Asian Babes at Uni

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Black Supremacy

By the time I got into my second year at university, when this story takes place, I had changed a great deal from the boy I was when I first enrolled. I came from a fairly small town where sex was not freely available and was something that I had only fantasised about. Maybe it was because I had been something of a nerd at school and even when I matured and built up a muscular body with regular trips to the gym the girls still remembered the boy I was, not the man I would become. Either way, most girls I knew saw me as a friend first and it was difficult to change that viewpoint. When, I went to university it was a relief that girls might see me in a different light.

Within the first few weeks at university I had lost my virginity and it didn’t take me long to realise I didn’t have much trouble getting girls. I am 6 foot tall, have dark brown, almost black, hair and green eyes. Girls always used to say my eyes were my best feature but I suspected my lean, muscular body had more to do with my successes. Anyway, as the weeks developed I had my fair share of partners but nothing ever became too serious, I was just having fun.

In my second year the stream of girls I bedded became a trickle. I was now living off campus and picking up girls didn’t seem quite so important. I still went out at the weekend to chat up girls but mostly I was concentrating on my studies. Something happened that year though that remains my favourite memory from college.

After one of my lectures, my eye caught a girl I had seen a few times before. In fact, I had always tried to sit in a position where I could look at her during lectures. I had always had an attraction to oriental girls as I suppose a lot of men do. This girl was a great example of why. She had beautiful shoulder length black hair, big brown eyes and perfect brownish skin. Most of all she had an indefinable air of mystery that attracted me more than anything.

“What did you think of that?” I asked as I caught up with her. She was quite small, about 5′ 4″ so I had to lean down slightly to speak to her.

We got talking about the lecture as we walked away from the campus but the conversation ran past that onto other matters people speak about when they first meet. I learned her name was Lei, she was from Hong Kong and she had come to England to study before going home where she wanted to be a teacher.

“Do you want a cup of coffee?” she asked as she stopped outside a house just on the edge of campus. Although she had a strong accent it was clear she had learned English from a young age, as it was perfect.

“Yeah, that sounds great,” I said. I didn’t drink coffee as a rule but one simply doesn’t refuse a gorgeous woman asking you in for coffee.

Lei’s house was a typical student house in lay out with the living and the kitchen area connected. We removed our coats bağdatcaddesi escort and I settled on the couch as Lei went into the kitchen to make our coffee. I noticed the room had a definite woman’s touch. The house in which I was living was always a mess with books scattering the floor. This room though was neat and tidy with beautiful prints and the walls and candles placed everywhere. I pointed this out to Lei.

“That’s more to do with Mandy than me,” Lei replied, “She’s my housemate. And an art student.”

“Hi, I’m Mandy.”

I whipped my head round to look towards the doorway, where the new voice had come from. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. Mandy was wearing a red dressing gown that came down to the middle of her thighs. In all honesty she was a work of art herself. She was Chinese like Lei but she was much taller, only and inch or two smaller than me. She was slim, on someone less graceful it would seem skinny, but on her it was perfect. Her hair was as black as night, looked as soft as silk and came down to the bottom of her back.

I managed to put my eyes back in their sockets. “I was just saying to Lei, this house is beautiful,” I said, “I’m Alex, by the way.”

She sat next to me on the couch. Although there was plenty of room, she sat up close to me so our legs were touching. The smell of her perfume filled my nostrils and I could feel her eyes assessing me as she looked me up and down. She made no effort to disguise what she was doing.

“So Lei brought you home,” Mandy said, “she’s got good taste.”

At that point, Lei emerged from the kitchen carrying two cups of coffee. “We don’t need them Lei,” Mandy said dismissively, “I was going to show Alex here my bedroom. You can join us if you like.”

Lei nodded eagerly, hurrying back into the kitchen with the coffee. As I looked after her I couldn’t help but look at her great ass through her jeans. Mandy grabbed me by the hand and pulled me up from the couch. “You’re going to like the bedroom better than this, ” she whispered in my ear. I was sure she was right.

Mandy led me upstairs by the hand. I got a great view of her legs as I walked up the stairs but I was still impatient to reach the bedroom. Mandy’s room was the first room at the top of the stairs. I didn’t have time to notice anything in the room because as soon as we got inside Mandy whirled around and flung her arms around me.

“I knew you’d like this room better,” Mandy said. Then we kissed.

Mandy pressed her lips softly against mine. She kissed my bottom lip then my top. Her tongue snaked out and caressed my tongue as I reacted to her motions in kind. I ran my arms down her back as we kissed. The material of her dressing gown was only thin so I could feel every contour of her body. When my hands reached her ass I caressed it softly. beykoz escort She moaned softly as we broke the kiss.

“So, you’ve joined us,” Mandy said, looking past me.

I turned around to see Lei stood in the doorway. She had undressed and was wearing nothing but a plain white bra and small white panties. I almost gasped at the sight. She had perfect skin from top to toe. Her breasts we’re not huge but looked perfect and she had beautiful round hips.

Lei stepped inside and shut the door behind her. I stepped towards her and kissed her passionately on the lips grabbing her head in both hands. “You are beautiful,” I whispered to her. She blushed slightly at the compliment.

I took her by the hand and led her to the bed where Mandy had sat down. I sat down next to her and Lei sat down on the other side of me. They looked across me into each other’s eyes. They set about undressing me, Mandy unbuttoning my shirt and Lei getting down on her knees to remove my socks, jeans and underwear. Pretty soon I was wearing nothing but a huge erection.

“We like what we see,” Mandy said, matter-of-factly, ” We’ve got to show our appreciation, Lei.”

Lei and Mandy got off the bed simultaneously and stood facing each other. Mandy removed her robe to reveal she was wearing the same type of white underwear as Lei. Her body was also superb. She was slimmer than Lei and lighter colouring to her skin, but if I had to choose which girl I found more attractive I knew I couldn’t pick between them.

My reward for their approval of me was that they kissed passionately. I could see their tongues moving in and out of their mouths as their lips locked together. As they kissed, Mandy reached around and unhooked Lei’s bra. When they pulled away from the kiss, the loose bra fell to the floor to reveal Lei’s tits. They were round and firm with beautiful large dark nipples. Mandy got down to remove Lei’s panties. I couldn’t help but be even more turned on when I saw Lei’s completely shaved pussy.

Mandy got up and whispered in Lei’s ear so I couldn’t hear and then glided over to me. She whispered in my ear “Lay on the bed.”

I did as she asked, lying down with my cock pointing to the ceiling. Lei came over to me climbed on top and slowly lowered herself down. She gasped as I entered her. I could not believe how tight her pussy was. It felt amazing as it seemed fit perfectly. Slowly at first, she began to move up and down on my cock.

“Ohhh,” she moaned, as she quickened the pace. I began to control he with my hands on her hips lifting her up and down. I stared at her tits bouncing up and down.

After minutes of this, I realized I was close to the edge. From the quickening of her moans she was the same.

“Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!” she began to gasp in times with her motions. Finally she let out a caddebostan escort huge scream. This was too much for me as I felt my liquid stream into her.

When I opened my eyes after my orgasm I noticed Mandy had climbed onto the bed. She was kneeling next to Lei and had both hands massaging her housemate’s tits and nibbling on her ear.

“I enjoyed watching that,” Mandy whispered in Lei’s ear, “Let’s see what this stud’s like at licking pussy shall we.”

Lei climbed off me and looked at Mandy with undisguised lust. Mandy stood up on the bed and removed her bra to reveal her small but beautifully firm tits. Lei leaned over to remove Mandy’s panties. From the positions I was lying in I could only see her beautiful ass but she soon turned round so I could see her pussy. Unlike Lei she was very hairy but I could see her prominent pussy lips peeking through out of the mass of hair that was matted with wetness.

The view was more than I could take. I stood up and grabbed Mandy. I wrestled onto the bed with little resistance and positioned my face over her hot, wet pussy. My tongue flicked around playing with her pussy lips. I kissed the lips three times softly.

“Oh please, I beg you, please!!!” Mandy moaned.

I knew what she wanted. Opening the entrance with my fingers I flicked my tongue at her clit sending a shudder through her body. I noticed Lei had begun to lick Mandy’s tits, biting and sucking vigorously. I continued to flick my tongue out as quick as I could at her clit. Before, long her body shuddered in an intense orgasm.

“I think it’s time to return the favour,” I said, my cock having grown hard again, “I’m sure you girls like the taste of cock.”

I took each by the hand and led them to the edge of the bed and I sat down my legs on the floor and my cock as stiff as a board. They were clearly eager to get a taste. Lei positioned herself, kneeling on my right, and began to run her tongue down the edge of my cock. Mandy did the same on the other side.

I gasped as they both tenderly massaged my cock with their mouths. Mandy was the first to take the initiative and took the head of my cock into her mouth pushing her mouth slowly along the shaft. She detached herself and looked at Lei expectantly. Lei repeated the action of her friend.

After this, they kissed each other tenderly and Mandy pointed her finger at Lei. This clearly instructed Lei what she must do. She pushed my cock into her mouth getting so much in it was a wonder she wasn’t choking. She then proceeded to bob up and down fast as she could. I grabbed her hair and controlled the rhythm of her movements. While this was happening Mandy began to lick and suck on my balls. It wasn’t long before I was nearing orgasm again.

“I’m coming!” I gasped.

I pulled Lei’s head off my cock and watched as I came on her. She opened her mouth greedily and she managed to catch most of it while the rest covered her lips and dribbled off her chin. She smiled in delight as she swallowed the liquid in her mouth and turned to Mandy he cleaned the rest of her face, licking off the white fluid with her tongue.

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