sucking her. Soon she is moaning loudly while she whips her long, blonde hair around her beautiful face.

Krissy wildly rides my face for the next five minutes, then suddenly arches her back and rolls off me. I sit up and look at her. She says “Mom, I just had one of the best orgasms of my life! None of my girlfriends, except for Britney have ever given me a better one. I love you.”

I reply “Well, it is past your bed time. Get upstairs right now young lady! We are going shopping in the morning, so be ready to go at 10 o’clock.”

We both get to out feet and Krissy gives me one more hug and a kiss before she runs upstairs to go to sleep.

I sit on the couch for another 30 minutes reading my magazine, then turn off the living room lights and go upstairs to my bedroom. My husband is fast asleep and I he will probably not move until his alarm clock goes off early in the morning.

I want to finish reading a story in the magazine so I flip on the reading light above my side of the bed, then climb in and pull the satin sheet up to my neck.

After reading for a few minutes, another car pulls in the driveway. It must be my son Tommy. He told me earlier he would be home before midnight. I hear the front door open and he comes upstairs to his room. A few minutes later I hear someone in the shower, then the house becomes silent again.

Tommy suddenly appears in the doorway of my bedroom. He looks so sexy and handsome wearing nothing but a bath towel.

He says “Mom, is it okay if I come in and talk with you for a while?” I reply “Sure Tommy, but be quiet. Your father is sleeping.”

He walks over to the bed and begins to sit down, but I say “Tommy stop! You will get the bed all wet! Take off the towel and throw it over on the chair.”

My son stands up facing me, then slowly pulls the towel away from him. I notice his cock is partially inflated and it is hanging down about six inches. He throws the towel on the chair, then sits down on the edge of the bed next to me.

We begin to have conversation about what he had been doing all day while he runs his hands over my hard nipples. It is innocent enough, but soon he begins to tug on the satin sheet so he can touch my bare skin. I hold the sheet tight, but he starts to pull harder on it. All of a sudden he gives the sheet a big yank, pulls it down to my knees and starts caressing my firm tits with both of his hands.

I say “Jesus Christ Tommy, your father is sleeping right next to us! He can wake up at any second and see you playing with my tits!” I try to push his hands away, but he grabs both my wrists and holds them while he tries to kiss me. I move my head back and forth to avoid him, so he starts kissing and sucking on my neck instead. This is very pleasurable to me, and he knows it. I relax and he lets go of my wrists.

I say “Okay Tommy, you win. You can kiss me just one time, then you have to go to bed.” We immediately start to kiss passionately while he runs his hands all over my naked body. After a couple of minutes he pulls the sheet completely off me and slides two fingers into my pussy. We continue to kiss while he pushes them back and forth inside me. Jesus Christ, I am letting my son finger fuck me while my husband is sleeping right next to us! I must be out of my fucking mind!

All of a sudden, Tommy gets on the bed between my legs and positions his cock to enter my pussy. Before I can react, he has pushed it inside me three or four inches.

I say “Jesus Christ Tommy, you can’t fuck me on the bed while your father is sleeping! He might wake up at any second!” I struggle to get out from underneath him, but he grabs my wrists again and prevents me from moving.

My son then says “Mom, I am not going to fuck you. I just want to push it all the way in, then stop. Just let me have it inside you for a few minutes, then I will go to bed. Okay Mom?”

I reply “Well, I guess so Tommy. Go ahead and push it all the way in. You can leave it in me for exactly three minutes, then you have to go to bed.”

I raise up on my elbows and watch as my sons cock slowly disappears into my pussy. After about six or seven inches are inside me, he slowly pulls back out all the way, then pushes it back in again. This time, he bayan sarisin escort bursa gets about eight inches in me and stops.

He says “Mom, I hit bottom. I don’t think you can take all ten inches of it tonight.” I reply “Don’t tease me Tommy! Keep pushing harder until you get it all the way in!”

I lay back down on the soft pillow and Tommy leans forward over me, supporting himself on his elbows. With one more thrust of his hips all ten inches are buried inside me.

Suddenly, my husband turns over so he is facing me! Jesus Christ, he is going to see his naked son lying on top of me with his cock buried all the way in my pussy!

I panic and begin to push Tommy off me, but he puts his hand over my mouth and holds me still. He looks over at his father and quietly says to me “Mom, he never opened his eyes. Just calm down and relax.”

I reply “What do you mean, relax? How can I fucking relax when his wife and son are laying next to him fucking? Get off me right now and go to your room!”

Instead of doing what I told him, he begins to thrust his cock in and out of me! I try to push him off me, but again, he holds my wrists so I cannot move. His thrusts begin to get faster and faster. The bed is creaking loudly and the headboard is slapping against the wall.

I finally say “Tommy, get off me right now, or I will never let you fuck me again!”

My son immediately pulls his cock out of me, gets off the bed and stands up. He leans forward, grabs my wrist and yanks me towards him. He then forces me down on my knees in front of him and stuffs his cock into my open mouth.

He grabs the back of my head with both hands and starts thrusting his cock as far in as it will go. After every third or fourth thrust he pulls his cock out so I can get a breath of air, then he rams it back in again. Every once in a while he does not let me get enough air so I have to try desperately to push him away from me. When I get a breath of air, he shoves it back in again.

After about five minutes he stops, grabs his cock and begins to feverishly stroke it back and forth. Suddenly, a huge gush of sperm shoots out of him and splashes all over my mouth, nose, eyes and hair. It runs down my face and drips on my tits. Jesus Christ, he shot a big load on me this time!

I grasp his limp cock and rub it all over my face, then look up at him and say “That was fun Tommy, but we should never do this again! We almost got caught this time! Now, go to bed young man!”

I take the towel from the chair, wipe my face clean, then climb back into bed and fall asleep.

In the morning, I open my eyes and notice my husband has already left for work. I take a quick shower, put on a little makeup and wrap a towel around me.

I need to make sure Krissy is getting ready to go shopping at the mall today, so I walk down the hallway to her room.

Oh my God, what a sight! Krissy is on her hands and knees while Tommy is behind her ramming his big cock back and forth inside her little pussy. He pulls on her long blonde hair with one hand while slapping her ass cheeks with the other.

I walk over and stand next to the bed. Krissy looks up at me and says “Look Mom! Tommy and I are doing it doggy style! We started doing it this way just this morning!”

I say “Well, don’t take too long. We have to leave for the shopping mall in about thirty minutes.” I turn around to leave, then Krissy says “Wait Mom! Come back here for a second. I want to show you something.”

She pushes her brother away from her and tells him to lay flat on his back. Krissy climbs on top of him and reaches between her legs to guide his rock hard cock inside her pussy. She lowers herself down a little bit, then releases her grip and puts her hands on Tommy’s shoulders for support.

She says to me “Mom, sit down on the edge of the bed so you can see better!” As I sit down, my towel falls off me and I don’t bother to pull it back up. Tommy immediately reaches over with one hand and begins to play with my tits.

Krissy continues “Mom, watch Tommy’s cock going into me! I could never get the whole thing in me before, but we have been practicing a lot the past few weeks.”

She then begins to lower herself down on her brothers huge ten inch cock. Six inches disappear into her tight pussy, then seven. After about eight inches are inside her, she stops, then raises up a little. She says to me “Watch Mom, I am going to do it this time!”

With determination on her face, Krissy lowers herself further and further until her brothers cock is completely inside her. She says “Look Mom, I did it! I have Tommy’s cock all the way in me! He used to tease me about having such a small pussy, but now I get it all the way in just like you can!”

I say to her “Oh Krissy, I am so proud of you! Now hurry up with what you are doing and take a shower. Put on your yellow summer dress that has four buttons down the front and do not wear a bra or panties. bursa evi olan eskort Also, make sure you bring along your digital camera. We are going to have fun today taking pictures of ourselves flashing our tits in public.”

I lean towards my daughter to give her a quick kiss, but she grabs the back of my neck, sticks her tongue in my mouth and does not let go of me. One of my breasts is hanging right over my sons face, so he raises up a little and starts sucking on it. As Krissy continues to passionately kiss me, she gently bounces up and down on her brothers cock. After a couple of minutes she releases her grip from my neck, and I get off the bed and stand up.

I leave my two children alone and go back to my bedroom to select a dress to wear. I choose a one that is identical to Krissy’s, but it is white. I gently fold the dress and push it into my big purse, then put on a pair of white stiletto heel shoes and designer sunglasses. I study myself in the mirror for a few moments, admiring how sexy I look with just shoes and sunglasses on. No dress, just shoes and sunglasses.

I hear the water running in the main bathroom, so I grab my purse and walk down the hallway to tell Krissy to hurry up. I stop in the bathroom doorway and look in. Jesus Christ, Tommy has his sister pinned up against the shower wall and is fucking the hell out of her! He has taken hold of her wrists, stretched his arms upward as far as he can and raised her off the fucking floor! Her feet are dangling in the air while he violently rams his cock into her over and over again.

I say “Krissy, hurry up! We are leaving in ten minutes!”

I go downstairs, get myself a tall glass of sparkling wine with ice cubes and sit down at the kitchen table. After about fifteen minutes, Krissy comes running in while she is frantically buttoning her dress. She puts her purse down on the table and begins to brush her wet hair. She says “Well, I’m ready to go. I have the camera and we can take over two hundred pictures if we want to.”

I take the last sip of wine, grab my purse and start walking to the garage. Krissy says “Mom, aren’t you going to put any clothes on?” I reply “Not right now. I will put on my dress when we get to the shopping mall.”

We get in the car and soon we are on the freeway heading to the mall. After about fifteen minutes the wine has gone through me, so I decide to get off at the rest stop and use the bathroom facilities. I pull off the freeway and stop in the nearest parking spot to the building. There are about six or seven cars around us and people walking back and forth smoking cigarettes and drinking bottled water.

I say to Krissy “Get your camera and stand over at the entrance to the women’s bathroom. I will wait until you get there, then start taking pictures of me when I open the car door.”

Krissy hops out of the car and runs to the women’s bathroom. I see her hold up the camera, so I open the car door and get out. I casually close the door and walk normally up the sidewalk. To my surprise, most of the people around just glance over at me, then continue with what they are doing. I take a quick piss, then I tell Krissy to take some more photos of me walking back to the car.

When I get into the bright sunlight, I notice quite a few more people standing around looking in my direction. I think almost all of them must have run back to their cars to get their digital cameras or cell phones with a camera built into it. A few of the tractor trailer truck drivers blow short blasts from their powerful horns as I walk down the sidewalk to the car.

When I get to the car, Krissy runs over and gets in. We back out of the parking space, then drive slowly past the truckers. I roll down the window so they can see me better and start waving to them as my breasts bounce around.

When we get to the last truck, the driver jumps out with his camera and motions for me to drive closer to him. He is a really good looking young man about thirty years old, so I stop and start conversation with him will he takes pictures of me.

He says “Lady, you have the best body I have ever seen in my entire life! I watched you go back and forth to the bathroom and could not believe my eyes! Is there anyway you would let me take a picture of my hand reaching down inside your car and feel your tits?”

I reply “Sure handsome, go ahead, but squeeze them gently.”

The truck driver immediately starts snapping pictures with the camera in his right hand while his left hand fondles my breasts. After about five seconds, I hit the accelerator and wave goodbye to the lucky man. Krissy and I start laughing hysterically for a few minutes, then we settle down for the rest of the trip. Krissy says “Mom, I took a bunch of pictures of that truck driver playing with your tits. This is turning out to be more fun than I expected.”

After about ten minutes, Krissy pushes the shoulder restraint off her and leans against my shoulder. She takes her right hand and begins to gently grasp my breasts and pinch the hard nipples. She does this for a minute, then runs her hand down across my flat, firm stomach and across my smooth legs.

She says “Mom, what is it like to be so sexy that every man and woman wants to touch you? You are so beautiful. How come I never get the attention you get? Even my boyfriends tell me how hot your are.”

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